tagIncest/TabooMy Sister and My Daughter Ch. 04

My Sister and My Daughter Ch. 04


I lay there for a moment, my pulse pounding through my veins as I basked in the most wonderful, serene nirvana that I thought could ever exist... I felt as though I was floating as Karen and Marisa retreated downstairs to the kitchen. I took a few deep breaths and groaned in utter contentment. I was sure I had never felt that satisfied. I replayed the events of only a few moments ago in my mind. I was utterly incredulous. Had it really happened? Please let this be real and not just some wonderful dream!!

I got my composure back somewhat and opened the drawer to my nightstand. I felt for the baby monitor and grasped it. I nearly dropped it as I retrieved it; my hands, and my entire body, were shaking. I chuckled to myself at my lack of dexterity and turned on the monitor.

Waves of joy and contentment just kept vibrating through my whole being as I lay there, grinning ear to ear as I listened.

I heard sounds of motion and some thumping, then peals of girly laughter.

"I did it!" squealed Marisa. "I did it! Oh my god, Auntie, I did it!!" She then broke into another fit of giggling.

"You sure did girl!" exclaimed Karen. "And you were amazing at it!" I then heard the fridge door and some clinking. "All right, let's have a victory drink! It'll help to get that taste out of your mouth too."

"Oh my god, I can't believe it, Auntie!" Marisa gushed. "I really did it! I just sucked my dad's cock! I sucked him off and made him cum! And he came in my mouth, and we licked it up!... Oh, my god, I just sucked my own dad's cock!!" She then started to laugh again, burbling with merriment as my little sister chuckled along with her.

"See, you were all nervous about it, and it was easy," said Karen sagely. "I sucked my dad's cock a ton. Men who sleep deeply have been helping their daughters master the art of blowjobs without them knowing it for generations, I'm sure."

"Is it weird, though, Auntie? I mean, I liked it! Is it ok? Oh my god, do my friends suck their dads off in their sleep? Auntie, I really did it!!"

"Marisa, listen. It's perfectly fine, it's perfectly normal. You masturbate, right?"


"No, really! Everyone does. Or basically everyone. I figure everyone should. But it's still sort of considered wrong, right? No one talks about it, no one admits it. All the doctors and psychologists and experts all say that jilling off is totally normal and healthy. But who admits it? Same thing with getting some practice on your dad. Normal. Healthy. But people freak right out if you even suggest it, right? Don't worry, Marisa, it's not weird, it's not freaky. And it was... totally hot."

There was a pause as they sipped. "...Jilling off?" asked Marisa with a chuckle.

"Yeah, jilling off. Like jacking off. But for girls, right?"

They both broke out in peals of laughter. "Oh, Auntie, you're the best. I feel so happy. This has been such a wonderful day. I feel..."

"What, a little drunk?"

"Well, yeah," she snickered, "but, um... it's weird. Everything's just weird."

"Weird like how?" Karen asked.

"Well, I totally thought, you know, like at the start of the school year, that Trevor was the one. But I don't know. He's been such a dork. And he doesn't really make me feel good, or make me feel pretty. He just a horny dork! He kisses me and tries to feel me up, but he just turns me off more! You know? He just... I don't know."

Karen listened in silence. I was hanging off every word I heard.

"He makes me feel like he just wants to, you know, get his rocks off or something! I don't even know if I want to suck his cock!!"

There was another pause. I sensed that Karen was just letting her talk, figuring she was on a roll. Damn, how did she get to be so perceptive??

"It's different. With Daddy, it's like I wanted to. Like, I wanted to please him, you know? I know that he was sleeping, he didn't even know I was there, but, it's like..." Marisa stalled for a moment. "It's like Daddy makes me feel good. He makes me feel pretty, and like I'm important." She took a drink and paused again. Karen remained silent. "Daddy loves me, I know he does, and he makes me feel special! He bought me these earrings today! And got me flowers, just to cheer me up! He makes me feel so happy, and he's so handsome... He makes me want to please him..."

Her speech drifted off.

"With Trevor, it's like he's none of those things..." Marisa mused softly, in a hushed tone I could barely hear. My ears were straining and my heart singing with excitement and joy.

