My Runaway Sister


"Want me to suck it?"

Damn it, I did. What was the point of fighting? "Yes."

She held my cock straight up in the air, the head wet and glossy from all the attention. Her mouth opened wide and descended, but before she could close her lips, the phone rang.

"Fuck!" I said, sitting up, pulling my cock away from her mouth and reaching for the phone. I picked it up. "What?"

"Christopher? It's your mother."

"Mom, shit, hey," I said. Lori smirked at me, and then she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock without batting an eye. I leaned back, sighing. "Shit."

"Why are you always swearing?" my mother asked. "You have such a dirty mouth."

"Sorry, Mom. Oh, fuck."

Lori was licking the underside of my cock while she held it in her mouth. Then she pushed her lips down my shaft.

"Is Lori there?"

"Of course she's here," I said.

"Where is she? What's she doing?"

Lori looked up, pulling her mouth off my cock. "Tell her I'm sucking your cock."

"She's watching TV."

"Will you put her on?"

"She wants to talk to you," I said, holding out the phone.

"Can't talk right now," Lori said, wrapping her lips around my cock again.

I sighed. "Mom, she can't talk."


"Her mouth is full."


"I mean, she's eating dinner."

"I thought you said she was watching TV."

"Yeah, whatever, both. Mom, what do you want? I'm busy."

"I want to talk to Lori. Right now, Christopher."

I couldn't keep the conversation going anyway. I held out the phone. Lori rolled her eyes with my cock in her mouth. She pulled her tongue away as she put the phone to her ear.



Lori began licking the length of my shaft as she talked, mumbling. "Yeah?"

"I wanted to check up on you, make sure you're doing all right."

"Mmmhmm," she said with my cockhead in her mouth. She pushed her throat down on it, making me groan.

"What's that noise?" my mother asked.

"The TV. We're watching Animal Planet. The lions are fucking."

"Oh, that's disgusting."

Lori was bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I kept my mouth closed to stay quite.


"Huh?" Lori said, taking a break to breathe, her hand massaging up and down my shaft.

"Lori, have you and Christopher began getting along?"

"Mmmhmm," she mumbled, nodding her head, sliding her lips up and down.

"Fucking hell," I mumbled.

"That's good," my mother said. "He hasn't been mistreating you, has he?"

Lori took her mouth away again. "Mistreating me how, like Dale did when he tried to rape me?"

"Lori!" my mother said.

"Because Chris tried to rape me too," Lori said, kissing my cockhead. "Yeah, he tried to fuck me while I was in the shower."

I looked down. "Jesus Christ!"

"Oh my god!" my mother cried. "Are you okay? How could Christopher do that?"

"Just kidding, Mom," Lori said, smirking at me, stroking my shaft. She gave it a long lick, winking at me.

"That's not funny, Lori!" Mom said.

Lori mumbled because my cock was back in her mouth, pushing up against her throat.


She pulled her lips off nice and slow, making a popping sound. "Mom, I'm busy right now."

"Busy? Doing what?"

Lori massaged my shaft. "I'm busy sucking Chris' cock."

"What?" my mother shrieked.

"What?" I yelled.

"I'm just fucking with you, Mom," Lori said, grinning at me, stroking my cock up and down.

"That's disgusting and not at all funny, Lori!" my mother yelled.

"Well, I'm such a slut, you never can tell. I might really be sucking your son's cock while I'm on the phone with you."

She started sucking it again, pushing her lips down my shaft, the slurping noises loud.

"You are a disgusting, filthy girl, Lori!"

"Mmm, I am filthy, Mommy. Chris has a big cock too. It's hard to fit it in my mouth."

"She's fucking insane," I said to myself, but Lori was sucking again.

"Lori, I will see you Saturday! And you will be grounded for a whole month! Do you understand me?"

"Mmmhmm. Mommy, can't talk. I think Chris is about to cum. Bye."

She handed the phone back to me as she began deepthroating my cock as best she could.

"Mom, she's joking," I said, trying to focus on forming words as my little sister's teeth scraped along the length of my shaft.

"Of course she was!" my mother said. "She's a disgusting girl, and that sort of thing amuses her. You see why she has to be at home and looked after, Christopher?"

"Yes, for fuck's sake! Mom, I have to go! Holy fuck!"


I slammed the phone down. "Fuck, I'm cumming!"

I erupted. She gagged and coughed as I sprayed inside her mouth. She pulled back to breathe and I came all over her face. She kept licking my cock though, swallowing what she could, and then she began sucking the head of my cock after I finished.

