tagIncest/TabooNaked Stepdaughter Ch. 01

Naked Stepdaughter Ch. 01


My name is Kacie. I know. It is a curtsey way of spelling but my mother came up with it.

My "situation" started when I was 17 years old. My mother died in a car accident. Ironically for a heavy drinker, she was sober but was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk friend. The friend survived but my mother did not.

I had never known my real father and I'm not sure mother really did either. It could have been a casual encounter or a swinging party. Mike had been my stepfather for at least ten years and had been around longer than that. He was very much in love with my mother and we mourned heavily for a couple of months. She died just before I started my senior year in high school. We had just about exhausted our mourning by the time my birthday came around on the twenty-fifth of October. Because of the time of my birthday, I always felt I was a year behind in school. I was almost seven years old before I started first grade.

Mike took me out for diner to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. It was nice and we kind of let ourselves loose from the long period of mourning. Mike told me it was time to clean the house of my mother's personal belongings as they were keeping us from returning to normal life. He asked me to go through her things and take what I wanted for keepsakes and give the rest to either Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

Then he said something that shocked me. He said, "Now that you are eighteen, you are free to engage in sexual activity." He didn't elaborate and I was so surprised I didn't know what to say. In fact, it scared me so much I was afraid he had something planned between him and me. I pretty much had considered him my father, even though I had always called him Mike. I let it go at the time but I was on alert.

Mike and my mother slept together in the master bedroom but she had a room where she kept a dresser, chest of drawers and a closet with her personal clothes. I began to go through them. It was the normal stuff until I got to the bottom drawer of the chest. I found crotch-less panties, very brief g-strings, and bras that I think are called shelf bras because they are just a soft sort of frame on which breasts can rest, leaving them basically bare under whatever top was being worn. There were other sexy undergarments and some really brief shorts that seemed to be for day wear but would have barely covered the subject. It didn't seem like the thing a mother, especially my mother, would wear.

Reflecting back, I had sometimes had suspicions about my mother and Mike. There were a number of times they went to gatherings and my mother wore a coat even though it wasn't cold. That certainly seemed out of place and I had wondered what was under that coat. Other times they had their get togethers at our house and she would ask me go spend the night with a friend or sometimes she would send me to stay with an aunt or one of her cousins a couple of days. I knew she drank to excess and sometimes drunks do risqué things. Also if Mike was having one of his poker nights, she would send me away saying the talk was often rough and not fitting for a young girl to hear. Mike never swore or used sexual or rough language in my presence but I knew a lot of men did. Now I suspected maybe some sexual activity or group sex may have been occurring. I was raised not to judge and decided it would be best if I could just forget these thoughts.

Then as I pulled this stuff out of the drawer, I recalled Mike's comment about sexual activity and wondered, "Is he hinting that I might want to wear some of this?" Now I was getting really nervous being in the house with just him. Maybe I should look for another place to live. But I was a high school senior, I had no place to go, no money, no nothing. I figured I'd have to "watch my back" for sure.

At the bottom of that drawer when it was empty of sexy undies, was a large envelope. I opened and found another surprise. This one almost floored me. There were photographs of my mother. In every picture she was naked. Husbands often do this but many of these were of her in a crowd. Usually the crowd was men clothed. A couple had one or two other naked women along with my mother. Sometimes everyone was naked but those were few. When my mother was naked with men, Mike was usually there, grinning and appearing to be proud of showing my mother to the guys. My mother was never blushing and actually seemed to be enjoying herself. She didn't always appear drunk either.

As I was about to return the pictures to the envelope, I heard Mike's voice coming from the doorway. "I see what you are looking at. I had wondered where those pictures had gone.'

I slipped them back into the envelope and handed it to him without comment.

He said, "That reminds me. If you are going to keep living in this house with me, and I don't know where else you could go, I want you to be naked at all times."


"You heard me. Now don't be afraid that I'm going to do something to you. I'm not going to touch you. You are my daughter legally and anything I would do would be incest and I'm not into that. I'm not going to allow anyone else to touch you. I just enjoy naked women as an object of art and though I have never seen you naked, I can tell by seeing you in shorts and a bikini and on occasion with a just a towel wrapped around you that you are pretty much a work of art.