"Well, young lady," Karen began, "we should finish up these drinks and get to bed, huh? It's late, it's been a big, big night, and we've got a big day tomorrow. Now remember, there's nothing at all weird about what we did here, ok? Normal. Totally normal. And if you don't want to suck Trevor off, that's fine. Lots of other cocks out there. One upstairs too. And from what you've been saying here, it sounds like you're having reservations about the whole Trevor thing anyway. If he's not right for you, well, that's the way it goes. His loss. If he can't treat you the way you want, too bad. He's a nice kid, I like him, but your happiness is most important."

"Thanks, Auntie," Marisa said.

"I want you to do something though, ok?" Karen went on, standing and gathering things in the kitchen. "I want you to think long and hard about what you want. What's important to you. What makes you feel good. What you want in a man. Think about that, and see if there's anyone out there that meets those criteria. Ok? Think about the way you like feeling, the way you like to be treated, and think if there's anyone that makes you feel like that. If it's Trevor, fine. If it's someone else, well, maybe you should go out with that someone else, right?"

"Right, Auntie."

"All right then, let's get to bed. I'm getting pretty tired."

"Me too, Auntie. And thank you so much, this has been really, um, really an eye opener. You've given me so much to think about... And thank you for listening."

"No problem, girlfriend," Karen chuckled.

Shortly I heard footsteps on the stairs, then Karen entered our room. She closed the door behind her, then turned on the corner lamp, dimly lighting the room. She was wearing a broad, self-satisfied grin as she turned towards me and began removing her clothes.

"You happy?" she beamed at me.

"Holy fuck, Sis," I whispered to her. "Words fail me. I think you're sent to me straight from heaven or something. Come here!"

Still grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary, she climbed on the bed and crawled toward me. She bent to kiss me and I assailed her mouth. My tongue was hungrily and passionately probing her mouth. Our lips mashed together and I kissed her with desperate love, adoration and gratitude.

"Enough of that," she whispered, breaking the kiss and climbing up my body. She pushed down on the top of my shoulders, urging me to slide down towards the foot of the bed. "If you want to thank me, I know a better way." She swung her left leg over my head and lowered her cunt to my mouth. "Here, suck on that." I greedily and graciously complied, immediately kissing and drawing my tongue over the folds of her shaven outer labia, then darting between her swollen lips and seeking her inner pink.

She bent over to her side of the bed and enacted some kind of motion. I heard the drawer of her nightstand open. I concentrated on licking her delicious pussy, savouring each wonderful moment of being allowed to perform cunnilingus on my incomparable little sister.

"Mmmm, good, keep doing that," she sighed. "Now let's see if we have some icing on this cake..." She held a white object in front of my field of view, and I focused my eyes on it. It was another baby monitor, which she switched on. "Does this make me evil?" she asked as crackles of white noise emitted from the device.

I glance up quizzically to her eyes, which returned a mischievous gleam. Hisses continued to emanate from the monitor, and I began to probe my little sister's vagina, spearing her inner folds with my tongue.

A crackling sound and a rustling came from the speaker. I was confused, so I just continued tongue-fucking Karen and dragging my lips across the outer folds of her pussy.

I heard a breath and what sounded like a soft sigh from the monitor. What were we tuned in to? It had to be Marisa's bedroom... Had Karen hidden a monitor in Marisa's room? Holy shit, you devious little freak!

Sure enough, Marisa' voice came through the speaker. "Mmm, yeah..."

"Jackpot," whispered Karen with a huge grin. "Keep listening. I've been batting a thousand so far, keep listening..."

"Oh..." gasped Marisa softly. "Yes. Mmm, yes you are. You know you are."

More soft rustling and white noise came from the speaker as I strained breathlessly to hear more. I kept my tongue motions slow and even on Karen's vulva as she enjoyed being softly eaten out and listened in too.

"You've always been. It's you, Daddy, you're the one. You've always been the one..."

Karen looked down at me wide eyed with a triumphant smile. She pointed at me knowingly and broadened her grin and raising her eyebrows. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This day had already been utterly too much!

"Mmm, yeah," Marisa's voice softly rasped. "I know, I know. I want to see it. I want to see it."

I stopped dead and Karen and I just looked at each other in amazement, both silently hanging on with bated breath at each sound that emitted from the speaker on the monitor she held.

"Oh, Daddy, it's so big, it's so big. Oh, Daddy. Please, please, I want it..."

