tagIncest/TabooMy Summer Ch. 4

My Summer Ch. 4


I woke to a vigorous mouth slurping on my cock. I looked down and saw Amber hungrily sucking. Her cheeks puffing in and out. I ran my fingers through her hair and guided her movements with my hands. She began to bob up and down faster and faster, and I started to use my hips. I was thrusting against her lovely face, her naturally deep red lips wrapped tightly around my cock as my balls bounced on her chin. And then when I couldn’t control myself any longer I held her head still and let my hips do all the work. I pumped wildly and erratically, thrusting until I sprayed her mouth full of cum. Each time I felt the pressure of her tongue as she swallowed, it triggered another twitch of my cock and another spurt of sticky hot cum. “Hold on to some of it sis, we’ll give mom a wake up call to remember.”

She smiled as she pulled back and it was an extremely wicked slutty smile the way her lips were coated in her brother’s cum. I pulled the covers off mom and found her sleeping face down, naked. “Perfect.” I whispered before licking her pussy slowly and gently until I felt the wetness flowing and coating my tongue. I pulled her hips up off the bed and slid up to slam my still hard cock deep into her sloppy wet cunt with a grunt, “unhhh.”

The response was a moan, but it was a sleepy one, and she was still sleeping. After a few thrusts, I pulled out of her and spread her ass cheeks with my fingers. I pushed the head of my throbbing cock into her ass, but even that didn’t wake her up. I pounded hard and fast and drove all the way into her ass, and finally she gasped in pleasure and pain as she woke. “WHAT?!?!” she started with a scream, but at the jerking nod of my head in Amber’s direction, Amber cut her off with a kiss from her cum filled mouth.

I started the slow thrusts into her ass that I knew would relax her tight butthole for the reaming I was about to give her. Mom moaned into Amber’s mouth as they shared the cum filled kiss. Amber pulled back and mom gasped, “My god! I thought it was a dream!!” Amber started to suck her tongue before she could say more.

“Much better than a dream mom, because this is going to last your whole life. MMM god do you have a tight, hot, lil ass. Was it really virgin until this morning?” My thrusts were slow but deep as we talked.

“Yes, Matt. Noone had ever fucked my ass before now. Not with a finger, or tongue, or dildo, or cock. But oh, fuck it feels so good. You have to do this every day Matt!”

I stopped with just the head of my cock still in her ass. I looked at Amber then mom, “First rule,” I said harshly, “ I make the rules. No orders from anyone but me. I MAY entertain requests but no orders, GOT IT?”

Both answered with a soft low “yes.” Then mom apologized, “I’m sorry hun. What I meant is that this is great and I would really love to do this every day, if that’s okay with you.”

“Okay with me?” the questioning tone in my voice was not supposed to inspire hope of a good outcome and I saw the fear in mom’s eyes as she looked over her shoulder. Then quickly I slammed my throbbing member back into her making her whimper. “I insist, in fact, I insist upon fucking both of your asses at least once a day.” Amber purred remembering last night and wanting more already. “But right now, what I want is for you, Amber, to get on your back under mom and suck that wonderful clit of hers so she can cum with my cock in her ass just like you did.”

Amber lowered her head and slid under mom. I watched as she sucked and licked on mom’s nipples while she made her way down her body. “Oh Amber!” mom cooed as Amber nibbled a nipple, then, seeing the look I gave her, she moved on. Licking her way down mom’s body she moaned and purred, especially when she first jabbed her tongue into mom’s cunt.

Mom moaned loud and started to purr as Amber’s tongue worked its magic in her sloppy, wet pussy. I took it as a sign to renew my efforts. My thrusts came hard and fast. I continually rammed mom’s ass with my throbbing cock. She panted and screamed as we both worked her over. “You ready mom? Your son is about to fill your ass with his hot sticky cum.” I pumped my hips as fast as I could. Slamming my cock into her ass. Reaming her tight hot puckered hole again and again, I could feel my cock twitching and throbbing inside the warm confines of her ass. Amber was flicking her tongue on mom’s clit as fast as she could. Just then mom came hard. Her pussy clamped down on Amber’s tongue right as she slid it back inside her and then I felt mom’s ass squeezing down on my cock. I lost control and came in response to the squeezing. Again and again my thrusts pounded into her, and again and again they filled her hot ass with even more cum. Amber tried to swallow all of mom’s juices as they flowed and even saved a mouthful for me as mom started to come down from her orgasmic high. She slithered along mom’s body, avoiding a kiss from mom as she brought her lips to mine. The kiss was deep and exquisite as I sucked her tongue and lips clean, both of us purring the whole time.

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