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This is a first posting for me and my first venture at letting others read my work since I am new to writing. I would appreciate any comment.

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Maria had worked for the Gaston Family for almost 4 years. She had trained their horses for visage and show riding. She was rather petite and didn’t even reach the third rail on the corral. She was not very shapely and at a glance not much to look at, but get up close and she had a jet black mane of hair matched only by her dark eyes, small breasts that barely dented her shirt and trim waist with soft curvy hips. Her eyes could be very inviting and when anger flared in her they showed the storm that was brewing within. Maria was very much the loner and both the family and the hands knew she was not a woman to be taken lightly. She was good at her job and her job is what she did. She didn’t date or socialize with anyone. She rarely left the ranch to see her family or anywhere else for that matter. John Gaston, the head of the house, worried about her often. He felt she was too young to be spending so much time alone.

The Gaston Ranch had twelve horses that Maria worked with on a regular basis, and 22 more that were used on the ranch in various ways. John often contracted to a local stud farm for some stallions for breeding with some of his prize show horses. He had 3 coming that month when the time was right. John had suggested that Maria take some time off when they arrived since he would be breeding seven of the twelve horses that Maria worked with. She refused, saying that would just give her more time with the two newest horses. John just shook his head and walked away.

Four days after the conversation the stallions arrived. The truck and trailer pulled up to the corral while Maria was working one of the horses, Thunders Rage. She stopped and watched as the truck shifted when the driver got out. She thought to herself that two people must have gotten out the way the truck seemed to relax. Maria was used to big men on the ranch most of the hands and Mr. Gaston himself were six foot and something but the man who walked around the truck was more than just big he was huge. Maria actually stopped in her tracks. MY, OH MY! Not only was he a very big man, but he was strikingly handsome. He had strong rugged facial features; broad shoulders, wonderfully long legs and he walked rather gracefully despite his size. He actually had her entertaining thoughts that she had been trying to leave behind.

Maria had come to the ranch trying to recover from a love gone badly and she swore she would never love again. It hurt too much and nothing good ever came of it. She had avoided getting close to anyone nor did she allow herself the physical contact that could lead to things. Things she didn’t want to deal with, but four years was a long time and the man before her was not just any man. She liked big men and he was what she had dreams of. This was surprising considering how small she was but right now she was thinking she just might have to break her own rules. Just for a taste.

He walked up to the corral and called out to her. “Hey where do I find Gaston?” His voice was deep and low reminding her of the wind before a big storm. She saw the chance to get a better look and took it. She called back, “Hold on, I’ll show you.” She let Thunders Rage go and walk toward him. When she got to the rails she came to the other side between the first and second rail, he smiled as he looked down at her. When she stood she was just tall enough to stare him at his stomach. She breathed deeply and looked up to his face. He had the most beautiful eyes, the truest green she had ever seen with hair a deep brown like the bark on a tree. This was a true creation of nature…no frills just, all natural.

She proceeded toward the main house. He adjusted his stride several times for her to catch up. She walked faster but still seemed unable to. He smiled to himself. He had heard about the little spitfire of a woman at the Gaston Ranch. She was more beautiful than he had expected and far more docile than he had imagined. She was the kind of women that needed taming, not breaking like you would a wild colt. Her spirit was very evident to him in her determination to keep up. He watched her out of the corner of his eye taking her all in, the shape of her face, the color of her eyes, the small breasts that barely peaked out of the shirt she wore and the curvy hips that swayed when she walked. They rounded the house and headed for a small building behind it. When they got inside she tried to introduce him to John, she looked at him and with an questioning look and asked,” What is your name?” He looked deep into her eyes, “David.” She felt her cheeks turning red and looked away quickly.

Mr. Gaston had never seen her react to anyone this way and it did his heart good to see a man bring color to the cheeks of this young women. She turned to leave when John asked her to show David the extra cabin and to help him get settled along with the horses he had brought with him. He wanted to give her a chance to be a woman; more important to remember what it is like to be a woman. She whirled around ready to protest when John stopped her by raising his hand. “Ok,” she replied. He knew sometimes that he had to be firm with her. She was like a daughter to him and he wanted to see her relax and enjoy life, even for a week or two.

She and David walked in silence back to his truck. As they got in she took a deep breath and could smell the scent of leather and the strong male musk locked in the truck’s cab from him being in it often and for long periods of time. She closed her eyes, feeling her body react with her nipples getting hard, she composed herself and gave him directions to the breeding stables where they got the horses fed, watered, and brushed. She took him to the extra cabins and quickly showed him around and ran down the meal schedule and where to go if he missed a meal. She turned to leave. He called to her. “Hey! What’s your name? " “Maria,” she hoped her voice hadn’t quivered. “Where is your cabin?” he asked. She turned to face him and pointed saying, “Two cabins over to your left,” “Can I come by later?” She nodded, dropping her head, said yes, and left before she had the time to change her mind.