She gasped and let out a little squeak. "Mmm yeah! Oh, Daddy, please... Please, I want it. I know. I know. I don't care. Please, I want it. Put it in, oh please Daddy."

She let out a low moan and a sound of sheets sliding came through. There was a pause. "Fuck me, Daddy."

My mind was blown into the next galaxy and I realized that my cock was once again standing at rapt attention. Oh my fucking sweet holy god!! Karen was right about everything! And my daughter was masturbating just down the hall, fantasizing about getting fucked by me and calling my name!

"Oh, Daddy," she moaned. "It's so big, it's so big! Give it to me, please, I want more. Oh, Daddy, oh, Daddy, fuck me!"

My cock throbbed painfully as Karen silently slid down my body. She positioned her moist petals at the tip of my dick, adjusted my member with her hand, and began sliding down my pole. I was in a state of shock or something. This was unprecedented, unforeseen, incredible, naughty and sexy beyond my wildest dreams.

"Fuck me, Daddy. No, don't stop, I want more. No, don't take it out. No. More. More. Deeper. I can take it. Please Daddy, I'm not scared, I can take it. It feels so good. Oh, Daddy, it feels so good. Fill me up."

Karen began to ride my cock as we beamed at each other, slack jawed in utter amazement and lust. I had never heard anything as arousing ever. Karen was flushed and obviously completely turned on too.

I heard Marisa's breath quicken and rustles of motion. Her voice was still hushed, but more insistent and intense. "Ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah, uh huh, yeah. Fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy. Ohhhh yeah, you're so big, you're so good, oh, it's so fucking good. Oh, harder. Harder, Daddy, I'm gonna cum!!"

My mind was almost orgasming with incredulous intoxicating overstimulation. The slow, sensuous friction of Karen's vagina riding up and down my rigid phallus was almost an afterthought or a distraction. It felt so good, and I felt overpowering, exultant love for my gorgeous younger sister, but my daughter's lusty voice in my ear was twisting my mind in on itself, forcing it into new shapes and places I never could have imagined. Past and future seemed to cease existence. Now was all there was.

"Yes, Daddy I'm coming!! Oh, Daddy, I'm cooommmmmiinnnngggggggg...." She cooed softly, little lusty moans emanating from her beautiful, immaculate lips. My beautiful daughter! My gorgeous little girl! A full grown woman now, horny and lusty as hell, and she was hot for me! She was coming for me!! It was all too much.

Karen increased her pace now rapidly and reached down and began diddling her clit. "Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..." she snarled. "Fuck I'm so fucking horny. Oh my fucking god, so horny. Fucking so hot. Mmm, fuck me. RRRrrr, fuck my cunt!"

She was strumming her clit frantically, her fingers held together as a unit as they brushed across her mound in a blur. "Mmmm, fuck, yeah. Fuck, oh your cock is so fucking hard. Oh, I love it. I love slamming down on it and feeling it so deep inside of me. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna fuck your cock. Urrh! Ohhrrr! Oh, oh shit, I'm gonna cum, babe! I'm gonna cummm! Oh, Oh, OH, OH, OHHH!"

She was riding me like a mad cowgirl, then she suddenly froze and pitched forward. Her mouth contorted in a silent scream as her eyes shut tight, then her hips resumed their frantic bucking and she gasped out in lust, desperately trying to quell her passion and not scream out at the top of her lungs. "OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH!! OHHHHHHHHH FUUUCCK.....!!!" she half-screamed, half-whispered. She came hard and squirted a couple splatters of girl juice which splashed out over the bedclothes and my body. Her face was a twisted depiction of tortured lust, as she fought to keep her volume low as her incredible climax shook her frame.

"Ohhhh, fuck, oh, fuck..." she sighed. She dismounted and shuddered. A bead of sweat dripped down her nose and fell to the sheets. "Mmmm, yeah, so good. So fuckin' horny. Came so good. You? Horny? Do you think you can cum again?"

"I don't know what the hell I can or can't to anymore, lover! But my cock is hard as concrete and it feels like my prostate is about the size of a pumpkin! I feel like I could fuck you into next week!"

"Well, no fucking right now! Too sensitive. Wayyy too. Whoo! Good cum! Ok, I've got to get that dick into my mouth. If there's a way to make you cum again I'm going to find it!"

