My Sister Works at The Dinger


Debbie had to tug me along as she noticed I was watching what was going on with Tim. She smiled and said, "Come on, Mikey. We can do better than that"

I followed her to a small couch and sat down. She sat on my leg and waited for the next song to begin. She placed her arm on my shoulder and was playing with my hair. I put my hand on her knee, but didn't move it. She looked at me and asked, "So, Mikey, you like your big sister?"

"Uh, y-yeah?" I was looking at her tits ready to bust out of her top and she lifted my chin with her fingers. "Is it ok if I dance for you like Allysin is dancing for your friend?"

"Ok." Was all I could say. My hardon had subsided while sitting at the table. Now with my sister sitting on my leg, playing with my hair, my hand on her knee starting to move up her thigh, and her perfume. That fuck-me perfume that was filling my nose. My cock was getting harder by the second. And she knew it.

"I think I can tell that you like your big sister." She moved her butt over a little nudging my cock. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I tried to shift a little to give my boner some room.

The song had ended and another was just starting up. Debbie stood up in front of me and started to move to the music. She grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled me to the edge of the couch. She then took her knees and began to work my hardon through my jeans. "Oh fuck," I said under my breath. Debbie reached up and unclasped her bustier but didn't let it fall. I could tell her tits were big and round. She teased me a little by slowly removing the bustier. When it was off I could see for the first time her magnificient tits. They were perfect. Just like ones I had lusted after for years online and in magazines.

She had never been pregnant, as far as I knew. No, I knew, those were not the tits of a mother. Those were the tits of an in shape 26 year old girl. Nice and round, no sag, and the nipples were just slightly on top pointing upwards. The area around her nipples was not too big, but her nipples themselves were the size of the end of my pinky finger. Holy shit, they were beautiful!

She turned around and started to remove her pink panties. She bent over and slowly inched them over her round, tan butt. I saw that she had on a G-string, I guess they all had to wear at least those. But they were the tiniest little bits of fabric, covering very little. Her ass was blowing my mind. When her panties got down below her ass and pussy, I could see that the G-string ran right over her little brown hole. I could see the pucker of my sisters asshole on either side of the string. The fabric started to widen to cover her pussy, but the fabric was so thin, I could see the outline or her pussy with no problem. Well, one problem... my cock was doing pushups in my pants.

I did my best to shift around to give my boner a little room. I wore the loosest pair of jeans I had and the boxers were also loose. I was able to get my cock to run down the left leg of my jeans.

My sister finished removing her panties and turned around to face me. I looked at her face, not sure if I should look right at her pussy. It was a little wierd at first. I looked at her tits and she started massaging them with her hands. Pinching her nipples and rubbing all over. I looked down at her snatch and even though there was the tiniest bit of fabric covering her pussy, I could that she was completely shaven. I was in awe. I could not fucking believe how lucky I was to have this completely gorgeous female right in front of me wearing very little, looking at me like she wants to fuck!

She moved to sit down on my lap with her legs on either side like Allysin and Tim. Then she looked down and saw that I had a raging hardon running down the length of my left leg. She looked at me and smiled a wicked smile and straddled that leg, sitting up near my knee just an inch away from my hard cock.

We weren't saying anything. No words. She put her hands behind my head, against the wall and lifted herself just a little. My sister looked down at my hardon and slowly moved her crotch down my leg. The sound of the loud rock music, the smell of her perfume and her gyrations on my leg getting ever closer to my raging hardon was almost too much. I feared that when my sister came in contact with my hardon, I would explode. And I didn't want to make a mess in my pants. I'd have this big wet spot on the leg of my jeans... how would that look?

She was getting close and so I put my hands on her waist and told her if she goes any further there was going to be a big mess to clean up. She looked up at me and giggled. She said, "But I'm just getting started!... Don't cum on me yet!... I'll tell you what, lemme go grab some extra napkins. I 'll be right back."

She jumped off me and trotted away to get some napkins. My mind was reeling. What was she going to do, get me off in this place? I thought, what the fuck, she knows what she's doing, right?

I got an idea to move my cock from the down position to the up position in case I did go off in my pants it would be in a place that I could hide. When I adjusted my cock to point up, the head stuck out of the top of my pants. That works.

