tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNancy Porter's Journal: 10

Nancy Porter's Journal: 10


Nancy's tenth journal entry brings her to a new year, and what started out to be nightmare, and then evolved into something else altogether, now takes a decided turn for the worse.


1. Bad karma.

Did you ever feel like there was something in the air? Something that you couldn't quite put your finger on, but a feeling that all was not right with the world, and that something bad was going to happen?

That's the way I felt that next week when I arrived at the Professor's house the next Friday. Monica greeted me at the door, and she looked upset, almost like she had been crying. When I asked her about it, she assured me there was nothing wrong, and asked me to take the dogs out back for a few minutes.

The dogs. The reason I had started coming here in the first place, Ziggy and Roy. After the first few weeks, I had hardly seen them outside of an occasional brief greeting when I first got there. They seemed happy to see me out and about with them, and I got a kick out of their goofy antics as they fought over the ball.

While we played, I looked around for the camera that I knew was out here somewhere. I finally saw it, out by the corner of the deck. I remembered that fateful night when the Professor first showed me the video of me playing with the dogs. That video was followed by the one of me drooling over Monica, and the piece de resistance, me fingering myself over those lewd and nude pictures of Monica.

How long ago that all seemed now, and what a different person I had become in those few months since. I walked toward the camera and gave it a big phony smile, which I followed with a one digit salute before going back to the dogs.

After we came in, I was escorted down to the bar area by Monica, who was as beautiful as ever but was acting like something was bothering her. She made me my usual vodka and tonic, but it was so strong that I almost choked.

"I think it's called Vodka AND tonic" I chided Monica.

"Oh... sorry" Monica said as she splashed in some soda.

I had a couple of cocktails, and was feeling less pain than usual by this point while Monica took me down and prepped me. While Monica shaved my pubes, she looked so different I was a little shocked. She seemed distant, and looked tired and older. I chalked it up to me being a little woozy, and tried to prepare myself for whatever was headed my way this week.

2. Pam's back

"Nancy baby, how ya doin'?"

I remembered that voice, and I was happy when I saw my old friend Pam come down the aisle to greet me. We hugged and kissed while I thought back to that first night doing this, months ago. It seemed like years, and so much had changed, but I had a special feeling for Pam. After all, she was my first... first everything, I figured. Plus, she remembered my name was Nancy.

"We'll have another person joining us shortly" the Professor informed us, so I got into my plaid skirt and blouse outfit.

"They still got you wearing that thing?" Pam asked me.

"Yeah, and I hate it"

"It's worked so far Nancy, so why change?" Pam said, "or should I call you Molly now?"

I started to ask her what she meant but I got hustled away by Monica who handed me a tall glass of water.

"No thanks," I told her, "your water sucks."

"Drink it please Nancy" Monica practically begged of me, so I drank some of it to please it.

"Yuck!" I said while that cruddy taste filled my mouth.

Monica put her arm around me and started to walk around the room with me, like she wanted to say something but was having trouble getting the words out. It didn't matter in a second, as the Professor came down the aisle with some black guy.

He looked really angry about something, and he was dressed like one of those rappers you see in those videos, with a bunch of jewelry hanging off of him. The Professor introduced him to Pam, and he seemed to like her, but the feeling didn't seem mutual.

As for me, he sneered at yours truly like I crawled out from under a rock. I didn't catch his name, and as far as I was concerned I didn't care. He didn't make a good first impression on me anyway, but I was having enough problems standing up at that point. The room felt like it was slanted or something, and I fell against Monica giggling.

"This little bitch some kinda crack ho or somethin'?" I remember the guy asking the Professor.

Pam and Monica walked me over to the bed, and Pam began taking my clothes off, which I didn't mind at all. The black dude was behind Pam squeezing her boobs through her clothes, and she winced and wiggled her nose.

"Hey, the brother needs to be hosed down, because he's hummin'" Pam whispered when she walked over to the Professor, who wrinkled his nose and nodded.

The professor had us go over to the shower and told us to help the guy get undressed and after that we were to all take a shower. The guy was really muscular, but he had a lot of scars as well as a lot of tattoos, the most noticeable one being across his stomach. It spelled out 'THUGG' in fancy lettering, with two g's, which made me giggle.

"What you laughin' at little girl?" he snapped at me. "Stupid cunt, oh man look at them sorry titties! Shit, no way I can get it up lookin' at that! Cover them up, or turn around at least."

He grabbed my arm and spun me around roughly, almost knocking me down, and squeezed my butt.

"Nice mudflaps though" Thugg commented. "I'm gonna get busy back there, know what I'm sayin'? Damn! Gonna do some serious damage to that ass!"

"Don't listen to this asshole, Nancy" Pam whispered to me, as we got under the shower spray with him.

