Natasha Needs to Taste


With a roar, my daddy let go, unable to hold back. He arched his back and froze there, like that, with his fantastic long, hard cock buried deep in his baby's mouth as I kept jacking and tensed, waiting for it.

The first glob of cum hit the back of my mouth and I moaned, sending vibrations down his cock and then another glob and then the flood began. What seemed like endless ropes of cum spurted into my mouth and I battled to keep my mouth on his cock and jack him off. Janet's face was right up close to mine, her mouth open in awe of the moment and my daddy filled my mouth with his hot, sticky seed. The salty-sweet taste intoxicated me and my nostrils flared, letting the musky scent in.

Gradually, my daddy's body started to relax and his hips bucked a bit and I kept his cock in my mouth until his ass was resting on the sofa again. He gasped for air and when I looked up at him, he was looking at me incredulously.

I lifted my head off his huge cockhead and showed him his cum on my tongue before swallowing it, staring him in the eye with a fiery, passionate, lust-filled look. I savoured the texture and the taste as it slid down my throat and I sucked his cockhead clean, eager for every drop.

'Good girl, good girl...', mumbled Janet.

Finally, the ecstasy slipped into exhaustion and I lay my head down on daddy's tummy, staring up at him, both of us panting and staring at each other in mutual satisfaction and desire. I stroked his still erect cock lightly and Janet moved up on the sofa beside us. She kissed first daddy, passionately. Then she bent down to me and our lips and tongues squashed together. She interrupted our kiss a couple of times to slip daddy's cockhead in her mouth to suck it briefly.

Daddy watched his girls kiss. Despite the exhaustion, I felt the distinct sense of arousal returning at a rapid pace. We couldn't get enough of each other's kiss, me and Janet and soon we were on our knees, on either side of daddy, kissing hard and long and taking turns sucking his cock. The intensity was increasing fast. Daddy's hands were on our heads urging us to suck and kiss, forcing our faces together and then down onto his cock. We all spiralled upwards in mutual desire.

When Janet found herself rather intoxicated by cocksucking, daddy's hand pulled my head up to his and, for the first time, we kissed. Not like father and daughter, but man and woman. His tongue danced with mine and I held his face tight with my hands and leaned hard into the kiss.

I swung my leg over him, straddling his stomach, squealing and grunting into his mouth. Janet was just behind my ass, concentrating on sucking daddy's cock and he was once again bucking his hips to get his cock deeper down her throat.

I surprised myself by taking the initiative. I climbed off my daddy and pushed him down on the sofa, flat on his back, amazed at my own strength. His cock popped out of Janet's mouth and she stood up, ready for whatever came next. Her eyes glazed and hungry. I straddled daddy's chest, leaning back to show him my wet, tight, hairless cunt and he stared at it. Janet had needs of her own and she promptly climbed atop him and with one fluent motion she impaled herself on his cock, screaming as she did so. She reached around and grabbed my tits, leaning forward to see my daddy's face positioned at my fuckhole. My legs went up and Janet pushed me forwards towards his tongue. I felt her start rising and falling on his cock and moaned in ecstasy.

'Suck your baby's hole... taste her like she tasted you...'

In a flash, his mouth covered my lips, clit and fuckhole. It was electric. It was nuclear. My clit was one giant nerve ending and each time his hot tongue flicked it, I jolted. Janet was getting into it, too. She held my arms roughly and tightly behind my back as she fucked daddy's cock and watched the action.

Her slick cunt sucking at his shaft made daddy groan and his groans tingled my clit and my whole wet crotch.

It didn't take me long and I knew the sensation as soon as it appeared. I pushed my cunt hard against my daddy's mouth and his tongue tried to keep contact with my clit as I wriggled wildly about. Janet tightened her grip on my arms behind my back and hissed in my ear, 'Cum, cum, cum on your daddy's face...'

It hit me suddenly, none of the usual slow build-up I was used to, just one fantastic wave of orgasm wracking my body in a blinding flash. I tensed for a couple of seconds and then went limp. It was short but it was like nothing I had ever experienced. I was breathless. I was sure I was unconscious, actually. But daddy's gentle licking and Janet's up and down movements on his cock reassured me that I was very much awake.

But Janet didn't let me relax for more than a minute. She was no longer the cool, calculating mediator. She was possessed. Her eyes were glazed with passion and her hair was tousled with sweat and she knew what she wanted to see.

She slid off daddy's cock, still holding me tight, and pulled me back on the sofa, laying me down on my back with my ass hanging off the edge.

'Daddy... I want to see it... I want to see your cock inside your babygirl... do you want your daddy's cock, baby?'

