tagNovels and NovellasNaked Portraits Pt. 11

Naked Portraits Pt. 11


Chapter 51: Confessions of a Wisconsin Beauty Queen

"Tell me how you, Hawk and Matt hooked up," Aly asked as she filled my glass.

In the mood to share, I told her everything. I even told her about the encounter with the Emiko and Kira Kokura.

"I'm so fucking boring," Aly said with awe.

"Noah at the golf course sounded hot and Hawk said you had a drunken thing with two guys down by the river," I said doing my best Chris Farley. I was that drunk.

"The river stuff is all lies," Aly confessed. "One of the two guys passed out drunk and never got out of the car. The second guy puked on the sand a couple of minutes later and then passed out too. But Noah was the real thing and I can get used to Hawaiian boys." She smiled probably thinking of Rudy Kahakaloha.

In my drunken state, I tried to focus. I marveled at how exotic Aly looked as she casually pushed a lock of her sun streaked blonde hair away from her beautiful Asian face. The judgmental part of me said ... dye job totally.

"You came to check me out today," Aly said.

I moaned and covered my face in shame. "Busted," I said trough my fingers.

Aly laughed. "I checked you out a week ago. I'm just a better spy then you."

"You lied about something else besides the river thing," I said returning the embarrassing favor.

"About what?" she asked with a frown taken aback by my abruptness. So was I for that matter. I blamed the wine.

"I Googled you. You lied to us about being the runner up in the Miss Wisconsin contest. You were crowned Miss Wisconsin. You were the runner up in the Miss America contest."

She sat silent.

"Why not tell, why keep it a secret?" my drunk brain demanded to know.

"People treat you different when they find out you're a beauty queen," she said with a crestfallen expression. "When I met Hawk, I wanted him to accept me for more then my looks."

"But you used your good looks to seduce him," I stated flatly.

Her face scrunched up then relaxed and went neutral.

"Okay, here's the God's honest truth," she said. "Hawk is my type, intellectual, tall, blond, athletic and I fibbed about my beauty queen career out of insecurity." Aly rolled her eyes. "This is going to sound sooo stupid. The three of you are so interesting and not just because of the sex thing. Hawk is a globetrotting archeologist, a living Indian Jones and a world class surfer just as a side thing. Matt is a writer, a deep thinker with a sharp wit. You are a practicing artist, beautiful, dark and edgy. Even your tall friend Meka is so fucking intriguing. Alyson Reese the beauty queen? Just didn't seem to fit." She sighed and seem to deflate on her end of the sofa.

My God. This beautiful woman really is insecure. And all this time I thought beautiful people with insecurities were an urban myth.

"Isn't Alyson Reese the genetic doctor ... whatever somewhere in the picture?" I asked almost irritated.

She reached for her glass and took a big gulp.

"Would you like to hear the sad strange and probably very stupid story of a beauty queen from Wisconsin?" she asked sheepishly.

I looked at my wrist pretending I had a watch.

"I got the time and you got the wine."

She nodded refilled our glasses and I listened.

"I grew up in a small town call Hill Forest twenty miles from Madison, Wisconsin. I always wondered about the name of the town because there were no hills anywhere to speak of and no forest for miles around. Perhaps the town fathers were wishful thinkers or maybe they had a sly sense of humor. I would bet on the former though. From its onset, the town of Hill Forest was staunchly Evangelic, ultra conservative with Tea Party leanings leaving little room for ironic humor.

Ballinger College was our little town's claim to fame voted as the number one Evangelical college in the Midwest. Ballinger was my destiny. After high school, I was expected to enroll there, major in something pointless and marry an up and coming Evangelical minister and hope that he gets a TV ministry.

My father is Korean-German and my mother German-Swiss. Both are tall and I got all the height in spades and somehow, I got my mom's blond hair. Being a tall blonde Asian chick in Wisconsin didn't seem so strange. Nearly half the population in Hill forest is tall and blonde, not many Asians though. Everyone assumed I had a little Russian in me so I managed to blend in well enough. Here in Hawaii though, I'm a sideshow freak.

"Just like Debra Cho in your story," I said.

Aly laughed. "Anyway, my destiny was seriously altered when on a lark, I entered the Miss Wisconsin contest. To make a long stupid story short, I won. My family was very happy for me mostly because a scholarship came with the honors of being crowned. Everyone assumed I would put the scholarship toward Ballinger. And I planned to ... right after the Miss America contest in Vegas.

