tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 02

Mythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 02


Kari Byron, the smoking hot, red-headed host of a new show arrived at the Adult Discovery offices fifteen minutes early for the second day of her interview. She was full of nervous excitement and anticipation. She knew she was probably in for another wild day if the first day of her interview was any indication. She had been asked many very personal questions about her sex life on the first day and also gave a blowjob, got her tits fucked, swallowed cum, and was fingered to orgasm by the producer of the new show, Jeff Regal.

Earlier that day

Kari, who had woken up late for the first day of her interview, made sure to set both her alarm clock and her cell phone alarm that night to make sure she had plenty of time to get ready.

Once she was awake, she slowly made her way to the shower in her master bathroom. She made sure to have plenty of time to take a nice long shower so she could get her body ready for the day. She began by washing her long red hair. Her fingers massaging her own scalp began to send waves of pleasure to the rest of her body. Once her hair was rinsed, Kari grabbed her favorite body wash and loofa and began to lather up her lithe body.

She started by bending over at the waist and lathering her feet. She worked her way up her legs, completely enjoying the feeling of her own silky soft skin. When her hands got close to her tight, little pussy, she straightened up and started to soap up her arms. She worked her way to her firm, B-cup breasts and spent several minutes lathering, massaging, and teasing her own tits.

"Oh my god...I love playing with my tits," Kari thought to herself, "it was so hot when Jeff fucked my tits yesterday."

Once she was good and worked up from her breast play, Kari's hands began to travel slowly down her toned abdomen. She made slow swirls of soap around her flat belly, enjoying the build-up she was feeling between her legs.

Right when Kari was about to stroke her pussy and feel some release, her cell phone began to trill loudly on the bathroom counter.

"Fuck...stupid phone," Kari thought, "maybe its Jeff about the interview."

She decided to wrap up her shower a lot more quickly than she would have wanted. Frustrated at losing her focus on masturbating, Kari quickly checked to make sure her pussy and legs were still stubble free, rinsed her body of soap, and stepped out of the shower. She used her favorite towel to dry off her sexy body, wrapped herself in her robe, and walked towards her phone.

She noticed that she had a new voicemail and quickly dialed up her message service. She found a message from her landlord, not Jeff like she suspected.

Kari rolled her eyes at the message. "Why did I have to give that guy a blowjob when I was behind on my rent," Kari spoke out loud to no one. "Now he thinks I'm a huge slut which might actually be true," Kari thought with a slight smirk.

Kari just wished he would stop calling offering to accept "other forms of payment." Like he thought she would just come suck him off every month. With her new salary from her new show, Kari could finally move out of her current, cramped apartment.

Kari proceeded to blow dry her hair, which she decided to leave down, and apply her makeup. She then made her way to her lingerie drawer choosing a cute matching pair of light pink underwear. The bra in the set was a push-up which perfectly accentuated her pert breasts and the panties clung to her every curve. She pulled both onto her flawless body and moved towards her closet to choose her clothes.

"What to wear...what to wear," Kari mumbled under her breath.

She ended up choosing a dark pair of very tight jeans which she had to wiggle up her curvy hips. She then pulled on a tight, white ribbed tank top and her favorite light blue, flannel button down shirt leaving a couple buttons undone. She finished her ensemble by pulling on some strappy black heels that showed off her pretty feet with pink toenails.

She grabbed her purse and cell phone and was out the door, completely horny and excited for her day.


Kari pulled open the door to the Adult Discovery offices and went inside. She greets the receptionist with a smile and a warm hello.

"You're right on time Kari," the receptionist said, "Jeff just needs a couple more minutes."

"Ok," Kari said and took a seat in the waiting area. Upon walking in, she had noticed that the receptionist was dressed much sexier than she was the day before. The cute, blond girl had on a skin tight long sleeved dress which barely even came to the middle of her thigh. Her long, golden locks were down with her bangs swept sideways over her forehead. Kari couldn't help but think she looked smoking hot.

"Damn, her legs are fine..." Kari thought to herself as she gazed at them underneath the glass table at which the receptionist sat.