"You can see by the pictures that I like to show off the art I have around me. Get used to that because you are going to be seen in your artistic glory by lots of people because I like it that way. You might as well start now."

I said, "You can't be serious. I would die of embarrassment if even you saw me naked much less 'lots of people'. Are you really expecting that of me?"

He said, "Yes, I am. I'm going to play golf this afternoon. I will give you until I get back to get yourself together and comply."

He turned and left.

I stayed sitting on the bed in my mother's room and cried and shook for almost an hour. I couldn't believe what I had just heard demanded of me. I called my best friend, Lacey, and asked her if I could come talk to her. Because our names rhyme, and we look so much alike, we are often thought to be twins. Our birthdays are even within a week of each other so we both turned eighteen at about the same time. I left the house and went to her house. I was afraid to tell her what Mike had demanded but just wanted her warmth as my friend. I wanted to tell her but wasn't sure I believed it.

I returned home late that night. I sneaked into my bedroom because it appeared that Mike was asleep. I didn't want to see him. I was exhausted and fell asleep immediately, on my bed, in my clothes.

The next morning, I got up and as was my usual practice, I put on my terry robe and went to the bathroom to shower. I thought I heard the door open while I was in the shower but heard no one and saw no one through the frosted glass door.

When I came out of the shower, my robe was gone from the hook on the door. Someone had been in the bathroom. I also heard a woman's voice and she and Mike were talking and laughing.

I dried, wrapped my towel around me and looked in the mirror. The towel barely covered from just above my areolas to the middle of my butt. I had to extend the coverage in front to cover my pussy by using my hand. I rushed from the bathroom to my bedroom. As I did I heard Mike say, "Good morning, Sunshine!" He laughed loudly and the unidentified woman just quietly chuckled.

I went in and tried to close the door but there was no door. It had been removed at the hinges. I thought I would have to dress in the closet. I opened the drawers of my chest to get underwear and a bra and the drawers were empty. I opened the door to the closet and all my clothes were gone. There was nothing to wear but the towel I had around me. I turned it so that it covered the front of my body from just below my chin down almost to my knees. All of my backside was uncovered. I went to the door.

Mike and his friend were standing there waiting for me. I was suddenly nauseated. I thought I was going to throw up.

"Where are all my clothes?"

"You won't be needing them for awhile. You are going to be difficult just like your mother was to start with. Be assured however, that within a couple of weeks, you will have learned to like being naked." That was Mike speaking of course.

He walked slowly towards me with his arms extended to his side like he was wanting to either plead or hug me. I stepped back a little and suddenly his hands grabbed my towel and ripped it away from me. My first reaction was to cover myself. I brought one arm to my breasts and the other hand to my pussy. Then I stopped. I was not going to be able to live in the house like that.

I decided not be allow myself to be intimidated. I stood straight with my arms and hands at my sides. I'm sure my face was completely red but I couldn't control that. I had never been seen naked, even by my mother, since I was about nine years old. The urge to cover up as much as I could, with my hands, was strong but stronger was my reserve to remain calm. I hoped my shaking was not that noticeable.

Then Mike said, "This is Kim, a friend of mine from work. I told her about you and she agreed to help me with your transition."

Kim said, "Hi, Kacie. I think I understand what you are going through and I want to help. I'm Mike's friend but I can be your friend too."

I just glared at her. Some friend she was going to be.

"How am I supposed to go to school? Am I to go naked? Besides, it is soon going to be pretty cool to be walking around here naked. Am I to just freeze?"

Mike laughed. "We will provide you with school clothes on Monday. You will 'turn them in' each day when you come home. Every morning you will be given clothes for school, Monday through Friday. When it gets colder I will allow you to wear sweats in the house or we can turn the thermostat up so you will be comfortable. However, when I deem it is warm enough for you to be naked you will be naked."

I said, "Thanks a lot. Are there any other restrictions? Can I have my friend Lacey over to keep me company?"

