My Virgin Sister


"For the next two minute sucking session, you're going to lick your pussy juice off my cock," I whisper to Lisa. "Here's a sample taste," I say, pushing my pussy-soaked tongue deep inside her mouth. It is taking everything I have to hold still and not pump my cock in and out of her tight, over-heated pussy as she sucks on my tongue. Ever since the day she first licked my fingers, after I finger-fucked her, Lisa has loved the taste of her own juices. She likes kissing me after I've eaten her, and she's more than willing to suck me off, after I've fucked her. I know this is an additional turn on and will tease her even more.

"Oh Jack!" she begs. "Don't pull your cock out. Fuck me with it! My pussy feels good, doesn't it? It's burning, Jack. Just fuck me! I'll suck the juices off after, you know I will."

The look on her face, as she pleads, almost make me change my mind, but I want to tease her just a little more. I lift my weight off of her and she starts humping my cock, as I pull it out of her pussy. I slide up her body, slip my pussy soaked cock between her lips and start pumping in and out, fucking her mouth as she sucks the juices off. It doesn't take two minutes for me to start cumming. Lisa keeps sucking and swallowing, as my cock jerks several loads of cum into her warm mouth. She licks me clean, swallowing the mixture of my cum and her juices, and I decide it's time to take care of her burning snatch.

She bucks her ass up and pulls at her bindings, as I eat her pussy, suck her clit and finger fuck her through three orgasms. As she lay there, trembling from her third orgasm, I slip my fully recovered cock inside her, and fuck her to orgasm number four, while she sucks the pussy juice from my tongue. She is still panting and shivering, when I untie her hands and feet, and hold her body against mine.

"Oh my god, Jack!" she says, trying to catch her breath. "That was awesome! I can't believe what you did to me! You know me so well, Jack," she says, in a rapid-fire staccato. "You were amazing when you wouldn't even answer me. You just kept teasing and teasing. I was so hot and I couldn't do a damn thing, not even touch myself. And then, when you made me suck my own juices off your cock and then suck them off your tongue, while you fucked me! I've never cum so hard, Jack." This is something Lisa says on a regular basis. Every time she researches a new and creative twist to our lovemaking, she comes harder and harder. I wonder what's next. I also wonder why the taste of her own pussy juice turns her on so much. I might have to research that.

Mondays are always the most intense days for us. We suck and fuck all we want on weekdays, before Mom comes home, but on the weekends we hardly ever get a chance. We might grope each other and steal a kiss or cop a feel, but we are never alone long enough to get each other off. By Monday afternoon we are all over each other as soon as we get inside the front door. This leads to a lot of creative lovemaking; in the living room, the hallway or the kitchen, before we finally make it to the bedroom and fuck and suck each other's brains out.

We still fuck in the shower regularly but we also love fucking in the pool. I like to lean back against the side of the pool and stretch my legs out in the water, while Lisa, with just her swimsuit top on, straddles my cock, sucking it deep inside her tight, young pussy. It's hard to describe the sensation of being surrounded by cool water, while my cock is buried deep inside my sister's flaming, hot pussy. It's while fucking in the pool one day that we almost get caught. It's also the day that I first become infatuated with my mother's sexy body.

It's a Saturday, so we wouldn't normally be able to do anything, but Lisa is horny as hell and won't leave me alone. It's her idea for us to go swimming, and fuck in the pool, while Mom is busy doing laundry and watching TV. I tell her it's too risky but she keeps teasing me, touching my cock and rubbing her tits against me all day. Around 2 o'clock, Mom decides to take a nap. That's when I give in. We change into our swimsuits and rush out to the pool.

As soon as we hit the water, Lisa takes off her swimsuit bottom, swims over to me and pulls my suit down. My suit is hooked around one ankle, as I put my arms up on the side of the decking, and Lisa impales herself on my already rigid cock. Her face is about a foot from mine, as she furiously bounces up and down on my cock, making waves across the swimming pool.

"How's the water?" Mom asks, sticking her head out of the sliding glass door.

"Great!" Lisa answers. She stops bouncing, but keeps my cock buried deep inside her tight, wet pussy.

"The temperature is perfect and the sun isn't too hot today." I'm impressed. She's carrying on a conversation with Mom, while her pussy muscles continue to milk my cock. She's acting like nothing is going on while I, on the other hand, am freaking out about getting caught.

