tagBDSMMy Second Assignment

My Second Assignment


1. I must keep my bullet vibe with me at all times today

2. I must masturbate in public with the bullet

3. I have to have at least three orgasms while in public, no less

4. I am not allowed to cum in the privacy of my own home until my Master reads this report and responds.

5. I will write a detailed report and submit it to my master as soon as I return to the privacy of my home

Master, I was so nervous about this assignment! My bullet vibe is very loud (as you well know!) and I couldn't think of any possible way I could get through it without complete and total embarrassment...at first. Then, it hit me. I called up some friends and got a group together to go to the club. The music would be extremely loud and no one would be able to hear. I know you are proud, Master, that I was able to come up with the solution.

Let me start off with the fact that when I bought my bullet vibe, it came with a harness so that I could keep it pressed up against my clit while freeing up my hands to use the remote as well as pleasuring a few other areas. The harness wraps around my hips and upper thighs, and has a large opening so that I might insert things in my cunt if I wish. That was the first thing I put on for my night out. I then grabbed a short, black, flowy skirt, to better hide the harness, and put on a black, seamless thong (I couldn't very well allow my juices to flow down my thighs!). I wore a silky, blue, strapless top which is very tight across my chest but then was loose under my bust. I wore no bra underneath so my hard little pebbles were peaking through. The outfit was hot and efficient, in that not only did the skirt (which does stretch tight across my delectable bum) hide the harness, but it also hid the cord leading to the remote. I tucked the remote just inside the top part of the skirt and my loose top covered the small bump it made.

I wore minimal make up. I just used some eyeliner and mascara to emphasize my brown eyes and a bit of chocolate flavored lip gloss on my plump lips. I also wore my long, silky, brown hair in loose curls so that it ended just above my ass. The golden skin given to me by my Latin heritage glowed a bit with the moisturizer I spread all over it, and my legs looked endless and long (despite my height of just 5 feet, 3 inches) in strappy, 4 inches of black stiletto (whore) heels.

Well Master, it was time to head out, so I set the little vibe on to its lowest and quietest setting and headed out with my friends (who had no idea what lay beneath my skirt!). The low setting created a slow, sensational build of unceasing tension. My nipples were rock hard and my friends teased me about it while I played it off as being too cold. If only they knew.

The steady build up and constant pressure on my clit led to an orgasm right as I was walking into the noisy and loud club. It caused my knees to weaken for a bit and I stumbled. With my face and neck flushed, I easily explained it away as tripping in my heels. Master, how you love to torture me, the night was insane!

I turned off the vibe to give myself some time to calm down a bit and began to dance with my friends. The music was loud and I felt the thumping of the bass within my whole body. I lost myself in the music and eventually the song "Turn me on" came on and I found it appropriate to my current situation. So, I turned the vibe up again except this time I put it on its maximum setting. Oh Master, I came so hard and fast that once again my knees buckled and I stumbled into the guy I was dancing with. He was handsome, tall with brown hair, though I could barely make out his features in the dim lighting. He caught me and as he did the remote slid out of the top of my skirt and dangled there in plain view! I quickly put my hand over it and turned it off, but he had seen and gave me a knowing grin (damn the little red flashing light on the remote that glares when the vibe is on!).

I smiled sheepishly at him and put the vibe back in its place, turned around so I wouldn't have to meet his eyes, and continued to dance as if the incident never happened. Master, I am sorry to say that I actually thought I would not be able to finish my task. I am so sorry, Master, for ever contemplating the thought of disobedience. The guy behind me ended up coming to my rescue so that I would not have to disappoint you. As I had my hands in the air and was swaying my hips to the beat, the guy lowered his lips to my neck and rested his hands on my waist. One of his hands rested right above the remote and he slid his hand up my top and down my skirt to where the remote lay. He turned the vibe up to a medium setting, and moved me so my back was pressed up against him even more. His hips grinded into my backside and with his lips still suckling and biting gently on my neck, he moved his free hand from my waist and up to my breast where he started to squeeze and play with my nipple through the fabric of my top.

Another orgasm was slowly but surely building up, when he flicked the switch to the highest setting and started to bite down harder on my neck and squeeze the life out of my breasts. Master, the orgasm I had was so intense, that I shudder now as I write this. My nipples are getting hard and my pussy getting wet, remembering just how hard I came. I threw my head back and screamed, the sound getting lost in the loud music and my body shuddered until he had mercy on me and turned off the vibe.

He just held me up for a bit, still grinding into my back side until I calmed. When my breathing finally slowed, he turned me around and slammed his lips down hard on mine. His tongue swept over the chocolaty flavor of my glossed lips, begging for entrance to my mouth. When I opened up to him, his tongue swept in and conquered. I gave in completely to the kiss, imagining that it was you in front of me, dominating my mouth with yours. In my mind it was your hard length I felt pressed against my belly, straining through your pants and begging for release.

I was backed slowly to a wall, the club so packed with moving bodies that not many would know what we were up to, only those extremely close to us. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, quickly pulling a condom out of his pocket and ripping it open with his teeth in one fluid motion. As soon as he had it on, he bunched up my skirt around my waist, smiled at the sight of the harness, slid my sopping wet thong to the side, and rammed his hard thick length into me to the hilt. He lifted me up a bit and wrapped one of my legs around him, giving him a better angle. I closed my eyes and before me was you Master.

You were slamming your length into me over and over again until all I could feel was you inside me and pressed up against me.

You pulled down my top and freed my breasts so you could lean down and bite and suck on my large caramel tipped nipples. You reached up higher in my skirt and grabbed the remote, slowly turning up the setting on the vibe. I bit down on your shoulder as you bit down on my chest, cumming hard and fast with you still pumping inside me, over and over again. You kept on going relentlessly; still pounding into me, harder, faster and I came again. This time, you came with me, stilling as my walls closed and squeezed at your cock. A battery popped out of the remote, finally turning off the assault on my clit, but my pussy kept milking your cock until it went soft. You slid yourself out of me despite the fact that I tried my best to keep you inside me.

I finally opened my eyes, and the club was so dark that I could not make out the features of the man in front of me, just see the white of his teeth as he smiled. I liked to keep the belief that it was you, Master, so I adjusted myself, walked away before anything could be said, and thought 'I'll talk to you soon, Master'.

My friends teased me constantly during the ride home; they saw you fucking me against the club wall. We bantered throughout the entire ride and as soon as I was in the door I ran upstairs and began this report. I must tell you Master that while writing this report, I had to run outside twice. The first time I just put the vibe once again to its highest setting while outside until I came. The second time, I had taken off the harness and was just wearing my skirt and top, so I grabbed my dildo. I sat outside; legs spread open, dripping pussy in the air with my back against the front door. I pumped the dildo in and out of me, my other hand frantically working my clit as I pictured the scene from the club earlier. I smelled so much like wet pussy and sex, and it was just an added effect to another long and glorious orgasm. I sat there, legs spread open, relaxing for a bit before going back into my apartment and up the stairs to finish your report. As I was walking back into my apartment, a car drove by, probably having missed my display by a mere 30 seconds.

I sit here now, completely naked and typing this report for you Master. I feel insatiable tonight, but am too tired to venture outside again. Yes, I am uncomfortably horny and wish to race outside once again, but my entire body aches. Master, you sure know how to give an assignment that will please your little slut just as much as it pleases you. I cannot wait to hear your response on this report and I hope I made you incredibly happy and proud. I also hope that I caused a bit of tightness in your pants.

Love always,

Your naughty little slut

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