In a flash she slid down my body and swallowed my rod in a single gulp. Instantly she was sucking hard and deep on it like some blowjob demon. Her hair flew around as she swirled and whipped her head, reminding me of what a committed, enthusiastic, experienced cocksucker could accomplish when she put her mind to it!

"Oh fuck, lover, that feels fantastic!" I gasped, surprised at the ferocity with which she was sucking me. My whole pelvis felt numb and sore, but her aggressive sucking rhythm had me moaning softly in pleasure and my dick throbbing for release. I was so horny, I was past reason, thought, or even speech. I groaned out wordlessly trying to reach for the back of her head, then seizing motionless, then collapsing back, then sitting bolt upright, moaning and gyrating helplessly while my little sister ravaged the surface of my penis.

She began squeezing and kneading my testicles. This was a common tactic for her when she was either trying to tease me mercilessly or bring me off. I prayed it was the latter. My whole body was wracked with over-stimulating sensation. I couldn't take any teasing. But I wasn't sure I was going to be able to cum either!

Her mouth was like a suction machine on my cock, she swallowed me to the back of her throat, withdrew, and gulped me back down again. She applied a super intense, vacuuming pressure on my cock, then released it and went back to her bobbing. She squeezed my testicles hard, backed her lips off so only the tip was in her mouth, and began stroking my shaft quickly with her right hand.

"Fuck!" I gasped. "Oh hell! What the... Oh god!" I was delirious. Karen once again applied her super-vacuum suction to the head of my dick and mashed her tongue up against my tip and pee-hole, rubbing and rasping it all over the point of my prick. Her hand was jack-rabbit quick, jerking my shaft up and down, trying to coax the sperm from out of my balls. I didn't think I had any left! I couldn't cum!!

I was writhing a moaning, in an agony of frustrated sexual frenzy. I tried to cum but it was too intense!! She was going to suck the head of my cock right off! I started bucking my hips, clenching my toes, arching my back, grasping at my hair, anything, anything to try to get off!!

Karen clenched my balls in a death-grip. She beat my shaft furiously. The visceral slug of pain caused by her maltreatment of my gonads wrested the breath from my lungs, but nothing would send me over the edge!

She sensed this and released my nuts, let my dick pop out of her mouth, and wormed up next to me so her mouth was at my ear. She continued rapidly flogging my shaft. "Come," she commanded me, rasping huskily directly into my ear canal. "Do it. Do it for Marisa. She wants your cum. You know she does. Give it to her. Blow your load for your daughter. Cum for Marisa." So saying she began milking my balls again and I felt it for sure this time. It built and built, rising higher in an upward spiral. I thought I could cum but it just kept building! Karen milked my nuts harder, squeezing and releasing, squeezing again, harder, harder, harder... And I shot!!!

A ribbon of clear, hot semen leapt into the air and streaked my shoulder, landing on the pillow behind me. Instantly Karen's mouth was around my dick, sucking aggressively, lapping the dribble of cum that I produced as she beat my shaft, gently massaging my aching balls. I pumped out a tiny bit more semen from my exhausted gonads as I nearly passed out from the exertion of my orgasm. I collapsed, a gasping, trembling heap. Karen licked my cock clean and zeroed in on the clear line of ejaculate that glistened on my shoulder. It resembled pre-cum more than jizz, but she lapped it up all the same.

Karen continued slowly pumping my shaft and massaging my aching orbs while staring down at my perspiration-soaked face and glassy eyes. I felt three-quarters dead, yet more alive than ever.

"Disappointed," smirked Karen. "Not much cum at all for me this time. Good distance, though!" she added with a giggle.

"Oh fuck," I breathed. "I thought I wasn't going to be able to cum there. Holy hell I am sore. Ouch, I've never felt this drained. That cum was almost too much. Shit!"

I lay there panting as she stroked my skin. "Well, I guess I can give you a bit of a break since that's four loads in one day. And the third one was huge. I had to share that one though."

We shared a laugh and she cuddled up next to me. "God, I love you, Karen," I said.

"I love you, too," she replied. "You better eat your wheaties tomorrow morning, though, I have a feeling you're going to need to pump out a lot of jizz. Let's get some sleep, ok?"

"That's a deal!" I exhaled. Within seconds, I'm sure I was unconscious.

...to be continued.

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