Debbie got back and tucked the napkins in the seat cushion. She sat on my lap and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. She said, "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this. One minute I think it's wrong one, the next minute, I can't help myself.... it's almost like your not really my brother. You're so hot, I can't stop thinking about you this way. When I think of my little brother Mikey, I see a little boy, not this hunky young man."

I said, "I only remember bits and pieces of you before you left. I can't look at you and imagine you're my sister? I can't stop thinking about what happened the other day too, and you're so fucking beautiful."

"Thanks." "Well, we'll just have to do what feels right and be careful not to tell anyone. Ok?"

I looked at my sisters tits again. Her body language was so obvious. With the slightest change of attitude, her body immediately reacted. It was so sexy to see this.

She looked around like she was checking to see if anyone was spying. I guess the managers roam around looking for hanky panky. She looked back at me with a big smile and moved her hands to the opening of my jeans. When she saw that I had manuevered my hardon to point up, she gasped and let out a little squeek. She lightly rubbed the head that was poking out the top and carefully undid the top button of my jeans. The 501s I was wearing were pretty worn in and sometimes when you pull open one button, another pops open without even trying. This is what happened when Debbie pulled on the first button.

When the first couple of inches of my hard cock sprang free, my sister let out another little gasp and a squeek. She looked around again and saw no one. She pulled the rest of the buttons open with a yank and fell against my chest, pushing her tits right up under my chin. I let my hands roam over my sisters bare round ass while she slowly gyrated on my leg. Being very careful, she turned around with her ass towards me and began to rub it against my naked cock. I pulled away the flaps of my jeans to give my cock a little more room and allow my sister's ass free access to my raging hardon. I was in heaven.

I reached up and put my hands on her ass and rubbed and groped its soft warm flesh. I let my thumbs drift toward her little brown hole while she softly humped me. I wanted to plunge my thumb up my sisters asshole so bad. She knew this and turned around for a moment to say, "go ahead, it's ok to totally feel me up."

I sighed an "Ok," and started working my fingers around my sisters tight ass hole. I also let my other fingers work their way to the edge of the fabric barely covering her pussy. One finger worked underneath and found a very soft mound of hot moist flesh. She was bent over and looking at me between her spread legs. She moaned and asked, "Do you like that?"

I slowly moved my hands away as she started to get back to rubbing my naked penis with her soft butt. I was getting very close to cumming, I had to say something.

"Debbie, I...I think I...I'm gonna c..cum."

With that she spun around and straddled my lap. She looked around one more time to see the coast was clear. She ran her hands up under my shirt and rubbed my tight stomach and said to "Grab my breasts and squeeze them." She pulled the fabric of her little G-string to the side and pushed her hips forward so that her wet pussy was right up against my throbbing cock. She began moving up and down the length of my shaft. Her pussy was so wet it felt so smooth and hot against my boner. That was it, I arched my back and groaned, "Oh... that feel sooo goood."

My sister quickly reached down with both hands to grab my naked penis. She had worked up a mouthful of spit and let it drop out of her mouth and onto my cock. I saw that and said, "Oh fuck, Debbie. Oh my god." As soon as my sister worked that spit along the shaft of my cock, it lurched and jerked in her hands right before it released a large streaming glob of cum that landed on her left shoulder. She jumped in reaction, but kept going. She kept pumping my extremely hard cock as it let fly another glob of cum, this time landing on her right tit. "Oh shit, Debbie, oh my god..." My fingers caught some of my cum and I rubbed it into my sister's nipple.

"Oh Mikey... your cock is so pretty. I love your cock."

I looked at my sister and she was staring at me with her mouth open, licking her lips. She kept pumping my cock. "Come on, Mikey, keep cumming." Another load of cum shot straight up and landed back down on her pumping hands and my cock. This only added to the lube that her spit provided. She started giggling. That only made me cum more. "Oh please keep pumping me. It feels so good."

She giggled some more and said, "Oh Mikey, you have a wonderful cock. I love to watch it cum."

I was nearly spent when Debbie looked around real fast, then dropped to the floor and threw her hair around my crotch so she couldn't be seen and took my cock in her mouth. It was the last part of my orgasm and I still had some cum to shoot. I could feel her tongue running along the underside of my rigid cock. The last of my cum was sucked by the mouth of my beautiful sister. She licked it clean.