To show you the kind of hick I was, I thought Madison, Wisconsin was wild and breathtaking. But man oh man; the city of Las Vegas was a completely new universe of sin and temptation. Two chaperones, hand picked by my parents from my local church, accompanied me. But a wild hair had worked its way up my butt and I lost them every chance I got.

My bewildered chaperones sent back shocking reports of my deplorable behavior: staying out all night, going to clubs and parties, drinking, making out with guys I hardly knew, but no drugs. I wasn't sure if they tested for drugs in the Miss America Pageant so I played it safe staying away from all that. Anyway, my parents were totally freaked. But since they were so far away, they could nothing about my bad behavior.

"Ironically, I lost to Miss Hawaii. And like every other pageant runner up in history, I burst into tears, but unknown to everyone in TV land, I was crying tears of happiness. I wanted to be first runner up. I didn't want the grand responsibility of being Miss America, I simply wanted to add more scholarship money to my war chest.

"My parents picked me up at the airport. The local press showed up and I was glad for that because it put off the stern lecture that was coming. An impromptu homecoming parade was granted for my return and I waved and blew kisses like a true beauty pageant first runner up. After the parade my parents sat me down for the talk.

The first thing my father asked was, "When do you plan on depositing your winnings into the joint account?"

I told them, "I opened a new account at a different bank.

"What do you plan to do with the Devil's money?" my father asked.

I said, "I suppose that if I had put the money in the joint account then the money would have belonged to God?" I thought the comeback was quite clever. My dad turned red and my mom gave me dagger eyes. Since I was clearly in the shit house I added, "I'm not going to Ballinger. I'm enrolling at State College." As expected, they flipped.

"You are under the Devil's influence for using your body to make money," my father said. My mom stood behind him nodding her head looking disappointed.

"You guys just gave me a stinking parade for using this body!" I screamed at them.

Things got real ugly after that. All of my animosity and dislike for my misogynistic, oppressive, religious upbringing bubbled to the surface. I said some pretty awful things ... and so did they. I walked out of my family's home away from my old life and into my new one. I've been walking ever since."

Aly sat silent for a few seconds before continuing.

"After that day every decision of my life was a direct polar opposite of my Evangelical religious up bringing. I declared myself a science major throwing my hat on the side of secular godlessness. I went out of my way to pick a study that encroached on God's exclusive turf, human genetics. Even my decision to do my doctorate here in Hawaii was because of my childish rebellion."

"Really?" I asked.

"In my sophomore year in high school, I joined the girl's basketball team. I played center of course and we were damn good. The team was invited to the Hawaiian Islands to play in a tournament. Everyone lost their minds when we got the word. My father was dead set against it saying that the Hawaiian Islands was a place good Christian girls should avoid, calling it a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. He complained to the school board and had the trip squashed. You can imagine how popular that made me with the team. Anyway, I finally got to go to Hawaii." Aly sighed and somewhere between a smile and a frown she downed the dregs in her glass and filled it again.

I reached for my glass too and said, "My grandmother once told me that the best tomatoes come from bull shit."

"What?" she said with a laugh.

"If more people used their anger the way you have," I told her seriously, "there would be less dysfunction walking the streets."

"So what about you? Slave to your up bringing too?" Aly asked mostly joking.

It was my turn for a bitter laugh.

"Yeah, pretty much," I said. "Two older brothers and being the youngest and female in a Japanese family, I was expected to achieve in school then marry well, but mostly I was pretty much ignored. As long as my grades were high and I didn't whore around and take drugs, I was left to my own devises. When I declared myself an art major in my second year at San Jose State, my parents paid a lot of attention. They flipped and demanded I pick a useful major like business, science or English, anything but art. In the serious majors, I could find a husband with a good career to take care of me."

"They actually said that?" Aly asked wide eyed.

"No but I bet they thought that. I was so pissed at them. My whole life I've been an artist. From kindergarten on through high school I did nothing but art. How could they be surprised at my choice? I should have whored around and took drugs because apparently no one was paying attention. Anyway, they were so ticked off they refused to pay my next year's tuition. Betty, my best friend at the time, pleaded my pathetic case to her parents and her father offered to cover my tuition. My parents eventually paid up." I sighed and sat back in the lounge chair. I took a sip of wine and then said, "They've come around ... mostly."

"So you're shouting at your family, look at how GOOD I am and I'm screaming at mine look how BAD I am."

"We're a pathetic pair," I said with a hollow laugh.