Mike said, "Sure, she can come over any time. Maybe we can get her naked too. I do have one other requirement. I want your pubic hair removed completely. In fact Kim will help you with that, unless you want to be difficult and it takes both of us to get you shaved."

I said, "I think I can manage."

Kim said, "It isn't always as easy as it seems. We want to get it all the first time, then it will be fairly easy to maintain. Come on into the bathroom." She held out her hand. I could tell by then that she was trying to be compassionate and didn't want to hurt me.

I had never tried to shave. I had heard about it and wondered what kind of contortionist a woman had to be to get all that hair off. So I succumbed and allowed myself to be led to the bathroom. We closed the door.

Kim looked at me and said she would be right back. I heard her tell Mike she needed some scissors, shaving cream and a razor. I had a razor but she didn't ask for it. She returned with some electric hair clippers I had seen Mike use to trim his beard, along with the other things she had requested.

She had me sit up on the vanity with my legs spread as far as I could get them. I was seriously red again. Even I had never examined my cunt to the extent it was being seen by Kim. I had never even been to a gynecologist. I was again feeling sick.

She made no comment to embarrass me but simply said, "These clippers are going to make this much easier."

Then, "Oh, I'm sorry. I can imagine how you feel exposed to a virtual stranger like me. Let's get even." With that comment, she stood back and kicked off her flip-flops, pulled her shirt over her head and dropped her shorts to the floor. She wore no underwear or bra. Her cunt was shaved clean. She said she would show me what it looked like. She put one foot on the vanity beside me and leaned back, showing me how clean shaved she was. She showed no embarrassment.

"Just so you know, Mike has never seen me naked. I'm sorry for you but when he told me want he intended to do I was afraid he might hurt you physically and decided it was best if I intervened to some extent for your sake. We have never had a close relationship and I thought maybe he told me hoping I would get involved. You seem like a nice girl. I'm glad I did."

Maybe she was going to be a friend after all. So there we were both naked. She put her foot back on the floor. She plugged in the shaver and proceeded to shave off the thick hair that had grown on my cunt for all my life. I had never thought about it but suddenly seeing it come off it occurred to me that clothes must wear it down or something. Otherwise it would be growing out of my pant legs and up to my chin. That struck me as funny and I shared my thoughts with Kim. She said she had never thought of that. We had a good laugh and she stopped cutting and we hugged. Things were suddenly quite a bit better.

She finished with the trimmer, lathered my private parts and carefully shaved me, front and back. She picked up the hand held mirror and said, "Look how marvelous you look! You have a pronounced mound and you look ready to show off and if you don't mind my saying so, you look ready to fuck." She laughed and somehow, I managed to laugh with her.

"Look, I'm going to stay naked with you today. It's Saturday and I have nothing to do. We can do whatever you want . . . I guess, as long as we stay here. What do you want to do?"

I said, "I don't know. If I wasn't confined to the house, I could probably find a lot of things to do here but now that I am confined all I can think of are things to do elsewhere."

She said, "Let's start by cleaning your room. Now that all your drawers and shelves are empty, it will be easier to clean. I'm guessing that you don't get down deep much. Who does?"

So we went to the laundry/utility room and got dusters, spray cleaner, rags and buckets.

When Mike saw Kim naked he said, "Wow, wait until I tell the guys at work. I love your matching, shaved pussies."

Kim said, "You tell anyone about this and I'll say you tried to rape Kacie and when I interfered you slugged me. See how you like it in jail. You know they always believe the woman in these cases." She was tough and I believed she would tell that story.

Kim and I were quite a contrast. I'm 5' 5" with brown hair. Kim is about 5' 1" and reddish blond hair. We each weighed around 115 so she was just a tad heavier than me. Our breasts were both about 35B. Her breasts looked larger because she was shorter. My legs were of course a bit longer and thinner. Her legs were full and firm. Maybe she did weigh a bit more than me. She was solid where I was softer, if I do say so myself. I think she would be described as " really cute" where I was . . . I don't know, attractive?

We pretty much stayed in my room. We found a lot to laugh about and actually became pretty good friends in a short time. She was very open, told me about some of her sexual adventures which made me blush but not her. She was really up front about everything. I wasn't used to that but was getting to like hearing frank talk about formerly taboo subjects.