She sat back up in my lap and helped me clean up and button my pants.

After a while we got up to leave. My sister went to freshen up and I headed back to the booth.

When I got back, the guys were asking me how it went, and what happened. I didn't give them any details but said it was awesome! Tim was just walking up and sat down. He said he was in love and couldn't get over how much fun that was. He also said Allysin was coming over here after she gets back from the bathroom and wanted to know if I would like a dance from her.

"Wow, really? She said that?... Hell yes I want a dance from her."

I saw Allysin come out of the dressing room. She looked over at me and had this sexy smile on her face. Something about the way she looked and smiled at me made me think she knew something I didn't. She walked towards the bar and gave me this same look a couple more times on her way over there. I was starting to feel a boner coming on. She was so fucking hot!

Then I saw my sister come out of the dressing room and head over to the bar next to Allysin. They both ordered a drink and were talking and giggling. They both looked over at our table and giggled. They were looking at me and giggling. What the fuck? I didn't know what was going on, but I had my suspisions. Did Debbie tell Allysin that she was my sister? Or, what? They were in on something.

Finally Allysin came over and sat next to me. She put her hand under the table and I could feel it on my leg. She was asking everyone at the table their names and what we did while she was working her hand ever closer to my growing erection. By the time her hand was on my cock, it was halfway hard and growing. I couldn't take my eyes off her and she looked up with those sexy brown eyes and red lips and smiled while she had me in her hand. Wow, I was in love. She looked like Eva Longoria, that little vixen on Desperate Housewives. Her silky brown hair framing that foxy face was killing me.

She asked me if I wanted a private dance, and I said yes. Luckily we weren't far from the door to the private area, and I was able to get up from the booth and walk behind her without anyone seeing that I had a massive boner in my pants. I guess it didn't really matter. Everyone was here to get a rod. It was just a new thing for me to have an obvious erection in public.

We went to the little couch that my sister and I were at an hour ago and sat down. Allysin is petite, about 5'2" and probably weighs only 95 pounds. She wasn't skinny, but just right for me. She had nice little tits. Perfect shape and no sag. Her little butt was what drove me crazy. She had the most round little bubble butt I had ever seen. When she sat on my lap I took a quick feel of her ass. Holy shit, it was firm and smooth. My dick was really getting fat. Her leg came in direct contact with my ever growing cock and she giggled, "You're a big boy, aren't you?" She looked down at my boner and dragged her fingernail along it's length.

I let out a soft, low moan, "Oooohhh." I looked back up at her and she was looking at me with her sexy smile while her fingernail stroked back the other way. Fuck! she was sexy!

The song ended and she got ready to start her dance. She stood up and I slid down in my seat, and she started doing the same thing my sister did with her knees. She was using her knees to do a little massage on my cock while she was taking off her top. I watched her remove her thin top that really didn't cover her tits. I could see right through it. She also had this cute little belly ring. She had it all.

Allysin was doing pretty much the same thing my sister did, except one thing. She would throw her right leg up on the back of the couch and move in to put her pussy right in front of my face. The second time she did this I could smell her pussy. She was wet. I could see the fabric was soaked from her juices. Her hands were moving around her body rubbing, pinching and squeezing. When her hands reached her pussy, she rubbed it throught the G-string. Then she slowly hooked a finger inside the edge and pulled it over and away from her beautiful little pussy. She was completely shaven. Her pretty brown pussy had no hair. I could see her pussy lips were swollen and wet. She laid a finger on her clit and slowly teased it. I saw the inside of her pussy was bright pink while the outside was toasty brown.

Allysin looked around like Debbie did to see if the coast was clear. Then she asked me, "Wanna have a taste?" I didn't say anything, I just moved my face closer to her pussy and she moved her body forward until my tongue touched her clit. She let out a little sigh, "Aaaahhh." and I ran my tongue down the length of her slit and buried it in her pussy. Then I ran it back up while trying to keep it buried as far as it would go. My tongue is pretty long and pointy so I had no problem sticking at least two inches up her wet hole. She groaned, "Oh Mike, that feels good." She looked around again and let me take one more dive at her pussy. Then she got down and put her butt in my face. Her scent was strong and musky. It was giving me the biggest boner!

