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Mythbusters: Kari's New Show


Kari Byron, the beautiful red-headed co-host of the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, slowly opened her eyes as morning sunshine streamed through her bedroom window. As she slowly woke up, her eyes focused on her alarm clock and she suddenly sat straight up.

"Shit, my interview," she yelled out to no one in particular, startling her Boston terrier from his slumber.

She quickly jumped out of bed, wearing only some really short sleeping shorts and an old concert t-shirt, and made her way to the shower. She would usually get herself off during her shower, but she just did not have time this morning if she wanted to be on time for her interview.

"Great," Kari thought, "now I am going to be on edge all day until I get home from the interview and can stuff my vibrator in my pussy and get off. It's gonna be a long day."

Kari had always had a powerful sex drive that usually required her to get fucked or get herself off at least twice a day. While she usually had no problem finding a guy to fill her tight pussy, she had been too busy with Mythbusters filming to find one lately and her vibrator was just not the same.

As she was getting dressed after her shower, Kari decided to wear clothes that were a little sexier than she usually would wear. If there was one thing she had learned from working on Mythbusters for so long, it was that a little sex appeal went a long way in the TV industry.

Standing in front of her closet in her favorite lingerie, a matching black lace bra and boy shorts set, Kari pulled out her tightest pair of jeans and pulled them up her long, toned legs. She knew they showed off her sexy, tight ass which was one of her best features.

"Maybe I will 'drop' my phone in the meeting and give those producers a little look at my ass," Kari giggled to herself.

Kari finished getting dressed by pulling on a tight black tank top to go under her tight orange long sleeve t-shirt that hung off of one shoulder. She adjusted her perfectly shaped, 34B tits until they looked perfect. Then, Kari pulled her flowing, red hair into her trademark pigtails, grabbed her purse, and headed out the door.

Kari was feeling really nervous and a little excited as she drove to the interview she had scheduled with several producers from the network. They had called her the week before and asked if she would have any interest in potentially hosting a new show they were developing. Kari was immediately interested as she wanted to expand her TV career in any way she could.

One Week Earlier

Kari was heading out to her car after wrapping another day filming a new episode of Mythbusters when her cell phone began to chime. She quickly pulled it out and flipped it open.

"This is Kari," the stunning redhead said into the phone.

"Hey Kari, this is Bill Sampson over at Discovery. How are you today?" spoke the man's voice over the phone.

"Oh hey, Bill. I'm doing pretty well. Just wrapped on another day of filming over at M5. How are you?"

"Doing fine Kari. I was just calling to see if you would have any interest in coming in next week to interview for a new hosting position. We're starting a new network and you would be perfect for one of the new shows."

"Wow, Bill. Sure, I'd love to interview for a new show. Would it interfere with Mythbusters at all?" Kari asked excitedly.

"Well Kari, I don't think it will at first, but if the new network gets big enough, you may have to eventually make a decision between the two, but I'd say that would be way down the road sometime," Bill replied.

"Sounds good to me Bill. When is the interview?"

After setting up the interview date and time, Kari flipped her phone shut with a huge grin on her elegant face, got in her car, and headed home for the day.


As Kari pulled her car into a spot at the address Bill gave her, she took a few minutes to gather herself for the impending interview.

"Just be yourself," Kari told herself, "just be yourself and remember...a little flirting goes a long way. That's how I landed the Mythbusters job after all."

After psyching herself up, Kari climbed from her vehicle and made her way into the non-descript office building that she had arrived at. She thought it was a little strange that the interview wasn't being held at the Discovery Channel offices, but figured this building must just be a new property they were using.

Kari entered the building and headed to the suite number that Bill had told her to go to. The suite ended up being at the end of a long hallway and Kari slowly swung the door opened. Once again, she thought it was a little strange that the office suite wasn't labeled as belonging to Discovery, but she just shook it off and approached the receptionist.

"Hi, how may I help you?" the cute, blonde receptionist asked Kari.

"Hi, I'm here for an interview with Bill Sampson about a new TV hosting job. Am I in the right place?" the sexy, red-head asked.

"Yep, this is the place. Your name please..." asked the receptionist as she looked Kari up and down in a way that made Kari a little uncomfortable.

"Oh, sorry, it's Kari. Kari Byron..."