"Good, I couldn't sleep so I thought I might join you two for a swim," Mom says. "I'll get my suit on and be right out."

"Great, Mom!" Lisa shouts. "Wear that sexy new pink swimsuit you bought. I haven't seen you in it."

"Okay." She closes the door and Lisa starts bouncing up and down like a mad woman.

"Are you crazy?" I ask. "Mom's going to be out here in a minute. We have to stop and get our suits back on." I can't believe she wants to keep fucking with Mom coming out.

"Just a few more minutes, Jack," she says, panting. "It'll take Mom a while to get changed. I'm so close. It won't take long."

She is watching the door, bouncing on my cock and grinding her clit against me. Just as she starts to cum, I hear the sliding glass door open. She pushes down hard, clamping her hot, quivering pussy around my cock. As Mom is stepping through the sliding glass door, Lisa quickly jumps off my cock and swims away from me. We both struggle to get our swimsuits back on, before Mom gets to the pool.

Lisa is smiling at me and treading water in the deep end of the pool. Mom is walking down the steps, in the shallow end, near me. Mom keeps herself in shape and looks about ten years younger than her 37 years. She's wearing a light pink two-piece swimsuit that shows off her tan, well-toned body. As I watch her get in the pool, it's easy to see where Lisa gets her sexy shape. Mom's flat stomach, the curves of her ass and her shapely legs all remind me of Lisa. Her breasts are much larger and a lot more of her tits are visible before they disappear behind the small triangles of her swimsuit top.

This suit must be smaller than her others because there is a thin white strip of skin between her swimsuit top and where her tan begins. Her swimsuit bottom is just a small V shaped piece of material covering her pussy with strings tied on the sides that connect to the material covering her firm, round ass. I'm not sure why I'm suddenly noticing all this about our mom. Maybe it's because my sister has gotten herself off and left me with a raging hard-on.

Mom reaches the bottom of the steps and plunges into the cool water up to her neck. She shivers and jumps back up to a standing position, yelling that it's cold. I watch her ample tits bounce up and down and can see the effect the cool water is having on her nipples. Her erect nipples appear to be embossed on her swimsuit top, as she stands there in the waist deep water. She sees me staring at her tits and casually turns away, slipping back into the water up to her shoulders. She turns back and I notice her check out the bulge in my swimsuit, before starting to swim to the deep end. It looks like she's smiling as she swims away. Could it be? Is my Mom pleased that I'm sporting a hard-on, while checking out her tits. This could be interesting.

"Let's play monkey in the middle, "I yell at Lisa and my Mom.

My sister swims over to me, and whispers in my ear. "As long as it's your monkey in my middle." She laughs, and then more loudly she says, "Okay, but Mom's in the middle!"

It's a keep-away game with one person in the middle and the other two throwing a ball back and forth. Mom's in the middle and keeps jumping for the ball as Lisa and I keep throwing it around her and over her head. We're laughing and playing and dunking each other like a bunch of kids. Except, I can't keep my eyes off my Mom's tits with her thick, protruding nipple, pushing out the swimsuit material. I have a clear view of them, bouncing hypnotically, while she's jumping up to block the ball. When she's facing Lisa I just stare at the curves of her bikini-covered ass.

My cock has stayed hard the whole time and I catch Mom subtly eyeing it. Mom's getting more aggressive in trying to get the ball and I make sure there is a lot of skin contact, as we dive and wrestle for it. At one point, with Mom facing Lisa, I reach my hands around her waist and lift her up, pulling her back in the water on top of me. She's laughing as we fall backwards, and I manage to push my hard cock against her ass, as we tumble through the water. My hands slip up and "accidentally" brush against her tits as we both come up sputtering.

"You're cheating, Jack," she says, still laughing. "I'm not playing if you're going to cheat." She starts walking toward the steps. "Actually, I've had enough rough housing for one day. You guys are a lot younger than I am." She sits on the steps and I swim over to Lisa.

"I'll race you to the other end!" I say, winking at her. She immediately dives under water and starts swimming. We come up at the other end of the pool at about the same time and I take the opportunity to ask Lisa if she's noticed Mom acting funny.

"I've only noticed you acting funny, staring at Mom and constantly trying to touch her. What are you doing, Jack?" she whispers. "You aren't thinking of expanding your incestuous conquests are you?" she asks, smiling.