While she was sticking her butt in my face she was using my knees to lean on. She ran her hand down my leg and grabbed my hard cock and squeezed and rubbed. The song ended and she gave me a little peck on the lips before we headed back to the booth.

When I was walking back to the booth, Debbie and one of my buddies were walking back into the private area. She winked and gave me a little air kiss. When I got back to the booth, Tim had a sexy girl on his lap.

We partied some more and did a few more dances with girls - nothing like the ones I got from Allysin and my sister - when we were ready to say goodbye, Debbie whispered in my ear, "Call me, Mikey. Come over to my apartment and we'll party." I loved it when she called me Mikey. Nobody calls me that anymore. She must have called me that when I was a boy. I don't remember.

Next week was graduation and I started looking for a job. My Mom wanted me to enroll in college, but I still wasn't sure where I wanted to go. Dad didn't give a shit as long as I got a job and went out on my own.

The weekend was coming up and so I decided to call Debbie. She said she had to work this weekend but was off tomorrow night. She wanted me to come over and meet her roommate. She was going to get some beer and weed and make a party out of it. She asked me to come alone, though. I was going to ask Tim if he wanted to go, but oh well. Maybe she had already invited too many people.

The next day, I decided to wear something a little less confining. I had a feeling things might get interesting, so I put on a pair of thin workout shorts, with no underwear, and a loose button down shirt. On the way over I had to fight down a serious boner just thinking about last week at the Dinger and how tonight might turn out. The shorts I was wearing did little to conceal my dick when it got hard. I had to pull down my shorts to keep my cock from poking out the bottom.

When I got to Debbie's apartment. I knocked on the door. When it opened, there stood Allysin! This was my sister's roommate? Holy shit, I was mentally pinching myself in jubilation at what outrageous luck I had. I had such a crush on her. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. She was wearing little hotpant/shorts like the ones at Hooters, and a loose, short pullover with little buttons near the top. She didn't have a bra on, and I could see her nipples poking hard through her shirt. Her ass looked so round and tight in those shorts as I followed her inside.

Allysin invited me in and showed me to the living room. "Debbie's still getting ready. She'll be out in a minute. Wanna beer?" "OK"

She came back with two beers and told me to sit down. I went for one of the chairs, and she said, "No silly, sit over her on the sofa with me." As I did, I could feel the stirrings of a hardon coming on just hearing her say that. She was so sexy, it made my head spin.

I sat down in the middle of the couch and she plopped down on her knees right next to me. Her bare leg was touching mine. The feel of her soft skin on my hairy leg sent shivers up my spine. My cock was starting to do what I could not control. My shorts tented just slightly where my cock was growing.

I saw her look down at my shorts and she said, "Wow Mikey, you sure are an excitable boy aren't you?" She called me Mikey! Debbie must have told her to do that.

My heart was beating like a big bass drum. My mouth was dry so I took a sip of beer. My hands were shaky, and while bringing the can to my lips, I spilt some down the front of my shirt.

"Silly, look what you're doing." Allysin sat up a little, facing me with her feet hanging backwards over the edge of the seat cushion. She pinched my shirt with her fingers and waved it in and out real fast like she was trying to dry it out. When she did this, her hand knocked the beer I was holding and a bunch more landed on my chest, soaking the front of my shirt.

"Mikeyyy.... Now look. Put your beer down and let's take off that shirt." She had me in total control. I was putty. I set my beer down and she reached for the hem of my shirt. I leaned forward and she managed to slip my shirt off and over my head. She used my shirt to wipe up the beer that lingered on my chest and quickly tossed it across the room.

She was still in the same position - sitting on her knees to my side, facing me. She moved her hand to my chest and rubbed it around saying, "You've still got a little beer on your chest, Mikey?... but it's not too bad." I didn't have a lot of hair on my chest. It was spread all over, but just not very thick. Nevertheless, Allysin started running her hands through what hair I had, and rubbing my pecs while cocking her head from side to side. "You have a nice chest Mikey." I couldn't say anything. My boner was growing ever bigger and I was afraid it was going to poke out the bottom too soon.

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