tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Public Sex-Hungry Exhibitionist

My Public Sex-Hungry Exhibitionist


I noticed early in my relationship with Valerie that she was fun to be with but I had no idea of how much fun until one day started to sexual tease her by grabbing her tits and rubbing her pussy through her clothing in public. Valerie got very turned on, more than I had ever seen her turned in the two months we had been seeing each other.

It all started by accident, one day we were shopping around for a couple of nice short summer dresses for her to wear. She had wore a halter and short-shorts to the store, so as she was trying on all the dresses braless and I started to my little comments on how much I could or couldn’t see through the material and then started to touch and rub her tits, which of course got her nipples hard. Then she started to tease me by lifting her arms and bending over to see if the dress was too short. After about a half-dozen dresses she came out in this thin yellow dress and bent over to show me her bare ass. I grabbed her and gave her a kiss and grabbed her bare ass at the same time. She moaned saying how good that felt, I said to her that if that felt good she would love this.

I shoved a finger in her pussy right there between the dress racks. She told me that I had better stop, but she made no move to stop me, so I worked my finger in and out a couple of times. “Are you sure you want me to stop?” I asked her, she moaned again and said, “No, it feels good, but we ought to wait till later.” I pulled out my finger only after I gave her a few more strokes.

We ended buying that dress and as she went to change back into her shorts, I told to not put on her panties but to bring them to me. As she gave the woman behind the counter her dress and to talk to her, I reached over and started to rub the front of her shorts while watching her try to keep a straight face. As we walked out the doors she told that I was cruel, she said that if I had not had stopped when I did she might had cum. I decided right there that I would make her cum before we left the mall today.

We put the dress in the car before we went to another store for more shopping, I also tossed her panties towards the dash before locking the door, they landed on the rearview mirror. She had a look of shock as she looked at her panties hanging from the mirror. I said, “Hey, I like that, I just might leave them there. Gives the car a little class, don’t you think?” She hit me I the arm.

We got in the store she wanted and picked out a few dresses and a couple short skirts to try on. Every time she came out to model the item, I would rub her tit, ass, or her pussy, it seemed like each dress was shorter or sexier than the one before. The last skirt she came out in barely covered her ass, this time as she walked up to me I had my hand down and my finger up. She walked right up to my hand and spread her legs a bit as I shoved two fingers up her wet pussy.

I had told Valerie a few minutes earlier that some man had been hanging around watching as she modeled for me and as I touched her. She knew that the man had seen me rub her bare ass, and there he was twenty feet away watching me finger her. As I told her that this man was watching us, SHE CAME! We bought the skirt; she wanted to wear it out of the mall and home.

This was Valerie 1st time having an orgasm in public. She really loves to be watched as she is touched or sexually pleasured in public. The rest of the day Valerie was on a sexual high. I openly played with her tits every place we went. We went by the house first so she could change, she decided to wear a short loose t-shirt that just cover the bottom of her tits and a very short pair of baggy gym shorts. I could put my hand in one leg hole and out the other while she wore them, this made for very easy access to her pussy.

I decided to go to the river and watch the boats go by as they watch me play with Valerie. There is this one area that has a small walkover bridge that crosses a canal between the lake and the river. Valerie stood in front of me as I reached around her and under her shirt to play with and expose her tits as the boats pasted below us. She said she loved the look of surprise in there faces as the noticed her above them. We got tired of standing and found a nice shade tree to sit under. I leaned back against the tree and Valerie sat between my legs with her back to me. I immediately dropped my hands to her crotch; I slipped one hand under the shorts and started to rub her pussy. She sighed and muttered, “yes, yes, that fills good.” I brought her off pretty quick but kept it up by bringing my other hand into the action. I had both hands working on her when a guy walking his dog started to come our way. I asked if she seen the guy heading our way, she said she did but not to stop because she was ready to cum. When she did cum, the guy was about 50ft away looking straight at her. Both my hand in her shorts and she was had both her tits out pinching them.