She walked back to the corral and put Thunders Rage back in his stall. As she brushed him her mind wondered. David was the first man to get a rise out of her in four years. She knew it was just sheer animalistic lust, but that didn’t matter at this point. She wanted him and she was determined to have him.

As she walked to her cabin she wondered if he would actually come. When she got into her cabin she surveyed it and decided to clean it up a bit…just in case. She looked at her watch. It was just past six and dinner would be served at 6:30. She smelled and decided she needed a bath more than she needed dinner. She went to the bathroom and began running a hot bath for herself. She added fragrant bubbles and slowly undressed doing so as if she were doing it for someone. She stepped in and loved the feel of the bubbles caressing her skin and the heat of the water relaxed her muscles. She was just beginning to enjoy it when there was a knock on the door. She cursed and got out of the tub.

She wrapped herself in a large towel and headed for the door cursing as she went. She flung the door open to find David standing there. She felt a little ashamed and invited him in apologizing for her being in a towel. He asked if she was going to dinner. She let him know that she was going to take the trip into town and grab something there after she finished her bath. He smiled and volunteered to wait for her. She hesitated and realizing he was not going to take no for an answered so she said yes. God was he arrogant thinking he could just show up unannounced and think that she would have dinner with him. She thought about it and realized that she had told him he could stop by if he liked. She thought about those large hands, and that voice…oh that voice, it made her wet just thinking about it and his size was the biggest turn on to her. She like big men because they had nothing to prove and a gentle roughness that just drove her crazy. She told him to make himself comfortable and headed back to the bathroom. All she could do was think about him sitting a room away.

She was brought out of her dream state when the bathroom door opened. David smiled at her. “Well, I thought if I came in and helped you, you would be finished sooner.” She sat up just as he reached into the water. What are you doing? Looking for the towel. She handed him the towel. He rolled up his sleeves and slowly began washing her back and shoulders. She closed her eyes after a few minutes. His touch was so gentle. When he stopped she shifted quickly and asked if something was wrong. “ I’m just taking my shirt off to keep from getting it wet.” She glanced back and saw his chest so broad and firm. His arms were muscular. She turned back round and waited for him to continue wondering if this were going to be the only way he would touch her tonight. When he touched her again she moaned softly and didn’t realize that he had heard her. He dropped the towel back into the water and began rinsing her off with his hand. This felt good. He stood up and grabbed the bath towel opening it to her. She stepped out and he engulfed her into the towel. He rubbed his hands over her in small circles drying her off.

He kneeled in front of her, which put them eye to eye. They looked deep into each other eyes and kissed. It was soft. He stood quickly lifting her into his arms and turned to leave the bathroom. He took her to the bed and placed her there gently. He opened the towel and just looked at her perfect little body. He ran his hands over her. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. He smiled and began kissing her all over moving down her body slowly. He spread her legs and buried his face between her legs. He smelled her sweet scent and groaned deeply, as he tasted her for the first time. Her clit got big almost instantly. He ran his tongue over her lips and her opening. She spread her legs wide for him and ran her fingers through his hair savoring this moment. He licked her all over exploring every inch of her womanness, taking her all in. He slid his tongue into her just as she exploded covering his tongue with her juices. He felt her body quiver and the sound of her screams made him harder than he had been since before he could remember.

He stood and slowly undid his jeans as she watched him. He watched her eyes as he pushed his jeans down taking them off. He stood slowly waiting for her reaction. “My, Oh My” was all she said as she saw how well he was hung. All she could think was that he could make a stallion blush and just where was she going to put it all if any. She smiled and slowly spread her legs inviting him in. He positioned himself between her legs and slow started pushing into her. She gasped loudly and he stopped. She begged him not to stop pulling at him. He buried half himself in her as she bucked under him. She was so tight and had taken more than he had expected. She felt so good wrapped around him. He slowly worked himself in and out of her, pacing himself. It had been so long since he had been with such a woman. They were joined in this embrace and time stood still. When she let loose again her muscles tightened so that he could not hold back, he closed his eyes and his moans joined her scream as he released and their juices mixed.

He stared deep into her eyes and kissed her softly. She was the woman he had been waiting for. He may have tamed this wild one but she had definitely broken him. She smiled at him and to herself. She had vowed never to fall in love again but she found that he had already stolen her mind and body. She knew deep down that her soul would follow.

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