Before she knew it, the girl at the table told Kari to head on back to the conference room. As soon as Kari was out of sight down the hallway, the receptionist locked the office door and headed down the hallway herself.

Kari quickly made her way to the conference room and entered the open door when she spotted Jeff.

"Hey Kari, good to see you. Go ahead and shut the door, please," Jeff said.

Kari did as she was told and while doing so, noticed a table full of sex toys out of the corner of her eye. The sight sent a jolt right to her pussy and her unfulfilled horniness from her shower returned with a vengeance.

"Hi Jeff," Kari spoke with a slightly strained voice while still facing the door. When she turned around, Jeff was right in front of her and pulled her in for a deep kiss without saying anything.

Kari was initially caught off guard, but didn't take long to start to return the kiss. She felt Jeff's hands stroke the skin at the small of her back before giving her ass a quick squeeze as he broke the kiss.

"Mmmmm..." Kari groaned as she licked her lips,

"What was that for, Jeff?"

"Just for being such a hot little piece of ass,"

Jeff replied, "I just couldn't resist. Was that ok?"

"Of course it was Jeff, I was just curious," Kari said with a giggle.

Jeff just smiled. He absolutely loved his job.

"Ok Kari, let's get you ready for today," Jeff said as he approached Kari, "You look great, but we need to sex things up a bit for the cameras."

Jeff walked up to Kari and began to unbutton her flannel shirt which he then slipped off her shoulders. He then slowly pulled her tight tank top over her head. His goal was to get her back into the flannel shirt sans the tank top in order to show off her great tits. However, once he saw her breasts cupped in her sexy bra, he couldn't resist teasing Kari just a bit.

Jeff slowly freed her tits from her bra, eliciting a soft moan from Kari. He proceeded to tease her hard nipples and fondle her full breasts. When he lowered his lips to one of her nipples, Kari could barely contain herself. Her tits were already super sensitive from her earlier shower play and Jeff's ministrations were putting her over the top. When Jeff felt Kari start to tremble and arch her breasts harder into his face, he pulled back and resituated her tits in her bra.

"Just had to get a little taste," Jeff told Kari.

"N-n-no-No pro-problem," Kari forced out.

Jeff then helped Kari back into her flannel shirt leaving enough buttons undone to pretty much show Kari's full tits.

As Kari caught her breath, Jeff began to explain the first part of the interview. He told Kari that she was going to do an introduction for the show on camera. Similar to what she has done on Mythbusters in the past. However, she would be required to slowly strip off her clothes as she spoke.

Kari was too horny by this point to even hesitate and quickly agreed to do it. Jeff pointed her to the area where she should stand and went to grab a camera. He set the tripod up and got Kari focused on screen.

"Whenever you are ready, hon," Jeff said, "make sure to include the name of the show which I changed to Sex Rush, by the way." Kari cleared her throat and began speaking.

"Hi everyone, I'm Kari Byron and welcome to my new show, Sex Rush. On this show, I will be trying out as many different types of sex as I can," Kari began as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt. "You can send in your ideas for my sexual adventures on our website," she said as she unclasped the last button and let her shirt fall to the floor.

"Now it's time for you to see my sexy body so you know just what this show is all about," Kari continued. She then turned around showing her firm, round ass to the camera. She began to work on her belt and zipper as she gazed back at the camera over her shoulder.

"Now all you fans that know me from Mythbusters finally get to see what I've been teasing you with all these years," she said.

Kari then bent over at the waist as she worked her tight jeans down her legs. This effectively showed just how sexy Kari really was to the camera. Once she got her jeans off and turned back around, she finished her intro by saying, "Now let's get down to business and give me a Sex Rush!"

Jeff turned off the camera after Kari finished her interview.

"That was a great intro Kari," Jeff remarked, "now are you ready to really get started?"

"I sure am Jeff," Kari said with a flirty smile,

"I haven't been this horny...well since our interview yesterday!"