Aly leaned forward and clinked her glass against mine. We heard footfalls on the wooden steps outside and moments later the guys entered.

Aly said, "Let's get in the hot tub."

Chapter 52 From Room to Room

"Great idea," Hawk said.

Matt looked at Hawk and said, "But you just told me in the car you were beat and wanted to head on home?"

"Lolo!" Hawk barked with perfect local inflection and dope slapped him in the back of the head.

"No make!" Matt barked back rubbing his head.

Aly laughed at the guy's antics. She stood up, pulled her top over her head and then pealed off her jeans reducing herself to sexy black lace panties and bra. The guys stared at Aly's spectacular figure, hell, so did I. The chick had me beat in every department. Well maybe not, my ass was just as shapely as hers. It might have been self delusion but I was placing a lot of hope in my shapely ass to compete with our blond Amazon.

"Come on everybody," she said. "Don't leave me hangin'"

The guys stripped down to their boxer-briefs.

Aly looked at me, in fact, all of them were looking at me. Feeling a little self conscious about my figure, I joined the club and stripped down to my matching blue undies. Despite my worries, a hot shiver raced up and down my spine. I really liked taking off clothing with all those eyes on me.

"I love your figure," Aly said.

"Wish I had yours," I said.

"Nonsense," Aly said, "I would give this up to look like you. I bet you eat whatever you want without and yet still look like that."

"She eats like a sumo wrestler," Hawk said.

"No make," I said, but it did warm me a little that Aly thought I had a nice figure ... although I would kill to have her tits. By the conspicuous bulges the guy's sported, I could tell they liked Aly's tits too.

For a few seconds, Aly's eyes hopped from Hawk's crotch to Matthew's. Eventually, she pulled her eyes away, cleared her throat and led the way to the hot tub.

Oh my God, Hawk mouthed wordlessly to Matt as we followed Aly. Her ass looking spectacular with every step. She certainly walked as if she were a beauty queen on a runway.

Because she IS a beauty queen I reminded myself. Can't compete with that strut ... or any of her for that mater. Get out of here! Grab Hawk and Matt! Get out of this house! Run away! Run away!

I got a grip om my Monty Python moment of panic as we filed into the glassed in hot tub room. Aly went to a panel near the door and hit some switches. The soft sound of a motor kicked in and the water in the elevated tub churned with a gentle turbulence.

"It will be perfect in about five minutes," Aly informed us. I couldn't help but look at her wonderful ass as she bent to test the water with her hand. And of course the boys were looking too.

How far is she willing to go? I wondered. How insecure are you? I was willing to test that. "Let's get in the tub naked," I suggested.

After a brief hesitation, Aly said. "That's a swell idea."

"Boy's first," I said. "Give us a show."

Aly sat down on one of the two deckchairs in the room her eyes on Hawk and Matt. I stretched out on my side like a Roman empress on the other deckchair, pleased that she was a little nervous.

Matt and Hawk stood side-by-side facing us, they shared an odd little look between themselves making me wonder what their conversation was on the way back from Meka's. They slid their briefs down to the floor at the same time.

"Wow," Aly said.

"Turn around. Show some ass," I said. They obliged. As usual, Hawk's ass looked as good as the first day I saw it, tight and a slight lighter shade than the rest of him. Matt didn't have much of an ass. When he swung back around his impressive erection came into view again, making up for his average backside. Then I had a depressing thought, did Matt think the same of my tits compared to Aly's.

Aly flushed red, her eyes locked on Matt's substantial member.

"Earth to Aly?" I asked amused.

"Girls turn," Hawk said, his eyes unabashedly roving up and down Aly's near naked form.

Hawk walked my way and nudged me off the deckchair. Aly tracked his bobbing erection with every step. I vacated the chair and stepped to the center of the room. Slowly, Aly got up and joined me. Matt slipped onto in Aly's chair to watch. For several seconds, Aly stood absolutely still with her eyes on Matt's big erect penis draped across his midsection.

She's chickening out, I thought smugly. This is about to end right here.

To show I was no chicken, I unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor exposing my breasts and a hint of bikini tan lines. That drew the attention of the boys. Even Aly looked my way. A hot tingling enveloped me with all those eyes on me. Tingly and thrilled, I did a little pirouette to give everyone a few of my, shapely panty covered ass. With my back to everyone, I slipped my thumbs under the elastic and efficiently slipped my panties down my slim, smooth legs. At my knees, the panties dropped to the stoney floor and I kicked them aside. I had tan lines below too.