"Good?" she mumbled.

"Fuck," I said. "Ah, enough, it's sensitive."

She stopped sucking and gave my cock a kiss.

"Okay, you hold on, I'm going to clean up. Back in a minute."

I was in a daze as she left to clean the cum off. I couldn't talk to her, not after that. I rolled over in bed and pretended to fall asleep. I was more ashamed than ever.

"I know you're not asleep," she said when she came back. I didn't answer. She crawled into bed, leaning over me, her tits brushing my shoulder. "Chris," she called in my ear. "Chris, come on, I'm horny too. I thought maybe you could play with me."

No way was I playing with her.

"Come on, my pussy is fucking dripping. Sarah would eat me out. Lick my pussy, please? Fair's fair."

I snored, loudly. She scoffed.

"Are you seriously going to ignore me? Chris, please, my pussy needs attention. I'll let you slap it with your cock again if you promise not to fuck me."

She was crazy. I was never doing that again. No way.

She growled at me. "Are you serious right now? You're actually starting to piss me off. Fine, fuck you. Go to sleep. This is bullshit."

She turned around in bed, yanking the sheet away from me. I let her have it. I was back to feeling guilty. I had let my sister suck my cock, while she was on the phone with my mother, no less. This was beyond all control. Really, Lori had had a better chance of living here before all the sex stuff. No way now.

The alarm woke me up. Lori was there, her body sweaty and sticking to mine, naked and bare. She climbed up, peeling us apart, crawling over me to reach the button, her naked tits in my face. She smiled at me, coming down and giving me a peck on the lips.

"Mmm, morning."

"Morning," I said, rubbing my eyes.

"Oh, wait, I'm mad at you," she said, yawning. "You totally left me high and dry."

"Uh, sorry," I said. Last day, I told myself.

"It's okay," she said groggily. "I guess while I live here, the oral sex only flows one way, huh?" She looked up at me. "I get to stay now, right? I sucked your cock, so I get to stay."

"Lori, about that..."


"I just don't know."

"What?" she said, sitting up. "You're kidding. That was a fucking awesome blowjob. You drowned me in sperm. There's no way I didn't blow you away."

"What part of sister are you missing here?" I said. "This is the most fucked up week of my life. I can't stop thinking about fucking you. I'm not supposed to think like that!"

"That's sweet, I think. And if you feel the urge to fuck me, just let me know, and I'll be happy to suck your cock."

"I don't want my cock sucked. I want you to stop doing this."

I started to get out of bed, but she grabbed my hand. "Hey, hold on."


"Call in sick."


"Stay in bed with me."


She shrugged, her tits jiggling. "It's my last day here, last chance to convince you. If you need more than a blow job, we'll see what we can do."

I looked at her, thinking about what she was saying. Was she saying she'd suck my cock again if I stayed home? And then what, let me fuck her? Is that what she wanted me to do? What the hell was going on?

"I can't afford to miss work."

I climbed out of bed, my cock bouncing around as I walked, and got into the shower. I really shouldn't have let her suck my cock last night. There was no more room to rationalize anything. Sisters don't suck their brother's cocks. And I had encouraged her. She had asked me, and I had said yes. Damn my weakness!

"Hey," she said from outside the door.

"Huh? Yeah?" She was standing outside the glass door, not even peeing, just staring at me.

"We didn't finish talking," she said.

"I shouldn't have let you suck my cock like that."

"Why do you always have to regret it?"

She grabbed the shower door and slid it open, stepping it, closing it behind her. I backed up.

"What are you doing in here?"

"Whoa," she said. "Put on the rape brakes there, tiger. I just want to make sure you're okay."

"I'm fine. I'm just sort of in a daze."

"Have you even started washing yet?" she asked.

I shook my head.

"That blow job fried your brain, huh?"

"Sort of."

"Here, I'll help. Just don't rape me."

She took the bar of soap, lathering it between her hands, and then she began rubbing my neck and chest. She was standing close; my cock grew harder, touching her waist.

"He's saying hello," she said, rubbing my stomach with soap.

"He's getting used to you," I said.

"Good, because I intend to stay for a good long time."

"Lori, you can't---"

"Come on, I still have the rest of the day to change your mind. Don't say I can't, not yet. Turn around."

I turned and she washed my back.

"Lori, be honest with me. You don't feel weird after sucking my dick?"

"Do you?"

"Yes. Hell yes. I'm trying to figure out why you did it, whether it really was just to stay here, or if you wanted to do it."