"Don't be silly," I answer, looking back at Mom sitting on the steps, leaning back with her eyes closed. Then I explain to Lisa about how Mom reacted to me staring at her tits and how I'm pretty sure she was smiling and looking at my bulge. "Did you notice how hard her nipples have been all day and how she keeps looking at my cock?"

"Well, dad's been gone over two months, Jack. How would you like to go two months without fucking? I know I wouldn't like it." As she's saying this, she reaches down and starts stroking my cock through my swimsuit. "You are one horny guy, Jack. Is that because of Mom's nipples?"

"No! It's because somebody had to get fucked in the pool and then she swam away before somebody else got to shoot his load. But now that you mention it, I've stayed hard all day staring at Mom's sexy body, watching her tits bounce and seeing the outline of her hard nipples through her swimsuit. God, am I a pervert?"

"No, Jack. I've been watching Mom, too. It might be my imagination but it seemed like she was intentionally putting on a show for you today. I can't envision Mom taking it any farther than that, but if you ever do fuck her, I want to suck your cock immediately afterwards. I want to know what she tastes like!" She laughs and gives my cock a final squeeze before swimming off toward Mom. I watch Lisa get out of the pool, get the suntan lotion and sit down next to Mom on the pool steps.

"You're going to get burned if you're not careful, Mom," Lisa says, sitting down beside her. "That's a very sexy suit, but it doesn't cover you the same way your old one did." With that, she squirts a little suntan lotion onto her fingers and starts rubbing them over the white patches of skin on Mom's tits.

Mom looks startled and starts to sit up. "Here honey, I can do that," she says. Lisa ignores her and just keeps rubbing the lotion over her full, plentiful breasts.

"It's alright Mom, you just lay back and relax. I'll keep you from getting burned." Lisa looks over at me, and winks, knowing how I'd love to be rubbing that lotion around on Mom's tits. Mom reluctantly lays her head back and lets Lisa rub suntan lotion on her chest. Mom is lying with her back partly on the deck with her legs in the water up to her knees. As Lisa's fingers are massaging Mom's tits, I notice the heel of her hand keeps brushing lightly over Mom's erect nipples. They seem to push out a little farther and become more pronounced, with each pass of Lisa's hand.

Lisa squirts more suntan lotion on her fingers and starts rubbing it across Mom's stomach. Mom's swimsuit bottom is also smaller than her old one and she has white stripes of skin across the top and down the sides of the small triangle. Lisa is massaging suntan lotion over Mom's stomach and lower abdomen with her fingers, while the heel of her hand lightly brushes against Mom's mound. With her other hand, Lisa is rubbing lotion on Mom's upper thigh and along the side of her hip where the swimsuit didn't cover. By now Mom has her eyes open and is staring at Lisa. She seems to be trying to figure out if this is innocent helpfulness or a sensual massage. She can't seem to make up her mind.

"That's enough, Lisa. I'm going in the house anyway. Too much sun isn't good for me. You two need to come in soon, too," Mom says, getting up and quickly walking into the house.

"Looks like you enjoyed the show," Lisa says, as she pulls my swimsuit down and starts vigorously stroking my stiff cock. She quickly slips her swimsuit bottom down, wraps her legs around me and pulls me inside her snug, wet pussy. "Now, where were we?" she asks, as I start frantically pumping in and out of her.

"That was really erotic, watching you touching Mom," I tell her, as our rhythm heats up. "You are a kinky little girl, Lisa. I guess that's why I love you so much." I'm panting and pushing into her faster and faster. She thrusts her hips down to meet my strokes and in no time we are cumming together.

"Touching Mom really turned me on and I'm pretty sure it turned her on too," Lisa says, as her breathing returns to normal. "I suspect that's why she left so fast. I don't think she knew what to make of her body's sexual reaction to her daughter touching her. I bet she's horny as hell with dad gone. And the way she was looking at your cock, I bet we could get her so hot that she'd beg you to fuck her." Lisa squeezes her sopping wet pussy around my cock as she's saying this. "I'm going to give her some time and then I'm going to seduce her, for both of us."

A couple of months later, Lisa does seduce Mom, but before that happens Lisa comes up with her sexiest and kinkiest idea yet.

When we graduated from High School in June, Mom suggested we take the summer off and enjoy ourselves before going to USC in the fall. Dad is about four months into his six-month tour, which means we have the house to ourselves all day. As soon as Mom leaves for work each morning, we crawl into bed with each other. Sometimes we just snuggle our naked bodies together and fall back to sleep, waking up later to start fucking. Some days we stay naked all day, watching TV, doing our chores, fucking and sucking as we go.