Mike stuck his head in and said he was leaving for a "few hours". His only instruction was that I was to remain naked, like I had a big choice, and if anyone came to the door I was to answer it. He said he wanted me to get used to being seen by as many people as possible. Kim told him to just go away.

"I'd really like to be here and see you answer the door for some of those JWs that come around or maybe for some of those little Mormon boys in their uniforms."

After he left Kim told me of some girl/girl experiences she had and I kept looking for her to maybe come on to me but she showed no sign of doing anything except maybe boast a bit. She had really gotten around sexually and otherwise. Maybe she didn't need any more conquests.

I should mention we lived in the Southwest where cooler weather was pretty much limited to December and January. We were a couple of weeks away from that so we were comfortable naked.

We watched television the rest of the afternoon, mostly talking and very little really watching.

Mike came home about 5:30 p.m., chipper and looking relaxed. He seemed more interested in Kim's nudity than he did in mine. He immediately ordered pizza to be delivered. I knew right away I was going to get my first exposure to a stranger, since being exposed to Kim.

Sure enough, when the door bell rang, Mike instructed me to not only answer the door but to invite the delivery person in so he could be paid. He told Kim she was welcome to stay or disappear into the bedroom portion of the house. Happily for me she opted to stay sitting on the couch.

I was terrified as I went to open the door. I pleaded to Mike not to have to let someone see me naked. He ignored by plea and told me to get with it. Luckily for me the delivery person turned out to be a young woman.

I muttered, "I'm sorry, I was made to do this."

She replied, "Don't worry about it. I see this all the time. Guys like to make their girlfriends or wives answer the door naked or almost naked thinking the delivery person will be a guy. It happens about once a week."

I invited her in and paid her. She saw Kim sitting on the couch and laughed. "Is this a nudist colony?

Kim got up and walked over to where we were exchanging money and said, "Yes, want to join? We'd love to have you. I think you'd look good naked."

The girl said, "Actually, I would love to join you. Maybe after I get off work, I can come back."

Kim was a bit taken back. I laughed and said, "What time do you get off work?"

She said, "In a couple of hours, about eight."

I said, "We'll look for you. See you later".

When she left Kim said, "We won't see her again".

Mike said, "We won't see her again, but I'd like to".

After we ate the pizza, Mike announced he hated to leave two naked ladies but he had long before arranged to go bowling with some of his buddies. He said, "I'm not going to bring them here tonight but after I have given you a little time to adjust, we are going to have some visitors." He was addressing me and just the idea made me blush.

About 8:15 the door bell rang. Kim said, "You had better answer that in case Mike is sending someone to test you. I'll be behind the door in case it takes both of us to handle it. I fight like a tiger when necessary. While you were in the bathroom I latched the screen."

Again I was scared but I opened the door and it was Miss Pizza, in a black mini-skirt and a button up vest. She wore low heeled sandals with her outfit.

I let her in and she introduced herself as Annie. Almost the first thing she asked was who was making me answer the door naked. We invited her to sit down, which she did after dropping the skirt and removing the vest. She was naked under just those two things. She said she went naked as much as much as possible. She looked great in just the sandals. She had good size breasts but wasn't completely shaved, She had just a bit of wispy hair down there. We explained the whole story.

She said she would have been able to handle that and told me to just take it in stride and enjoy exposing myself. She assured me it would become a real rush along with the humiliation. She said, "Fun overcomes hesitation."

We had a fun evening and I was beginning to like being naked with the three of us playing games of trivia, charades and trying to do card tricks. We even tried a system of "strip" Trivial Pursuit but since we were already naked, it was a silly game of pretending we were stripping. It was a laugh though.

The time came however, when Mike came home and Kim and Annie left. Annie gave me her phone number and told me to let her know when I was home alone and needed company. If she was available she would be glad to keep me company. She even suggested that maybe we could go delivering pizza together, naked. She said sometimes she was called to a frat house and could swing by and take me to deliver. That actually sounded wickedly fun, but I doubted if I could do it.

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