"One naked Japanese girl for your viewing pleasure," I said playfully. I looked at Aly to see what she planned on doing.

With a blank expression, she unhooked her bra. I noted a tiny shake in her hands. The boy's watched intently. I anticipated more jealousy from my messy brain, but oddly, only sexual adrenaline flowed through me at the moment.

Aly held her untethered bra in place with a hand over each cup. She turned her back to the guys then let the bra drop to the floor. She turned around with her arms crossed over her chest. After a self-conscious deep breath, she dropped her arms.

I don't know about Hawk and Matt, but I was turned on by her shyness ... which was a little disturbing. Like me, Aly had tan lines too. I noted faint freckles on her upper breasts and arms. Her nipples and half dollar size aureoles were a matching shade of pink. Her stomach had a nice curve to it. In fact, she had nice curves everywhere. With her high end C-cups or maybe even D's She had what Betty would call a 50's figure.

Aly slipped her black panties to the floor.

"Oh my god!" I barked. "You really are a blonde!" Her pubic hair was platinum and sparse. I bet she rarely had to trim.

"Nobody believes this is my real color," she said emphatically pointing at her head.

"Maybe you should show your hoochie more often," Hawk said.

Aly blushed but laughed.

I marveled at her height and asked, "How tall are you?"

"An even six bare foot," she said. "In heels I'm fucking Shaquille O'Neal."

Hawk made a spinning motion with his hand requesting Aly to turn around. She obliged doing a slow self conscious turn.

"That's some figure you got there," I readily admitted.

The room was absolutely quiet for what seemed like forever.

Finally, Aly said softly, "The hell with the hot tub. Let's do it."

I looked at the guys and their erections were their answer.

"Okay," I said.

We all looked at Aly standing demurely in all her naked glory. After a couple of seconds of quiet she asked, "Now what?"

Like with the Kokuras, everyone was looking at me for answers. When did I become the group sex guru? I wondered.

"Start with a simple kiss," I said.

She stepped toward Matt surprising me. She confessed that Hawk was her type and I had assumed she would have started with him. Aly's eyes drifting down to Matt's glorious erection. I smiled a little. Mr. Happy has its own gravity field and it was clearly pulling her in. Matt looked up at her. His eyes flickered my way.

"Kiss her lolo," I said almost laughing.

Matt stood from his deck chair. Aly quickly covered his mouth with an aggressive kiss taking him off guard. He quickly recovered though and his hands drifted over Aly's wonderful curves.

Finally, ugly jealousy reared its head and I had to look away for a second. My eyes fell on Hawk unabashedly stroking his pale erection as he watched Aly and Matt kiss and grope. I drift over to Hawk, dropped to my knees, took charge his penis and took it into my mouth. He hissed with pleasure as I worked him deep down my throat as far as I could take him. This must be heaven for him, I thought, getting sucked while watching others make out. Apparently done with their kiss, Matt and Aly drew near to watch me work Hawk. Eddies of sexual current danced through me. I so fucking loved having an audience ... did this make me an exhibitionist too? My mind instantly went to the few seconds of me in Meka's little film.

Seeming to sense my need to be viewed, Hawk moved my long dark hair to one side to give an unobstructed view of my busy hands and mouth. Hot moments with the Kokuras flashed in my head adding fuel to my need. I rolled my eyes up to look at Hawk, he in turn was transfixed on Aly inches away. This was an interesting reversal, the voyeur being viewed, and by a beautiful naked, Asian, blond Amazon to boot.

"You're very beautiful," Hawk said to Aly.

"No ... you are," Aly said almost shyly. Her hand came into view and I watch her fingers glide across Hawk' muscled chest.

I freed Hawk from my mouth and arranged us on the padded deckchair so I could put both knees up on it. With my ass up high, I returned to working him with my mouth and hands. I felt Matt get behind me and slowly entered me. Matt and Hawk always knew what I wanted them to do ... and they were in great form tonight. Soon, the three of us got into a practiced slow pleasurable rhythm. Matt's hands roam over my breasts feeling both sensational and distracting. His heavy petting caused little hitches in our smooth three-way rhythm. Aly appeared on my left and sat on the edge of the deckchair. I rolled my eyes up to watch her bend in and kiss Hawk. One of Hawk's hands explore her full milky breasts. I experience a jealousy jolt but at the same time, my body vibrated deep from within as my orgasm worked it's way to the light.

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