"Ok, I'll let Bill know you are hear Ms. Byron. Please take a seat. It shouldn't be too long a wait."

"Ok, thanks," said Kari as she made her way to the small seating area to the left of the receptionist's desk. She could have sworn she had seen the blonde behind the desk somewhere before, but couldn't remember where.

After a short, five-minute wait, the adorable blonde told Kari to head on back to the conference room.

"It's the second door on the left. Good luck..." the receptionist said with a naughty little smile. Kari could feel the receptionist's eyes glued to her ass as she made her way through the door and towards the conference room. "Well my ass must be in good shape if women are checking it out too," thought Kari as she knocked on the conference room door.

Kari was momentarily lost in her thoughts about the receptionist when the door in front of her swung open and Bill Sampson appeared. He welcomed Kari and quickly ushered her into the room as well as shutting the door behind him. Bill then introduced Kari to the other two men in the room.

Kari knew the man on the left as he was also a producer for Discovery.

"Kari, I'm sure you remember Keith Davis from Discovery..." Bill said.

"Yeah, hi Keith," a slightly nervous Kari replied.

Keith gave Kari a wave as Bill continued, "...and allow me to introduce you to our new network's head honcho, Jeff Regal."

Jeff was a good-looking guy in his mid-20s. About 6' 1" and 185 pounds, he had blonde hair buzzed short and striking blue eyes to go along with a well-built physique. Kari was immediately attracted to him for some reason and hoped her hand wasn't too sweaty as she shook his extended hand.

"Hi Kari, it's a pleasure to meet you. Let me just say that you are even more beautiful in person than you are on TV," Jeff said as he shook Kari's soft, but strong hand.

Kari felt herself blushing like a schoolgirl in response to Jeff's compliment. There was just something about him that Kari couldn't put her finger on. All she knew was that she was a little flustered in Jeff's presence.

"Thanks, Jeff. It's a pleasure to meet you too. I'm flattered that you wanted to interview me for your new show," Kari replied.

Kari thought that Jeff seemed a little young to be running a brand new network. He looked to be not a day older than 25 and she wondered how he rose to such a lofty position so quickly.

It was true that Jeff was quite young for his position as head show developer and producer for a brand new network in the Discovery family. Especially considering that Discovery was ready to throw whatever resources Jeff needed behind his network.

Jeff didn't get his position by luck. In fact, Jeff was an extremely talented writer who was hired by the Discovery family of networks directly out of college. He had a Bachelor's Degree in journalism as well as a Master's Degree in creative writing. He achieved both of his degrees within 6 years of starting college.

His writing talent quickly pushed Jeff into higher ranking positions at Discovery. His hard work ethic and talent made him the ideal candidate to head up the new network Discovery was launching.

"Well Kari, you were the first person that came to mind when I was thinking of who I wanted to host the pilot show on my new network," Jeff said, "Now what do you say we get this interview started? Please take a seat."

Kari settled her lovely frame into one of the cushioned chairs across from the three producers and crossed her right leg over her left as she got ready to be questioned.

"Ok, Kari. This interview is going to be on camera so we can review it later if we need to. Is that okay with you?"

"Ummm...oooo-kay..." a suddenly more nervous Kari stammered out.

"Just relax. It will be no different than doing a set for Mythbusters. Just pretend the camera isn't even there."

"So first question...do you think you have what it takes to be the main host of your own TV show?" Jeff asked.

Kari quickly cleared her throat before responding, "Well I have been working on Mythbusters for seven years now and have gotten more comfortable being on camera every year. I think I'm at a point now where I'm ready to be in a more featured role."

Kari paused for a second before adding, "Plus, when your first appearance on national TV is bending over in a skintight bodysuit, you lose your modesty pretty quickly."

Jeff gave a hearty chuckle to Kari's comment as he fondly remembered the scene she was describing. It was her first appearance on Mythbusters and the hosts of the show, Adam and Jaime, were testing the myth of being sucked into an airplane toilet. They used Kari's sexy, toned ass as a model for their tests on the toilet. That involved her wearing a tan bodysuit that perfectly molded all of Kari's womanly curves.

"Hahaha...I can understand that. So on Mythbusters, you have done some pretty daring things throughout all the seasons. Would you say that you have a wild side?"

