tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Stripping Wife Pt. 02

My Stripping Wife Pt. 02


I thought the story would be better told by my wife Karen, with me as her editor, so this story is from her point of view.

Ever since I discovered a fondness for exhibitionism, my husband Mark has been encouraging me to show off my body and we've had plenty of crazy times together as a result; with other people sometimes getting involved.

We've often played the role of the stripper for each other and sometimes I've even showed him off to my friends. For some reason we'd never been to a strip club before.

During that first visit as soon as I saw a stripper onstage, with men drooling to be with her, I knew I had to go through with this. What better way than to appear at an amateur night? Nobody would expect me to have the same kind of moves as a professional and hey, it's only one night.

Some of the regular dancers gave me an idea of what it was like and I did plenty of practicing with my husband in the weeks leading up to the big night.

A few days before the event Mark showed me a promotional flier the strip club owner sent out. In big, printed letters it read "Amateur Night" and "Someone you know could be onstage!" Someone had taken a pen, crossed out the word "could" and wrote "will," so it read "someone you know will be onstage."

I asked Mark if he knew how many of these were sent out and who received them.

"I may have sent them to some people, or put them on their cars," he replied with a smile. "Some people you know."

He wouldn't say who they were sent to and he had no idea if they would show up.

"You can always back out if you want," Mark said. "I figured this would be more fun than a bunch of strangers. With the stage lights on you'll probably have no idea who is even there."

I've been on a stage before and he was right. Other than the seats right by the stage I'd probably have no idea who was there. This made me nervous, though also intrigued.

I decided to wear my sexy schoolgirl costume. Kind of obvious, I know, but Mark loves it and I figured it would be a hit with the crowd. Besides, I often wear this when I perform for him at home.

I wore my regular clothes to the club and we got there fairly early. The manager had some forms for me to fill out and he said drinks were on the house, but warned us not to overdo it. I knocked back one of them right away.

There were a half-dozen other women competing. Some of them looked more nervous than I was. As I'm in my early 30s, I thought I might be the oldest, but there was a dark-haired woman who was about the same age as me. The others looked barely 21.

We drew lots and I was thankful that I would go last. The dark-haired woman changed into a nurse's costume. The others seemed to have brought the sluttiest clothing they had, though altered so they could tear the fabric away.

One girl said showing up tonight was her boyfriend's idea. Another said she lost a bet with a friend of hers. One of them said it was a birthday present for her fiancé.

A waitress brought me a note from Mark. "You've got some friends in the house. OK to back out, if you want. It's up to you."

Sure, he would support me either way but I felt like he was almost goading me to perform.

I borrowed a wig from one of the strippers, donned an extra dress she had and made a quick survey of the club. I breezed past them and no one seemed to notice me as they were busy talking and drinking.

There were two of our neighbors from down the street, both men. Each of them married. I could live with that. I bet they wouldn't be able to tell their wives about this.

Then I saw them—five guys I worked with. Four of them were younger than me, though one was a senior executive. I know one of them likes to attend strip clubs, but was he here because of the flier? Butterflies filled my stomach. Could I really strip myself naked in front of them and parade around onstage?

One of them had a girlfriend and two of them were married. I figured that ought to keep them from talking to other people about this and besides, I could always retaliate.

I went backstage and told Angel, the stripper I'd met before, who was organizing things and helping the performers. She offered to help fix the wig to my head as a disguise.

I thought it over and decided, no. I was going through with this. Wearing a disguise would be like chickening out, as if there was something wrong with this. Besides, if one of them saw through the disguise I'd really be embarrassed. I was going out there with nothing to hide.

There was a camera set up and we could watch the others perform from backstage. The manager reminded the audience that this was amateur night and the dancers were not to be touched. He encouraged the crowd to offer a loud cheer over and over again until the volume was piercing and they seemed fired up.

The first dancer seemed rather nervous and a little tipsy as she fumbled with the string on her halter top, though the crowd shouted encouragingly to her.

When my turn finally arrived I stepped out onto the stage as the manager called my stage name.

"Let's hear it for 'Jasmine' everybody, a big round of applause," the manager announced.

The crowd roared. I knew my husband Mark was out there, near the stage, though with the darkness of the room and the lights on the stage I couldn't see him.

The music began and I strutted my way down the stage as the crowd cheered. I flipped up the back of my skirt and bent over as the crowd cheered again at the sight of my barely-covered ass. I flipped my pigtails around and untied my shirt. I tossed it to the crowd and could barely make out the silhouette of hands reaching for it.

I danced around, shaking my bra-clad tits. I made my way up and down the stage, gyrating as I went, making sure everyone got a good look at my breasts, nearly visible through the sheer fabric.