Jeff just chuckled and told Kari that the next scene they were shooting was going to be a solo masturbation scene. He told Kari to go and choose a dildo off the table near the door. Kari gazed hungrily down at the sex toys in front of her, finally settling on a black dildo with a spiral shape to it. The dildo was seven inches long and quite thick. Kari couldn't wait to drive it between her legs. She walked back over to Jeff who had her get on the conference room table on her back, still dressed in her pink satin underwear. Jeff took the dildo Kari chose out of her hand and set it down on the table.

"I'm just gonna get you warmed up so you are ready for the scene on camera," Jeff explained, "now when you start the scene, be sure to explain what you are doing to yourself. Just like you were explaining a project on Mythbusters."

Kari nodded as Jeff started to caress her pretty feet. She was quite a sight to behold laying on the table in only her pink underwear and black high heels. Her bright red hair was fanned out across the table and her eyes were closed in anticipation.

Jeff continued his caresses up Kari's killer legs, gently rubbing and massaging every inch of her flawless skin. When he got to the apex of her legs, he softly rubbed Kari's pussy with the lightest of touches causing Kari to moan softly. However, before she could really start to enjoy the sensations, Jeff had moved up to rub slow circles on her toned, flat belly, finally arriving at her breasts. He didn't spend much more time on her tits because of his earlier teasing. Instead he put his hands on either side of her beautiful face and leaned down to once again taste her amazing lips.

Kari arched her back as Jeff kissed her deeply, practically sticking his tongue down her throat.

He suddenly pulled away and Kari took in several deep breaths. Before she even fully caught her breath, Kari felt an object place between her lips. She opened her dusky, brown eyes to see the dildo she chose being slowly inserted into her mouth. She quickly caught on and began sucking and licking at the dildo, lubing it up for her masturbation, as she stared straight into Jeff's eyes.

Jeff finally stepped back and began to turn on several cameras around the room. He then led Kari to the small gray couch in the room and allowed her to recline back with her ass right on the edge of the couch.

"Ok Kari, go ahead and start masturbating as you usually would. Just make sure you walk us through your process," Jeff said as he hungrily took in Kari's flushed and completely turned on look.

"Finally..." Kari thought and began to rub her tits through her bra.

"Ok guys, I always start out masturbating by playing with my firm little titties," Kari explained as she freed her breasts to the camera for the first time that day.

She then proceeded to twist and roll her nipples between her fingers before pulling her breasts straight up by them. She them released her nipples and roughly grabbed her entire breasts and squeezed as she let out a loud moan.

Her right hand than started to travel down her tight abdomen as she forced her eyes open to look at the camera.

"Now I will rub my pussy through my panties before you finally get to see my tight cunt for the first time," Kari basically growled out.

She then proceeded to do just that, rubbing firm circles on her pussy. It was the first solid pressure on her pussy all day and she arched her back as she enjoyed the pleasure it was causing. After several minutes of rubbing, Kari looked back at the camera once again.

"Now let's get my panties off, shall we?" Kari playfully asked the camera.

She then hooked her thumbs into either side of her tight, little panties, lifted her perfect ass off the couch and slid the panties down to her ankles.

She then leaned forward and slowly lifted each high-heeled foot out of the underwear before tossing them towards the camera. She then immediately leaned back and spread her perfect pussy lips with two fingers. Her dark red nail polish clashed sexily with the pale skin of her creamy thighs and the glistening pink flesh of her inner vaginal walls.

"Now the real fun starts," Kari said with a wicked grin.

She then spread her long legs as far apart as she could before abruptly sliding two fingers into her tight love tunnel. She began to finger fuck herself furiously, moaning in ecstasy.

"Unnnhhh...oh God...oh my pussy is so hot and wet...mmmm..." Kari groaned out sexily.

After several minutes of finger fucking her cunt, Kari removed her fingers, smiled at the camera, and languidly sucked her own fluids off her delicate fingers.

"Now that I am absolutely dripping wet," Kari told the camera, "it's time to fill this pussy with this dildo."

Kari showed the dildo to the camera. Then she leaned back into the cushions of the couch and began to circle her sex hole with the tip of the dildo.

