tagBDSMMy Pony is Trained Again

My Pony is Trained Again


It's about time that you had some more training.

After all, your outfitting as a pony is complete. Now it's time to see how well you can behave for me. I know very well that you like to please, but that's easy when it involves doing things that you want to do anyway. How are you at obeying me otherwise?

A hug when you come in the door, I do want to touch you, as always. But then I gently tug on your hair and pull you down to your knees.

I'm wearing my own catsuit, boots on, and I squat down to quietly talk in your ear.

"Now, pony, it's time to get you kitted out and then put you through your paces. I've been very easy on you recently, but there are things that I would like you to do for me."

yes miss, you say, very quietly.

"When you perform a task for me, whether it's learning to stand or present on command, or anything else I ask of you, you can have a reward. That's how you train a good pony, by rewarding good behaviour. What do you think a good reward for you would be?"

i don't know miss ...

"Can you think of anything you would like as a reward? You could ask for me to touch your cock, or pull your slutty balls nice and hard. Or whip that pretty cock for you. You could ask for me to suck your cock for you. Or you might choose to ask to please me, to make me come. Do any of those things appeal as a reward?"

yes miss, i like all of them. Still very quiet.

"Well, whenever I tell you that you have completed a task to my satisfaction, you can ask me for one of those things. You know I like to be asked, you know I like you to be good for me. Are you going to be good for me today?"

yes miss

"The first of those things is to dress for me. I know that you are happy to be dressed as a pony and you certainly look very good. I want you to dress for me, here. Including the tail."

The tail is, of course, a large butt plug with horse hair attached. While I have put it in you, many times, I've never watched you insert it yourself. And after you arrived last time with it in -- and informed me that you did it without lube -- I certainly want to watch it go in this time. Although there's a full bottle of lube sitting next to it on the table.

I gently steer you over to the dining table, still on your hands and knees, and take a seat there myself, with you kneeling in front of me. I turn my chair around, so that I'm straddling it, facing you.

"Now, you can start with the catsuit. Clothes off, slowly. Slowly, gracefully, make it a show for me."

You hesitantly comply. You're rarely anything but graceful, and you know how much I enjoy even looking at your body, but graceful stripping is not entirely something you are familiar with. And a t shirt and trousers aren't hugely easy to turn into a show.

It's easier for you to display yourself pulling the catsuit on. I'm enjoying the show, pale skin against shiny tight pvc. You leave the zips between your legs undone at my command, knowing what you will need to do next.

"Boots on."

Glad I found them, lovely to watch you unzip them, smooth them onto your long legs and zip them back up. Just enough heel to put you at the right height -- standing up and bending over -- for me to fuck you easily, as it happens.

"Now, I'm going to enjoy watching you put this plug in. Of course, I will allow you some lube. I want to see how you prepare yourself for this, how you play with yourself. You've been telling me for long enough how play with your arse and balls when you come, time for me to watch it."

That divine faint blush again. I'm holding the plug and the lube, looking down at you, back on your hands and knees again.

"How do you position yourself when you do this slut?"

I love asking you questions, making you tell me what you want, what you do. As I've said before, it makes me very wet, even over the telephone.

on my back, with my knees apart miss ...

"Well, then, I'm looking forward to watching it, come and get the plug and lube."

You come forward a little, your hand lifting up and I gently slap it away.

"No, you should know better than that by now. Open your mouth."

Your mouth goes open and your eyes shut at the same time. Hmm, it's going to be interesting to see if you can do this looking at me. I suspect not. I put the plug in your mouth, just far enough to keep it there, although the temptation to fuck your mouth with it is as overwhelming as always.

"Now, it's already a little bit wet, but you can keep it in your mouth while you loosen up your arse. Turn around for me and present your arse, nice and open for me."

Lovely. Your face a little dazed as you turn around, the humiliation and arousal starting to do its magic. Still holding the plug in your mouth, you put your head to the floor and pull your arse cheeks apart for me with your hands, so I can see that pretty little hole. I lean sideways in my chair with the bottle of lube and drip some on your arsehole.

"Use your fingers and start to rub it in for me slut. No penetration yet, just tease yourself a little."

The fingers of your right hand start to circle around your arsehole, rubbing the lube across it. I keep dripping it on.

"Start to finger fuck yourself slut, gently, slowly. "

Mmmm, now I'm really wet. Has to be one of my all time favourite sights. Your arse presented to me, your own hands preparing yourself for me, I can see your balls and your cock, slowly dripping onto the floor. Gorgeous.

"Are you enjoying that slut? Do you like preparing yourself for me?"

yes miss, you grunt around the plug in your mouth.

As I said, gorgeous. I'm very tempted to lean in and tug on those balls, just a little, but I want you to show off for me today without too many of those physical prompts, except as a reward that you have asked for.

"Delicious as it is to watch, do you think you're ready to start to push that plug in? Because I'm certainly ready to watch it."

