tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sexual Awakening Ch. 3

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 3


Before long on the freeway Des noticed a small town turnoff that indicated a moderate sized community with a licensed restaurant beside a lake on a picturesque advertising billboard that we had seen just a short while ago at the side of the freeway. He felt it was time for lunch, as our morning spent flashing and making love had drained our energy and besides he needed a rest from driving. I don't normally have much for breakfast but because of our early departure from home, neither of us had eaten. Des was enthusiastic about the idea so we turned into the town centre. Just at the edge of town the advertised restaurant was located right in front of a very inviting stretch of lakeside with a small sandy beach with canoes for hire and even a few log cabins for accommodation. The number of cars parked out front surprised me but it was an indication of the popularity of the establishment so we decided to give the place a try. We parked up and locked the car. I suddenly had a bad case of nerves as I considered my attire might not comply with the dress code requirements. I checked to see that the ties on the side of my little toga were secure and my nipples had subsided since my modelling experience on the side of the freeway. My hunger helped to convince me that we should at least see what the reaction of the staff would be. I walked in small dainty steps so that the wind would not lift my dress and the split sides of the toga wouldn't reveal my lack of underwear too noticeably, although I had become a lot less concerned about that since my exhibitions on the highway and particularly my impromptu photography session with the nice old truck driver only twenty minutes earlier. I smiled as I remembered his astonished look as I had placed my leg on the bonnet of our car and allowed him to photograph my most intimate parts whilst standing before him completely naked. Just the thought stirred up a reaction in my tender nipples and I became aware of the light material of my dress straining to keep them in check. The wind kept blowing around my legs and around my hard little vaginal lips and at least twice on the way to the front entrance my skirt billowed up slightly and threatened to expose me in a way that I wasn't yet sure that I could handle in a crowd of mixed spectators. The thought was thrilling enough but the reality could be more than I could bear to think about. It was bad enough that as I walked through the reception area my nipples were showing very clearly and some of the older ladies present seemed to be staring at me disapprovingly and talking among themselves.

The young man who asked if we would like a table near the lake and led us through the entire length of the dining area, however seemed not to notice the unusually brief toga in particular as he ushered us to the table nearest to the wide open full length doors looking out over the lake. I was feeling far more comfortable now and nearly forgot that I wasn't wearing any panties when he stood behind my chair to seat me. The back flap of my toga rode up as I sat down but he didn't show any sign that anything was amiss and I gasped as my naked bottom connected to the warm vinyl of the chair. If he really did notice he was a perfect gentleman and reassured my confidence by not saying a word about it. The material of the front flap now moulded more securely in front of my lap and I would be able to pin it between my legs and stop the wind from billowing it up.

I relaxed and prepared to enjoy a leisurely luncheon and admire the view over the lake, secure in the knowledge that most of the people around us were dressed in very casual attire and would probably be finished their food before we did and leave the place not as crowded, prior to our departure. There had to be an upside to the humiliating long walk through a crowded restaurant in a state of virtual nudity.

The men that I had walked past had only gazed admiringly in my direction, which gave me a sexual charge almost similar to the rest area interlude. However the looks from their female partners was hard to experience. I knew what they would have been thinking and I felt a sense of shame and yet in another sense I was proud that I had a body that they would have envied. I would say that most of the older ladies would have never experienced showing themselves to their husbands in the most private settings, thus would never understand the thrill and exhilaration or the pride to be felt in walking hand in hand with a husband who encouraged me to look this way in public. I believe that most women have a hidden streak of latent exhibitionism deep within their persona, but sadly, few have the figure or the loving support to explore their potential in the way that I was. Without Des's open enthusiasm I could never have imagined, let alone experienced, the range of emotions or the sexual awareness that I was capable of. I felt blessed to have Des actively supporting and encouraging me, and just as importantly protecting me, should anybody try to force me into a situation that every woman dreads.

I love the attention and admiring glances of strange men, I always have, but I would hate to be taken by force and sexually attacked. I thought back to the rest area episode as I realised the potential for such a situation to turn really nasty without Des's support. After all, I could never have been so wanton or daring without my loving protector by my side. I would never have believed the arousal in my loins as I exhibited myself totally and so vulnerably to a complete stranger, only a few feet away. The thoughts of those actions still excited me as I realised that this would be only one of the many adventures that I would yet experience through the loving support of my wonderful husband. I gazed into his eyes, Just bursting with the love and respect that I felt toward him. At this moment, I believe that I would do anything he asked of me, without reservation and willingly. I contemplated what further adventures lay ahead of us that day, as the young waiter brought us our food and drink order.

After a lovely meal and with a couple of brandy and lemonades, I needed to go for a pee. The restaurant had emptied out considerably by then, as I had hoped, but I noticed that the toilets were on a mezzanine floor not far from our table, but the stairway was open tread straight flight of steps. Worse, a mixed group of younger people were seated at a table with a perfect view of anybody climbing up the steps. I discussed my dilemma with Des as I looked, in vain, for a lower floor toilet but realising that I had no option, I rose from the table, glancing behind me to straighten my skirt and proceeded toward the stairs as if nothing was amiss. I steeled myself as I ascended the stairway, knowing that Des was probably enjoying my discomfort, but secure in the knowledge that at least he was watching over me. I could tell by the looks on the faces of two of the guys and at least one girl that they had received a real eyeful as I approached the toilet door. Strangely I didn't feel as embarrassed as I had expected, but rather, more excited and breathless, if you like. I even found myself hoping that my exposure would stimulate discussion among them and I might have a larger audience for my return journey. I stayed in the restroom, taking advantage of the washbasin to clean up my body. The cold water on my pubic area did nothing to calm down my aroused clit so I went into the stall to take care of my raging sexual needs in the only way possible. It wasn't long before a truly shattering orgasmic wave swept through my entire body. I washed myself all over again and noted with a degree of satisfaction that I was as calm and refreshed as I could be. I contemplated closing the door quietly and sneaking down the stairs in my bare feet, so as not to arouse attention to myself. However, I threw caution to the wind, let the door bang shut, and strode purposefully and boldly downstairs, not even holding down my skirt as it briefly billowed in the draught. I couldn't see the table where the young group were sitting on the way back but I was proud to be confident enough to complete the return to my seat without feeling one shred of doubt or embarrassment. I had come a long way since, just a few short days ago, when I had been plagued with insecurity visiting my good friend Cathy, in a much longer and more secure skirt and top, than I was currently clothed in. Des had already attended to the bill, in my absence, preparing to leave this lovely restaurant upon my return to the table, so I was going to be spared the necessity to resume my seat.

