tagBDSMMy Slave Girl

My Slave Girl


You enter the room, and the lights are off. It's pitch black inside although the light from the hall behind you casts a few shadows within.

"Master!" you call out.

"Come in slave" You hear my voice.

"Master I cant see..." You begin...

"COME IN!" My voice is firm and loud, and startles you some, but also makes your heart skip a beat.

You enter the room and close the door behind you, you are now blind. You hear footsteps approach you, your breathing quickens in anticipation. Suddenly you feel a pair of hands on your shoulders...

"Whose bitch are you?" You hear my voice...

"Yours Master"

"Whose slave are you?"

"Yours Master"

"Who do you want to please?"

"You Master"

"Good!" With that you feel the the hands tighten on your shoulders and the dress is ripped off your body, you let out a small scream in suprise.

You feel a stinging as a hand slaps your face and then hear my voice. "Bitch shut up!"

You are now in your underwear alone.

"Whose bitch are you?" You can hear that I'm circling you but you wonder how I can see you in this total darkness...

"Yours Master"

"Whose slave are you?"

"Yours Master"

"Who do you want to please?"

"You Master"

"Good!" With that you feel the cold metal of a knife thrust under your bra strap and slice it away, the bra falls away into the dark, the knife repeats the action and slices away your panties, which are already damp with anticipation. They fall to the ground and you stand there naked.

The room is silent.. All you can hear is the pounding of your own heart.

"Assume the position!" You respond to my voice

immediately, and stand with your legs apart and place your hands together behind your back...

You feel a hand between your legs... Touching your pussy, you're suprised at how wet you are.... The fingers tease your clit... You feel your cunt twitching.... You sense that the person has kneeled before you and you feel a mouth on your smooth shaved pussy, licking biting and sucking upon you...

"Master!" You moan. Once again the smarting pain this time across your ass, "Shut up bitch" This causes your pussy to twitch so hard you think you'll snap in two. The hands of the person run up and down your thighs, you feel orgasm approaching.

"Permission to cum, Master!" You begin.

"Denied" My voice is firm, and you know you must hold it...

The mouth expertly licks and sucks on you, you do your best to fight the need to cum, suddenly another pair of hands are on your ass, they pull your cheeks apart and you feel a face rammed in between them and a tongue licking and probing at your ass hole...

The sensation is too much... You cum immediately... A hard wrenching orgasm... Your knees buckle and you fall to the floor....

The room goes silent, as the orgasm traces thru your body...

"I'm sorry Master!! I couldn't help it!" You


"You'll regret that you little slut" You hear me

bark. Suddenly you feel a hand grab your hair and

wrench you to your feet, and you're pulled along.

Next you feel yourself lifted up and thrown thru the air to land face down on a large soft bed.

Deep within you wonder how your Master can see what he's doing in the pitch darkness.

"Dont move bitch!" You hear my voice, the firmness of the command makes your already soaking pussy just a little bit wetter.

"I told you not to cum, didnt I bitch?"

"Yes Master!"

"But the horny little fuck slut you are, you had to cum, didnt you bitch!"

"Yes Master, forgive me Master!" You're voice is

filled with a sincere apology, but deep down you know what is coming next, this makes your body begin to tremble with anticipation.

You hear a whistle in the air and then a sharp

searing, but exquisite pain across your ass. You let out a sharp gasp as the whip strikes again, and again.

A hand is shoved between your legs and fingers probe your pussy.

"Look at you you little whore, you just love to be

used and abused dont you?"

"yes Master, anything for You Master"

"Okay, then love this bitch!" You feel a weight on the bed then realise that someone is straddling you from behind, suddenly you feel a sharp pain and a cock is shoved into your tight ass. Quickly the pain vanishs and pleasure replaces it, sweeping thru your body

You begin to feel an orgasm approaching as you realise that theres a hand playing with your pussy, rubbing on your swollen clit as your Masters cock reams your ass, this continues until it finally overtakes you and your body quivers with delight once more.

The cock continues to pound away at your ass, suddenly you feel your hair pulled hard and your face, once buried in the bed is pulled hard backwards.