My nipples were rock hard. I turned to where I knew my neighbors were and shook my breasts in their direction. I did the same in the direction of my coworkers. They probably recognized me by now and I wished I could see their reactions.

The skirt went next and I again tossed it to the crowd. I hadn't planned on doing this with my costume, but it seemed even more erotic to be throwing my clothes away in front of all these men.

I was down to nothing but my bra and a tiny g-string, with my bare ass exposed. I strutted up and down the runway, letting my ass and breasts jiggle as I walked and the men whistled and cheered.

I leaned over the crowd a bit and pulled down my bra to reveal my nipples as I licked my lips. I ran my hands up and down my body, then moved to another part of the stage and did the same. I danced my way to the very end of the stage, undid my bra and held it in place as the crowd's excitement grew.

It was a thrill to know my husband was out there, getting turned on at the sight of me showing off and seeing the crowd's reaction. As much as I enjoyed showing off for the crowd, it was even more exciting to know that some of them actually knew me. I imagined them getting all hard and horny as they watched me perform.

I tuned slowly around as I shook my breasts for the crowd, while still holding my bra in place. I let the bra slip farther down my chest until I tossed it aside and stood there, motionless, letting them all get a good look at me.

The crowd cheered, which encouraged me even more. They were totally under my control. I bent over and dangled my breasts over the heads of the guys closest to the stage.

I did this again while facing my coworkers and shook my breasts in their direction—first with my hands, then I leaned back, gyrated my shoulders and shook my tits for all they were worth. I strutted around the stage and did this a few more times, making sure I shook my tits in the direction of my neighbors. I knew they were out there, enjoying the show.

Then I dropped to all fours and crawled back down the stage, with my breasts hanging down and swinging free. I made sure they jiggled and shook as I went. Every few feet I turned to the crowd, raised my breasts with my hands and let them fall.

I finally saw my husband. Mark was seated right by the stage and he looked as horny as I'd ever seen him. I crawled towards him on all fours and shook my breasts around and around for him, just inches from his face. He and the other men around him cheered.

I stood up and strutted my way down the rest of the runway, shaking my breasts and ass. I turned away from the audience, tossed my g-string to the crowd and turned to let them get a look at my completely naked body.

The crowd went crazy and the sound was deafening. I could barely hear the music as I danced my way down the stage, shaking my thing for all I was worth. In the middle of the runway, I dropped to my knees, leaned back and shook my breasts around in circles. I ran my hands all over my chest and down to my pussy, grazing it with my fingers as a chill went up and down my spine.

I was so turned on I wanted to finger myself right then and there, but I had some more dancing to do. I spread my legs to give everyone a good look at my shaved pussy. I leaned over to dangle and shake my breasts over the heads of the appreciative crowd, before slowly leaning back while continuing to swing my tits around. I leaned back further, pointed my tits at the ceiling and shook them some more.

The crowd really enjoyed this so I repeated it several more times along the stage, making sure to linger in the direction of my neighbors and coworkers to really give them a show. I could only imagine how turned on they were getting.

At the end of the runway, I dropped to the stage and spread my legs to give everyone a good look at my pussy. I ran my fingers up and down my body, grazing my pussy lips once again. I ran my tongue around my mouth and moaned loudly as I began to touch myself. I couldn't help it.

Now the crowd really went wild. At that point I knew if I didn't get off that stage pretty soon I'd be tempted to go at it with everyone in the room.

I danced my way back down the stage, tossing my pigtails and shaking my ass and breasts like a woman out of control. The reaction was intoxicating. I dropped to my knees in the middle of the runway and ran circles around my nipples with my fingertips until music faded out.

The crowd roared and the manager stepped out to help me to my feet.

Mark met me backstage and we were both so turned on he bent me over the nearest chair and took my from behind, right there in front of the other performers and some of the staff. He was so worked up it didn't take long before he came inside me. The others clapped and cheered.

The other performers were already dressed. I put on a different outfit, a micro-mini skirt and tiny top, before we all marched out onto the runway. I was thrilled when the crowd roared its approval for me and the manager gave me the money. Sure, we didn't need it but I was there to win, just the same.

Mark handed me a drink as I stepped off the stage and I gulped it down.

"Want to say hello to your friends?" Mark asked with a grin.

"And coworkers," I replied. I couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces.

We looked around, but they were gone. Maybe it was better this way. We could all pretend that none of us were there.

I used the money to buy myself a rather expensive necklace that I'd had my eye on. It was hilarious how these five colleagues reacted when they saw me in the office on Monday. They seemed rather nervous and could barely look at me. Another woman complimented my new necklace.

"It's jasmine," I told her as I raised it from my chest. "I won $500 in the lottery and spent it on this."

I caught two of the men sharing a glance over this, but they didn't let on.

I can't wait until I run into my two neighbors. I'll be showing off my new necklace to them, for sure.

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