Kari was slightly taken aback with that question, but didn't want to show hesitation on camera so she answered it anyways.

"Ummm...I guess you could say that about me. I mean some of those myths took a lot of guts to participate in," Kari replied hoping it would appease Jeff and they could get to the next question. However, Jeff was looking for a different type of answer.

"Ok, but what about outside the show? Does Ms. Byron ever get a little wild or crazy?" Jeff questioned with a gleam in his eye.

Kari was getting increasingly uncertain about the direction this interview was heading, but decided to play along for now. Besides, she really wanted this job and had to admit she was a little curious to find out more.

"Well, back in my college days I liked to party a lot. I'm sure some of the parties got out of control. And if I'm being perfectly honest, my wild streak still makes an appearance from time to time," Kari blushed as she answered.

Jeff thought Kari looked even hotter when she was blushing. It really brought out her dark, pretty eyes.

"Interesting, and what kind of wild activities are we talking about here Kari?"

"Well, the usual I guess. A lot of drinking, dancing, and even some..." Kari paused before deciding to just go for it and looked Jeff in the eye as she continued, "even some crazy random sex."

Kari knew she had made Jeff happy with that answer judging by the expression on her face, but she also couldn't believe she had just uttered those words in a room with three men she barely knew, not to mention the ever present camera. She really hoped that the questions would get back to her hosting abilities, so she spoke again before Jeff could.

"So do you want to know more about my hosting experience and skills or..." Kari trailed off.

"Not right now Kari. I'd actually love to hear more about this crazy sex. Was it just with random guys? Anything really kinky?" Jeff continued his embarrassing line of questioning.

Now Kari was willing to play along to some extent, but these questions were starting to make her very uncomfortable. Plus, her sexual tension was growing inside as she still needed to get off, and bad. Making a decision on the whole situation, Kari stood as she spoke and said, "I really don't think these types of questions are appropriate. I didn't come here to talk about my personal sex life on camera with three men I barely know."

She had one hand on the conference room door when Jeff's voice stopped her.

"Kari wait...you're right. I got a little ahead of myself."

Kari turned around as Jeff continued..."Please sit back down and I will explain more about the show we want you to host and your compensation."

This convinced Kari to push the conference room door back closed with a click and return to her seat, albeit with a much more defensive frame of mind. She thought she would be back in her bed by now with her vibrator turned to its highest setting buried deep inside her tight, shaved pussy, and the fact that she wasn't yet was starting to get to her.

"Now Kari, let me get right to the details about the new network and show. The network is going to be called Discovery: XXX and the show I want you to host will be called 'Sexual Science'..."

Kari was left speechless when Jeff started to explain the show he wanted her to host. As he explained that she would be expected to demonstrate different sexual techniques on camera as well as trying out new sex toys, Kari's initial shock and disdain were slowly being replaced by sexual excitement.

"Now before you overreact or leave, let me show you how much you will be paid for each episode."

Jeff grabbed a pen and paper off the conference table in front of him and proceeded to write a number onto the paper. He then slid the paper across the table so Kari could reach out and grab it.

Kari's eyes got huge as the number on the paper registered in her brain. The paper read: "$50,000 per episode." She was only paid $7500 for every episode of Mythbusters.

That number is what drove Kari's response to Jeff.

"Wow, I think you just caught me off guard there," Kari glanced down at her lap before biting her lower lip and looking up into Jeff's eyes and saying, "but can I hear more about the show and my role in it?"

Jeff's smile grew as he told Kari more about the show. Kari found out that she would also have to try out fetishes that viewers send in. She would pretty much have to do whatever Jeff came up with for each show with no reservations.

As Kari heard more about the show, a flush began to steadily grow across her milky, white chest. She also began to feel her panties moisten as her sexual excitement at the idea of the show grew.

"So Kari, do you want to continue the interview? I will warn you now that it will be mostly about your sexual history."

Kari swallowed deeply before making the decision to continue the interview. She looked right at Jeff and said, "Bring the questions on!"

That was exactly what Jeff wanted to hear. He knew that he was close to getting Kari fully invested in the show as well as getting close to fulfilling his long lived desire for the striking redhead.

"Great, so Kari, at what age did you lose your virginity?" Jeff asked.