Then, right before she jammed the dildo into her cunt and felt true release, the door to the conference room suddenly opened, and the receptionist walked in confidently. Kari immediately gasped in shock and embarrassment as she tried to cover up her body with her hands.

"Oh my god...what are you doing in here?" Kari stammered out towards the sex blonde woman.

The blond girl just smiled as Jeff spoke up and said, "It's ok Kari...I'd like you to meet your co-host, Sara Jean Underwood."

"Oh...uhhh...hi..." Kari said as she started to sit up straighter.

Sara finally spoke for the first time, "Don't get up...we can introduce ourselves better later, but I can see are so horny right now, so go ahead and finish getting yourself off, honey."

Kari swallowed audibly as she looked to Jeff for affirmation. Jeff just nodded his head for her to continue. By this time, Sara had seated herself right next to Kari on the small office couch and smiled prettily towards Kari.

Kari was a little uncomfortable about masturbating in front of a woman that she barely knew, but her horniness level was too high to ignore for any longer. So Kari resumed her masturbation albeit a little more hesitantly than before. However, it wasn't long until she was back to circling her opening with the dildo.

She closed her eyes as she finally thrust the dildo into her immaculate pussy as far as it would go. As she began to fuck herself with the dildo, her moans were suddenly muffled by Sara's lips closing over her own. She also felt a small hand, no doubt belonging to Sara, fondling her left breast.

Kari opened her eyes, but did not cease fucking her cunt with the dildo, as Sara deepened the kiss. Kari had never been this intimate with another woman. Sure, there were some drunken kisses in college, but nothing like this.

Kari had to admit that it felt good and she began to return the kiss in earnest as her thrusts with the dildo got faster and faster. She was finally about to fall over the edge and Sara pulled back right as Kari had a mind blowing orgasm so the camera could catch all of Kari's moans as well as her writing on the coach and arching her back.

"AHhhhhh...oh FUCK...I'm CUMMMMMMING...unnnnnhh..." Kari screamed out as she thrashed on the couch.

After riding every last wave of pleasure, Kari slowly pulled the dildo out of her twat and slumped back on the cushions as she tried to catch her breath. Sara started to stroke Kari's hair as she recovered and whispered just how sexy she looked when she came as she also gently nibbled on Kari's ear.

Meanwhile, Jeff had gotten a raging boner from watching the intensely erotic scene before him and decided it was time to move onto Kari's final scene of the day. He gave Kari a couple minutes to catch her breath and then told her to get her panties and bra back on. Kari stood up and began looking for her hastily discarded lingerie. She turned to find Sara holding her pink undies and grinning widely.

"Here, let me help you get dressed Kari," Sara said while beckoning Kari closer.

Kari walked over to Sara who first helped her get her bra back on.

"You really have great tits Kari," Sara commented.

"By the looks of it, so do you Sara," Kari replied.

While Kari clasped her bra, Sara kneeled down and held out Kari's panties. Kari then stepped into each leg of the panties and Sara slowly pulled them up Kari's marvelous legs. Once she got them back up, Sara slowly felt her way up Kari's abdomen before pulling her in for another quick kiss. Sara was delighted to feel Kari not even resist the kiss at all this time.

"You know Sara, you look really familiar to me, but I just can't place you," Kari said.

"Oh, well I was Playmate of the Year in 2007 and I am also a host on Attack of the Show," Sara explained.

Kari, who was a self-proclaimed geek, knew she recognized Sara from Attack of the Show which covered pop culture, video games, and movies. She told Sara that was where she knew her from and that she always thought Sara was very beautiful. Sara just smiled and thanked Kari for her compliment.

Their conversation was then interrupted by Jeff who said, "Ok, Kari, we need to film one more scene today so we have enough footage to make a short promo episode. So you have a choice to make.

So would you rather film a rough sex scene with me which would include spanking and hard fucking or a full on lesbian scene with Sara here? Kari spoke up to answer Jeff and said, "Ummm...I choose the.......

To be continued...

Author's note: Thanks to everyone who commented on the first chapter of my story with their ideas for Kari. Please continue to do so.

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