tagIncest/TabooMy Son, My Master Ch. 02

My Son, My Master Ch. 02


I collapsed in the chair, kicked off my heels and drew in a deep breath. What a week! It was the weekend and I had no plans but to rest and relax before starting the same old grind the next week. My feet throbbed and I lifted one to caress the sole. A throaty moan escaped my lips. I was really looking forward to this weekend.

As I climbed the steps to my bedroom I passed the bathroom. How could I ever forget what had happened in there. Instantly my body began to throb and ache. I could feel the crotch of my panty hose getting wet. With a start I turned and moved quickly to the bedroom. Leaving the door ajar I began to undress. How long had it been since that afternoon in the bathroom when I had given myself to my son? Just a matter of two weeks, though it seemed like forever. Nothing had been the same since then. I tried to resist Him but I simply was not possible. The way He looked at me with those dark piercing eyes seemed to wipe away any resistance. A heated, blush creeped up my throat. How many nights had I crawled into His bedroom and begged Him to fuck me? Was it every night? He would laugh at me and make me beg harder before finally pounding my wet pussy good and hard and filling it with His cum. I simply could not resist.

A cool spring breeze wafted through the open window as I tugged a tank top over my head and fastened my shorts. It would be another weekend alone. Master, my Son, was going camping with his friends. He had teased me all week about taking me with and letting His friends use me at will. Surely He would not do that. Many would not understand this strange yet fulfilling relationship between Mother and son, Master and slave.

The evening had been pleasant. I had enjoyed the quietness of the evening and just vegged out in front of the TV. As it grew later I wound my way up the staircase to my room for the night. It was so hot, I left the window open and peeled off my clothes. It would be nice to be alone and not worry about being walked in while I slept naked. Master had made it clear that He wished me to be naked for Him always but it wasn’t always so easy with a house full of others.

I stretched out on the bed. the breeze tickled my heated flesh. Drawing in a deep breath making my breasts lift and fall. This was absolute heaven. My eyes heavy with need of sleep I soon drifted off.

It was so hot, so hot, my body felt like there were many pairs of hands on it. Hands everywhere and couldn’t help but moan. There were fingers pinching my nipples. There were fingers in my cunt, on my clit as well as teasing my asshole. A wet heat tingled against my neck and lips. I could feel hot lips on my neck. My eyes fluttered open. I’m not dreaming was my first thought. The room was lit brightly and around me were four boys/men, laughing and drinking. I struggled to sit up. Protesting, glancing wildly around the room, seeing the clock read 2:30am. What was going on here? Just then my son, Master walked into the room. He had a huge grin on his face that always seemed to melt me into totally yielding to his presence

He leaned over me and His lips claimed mine almost brutally. Pulling away, he left me mewling and whimpering.

" Morning Mommy slut. The party has come to you" His large hand trailed over the mound of one breast until his fingers plucked at the rose hued nipple until I cried out in pain. His voice now low and deep, he spoke for my ears only. "You will please my friends well cunt and perhaps then I will allow you to serve me."

I was in shock. He was giving me to his friends. Boys who I had seen grow into such strong men. This couldn’t be happening! I felt myself being roughly shoved to my back and my legs drawn open. Oh my God, my pussy was so open for all of them to see. I burned with shame. I was wet and they could see it and smell my arousal. To make matters worse I was responding to them like a hungry pack of wolves. I could not protest. I had to please Master but these were boys, and they were going to fuck me, and oh God, I wanted it, badly.

Two of the boys pulled at my ankles yanking my legs open wider. Another was sucking on my tits, his teeth plucking and pulling roughly on my nipples. He left a wet slobbery trail between the two as he alternated. Turning just a bit I could see His hand stroking the bulge of His cock. I cried out as he bit down on my left nipple. God it hurt. Forcing myself to speak I cooed. "Gently please, that is it. Suck and nibble at first then tug." Arching my back and tangling my fingers in his hair I moaned as the liquid fire began racing through my body to pool at my open wet pussy..

My attention was abruptly drawn to the one of other three boys just as the swollen head of cock pushed against my hairy cunt lips. The thrust opened them wide, as he missed pushing into my pelvic bone before the head slid down and shot into the tight canal of my fuck hole. I would of never guessed He would be so big. I moaned and lifted my hips. The two boys holding my legs pulled and urged the other on "Oh yeah man fuck her, fuck her good and hurry I’ m hurting, I’ m so hard" one said. The one fucking my cunt plunged in harder and faster. The pleasure and anguish on his face clear to me it would not take Him long to shoot His load. I felt my body responding to this. How could it? I was older and the 'mother'. I turned my head and looked at my son, my master. He leaned against the wall., his powerful arms crossed, a smile of satisfaction spread across his face, but something else. Was that pride I beheld shining in his eyes? His eyes met mine and he nodded then slid one hand to stroke the bulge in his own jeans.