We did this sort of game all summer long. I fingered in restaurants, movies, the city park, on the city bus, sitting on the hood of my car beside a busy highway at 10am on morning. We’ve had a lot of luck in bars and dance clubs. I bet I’ve brought her off a couple dozen times while she sat on a barstool. A few times we did it on the sly, but usually we allowed some luck soul to watch. There was this one guy I particularly remember because he offered Valerie $50 to let him do it, but she told him NO! She enjoyed letting people watch but she didn’t want them to touch her. He then told her that there was a club across town that was always looking for amateurs to dance and strip and that she should go check it out, he told us to give his name at the door to be let in. We did just that the next weekend.

Since it had been a warm day that Saturday, Valerie wore only a white button down short sundress. She had left a couple buttons unbuttoned at top and her tits were almost hanging out as we got inside. It was fairly dark inside except for the stage. There were two girls on the stage topless, both had on thongs, they were rubbing their tits together and kissing each other and sucking on the others tits. Val said she guessed almost anything went her because in the corner some guy had his dick out jacking off while he watched the women. We watched for a while while a few more women tried their hands at stripping.

I asked Valerie if she would like to give it a try. She said she had an idea she wanted to try but she wanted me to sit on the edge of the stage while she did it. She said if the manager didn’t mind me sitting on the edge of the stage to sign her up. He said that as long as we didn’t have intercourse on stage she could do whatever she wanted. I told Valerie to go on backstage and get ready and that I would climb on the end when she came out.

Valerie came out in about 15minutes wearing the same dress she wore to the bar. She danced as she slowly unbuttoned a couple of buttons then walked to where I was sitting, turned around and bent over putting her bare ass against my face. She then stood up turned around and put my head under her dress pushing my face against her pussy. She then continued to unbutton the dress removing it and gave it to me. She then proceeded to expose her pussy in anyway she could think of, bending over, squatting, lying on her back spreading her legs as wide as they would go, and she made sure she inserted a finger or two.

She then came back over to me, put one leg over my shoulder and shoved my face as far in her pussy as it would go. But of course I had to use my tongue on her, she was moaning loud enough to be heard over the music. I licked that pussy for about 15seconds until they stopped the music. Valerie took her dress and gave me a kiss and told me to meet her at our table. She walked off the stage naked, waving to everyone.

I went back to the table and sat down, but before I could get comfortable, about 6 to 8 guys sat around me asking whom the girl was. I had just told them that she was my girlfriend when Valerie walked up wearing the dress but only one button hooked at the waist. Her pussy and both tits were there for anyone to look at. She looked around at the men nearby told me to get a chair and put it next to the wall.

Valerie sat me in the chair and leaned over and gave me a deep kiss while she unzipped my pants and releasing my hard-on. She really surprised me and the guys watching her as she whipped the dress open popping off the one button holding it together and then wrapped the dress around my neck. She then bent over at the waist, giving anyone behind her a good look at her pussy, as she wrapped her hot lips around my hard-on.

After sucking for only about 5 seconds, she turned around and straddled my lap then sunk my dick deep in her sloppy wet pussy in one thrust. As she hit bottom she stopped moving long enough for me to fill her pussy contracting around my dick. She was already having an orgasm! Valerie sat straight up and leaned back against me so anyone could see my dick being swallowed again and again by one hot cunt. I reached around and got both of my hands full of her tits.

All she said to me was, “Fuck me baby, fuck me, I want everyone to see me getting fucked.” I surprised myself by lasting long enough for her to get off twice more. After I shot my load, Valerie got on her knees and cleaned me up. A couple of the guys had taken out their dicks and were jerking off. Both of the guys shot their loads onto Valerie. I asked her if she wanted to clean up before we left and she said that she wanted to stay just as she was until after we got home and fucked again.

We decided that it was too dangerous to do that wild of a public sex scene again and have only had public sex in front of people we know or at sex parties where everyone is having sex. We still enjoy public sex, and still try and get caught by no more than 2 people at a time. Valerie and I try to get her off in public at least twice a week. She loves to shock men by flashing them her tits or bending over to show them her naked ass.

Just last night, we went to McDonalds and we were sitting in a booth. She was wearing a very short jean skirt. Across from use were 4 teenage boys. They were all looking under our table. I looked down and Valerie had spread her legs wide showing her audience her clean shaved pussy. Just before we left, I leaned over and kissed her as I shoved two fingers up her pussy. She said the look in the boys’ eyes was one she will never forget.

We’ve also made 4 amateur sex videos that are now being sold across the U.S.A. We had a lot of fun making those and have plans for a couple of more.

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