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My Tai Tai Mum


This story is the start of a new addition requested by many fans of the main series I write, "Life of a Slut Wife and Mum". It covers some of the real life experiences I went through that helped inspire the main story. These pictures and writeup gives a look into my life and how I developed a desire to write my series. In this first story, I'm sharing how I first started getting turned on by my mum getting fucked. This happened while on a family holiday when I was 18.

When you have a trophy wife/tai tai for a mum and a successful Chinese dad who likes showing off his trophies, you're bound to see some interesting things that you eventually get used to. I've regularly seen more of my mum's body then most sons and daughters do. Whether at home, on holidays or dressed for a party, my mum has never been shy about showing off her body and I've seen a lot of it. She loves low cut blouses and dresses that show off her generous (for a Chinese) cleavage. I've gotten so used to seeing her partially exposed boobs and cleavage that it's just a normal sight for me now.

On more casual occasions, she often wears blouses in various colours, all which show off her cleavage to a relatively large extent. For more formal events though, she often really gussies herself up, primping and pruning herself till she looks jaw droopingly attractive. She's kept herself in good shape and often shows off her curves in tight dresses and always shows off her boobs in cleavage baring dresses.

At home and on holidays are another great time where I usually manage to get a look at her body. It's not uncommon to see her in a revealing bikini or super casual clothes at home that leave little to the imagination. She swims pretty often and works out quite a bit by doing yoga or running on the treadmill too so it's easy to catch her in sports attire.

Holidays are undoubtedly one of the best times though and also how I first found out that my mum's a moaner. We almost always stay in large multi room suites when we travel and as such, I'm in the same hotel unit as my parents. This was how I overheard them. The particular hotel we were staying at must have had poorly sound proofed doors or something so that when I left my bedroom to head to the suite's kitchen for a drink, I overheard moaning and voices from the suite's master bedroom. I walked over and immediately knew what was happening since the sound was coming out pretty loud and clearly. My parents were getting it on and my mum was being very vocal about it.

She was moaning like a bitch in heat and as I stayed and listened quietly outside the door, I overheard what must have been some dirty talk but failed to pick up the exact words as she was fucked hard. I will always remember that first time hearing them and gingerly listening outside, taking care not to make any noise. From that time on, I started my journey of listening in whenever I could to their sessions both in Singapore and abroad. This eventually led to my exploration of my mum's extensive lingerie and shoe collection and I even dug into her used laundry basket on occasion especially on mornings after hearing her get fucked.

About 6 months after the first time I'd overheard my parents doing the dirty, I got the best experience I ever had. We were on a holiday trip to a small island near Fiji and I was going on a full day diving trip by myself while my parents stayed on the island. However, midway through the trip, inclement weather caused the second half of the program to be postponed to the next day and our group returned to the hotel. After stripping off my diving equipment, rinsing off the seawater and changing into a loose t shirt and shorts, I headed back to the large beachfront suite we were staying in for a full shower. As I enter the suite, I notice that my dad's shoes are all there but one pair of sandals that my mum brought for the trip wasn't. Perhaps she had gone out. As I ventured into the living room of the suite, I was about to call out to announce that I was back when I heard some wet sucking sounds coming from the master bedroom in the suite.

I quietly walked over and peeked in and got one of the best surprises in my life. My mum was on her hands and knees on the bed, butt in the air, sucking my dad's cock. My dad's eyes were closed as he lay flat on the bed, facing the ceiling and enjoying his trophy wife's work. My mum's butt cheeks were on full display in a white g string that completely exposed her butt and I took care to enjoy that glorious scene, having never seen her butt exposed to this extent before.

Attached below are pictures of the exact piece of lingerie she was wearing that day for you to enjoy.

She was facing away from the door I was peeking in from and my dad's view of the door would be mostly obscured by her even if he looked up. It was a perfect situation to enjoy the show and I continued to watch my mum do her job as a trophy wife. As I watched her head go up and down on my dad's crotch, I noticed the rest of her attire. Her feet were clad in the strappy sandals I had noticed were missing from the doorway. Seems she really went all out on her attire when servicing her husband's penis. I continued to enjoy the fantastic live porn I was watching as my mum licked and sucked on the penis in front of her. My dad was enjoying the full pleasure of my mum's mouth as his average sized asian penis was fully covered in her warm, wet embrace.

My mum was really working hard, her butt jiggling slightly each time she deep throated my dad. After a short while, my dad ran a hand through my mum's hair and pulled her off his cock and telling her to get on her back. I quickly but quietly ducked my head back just as my dad sat up. Fortunately, there was a thin slit (where the hinges are) between the door and the frame and I peeped through there as my parents got up and switched positions. My mum lying on her back and my dad kneeling on the bed in front of her. I noticed my mum is wearing a red bra and that she leaves all her lingerie on as my dad grabs his penis and gets ready to penetrate her. My dad has ripped open a condom wrapper and is rolling it up his penis in a hurry. She spreads her legs and puts her hands on my dad's neck as he pulls her g string to the side and sinks his penis into her.