I had never seen her so wild and out of control. It was nothing but a turn on and I was washed away on her wave. She grabbed daddy's hand and pulled him up, grabbing him and pushing him, forcing him between my legs. They spread automatically to accommodate him. I watched her in awe as she grabbed daddy's cock roughly and jacked it hard and fast for a little while and then she dropped to her knees and licked by willing cunt, flattening her tongue against my lips and hole. She lifted her head up and spit on my hole before turning to my daddy's cock and spitting on the head.

'Now... do it now... you ready, baby?' I nodded and squirmed, thrusting my ass up towards the cock that Janet was pulling towards the entrance to my cunt.

'Fuck her, fuck her now... you want to fuck her?... huh? Do you??!!'

'Yeah, I want her. I want to fuck her...'

'Then do it...'

She climbed up on the sofa beside me, still holding daddy's cock. With one hand she spread my lips wide and with the other, she pointed daddy's cockhead at it's ultimate goal. She was almost impatient the way she circled the cockhead around in tight movements, working the head inside. Content that it was snugly in place, she moved her hand and lay down beside me to watch, her hand rubbing her cunt furiously.

'Look, baby. Look Natasha, daddy's cock is there, right there... you ready?'

'Uh huh...' I looked down and his cockhead, lingering and twitching at the entrance to my eager cunthole, looked enormous. I bit my lip in anticipation of the inevitable. I looked up at daddy and just nodded as if to say, 'ready?'

I nodded back and braced myself. He starting pushing his hips forward and I watched with open mouth and wide eyes as his cockshaft starting disappearing inside my silky cunt.

'She tight?...huh, baby? Is she tight? I bet she's tight... fuck it, I KNOW she's tight...'

'Yeah, so tight... oh my god...'

It hurt. Saying otherwise would be a lie. But I was too far gone to let the sharp, biting pain dominate the sensation.

Daddy started short, jabbing, fucking motions, to let my hole get used to his cock. But only for a while, because Janet was egging us on and his own desires were getting the better of him. He started fucking me with longer strokes. Harder strokes.

'Get it in there... fuck her cunt with your big, fat daddycock... this is what you want, right Natasha?'

It was. Daddy fucking me. The first time with daddy. A big mancock making me a woman...

'Yeah... do it daddy... fuck me so good...'

A blinding flash of white pain hit me hard but soon faded and daddy didn't let up, starting to fuck me deeper and deeper and Janet fingering herself, eyes glued to the huge cock filling my cunt.

I soon adopted daddy's rhythm and my hips soon rose to meet every thrust. I watched his cock sliding in and out but my eyes soon went up to meet his. We fucked like that for forever. Daddy's second orgasm was long in coming but it's arrival was inevitable. He soon grabbed my hips and leaned into his task, droplets of sweats splashing onto my tits and stomach, pummelling my tender hold mercilessly and I did all I could to meet each hard thrust. I felt pure pleasure in every nerve in my body and when Janet's hand slid down to finger my clit I could hardly stand it anymore.

My ass flew up and down and my head rolled back and forth and groans and moans slipped out involuntarily. Janet was obsessed with our pleasure.

'Cum, cum, cum... both of you... cum for me...'

We obliged.

First me with an orgasm originating deep within my soul and lasting for days soon began washing over me. My eyes rolled back in my head and I screamed unintelligible words. Daddy watched me, his own orgasm inspired by mine.

He was getting very close now and he mumbled and groaned;

'Gonna cum... gonna cum in your cunt, baby...'

Janet had other plans and she interrupted with a sharp, hoarse command;

'NO! Me! Cum on her stomach and tits... fuck, yeah... I need to see it... I need to taste it...'

Daddy's mouth opened and no sound came out. He grabbed his cock and pointed it, as instructed, at my tummy. It was an awesome sight watching his hot seed spurt out of his huge cock and splatter rudely on my stomach, but also arching through the air to land on my tits and neck. He froze and just let his balls empty his cum onto his babygirl while Janet watched intently.

He fell to his knees in-between my legs when he couldn't stand anymore and his orgasm abated. Janet dutifully sucked all of his cum into her mouth and licked it off my spent body, kissing me when she had gathered it all up and letting me taste the remains.

Gradually our kiss became more tender and daddy leaned onto my stomach and lay his head down to catch his breath.

We all gently descended from our ecstasy together and lay their in one exhausted heap of naked, sweating flesh.

Janet was soon her old self again.

'Mission accomplished.' We all laughed and kissed one another.

'But there is one serious problem...'

We waited for her to continue.

'I have to cum...'

I smiled lovingly at her and daddy and I kissed passionately before gathering the strength to get up. Daddy winked at me.

Janet lay down on the sofa, legs spread, fingers spreading her lips wide open as me and my dad knelt down to start Janet on her journey to orgasm. She deserved it.

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