We walked out of the restaurant, arm in arm, past the group of young people. I recognised a look of admiration and respect on all their faces, as their eyes were following us toward the door. I was comforted by this and gave them a cheery wave as we made our way past them all. I hoped that the girls could, one day experience the thrills and excitement that came with losing their inhibitions in public as I had proudly done.

We unlocked and entered the car and drove along the lakeside a short way before Des turned to me with a look of pride and said "I'll bet you those young people are still talking about you even now." "I noticed that as you came downstairs, they stopped talking and watched your every move. You were just magnificent." I could not help myself. I reached over and hugged him and snuggled up alongside him, as happy as a newlywed. I felt years younger and I thanked him for the lovely meal as I told him that I would do anything to make him happy. "I feel so liberated dressed this way now, but I couldn't have believed that I would have done anything remotely like this, when we went out this morning." The next few miles we talked animatedly about our adventures, as I felt closer to Des than ever. Finally I decided to discuss my idea to have a piercing to complement my very naked and now throbbing pussy. I swear I was coming to yet another orgasm just talking about the prospect and we found a secluded spot by the lake and pulled over. Des was as enthusiastic as I was and we decided to have a swim and not travel any further today. It was a great spot with grass leading to a sandy shore and the sun was warm. My tan lines were already fading I noticed as I slipped off my shoes and pulled my toga over my head.

Des quickly stripped off and we got out of the car and walked to the lakeside. There were a number of boats around and there was a lot of activity further away from us, but this particular spot was quite private and surprisingly, the water reasonably deep a short distance from shore. We could hear people in the distance enjoying themselves, as they canoed and swam in the near distance so we were not concerned to be enjoying our time together in the nude. Des had left our clothes in the car, not too far from where we were. We were so absorbed in our conversation that nothing seemed to matter, except our love for each other. We left the water and dried off in the sun for a while and then swam some more. We resolved to spend the rest of the afternoon right there and spend the night in the little town if we could find a motel or somewhere to stay. Just as we were about to get out of the water, the young group that we had seen in the restaurant earlier pulled into the picnic area in three vehicles with a canoe on top of a station wagon. The girls were dressed in very revealing swimwear, two of them in quite skimpy thongs and it looked as if they were going to have a swim too. I gasped and looked at Des. He was not worried, but said we should just stay in the water for now, and see what happened next. The first two girls that raced into the water seemed to recognise me and came over to introduce themselves.

They were unconcerned to notice my nudity and apologised if they were causing us any discomfort. One of the young ladies went back to the group and conversed with the others. My brain was racing with thoughts that they may cause problems for us. I was relieved when the lads unpacked the canoe and seemed to only be interested in going for a paddle and they moved further along the beach. Des walked out of the water as though he were fully clothed and lay down to dry. I followed him and was pleasantly surprised to hear no comments about our nudity. Younger people didn't make such an issue of things like that these days, I thought. I lay down on the grass beside Des and noticed the younger people just getting on with their activities. In fact the first two girls had removed their tops and were walking around with just their brief thongs. Considerably relaxed by their demeanour, I rolled over to tan my front and so did Des. I was nearly dry now so I stood up and brushed the leaves off my bottom when one of the girls approached to speak to me.

"The boys have dared us to strip off and not be so shy. Would you consider joining us in the water if I take off my gear too. I would feel more confident with you guys beside me, as I've never had the courage to undress completely before and you guys are just brilliant." She enthused.

"I would be happy to lend you support, if you're sure you want to do this." I replied

Without further ado she disrobed before Des's astonished eyes and followed me back into the water. He stayed where he was and feasted his eyes on two very naked women walking slowly into the water. The boys cheered wildly and before long everyone was naked and I felt that I had done some good to the young lady. She certainly won her dare and I could tell by her tan lines that she had been as conservative as I had been only a short few days ago. I would have liked to stay with them longer but if we were going to get accommodation, we would need to move ourselves back toward town fairly soon.

After we dried ourselves off, we dressed and left, waving and smiling, as we pulled away, knowing that we had made many new friends and I knew that young Melissa would never be the same shy lady again.

We had chatted while we dried off, after her first swim with me, and she had really enjoyed being the first of her peers to take the plunge. She told me the boys were incredulous at my body at the restaurant and were in awe of the way that I walked down the stairs showing the complete absence of underwear and so unconcerned. I had become her hero.

Des found a motel with a vacancy sign and we checked in for the night. We treated ourselves to room service snacks as we were hungry again from the days activity and needed to shower and refresh ourselves to explore the town later on. It was nearly 4pm and the sun was due to set around 7:30 or so as summer evenings became longer at that time of the year. It was quite warm in the evenings, so even though Des hadn't brought any additional clothing for either of us, we would not be confined to indoors by the weather. I was looking forward to walking around and exploring this town which I had really become quite fond of. I urged Des along and we headed off into town.

To Be Continued...

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