"Mmmm, yes. Just like that." My mum moans as my dad penetrates her. Soon, I hear my mum's steady breathy cries of "Yes!" and "Harder" as my dad fucks her missionary style. His balls are clearly slapping her butt as he gets the full length of his penis in her creating a distinct slapping sound as they fuck. I was getting a really bad view of the action from the thin slit between the door and the door frame though. After a few minutes of hearing the hot, breathy moans of my mum, I decide to try and sneak a peek around the main door opening.

Fortunately, with my dad on top of my mum fucking her missionary style, there was almost no chance either of them would see me. I kept extremely quiet as I just stood in the doorway and enjoyed the highly erotic live porn. The great thing about the 'boring' missionary position is from my angle in the doorway, I could see the full penetration action as my dad's penis thrusting in and out of my mum's spread pussy lips were on full show. It was absolutely erotic watching her relatively plump pussy lips spread by my dad's cock and how he would sometimes slip out as he fucked her, leaving her full pussy exposed. After a few minutes, my dad start to breathe harder, I note that he's probably getting a bit tired and my mum seems to think so as she asks, "do you want me to ride you?" as my dad fucks her a bit slower than earlier.

"No, it's fine. I'm close dear, I want to finish in your mouth." My dad grunts as he tries to pick up the pace again, speeding up slightly. Their bodies made a slapping sound that echoed in the room as my dad's pounded my mum with his body right on top of her.

"Mm hmm, okay. Want me to finish you with my mouth?" my mum asks, sounding a touch disappointed, though I might have just imagined that.

"No. No need. I'm almost there." My dad replies and he breathes heavily and thrusts into my mum.

"Okay, just put it in my mouth in time okay? It really stung when you got it in my eye last night." My mum requests as she lies back and moans in time with my dad's thrusts.

A short 30 or so seconds later, my dad grunts and pulls out, ripping the condom off before straddling my mum's chest, supporting his weight on his knees and putting his hands on her head. He starts grunting out loud as he no doubt is cumming in my mum's mouth. Unfortunately, all I could see was his back as he was completely covering my mum from view. A few seconds later, I heard some sucking sounds again and guessed that my mum was probably cleaning his penis off with her mouth and I ducked back behind the door, guessing that they were probably done.

I suddenly realize that I'm screwed if either of them walks out as there wasn't much place to hide in the hotel room and I frantically think about what to do. Fortunately, I hear my mum say she's going to take a shower and my dad says he'll join her. I breathe a sigh of relief in my head as I hear my mum taking off her bra and then hear my parents both walk by the open door. I hear my dad slap my mum's bare butt as they close the door to the bedroom's connected toilet and a few minutes later, I hear the shower turn on.

I'm definitely afraid and know I'm taking a risk but I decide to go explore the room, my hard on straining in my loose shorts. I see my mum's quickly discarded bra and thong on the floor as well as my dad's boxers strewn around. The condom wrapper and the quickly discarded condom are on the floor too. My parents are certainly messy when they fuck. My mum's strappy silver and white heeled sandals are also on the floor. I walk over to the bedside drawer and slowly and quietly open it. Inside, there is a copy of the Quran and the Bible as well as an opened box of Okamoto Harmony Vibra Ribbed condoms. I quickly take a peek inside and note that 5 of the 12 condoms have already been used, presumably over the last 2.5 days. I quietly close the drawer and look around the room. The shower is still going strong and I decide to have a look at my mum's g string. It's a really light, flimsy pair of underwear and as I hold it, I note that part of the string is absolutely soaked, probably from saliva and pussy fluids since she wore it while getting fucked. That was pretty darn hot and I lift up the delicate underwear and sniff it, inhaling my mum's scent before putting it back down.

The shower is still running but I decide that I've pushed my luck enough and quickly but quietly leave the bedroom, checking to make sure everything is in the same place. Happy that the room looks untouched, I quietly leave the hotel suite and head back outside. I wander around the resort keeping myself busy before returning to the suite later as if nothing had happened.

Later that night, I made sure not to fall asleep after going to bed and around 11pm, I crept out of my room into the suite's small hall and over to the master bedroom door. Noticing that my mum's white and silver heels from earlier are back by the entrance to the suite, I quietly head over and grab one shoe. 15 minutes later, I'm having a fantastic orgasm, shooting jizz straight onto the insole of my mum's high heeled sandal as I hear her moan and cry out like a bitch in heat. The television in the master bedroom is switched on quite loud but her cries are still easily audible as my dad fucks her. As I wipe off most of the cum from my mum's shoe and smear just a thin layer to dry before replacing it where I found it, I knew that that wasn't going to be the last time I jerked off to her moans.


Hope all readers, especially those who requested for this story enjoyed it. Please review and comment and I'll continue to share more.

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