tagRomanceMy Perfect Sculpture

My Perfect Sculpture


We have just come in from a morning of working in your garden. The one you made outside the cottage at the beach. We both showered and had a little lunch.

As lunch settled in, we felt the combined effect of the hot summer afternoon, our morning labors and satisfied appetites lulling us into a nice relaxing nap.

We both fell asleep almost immediately. When I awoke, I could hear your sweet, rhythmic breathing telling me you were still asleep. I lay there for a few moments thinking of your sensual body and how much I loved making love to it. I thought of the many times we had made love and how incredibly wonderful it had always felt.

As I lay thinking and listening to the comforting sounds of your breathing, I seemed to grow more and more excited. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I could feel the throbbing beginning to start. I could only think of when you might awaken and I could once again feel your body next to mine.

Finally, I could take no more of my self-induced torture! I decided to do something. After all, I doubted you would mind a little excitement upon awakening.

I decided to do one of my favorites. I love to catch you unaware, which of course is hard to do. But with you asleep, I had great advantage.

I slowly, gently and silently moved over your middle just beneath the sheets. I gently brushed my tongue against your dick. It smelled so sweet and felt so comfortable in it's hiding place beneath the sheets.

I heard a sleepy, soft moan from you and knew you were awakening to the gentle feel and anticipation of my tongue. I licked you more and a little harder. I sucked your cock up into my mouth gently like a sculptress molding a great sculpture from clay. Umm, it tasted so good. It was so warm and so ready for more.

I slowly twirled my tongue around it. I teased the head with my teeth, oh so softly. I ran my tongue up its shaft and down again. I could hear your low, sexy moans. I knew you wanted more. I knew you were enjoying your surprise wake up.

My breasts were lying across your leg as I lay playing with my beautiful sculpture. You reached down with your hand to fondle them. Oh, yes, touch them more! Your hands felt so good caressing them. I could feel my body responding to your touch but I could not stop now.

I would make my sculpture into the perfect "penis". One that any woman would beg to have inside her. But I was creating it just for me, just for my pussy.

And oh, my pussy was so ready for it. I was wet and throbbing almost beyond my limits. I wanted your magic wand so bad, but I wanted to keep building it, creating it until I could wait no more.

I tried to concentrate. I gently sucked your balls into my mouth. They were getting harder. I knew that you were reaching your limits, too, but I wouldn't stop. I kept licking and sucking. I pulled your cock deep into my mouth and sucked hard as I stroked up and down with my whole mouth. I tried to drive it deeper and deeper-I wanted to swallow it if I could.

I kept stroking faster and faster with my mouth pushing harder and harder down onto your beautiful shaft until finally I could take no more. My pussy was so wet with my juices and my clit throbbing with anticipation.

I moved so quickly, I almost wasn't even aware of it. I moved up to your chest and rammed that beautiful piece of work into my warm, wet flower. Oh, my god, it felt so good. We both cried out in pleasure as it penetrated me and went deep inside.

I couldn't stop; I kept stroking as you kept returning in rhythm to mine. I felt like I was almost out of my mind. I couldn't get enough of you. I kissed your lips, your head, your neck. I put my tongue in your ear and fucked it as you fucked me with your cock.

We both were touching and reaching everything within our reach as if we were trying to become one in that moment of exhilaration.

With a great surge of strength you rolled us over never losing contact-your dick inside of me all the time. I screamed out, "Oh, yes, honey, please, yes, fuck me harder!" Fuck me harder and faster! You were driving me into heavenly bliss. It felt so unbelievable!

You were going so hard and fast. I knew you felt what I felt. It was only moments until we both exploded from the feverish pitch.

I could hear you breathing hard. It turned me on. Yes, keep going; keep going, harder, harder, faster, faster----Ohhhhhh YES!

I knew I was coming! I could hear your "telltale moan" and I knew you were there, too. We both exploded in ecstasy as you shot your warm cum into me.

Oh, yes, it felt so good as I lay there with your dick in me. I quivered with orgasmic spasms tightening around your cock inside me as my body sought to recover from the delight of it all.

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