"What's the difference?" she asked from behind me.

"The difference is if you did it just because you're desperate to stay, it makes me feel like shit, because I took advantage of you, but if you did because you wanted to, maybe it's not my fault, just wrong."

"Okay, well, if it makes you feel better, I really did want to suck your cock, and I figured if blowing you kept me here, that's two birds with one stone."

"Then why did you want to blow me to begin with?"

"I told you, you have a great cock. It makes me horny." She was still washing. "And I don't know, I just thought it'd be a nice thing to do, sort of to say I love you, you know?"

"That's how you say I love you?"

"To you it is." She climbed down to her knees, washing my butt and legs. "Turn around."

I turned. Her face was level with my cock. She soaped her way up my legs and thighs, her eyes on my cock.

"Want me to clean this too?" she asked.

"You don't have to."

"I want to."

"You shouldn't want to."

She grinned. "I know I shouldn't."

She lathered the soap in her hand, and then she took hold of my cock, holding it tight. I let out a groan. She began working the soap, running her hands up and down.

"Oh, your cock is really dirty. When's the last time this thing was cleaned properly? There I was sucking it while it was filthy too."

"Lori, fuck..."

"What'd you say?" she said, looking up at me. "Did you just say you want to fuck me? Chris, I'm trying to clean your cock here. I don't want you getting any ideas and trying to rape me again."

She kept cleaning it, one hand rubbing the soap up and down the shaft while the other began massaging my balls.

"Damn it," I mumbled. "Lori, I'm really scared we're going to end up fucking each other."

She looked up again. "Who ever said I'd let you fuck me?"

"You're saying it with how you act. You're seducing me."

Her thumb began massaging the head of my dick, running back and forth over the slit.

"I'm not seducing you," she said. "Maybe I do flirt, but it's because I love you and it's fun. It has gotten a little carried away. I admit that, but come on, when I'm horny, I can't think straight. You know how it is."

She squeezed my shaft, clenching it as tight as she could, and then pulled her hand forward. I groaned.

"Fuck, Lori."

"You're soo hard," she said. "See, I'm getting horny again. I don't mean to, but you cock really turns me on. I have to remind myself this is my brother's cock. If you were my boyfriend, I don't think I'd be able to hold on to my virginity, but you're not."

I looked down at her. "Then we're not going to start fucking?"

She shook her head. "I don't think so. Unless you rape me. Why, do you want to start fucking?"

She was tugging on my cock again, rolling my balls in her hand.

"God, you're going to make me cum."

"You can cum," she said. "It's all clean now."

"You realize you're jerking off your brother right now?"

"Mmmhmm," she said, pulling on my cock back and forth, her fingers running along the shaft. "And my brother likes it. Tell you what. Hey, are you listening?"

"Huh?" I said, trying to focus on her eyes and not her hands rubbing up and down my shaft. "Yeah?"

"Just so we're clear," she said. "If we start living together, it's okay to flirt, get naked, touch, even lick each other, but no sex, okay?"

"No sex?" I said.

"Yes. Don't put your cock in my pussy. Don't take my virginity. Don't cum in me."

"Anything else is fine?" I said, still dazed. She was pumping my cock fast now.

"We'll figure out the rest later."

"Are you doing this just so I'll let you stay?" I asked.

She smirked, squeezing my cock harder as she yanked on it. "No," she said after a moment. "But you know how much I want to stay. If a little foreplay between family helps you make up your mind, than I don't mind."

I reached down, putting my hand on her cheek, stroking it as she stroked my cock. "I really liked it when you sucked my cock."

"Want me to suck it again?" she asked, licking her lips. She opened her mouth wide. "Park it right here, roomie."

I almost laughed. Park it? She really was my little sister, making stupid jokes and saying weird things. She was Lori. I parked it, stepping forward and sliding my cock into her mouth. She closed her lips and my shaft was enveloped in heat. I put my head back and just groaned.

She mumbled she began licking and sucking, her head sliding up and down a few inches while her hand worked the rest. I put both my hands on her head, holding her in place as I started to pump my cock in and out. She coughed and gagging when I tried to push too deep.

I couldn't last much longer though. She had already been jerking me off long enough. Cum came pouring out of me. I grabbed her hair like a handle and thrust in deeper, feeling the bend of her throat as she gagged. Cum spilled out of her mouth. Both of her hands were strangling my cock, trying to pull it out of the depths of her throat. As I finished, I eased up on her hair and she took my cock out, coughing.

"Mmm, wow," she said, looking up. "You liked that, huh?"