Wow, he wasn't kidding about these questions, thought Kari. "Umm...I think I was 15. It was with my high school boyfriend."

"Ok...was that your first ever sexual experience or..."

"Well no...I had given a few blowjobs before..."

"To who...other boyfriends or random guys...?"

"Yeah, all those and also my English teacher..." Kari turned crimson as she revealed that secret and felt she had to justify it..."I really needed an A."

"I'd say Kari, it looks like I picked the perfect little naughty, slut to interview for my show," Jeff remarked.

Kari was a little taken aback at being called a slut, but her horniness was starting to go through the roof. The questions were starting to turn her on as she remembered back to her high school sex adventures.

Kari also knew that Jeff's statement was accurate. She really was a slut if she was being honest with herself.

By the time Jeff had finished asking all his questions Kari's entire sexual history, from her fetishes to her fantasies, was revealed to the three producers in the room and the camera. She had revealed that her favorite position to be fucked in was doggy style, that she loved rough sex, and that she would pretty much try anything once.

Kari was also just about her breaking point as well. Her panties were absolutely soaked and she knew she needed to have something in her pussy as soon as possible.

"So Kari, are you interested in coming back for a full, hands-on interview tomorrow?" Jeff asked, "You would perform a scene on camera for us so we can see how you react to performing sexual acts on camera and in front of others. You would also get to meet your female assistant and your co-host."

Kari flashed her brightest grin at Jeff as she looked at him with her stunning, brown eyes and replied, "It might be different than anything I've done before, Jeff, but I think I'm up to the challenge. What time tomorrow?"

"Before we get to that, Kari, there is one thing I need you to do first. Just to make sure you are as interested as you seem."

"And what would that be," Kari inquired.

"I'm going to need you to give me a blowjob right now. Consider it a quick test before the full interview tomorrow," Jeff said with a smirk.

Kari's panties immediately flooded at the thought of sucking off a guy she just met on camera. In her current state of arousal, she had no second thoughts at all as she immediately stood up and walked around the table towards Jeff.

Once in front of Jeff, Kari dropped down to her knees, looked up at Jeff with her sexiest smile, and said, "I would love to."

As soon as she uttered the words, Bill and Keith sprang into action, each grabbing another camera and hitting record.

"Anytime you are ready, Kari," Jeff said.

Kari was determined to show she had what it takes and immediately set to work undoing Jeff's belt and fly. He stood up momentarily and let his pants and boxers drop to the floor. As he sat back down, his semi-hard cock rubbed right down Kari's cheek. She immediately grabbed it and started to work on getting him fully erect.

As a sculptor and artist, Kari had extremely strong and nimble hands. Her talented hands were quickly evident as Jeff's cock grew to its full 8" in very little time. As soon as he was hard, Kari leaned forward and wrapped her full, gloss coated lips around the head of Jeff's cock. She swirled her luscious tongue all over the tip of the penis in her mouth and could barely stifle a moan of pure lust.

Kari had always prided herself on her oral skills and was determined to show those skills off. She wasted little time in fully engulfing the 8" rod in front of her all the way to the base. Jeff's pubic hair tickled her nose and she began to work her lips up and down the full length of Jeff's shaft.

"Look up at the cameras, honey," Kari heard from one of the men. She was so engrossed in blowing Jeff that she wasn't sure who said it, but she obeyed none the less. She looked into Keith's camera first and the sight in the viewfinder almost caused him to cream in his pants.

Kari had a slight layer of saliva coating her chin from her aggressive sucking and her dusky, brown eyes were filled with lust as the thick cock slipped past her lips once more. After a couple more minutes of sucking, Kari began to fondle Jeff's ball sack. He knew that he was close to coming, but he wasn't finished with Kari yet.

Jeff suddenly stood up causing his spit covered cock to slip from Kari's mouth with a plop. He reached down and with surprising strength lifted Kari to her feet by her arms. Kari was so turned on that she could barely stand on her own two feet. Jeff could sense this and kept one arm on her to steady her as he lifted her tank top and t-shirt off her body with the other. Kari's sexy black bra quickly joined her shirt on the ground and her perfect, juicy tits were on display for Jeff and the cameras. Kari's breasts were a large B cup and hung perfectly on her slight frame. They were topped off with light pink nipples about the size of a nickel.

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