Beginning in the back of my mind a thought quickly came to the forefront. I needed to please Him. Just then it was if the limits were sky high. My body began to writhe impaled on the cock. He wanted to see me fuck his friends. He wanted me to serve them properly like a good little slave girl. The teeth and lips tugged and ripped at my nipples causing me great pain yet I did not care. I needed to fuck these boys like they had never been fucked and make master proud that I was his. My cunt milked at the meat as it shoved in faster and harder. I heard the boy cry out as a rush of heated cum flowed into my cunt. He collapsed on me and I heard Him growl. "God You are hot bitch for a mom".

Laughing he pulled his wet cock out of my drenched pussy and almost before I could savor the sensation of his cum gushing from my pussy another moved in to take his place. I could see the one laughing and talking to master but all I cared about now was this new meat ripping into my slick pussy. Plowing deep, his cock was not as long but definitely thicker. It felt like the walls of my cunt were being ripped open with each plunging thrust. My pussy slurped and suckled around His meat as his balls slapping into my ass. I was fucking him like a wild bitch in heat now. I begged for him to rape me, use me. The one sucking my tits had now figured out what my mouth was for and straddled my chest. My body rocking beneath the thrust of the cock in my pussy as my lips now stretched around this new cock. He tasted of salt and urine. His fingers were in my hair tugging my face deeper to him to shove more his cock down my moaning throat. His youthful enthusiasm showed as he shoved wildly, bucking and ramming his cock down my throat. I held my lips tight around the veined meat until He blew his load of cum down the tight canal. I sucked hard and swallowed every drop of his cum. He too, laughing, went to my Master, my son and spoke.

I could hardly focus now for the rapture my body was in. My pussy was beginning to twitch. I knew I was nearing an orgasm but I did not have permission. The cock ravaging my fuck hole was now swelling and I knew that soon the second cock would shoot into my already dripping pussy. The young boy growled and rooting above my body, slamming my hips upward I met the final thrust as the stream of jism erupted into my pussy. I ached now, needing to release. I glanced furiously around but I couldn’t see master. What if I couldn’t hold it back? There were still two more to fuck me.

My body now was roughly turned over and my hips drawn up to put me on hands and knees. The double shot of cum from the other two boys dripped and oozed from my cunt to drip on my coverlet. I cried out loudly. In this position I surely would not be able to not release. "Master" I cried out. My ears strained to hear his familiar voice, but all I heard only the other boys laughing as they moved me into position. I felt the weight of one as they moved up onto the bed and hissed at me like I was some kind of animal. “Suck it bitch.” As he leaned against the headboard, his cock, jutting out like a sword ready to be polished my eyes closed slightly as I leaned forward. He looked at me as I lowered my lashes, snaking out my tongue to lap over the bulbous head. He tasted good and I found I was hungry for yet more come. God I truly was a slut. Sliding my lips down his shaft he moaned and he slowly began to find a rhythm to fuck my mouth. I felt at the same time rough hands pulling wide my ass checks. Oh my god. These boys were seeing my puckered hole. Wincing as they pulled my cheeks wider. It hurt yet I continued to focus on the cock sliding down my throat. Fingers, It felt like so many were digging into my pussy and ass hole now. I was rocking in motion into the touch then sucking the dick that was sliding deliciously down my eager throat. Moaning hotly now around the cock fucking my throat, I heard him. Was it is His cock sliding into my fuck hole? I reached up and tenderly fondled the balls belonging to the boy upon whose cock I fed. My mind reeled as I tried to decide if this meat shoving deep into my well fucked pussy was familiar. It pushed deep meeting no resistance as I opened my pussy to take the thick hard cock. I felt a loss as it fully entered my canal. It was long and not so thick. Not My master’s but the last of the boys who hadn’t yet had my pussy or mouth. But I k new Master was close.

The cock in my mouth started fucking hard and deep as he drew closer to shooting his wad. I found myself amazed at how the youthful expressions of young men seemed to turn me on more. I loved to see their pleasure. The cock sliding in and out of my pussy now found its own pace and stroking me into a wild frenzy. I began to softly sob, my cunt clenching around the pounding meat. Where was He? Couldn’t He tell I was suffering? All I could think of was my need to cum around this dick when his face fell into my view and he spoke only two words "No Bitch!"