"Fuck, yes."

"You know, that's only my second blow job," she said. "How am I doing?"

"Amazing," I said.

"Yay!" she said, climbing up. She hugged me, as if I had helped her finish her math homework. "Really, it was good? Even last night? You're not just saying that."

"It was good, really good."

"Good!" she said. "I swallowed a lot of cum too. I missed most of it though. You cum a lot."


"It's okay. It was fun. But I'll get better at swallowing. Here, let me just clean your cock off again..." She grabbed the bar of soap and started tugging at my dick. I groaned. It was too sensitive for her to manhandle it.

"Okay, okay, it's clean," I said.

She chuckled. "I guess I'm tending to my own pussy again."

"Geez, don't tempt me."

"All right. You'd better get to work. You're paying the bills, roomie."

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then turned to the water, stepping under it. She immediately started playing with her pussy, her fingers running over her lips. I climbed out, my legs a little weak from the blowjob. I was dressed and out of the house before she finished in the shower. I could hear her moaning in there. I considered going back.

Work was dull now. I could not think about anything else but my sister. We had broken some serious boundaries, and even though she had given me her assurance that we wouldn't fuck, I didn't feel convinced. And moreover, I wanted to fuck her now. I really wanted her cherry. But I knew that was wrong.

I should have told her this whole plan of hers had backfired. She had to go. More than that, I wanted her to leave tomorrow, because if she stayed, I was going to fuck her brains out. And I was going to fuck her constantly, so much she'd want to go back home anyway. Yeah, if she wanted to stay, she could stay, but her pussy was mine. No way she'd agree to that.

And what was going to happen when I got home? Dinner again? A movie? Then a little oral sex and off to bed? I couldn't live like that. Well, I could, but not with my sister. And what was wrong with her that she had let it come to this? And what was wrong with me for liking it? I needed help, but who can you talk to about something like this?

I felt anxious on my drive home, my old car clinking and clanking and threatening to cost me a paycheck at the auto shop. When I reached the door, I stopped. I could hear moaning and grunting inside. Someone was in my apartment, fucking! Fucking my sister? What the hell?

I used my key and barged in, stumbling. My little sister was in bed, on all fours, bent over, ass high in the air, her head on the mattress, watching porn while she rubbed her pussy. Her middle finger was right in her asshole. She was whimpering and moaning.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I said.

"Huh?" she said, lifting her head. "Oh, Chris, you're home."

"Yes, I'm home!"

"Okay, I'll start dinner in a few minutes. Hold on."

I realized I'd left the door open and quickly closed it before I came back to her. She was already busy again, her middle finger sawing in and out of her ass while her other hand rubbed up and down along her slit, teasing her clit.

I knew I should stop watching. I had told myself I was going to come home, tell her we had to stop playing around, that it was going to get way too serious, that she had to leave tomorrow morning. I had my whole speech ready, but she had planned this so I would walk in on her, see her playing with herself, trying to tempt me!

She turned her head, looking at me as I stared. "Mmm, like the show? Do you want to come over here and help your little sister cum?"

"Lori, you shouldn't be doing this."

"Why?" she asked, her finger still sliding in and out of her ass while the others assaulted her clit. "I jerked you off and sucked your cock. I have needs too, you know?"

"I know, but I've been thinking about it all day, and I regret it. It was wrong."

"Oh, that again," she said.

"Lori, would you please stop? I'm trying to tell you something."

"Can it wait? I'm about to cum."

"No, it can't wait. I've reached a decision."

She paused her fingers. "And?"

"And you have to go home tomorrow."

She sighed and sat up, taking her fingers away from her pussy and ass. "So that's how it is?"

I picked up the remote and turned off the porn. "Yeah, that's how it is. Look, Lori, we---"

"Come over here."


"You regret what we did? Fine, I regret it to."

"You do?"

"Yeah, I do. I should never have sucked your cock if you weren't going to let me move in, but fairs fair."

"What do you mean?"

"Come eat my pussy."

"I'm not going to eat your pussy," I said, loud and indignant. "I wanted to tell you, this isn't going to work out. We can't do this stuff. We're related. You can't live here."

"Okay, fine, I heard you. Now get over here and eat my pussy. I need to cum."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No. I sucked your cock. Bring your tongue over here."

"I'm not doing that."

"The way I see it, the first blowjob was a freebie, but not the second one. I told you, if you let me stay, you get free blowjobs. Well, that blowjob was my rent, but if I can't stay, you have to pay me back. Eat me out or I'm moving in."

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