You raise your head and quickly turn onto your back, still using that finger. Fuck, what a fabulous picture, plug in your mouth, body displayed in pvc and your finger, still slowly pushing in and pulling out of your arse. You pull your knees up a little, keeping them apart, knowing I'm watching -- and enjoying the view. Your left hand comes up to your mouth and takes the plug out, slowly. Hmm, you do listen.

You trail the plug down your body towards your arse and slowly, very slowly, you start to push it in. Then stop. I can see you telling your body to relax, to accept the object you are pushing inside. Start again, just a little bit.


I lean forward again and squirt a generous amount of lube onto the remainder of the plug. I do want to be able to get it out again, quickly if I need to, without hurting you. Or at least without hurting you unduly.


A bit more confident this time, the lube has clearly helped. It doesn't take long before it's past the widest part and then your body sucks it inside.

"Stay there for me, in that position." I just want to enjoy it for a minute.

"Now, is your cock nice and wet for me?"

yes, miss.

"Get it hard for me as well, slut."

Your eyes are shut, knees still apart, hand on your cock as you stroke upwards.

"Of course, you're not allowed to come, that goes without saying."

yes of course miss, i know

But it is getting nice and hard and wet. I know you're getting close to having to stop. I'm so looking forward to the training I have planned today.

Not long before you pull your hand away and lie very still, tense in every muscle, spine rigid with the effort of suppressing your orgasm. I wait until I see you relax back into the floor.

"That's your first task completed, what do you want as a reward."


"Have you forgotten what the options are? Do I need to remind you?"

let me please you miss

Good choice. Although it does take the pressure off you for a while, as you well know, and you do enjoy exerting a little bit of control over me for a change. I stand up and turn the chair back around, slumping back in it.

"Well then, come and get your reward, if that's what you want. Although that cock does look like it needs a flogging."

You move over to me quickly, hands on the zips to my catsuit straight away, pulling them open. Tongue on my clit, tasting my excitement from watching you. No one else can do this like you can, it's like you read my mind as well as my body. Licking me as though you enjoy the taste, I know at least that you enjoy the effects. And you are just a bit of a come slut after all ... I can feel my hips moving just a little, the itch is getting stronger and stronger, that tongue still brushing my clit, harder and softer. You know I want to come, you push your face against me and I grind my cunt against you, coming hard. You keep licking, knowing that I can do this for hours (and would if anyone was stupid enough to provide the tongue.)

While I can still think, time to tell you what your reward means.

"Better enjoy this while you can, once you've had this reward you're not having it again today. Next reward -- if you earn one -- will have to be something else."

You deliberately lick and suck, hopefully enjoying your reward. You know that if this is the only time I'm going to get to come today (as your reward, although I may just come from fucking your arse), then I'm going to want to come properly. Which for me is more than once or twice. Your tongue on my clit again, I'm so wet, it's harder for me to feel it properly, but you push me over the edge again.

"Your reward, your choice as to the method slut" I manage to gasp, and you push two fingers inside me straight away. Hard. You know how I like it now, what makes me feel. It hurts and it sometimes makes me bleed and it feels like you're ripping me apart and it makes me come like nothing else. I can only bear it for a little while, but while you do it I can't think or speak coherently. Eventually you slow for long enough for me to tell you to stop. You rest your head against my thigh and I stroke your hair for a moment while my insides return to their usual position, then I can begin again.

"That was delicious, you are very very good at that. What a pity that you can only have that reward once today ... but I'm sure you'll think of something else that you would like. Now, put your bridle on so that we can continue your training."

The bridle has a padded blindfold, as well as a rubber bit and head and chin straps to keep it on tightly. It doesn't take you long to put it on, I know you like the combination of restraint, gagging and control from the reins, a nice bit of sensory deprivation. And of course the fact that it's a bit of pony gear, adding a little more humiliation. And now you're ready for me, another day I might add the chest harness, put you on your back, use the harness to secure both your hands and feet, knees pulled up to your chest, and alternately fuck and fist fuck you. Tempting thought, particularly if you struggle. Very tempting. But today it's just training.

I want to see if you can stand still for me.

I know from experience that it's very hard to stay completely still. You're very fit, you're used to holding positions from yoga, but you'll still find it a challenge. At least I hope so. I certainly intend to make it hard for you.

When I say stand, of course I mean on all fours. You only get to stand up for me when I want to move you or fuck you.

"Now, I want to see if you can stay on all fours for me without moving. I don't just mean without changing position, I mean without moving. You know enough to know that this will be difficult but I want you to try for me."

yes miss

Of course, you don't know that I'm going to do my best to make it impossible for you to do this for any length of time. Well, you might guess, you know all too well how much I love to get a reaction from you.

"Now, find a position on all fours that feels ok and tell me when you're ready to start. Remember, you are not to move at all. If you need to stop and to move, you need to tell me straight away. Don't forget, click your fingers to tell me to stop."

You stretch your body a little, rocking back and forth on your arms to find the right spot, then stop.

ready miss

"Stand still for me then pony."