It was around then that I started feeling really sick, and not just from the drinks. All this time, nobody had ever said anything but nice things about me and about the way I looked. Thugg sure brought me back to earth fast. Just like old times for me.

"Check this out little girl" Thugg said, as he waved his dick at me. "Never had anything like this before, have ya.?"

Well, I guess it was pretty big, but nothing like the Professor's. Thugg sure seemed proud of it though, and he couldn't keep his hands off of it. Pam soaped Thugg up, and I helped her wash the guy, even though I was having real balance problems. Those drinks must have been really strong to get me this smashed so fast, I recall thinking.

The rest of this was a blur, and although I guess I could look at the tape, I'm not really interested. Pam made out with me for a while, and then we had to take turns sucking Thugg's dick. He tried to ram the thing down my throat, and I choked and almost threw up.

Pam tried to distract him, but he seemed intent on hurting me. I remember him jamming a finger into my butt, throwing me down onto the bed face first, and then climbing on top of me.

I remember Monica screaming at Thugg to use a rubber, and him cursing back at her that he "wanted this bitch bareback". That was followed by a searing pain when he rammed his dick into me, not even bothering to use any kind of lubrication.

He humped me like a wildman, and the pain was just as bad emotionally as it was physically. As he insulted me and called me names, with my face shoved into the mattress, for some reason I started thinking about my mother. It was her birthday next week and I hadn't gotten her anything.

Why that crossed my mind at that time, I don't know, but the thought of her seeing me like this, having some scumbag fuck me in the ass, overwhelmed me. I felt the tears start to roll down my cheeks, and Pam told Thugg to stop, that he was hurting me.

"About time you had a real man, you little bitch!" he screamed, grabbing a fistful of my hair and yanking my head up and back. "How you like me now? Who's laughin' now?"

From the back of the room I remember hearing Monica scream, and that was followed by a loud crash of some kind. Around then, I felt Thugg orgasm inside me, and I was so happy that it was over that it was worth it.

Pam was screaming at everybody in the room, and even took a swing at Thugg, who didn't take kindly to that. The Professor was trying to break up this melee that was going on around me, and Monica was nowhere to be found.

I just curled up on the bed, as best I can recall, feeling the sperm oozing out of my rear end and crying like a baby.

3. The morning after

I either passed out or fell asleep, because the next thing I remember was waking up in the bed, all alone. I stumbled around in the dark trying to find my things, with a searing pain in my rear end and found everything but my socks. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could so I abandoned them.

I got into the car and started bawling again. It was a challenge to drive home, as I was still a bit unsteady, but I made it okay. I tiptoed upstairs and undressed to take a shower. There was a blood stain in the back of my panties, but whatever was wrong would have to heal itself. No way in hell that I would be getting that checked out, and trying to explain how that happened.

My tears flowed with the spray of the shower, and I stayed in there until I used up all the hot water. I still felt dirty even after all that, but went to bed and lay there until the sun came up, when I mercifully fell asleep.

I stayed in bed all weekend, telling the folks that I was coming down with something. The TV was on non-stop, but I don't reacll watching anything, just staring straight at the screen. Mom babied me a lot, and for whatever reason that made me feel better, even though a week earlier I would have been rolling my eyes.

I milked this imaginary illness for much of the next week, and didn't leave the house until Thursday, when I finally went out for a walk. The cold winter air brought me back to life and woke my brain back up. Friday was almost upon me again, I was wondering whether the Professor was expecting me to go over there the next day. I wanted that tape, but how bad was something I wasn't sure of.

I had no intention of going, but I was saved from making that decision when the Professor called and told my mom that his wife had come down with something and they would be staying home. Apparently Mom told him that I had been sick all week too, and she told me that he wished me a speedy recovery. Thanks for nothing. I hadn't managed a BM all week without feeling like a hot poker was up my butt.

I have to admit that Friday felt weird not going over there, as stupid as that must sound. It had become such a major part of my life that I was going through a withdrawal of sorts, or so it seemed. The Professor was scum, but Monica... how I missed seeing her. Now I had to resign myself to leaving that part of me behind, but why that left me feeling empty is one for the psych majors among you to figure out.

4. Monica calls

Friday came and went, and eventually the next Friday was upon me. Believe it or not, I was staring at the phone thinking of calling the Martin's house in hopes Monica would pick up, when the phone rang. Guess who?


"Speaking. Monica, is that you?"

"Yes. Please come over as soon as you can."

"You have to be kidding Monica!"

"He's not here... won't be here until around six tonight" Monica said. "Please honey, I have to talk to you. It's very important."

"Okay, I'll be there in about an hour."

I had no idea what was so important, but I was so happy to hear Monica's voice that I didn't care. I told her an hour, but I was there in 45 minutes, and as I walked up the path to the house all I could think of was Monica. That was all going to change in a matter of minutes, and my life would never be the same again.


Thanks to the patient and wonderful readers still with me. The end is near.

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