"Show me what a good bitch you are!" You hear me

rumble from behind, suddenly you face is pushed back down and into a hot wet pussy. Its shaved, and smoothed and stinking of sex. The aroma makes you heady and charges your body to the point of cumming again.

"Eat it slut!"

You begin to lick and suck on the pussy before you, biting and licking at the clit. You lick down her dripping crack to her ass and you push your tongue as far inside as you can. You hear a woman moaning.

"Thats is bitch, make her cum!" My words goad you on, making you get hornier, and the fact my cock is still sliding in and out of your tight ass makes your head swirl... You mouth does its work, tonguing her ass, licking her smooth pussy, sucking on her swolen clit, until finally she cums heavily in your face. You feel the thick cum oozing out of her and begin to lap it up


"Shes a good bitch!" You hear the woman say. You

smile at the compliment and place a wet kiss on her pussy as a thank you just before she moves away. You feel your Master pounding faster and faster realising that hes about to cum, your ass squeezes hungrily, awaiting the hot load.

Suddenly the cock is whipped out of your ass, and you feel movement quickly around the bed and the cock is shoved into your waiting mouth. Hot cum fills your mouth squirting down the back of your throat. "Yes bitch, swallow it all, suck it clean, suck it dry slut!"

You suck and lick and swallow quickly, obeying your Masters every word. The cocktail of juices taste sweet in your mouth, swelling your senses to bursting point. The cock remains hard in your mouth, as you suck the last of the cum from it.

"Good girl!" The praise of your Master makes you

smile broadly, as cum and other juices trickle down your chin.

Your Master moves you, and lays underneath.

"Get on!" The order is short and sharp and you obey, straddling me, sliding my cock into your waiting pussy. This is the feeling that you were waiting for, having me, your Master inside your pussy. This is the reward you needed.

"Ride me bitch!" You feel my hand across your ass, as I slap you, and you begin to ride me, up and down, my cock sliding in and out of your soaking pussy. You ride hard, friction making your already sensitive clit twinge in delight. "Harder!" I command, slapping your

red ass hard. You obey and ride my cock even harder, and once more feel an orgasm welling up within.

In the midst of the pleasure you realise that someone is now behind you, and you feel a cock being pressed between your cheeks. Quickly the other cock is within your asshole, fucking your ass in opposite rhythm to my cock in your pussy. As my cock slid in, the other cock slid out, and vice versa. Then they join in rhythm, both in, both out.

You are in heaven you believe, the sensation is

incredible. Two cocks fucking you, and the cum of

your master in your mouth.

"Dont cum yet bitch!" The words came too late, as you climax. You scream loudly in delight as your lower half is pounded, and you body jerks and shakes as the hardest orgasm yet fills you.

The two cocks are removed straight away and you are thrown on your back, still twitching.

"Told you not to cum, didnt I fuckslut!?" You are too breathless to even respond as your pussy throbs almost painfully.

Suddenly you hear the whistle of the whip and you feel a pleasure/pain on your clit. Then again, and again!

"Sorry Master, forgive me please!" You beg.

"Open your mouth bitch!" You do and two cock heads are forced in your mouth, just as you feel another lash to your pussy and clit. The pleasure/pain barrier is blurred, you know you're feeling alot of pain, but the pleasure is equivalent if not greater.

Then your mouth is filled with cum, as both cocks

shoot their load into you mouth, filling it and making it overflow. You swallow and gag on the hot liquid.

You feel it trickling down your cheek, tasting the

slight differences between both cocks, the juice from your pussy and the juice from your ass.

You suck both cocks dry, until they are removed from your mouth.

Movement on the bed once again as you realise bodies are leaving it. You lay there and feel a body remain there next to you, warm and firm, you instantly recognise me. I place my arms around you and kiss you gently...

"That was very good, slave. Your Master is truly

pleased with you!"

You feel stinging on your ass cheeks, and a tenderness in your pussy, but never before have you felt so pleasured, so alive and so happy.

You see the door open and light from outside flood in blinding you for a second. You barely make out 2 outlines leaving the room, one large one smaller, the door closes and darkness once again surrounds you.

But you feel the arms of your Master around you, you feel safe and warm!

Once again I kiss you.

"Very Good Slave. Sleep now!"

You drift off, sleep claims you as its own!

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