I'm timing you as it happens, not that you can see of course. As I've said, I know how hard it is not to move at all. The first minute is easy enough, and the second. After that, it becomes difficult, particularly on all fours. And then of course, there's the other difficulty, to be provided by my hands.

"I'm going to touch you pony, stay still."

Only fair to warn you that it's coming, my hand tracing your body, from leather booted calf, up your thigh, skimming your arse, up your back and into that delectable hair, then back again down the other side. Starting slow and petting my pony. Of course, the rest of you needs some petting too.

"Don't forget, don't move."

Another warning, I'm being so considerate. My fingers brush your balls, cup them softly, pull on them a little. You stay rigidly still. I tug harder, then get a little more cruel. Use the horsehair in your tail to brush your balls and cock, nudge the base of the plug with my hand, moving it inside you. That almost made you move, but you held on. Well, clearly more is needed. One hand on your balls, pulling harder now. The other starting to stroke your cock, slippery in my hand.

"Don't move pony, you've been told to stand, you need to obey. And of course, remember your usual orders, you are not to come."

Unfair? Yes. Enjoyable? Oh yes. Your cock getting harder, balls tighter, your body still so rigid, gagged so you can't tell me to stop, told not to move, so you can't pull away from my hand. Will you remember how to get me to stop? Or will you lose control and either come in my hand, or move?

All at once, you move, pulling your body away from me, breathing harder as you struggle for control. I let you recover just a little, then sigh.

"Just couldn't manage to do it, could you pony. I am disappointed. Do you really want to be put on display for me? You need to be able to stand without flinching and to be inspected and played with, but I don't think you're up to that yet."

You're very still for a moment, then you move towards me and rub your body against mine. You know how much I like that, how I interpret it from you in this play. You are sorry to disappoint me, you do want to please, you do want to try for me. I let you do it, enjoying the touch.

"Do you want to earn another reward from me? Would you like to try something else today?"

a vigorous nod for me, the bridle is still gagging you. You're still rubbing up against me, touching as much of my body as you can with yours. Delicious.

"Bridle off. Then put my strap on onto -- and into -- me. "

So good for me. The bridle is off quickly, you lick your lips a little and I get you a drink quickly to wash away the taste of rubber. Then you have something else in your mouth, sucking first of all the dildo for me and pushing it inside me as I stand in front of you, then staying on your knees and mouthing the cock that's going to fuck you.

I sit back down on the chair, bottle of lube in my hand.

"Sit on my lap slut, just my lap, not the cock."

One hand behind your head, pulling you to me, kissing those pale lips. A vulnerable position for you, one I've been thinking of for a while. Playing with the plug inside you, then slowly easing it out, easing my lubed fingers in, preparing your arse. Your cock is dripping, your eyes are shut, I wish I could mark you, bite you hard.

"Now, fuck me, ride my cock, earn a reward" I breathe into your ear and you rise up on those heels and push yourself down onto the cock, slowly. It's well lubed, so are you, but it's still thicker than my fingers. I resist the temptation to push down on your shoulders, I want you to do this for me. You start moving a little, your cock brushing against my body as you do and you realise that you just might enjoy this. Still moving slowly, a little deeper now, the small amount of stimulation your cock is getting is only enough to make you wetter and to tease even more.

As for me, the stimulation is mind blowing, the chair and your weight is pushing the dildo into me with every movement and you look like the best wet dream in the world.

"I think you can do better than that, don't you? If you want that reward -- and I'm thinking you want me to touch your cock, you will have to do better than that."

You shudder a little, then start fucking yourself in earnest. I know this is deep for you, this position is humiliating and vulnerable for you, your face and cock in my view, your body providing its own stimulation and penetration, it's fucking with your head in the best way now. I give into temptation and grab your shoulders, pulling you into me and pushing up, making you grunt.

"Do you want something slut? "

touch my cock please miss

I'm still holding your shoulders, you're still moving. I drop my legs on either side of the chair and push my pelvis up into you, deeper still.

please touch me, please miss, please

I move my hands down to your waist and use them to position you, work you on my cock a little harder. You're breathing hard now, your face flushed, cock dripping and balls tight and high against your body, being pushed against mine every time you drop down.

please ... please ... touch my cock ... please miss, please

I love hearing it. I want it to go on forever. That panicked tone in your voice as you beg. Love it, love it, love it, going to come myself soon.

please, please, touch me, my cock, please, miss, please, hurt me, touch me, anything miss, please ...

Gorgeous, desperate, pleading. Not stopping, not touching you.

please ... please ... please ...

Nothing else coming out of your mouth now, you sound almost tearful, I want tears, want you so desperate you're crying.

please ... please ... please ...

That's it. Pull you off my cock, up off the chair, bend you over it, then shove my cock back into you, coming hard as I do, you can feel me shaking, hear the sounds I'm making and I grab your cock and milk your come out. You're coming, shaking like a rag doll under me, cock spurting warm over my hand, onto the chair, groaning with pleasure and pain and release.

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