One day, Lisa woke up before me and made my most erotic fantasy come true by wrapping her hot lips around my morning hard-on and gently sucking me awake. If you've never had anyone suck you awake in the morning, you don't know what you're missing. It starts in an unreal dream-like state and then gradually you begin to feel the warm, wet licking and sucking sensations, and before you're really awake, you're humping your fully aroused cock to its ultimate climax. It's amazing and so is my sister.

Anyway, back to the sexiest and kinkiest. Late one night in the middle of summer, I'm just about to turn out my light and go to sleep, when Lisa comes in my room.

"Look what I found on the Internet," she says, excitedly, shoving a piece of paper in my face. At first, I'm not sure what I'm looking at, but Lisa gets all animated, pointing at the couple in the picture and describing what they are doing.

"It's a harness," she says, enthusiastically. "See the woman is suspended over the bed with her legs up and her wide-open pussy pointing straight down. See these straps, they kind of cradle her just above her ass. These other straps go behind her knees, keeping her legs spread apart and up out of the way. The guy is on his back on the bed and the girl gets lowered down onto his cock. He raises and lowers her pussy, up and down his cock, by spinning her around." She's talking fast and is clearly aroused by this idea.

"Jack, she can spin all the way around while his cock is inside of her. Can you imagine what that must feel like, her spinning around while they're fucking. I think it's the most erotic thing I've ever seen. We need to make one of these, Jack. I want you to spin me around while your cock is fucking my pussy." I can hardly believe it, but Lisa has it all figured out. She finds some straps from old lounge chairs, and we make the harness, hooking three ropes to it and looping them over the rafters in the garage. It takes us about a week to make it, and Lisa is ecstatic when it's finally done. Several times we get so excited talking about how the harness is going to work, that we shed our clothes right there in the garage and fuck on an old air mattress.

The harness consists of one large and two small loops, connected together by short straps. The large loop slips around the woman's back, coming up under her arms, against the sides of her breasts and connects to a rope above her head. The two smaller loops go around each leg, resting just above the knees, and are each connected to a single rope. The straps that connect these loops to the larger one, are short enough to ensure her knees are pulled up close to her chest. Finally, a solid pole about two feet long is connected between the knee straps to keep her legs spread apart. The three ropes are tied together just below the rafter. It looks kind of like a tire swing, without the tire. The idea is that when the woman is strapped into the harness and spun around, the three ropes twist, raising her up. When it untwists she is lowered back down.

We put the air mattress on the floor and hook Lisa into the harness. It takes several tries before she is at the right height and angle. At first, she's leaning back too far, then, her knees aren't pulled up tightly enough. She's naked, getting in and out of the harness and my cock is getting hard, just from watching her. Finally, it's just right. I spin her around a few times, twisting the rope to raise her up. I lie back on the air mattress, positioning my cock under her exposed pussy. Slowly letting the rope unwind, I slip my cock up into her pussy, as she spins back down. It's as amazing as it sounds. Even though we'd been fucking like crazy for the past two months, Lisa is still very tight and her pussy creates a lot of friction as she spins around my cock, like a corkscrew. As I grab her legs with my hands and turn her one full rotation to the right, she swirls up to the tip of my cock. Then I let her go and she twists back down to the base and keeps spinning back up my shaft. Lisa is in heaven.

"Ohhhhh yes, Jack! Spin me faster. This is fucking incredible! Keep me turning. Spin me back and forth real fast, Jack. Yeah! Just like that." Her thick cream is running down my shaft, keeping us well lubricated, as I keep increasing the speed of the rotations. It feels amazing and, because it isn't the straight up and down strokes that I need to make me cum, I can keep it up for a long time without climaxing. I keep spinning her back and forth, faster and faster.

"Shit, Jack! This is everything I thought it would be! My pussy is on fire!" She's panting and reaching between her legs to play with her clit. "I'm getting dizzy, Jack and it's just adding to the overall feeling. Can you believe it? I'm actually getting high doing this."

I'm spinning her so fast that I almost spin her off the top of my cock. Her pussy lips are just barely around the tip of my cock and her juices are gushing around it, as I twist her back the other way, screwing her down to the base of my cock. When she's completely impaled on my cock like that, I want to pump in and out of her, but she's pressing me down against the air mattress and I have no room to move.

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