How I hated him right now. The cock in my mouth began to piss a river of cum down my throat. He shoved it deep into my throat, forcing myself to swallow and I rocked hard into this cock up my slit, every nerve of my body tense and ready to scream in need. Again I felt the familiar swelling of the cock just before it gushed more semen into my pussy. I could feel my cunt spasm as it milked his cock, sucking balls dry as I collapsed on the bed as they seemed to forget about me now.

I could not move, my body still tense and trembling on my bed. I could hear sounds around me but nothing clear. Were they done with me? Surely master would not leave me like this but then again He might, because he could. My body was still on fire, screaming to find release. I knew I mewled pathetically but I didnt care. I was nothing at that moment but a fuck vessel. Nothing more than life support for a pussy. I needed cock. I heard myself beg. "Pleaaaase Master , Pleaaaaase I need You"

The room went dark. Someone had turned off the lights. I could hear movement behind me. "Master?" I asked searchingly. Nothing. There was weight on the bed and movement. Strong hands slid over my ass cheeks, and squeezed the fleshy meat, opening the crack of my ass wide. Something wet and solid slid up it. Was it a tongue? Ohhh it felt good and I moaned louder. My body shuddered. All I could do was whisper. “Please.” There was laughter. It was him. I felt heated breath whisper against my ear. "Now, Mommy bitch, I am going to fuck you good. You pleased me well."

His strong hands pulled my ass upwards. I felt the head of His dick poke against my wet cunt lips. The hair dripping of the previous loads of cum shot into it. I felt shame that master, my son, was seeing my cunt so well used. That was a short lived thought as I began to feel every ridge and vein of this cock I was coming to know so well slide in deep. He was so big, I tried to remember if his father was ever as big but I knew that he didn’t compare to my son’s big fat cock. His cock ripped into me so deep I felt as if it were going to enter into my cervix. I hissed with sheer pleasure as my cunt clenched and griped his meat hungrily. It would be so easy to bear down and shoot hot come all over his dick, yet I didn’t. I didn’t dare incur his wrath of not having permission.

My fuzzy brain suddenly realized that Masters cock had pulled out of me. I protested, waggling my ass like a bitch in heat. Again, begging this boy/Man, son, master. "Please please Master fuck me please"

With relief I felt his weight again on the bed and the tip of his pulsating cock brush against my cunt. With sudden shock I realized he was going to rape my ass. He had never done that before. I knew his meat was well lubed with the other juices from my cunt. I felt the head push against the tight ring of this nasty virgin hole. It hurt and I cried out. Struggling to pull my ass away, his powerful grasp on my hips held me fast. A white hot blinding pain burst through me as suddenly the thick head popped through the ring. Raw pain burning from my ass seemed to flood through my body. This couldn’t be happening. It hurt too much. I begged Him to stop. Desperate I used my 'Mother tone". “Stop it now!” I screamed. That only got me a swift stinging slap to my ass and laughter from my son. Who, I realized was no longer my son and me his mother, but I was what I had become slave to my master. His dick pushed hard and deep. I was sure my ass was going to rip into a million pieces. There was so much pain. With one final deep thrust He was completely buried in my nasty sheath.

I head Him groan in pleasure. " God bitch, you have a nice fuckable ass" His cock slowly began to withdraw and this time mingled with pain was pleasure unlike anything I had ever experienced. I found myself rocking back to meet the next deep slow assault. The muscles of my ass still spasming and contracting over his veined meat. His motion beginning to quicken as he let the pleasure of fucking mommy slut’s asshole, take over. My cries loud and heated, I could feel His hairy balls slapping against my pussy. I wanted that come badly. I panted loudly, "Oh fuck yes. Fuck mommy’s nasty ass master. Fuck it good. Harder… harder, feed it your precious come. That’s a good boy. FUCK yes.. I screamed as I let loose unable to hold back. As I pushed down my ass swallowed His dick deeper. I shattered as I found my release just as master’s gifted come filled my ass.

After what seemed like forever I felt Him pull out his cock. The lights went on and around me I could see His friends watching. I was shamed but I did not care I realized. My master had used me, found pleasure in my body and that was all that mattered.

I do not know when I finally found permanent slumber. Through the rest of the night my body was used as a pleasure vessel for master and his friends. My body covered in sprays of cum, piss and beer, sticky and sore. Cum oozed from almost all orifices of my slutty body. I had drifted off to sleep and been awakened twice that I could remember. The last thing I remember before falling off to sleep as the sun began to rise was master, my son telling me how proud he was of his cum slut. His lips found mine and I fed from His eagerly. Right or wrong, it had to be right to be so complete.

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