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Naughty Siblings


I slept over at my brothers last night after going to the pub. We used to be like best friends but it's been some years since we were close. We would talk about everything related to boys and girls. It enabled the two of us to get the low-down on our opposite sexes. It was so nice to have a male friend in my brother whom I could put explicit questions, and to be able to converse about sex without any threat to our family relationship.

Anyway, during the night I woke up and desperately needed a glass of water. On my way to the kitchen I encountered something rather surprising, and hilarious: my brother sitting on the sofa in the dark, naked, with the TV on.

"I was just watching the news," he said, obviously embarrassed, as he quickly grabbed a cushion.

"Yeah, of course you were bro." I giggled, as I left him and went into the kitchen.

"I know what it looks like, Sophie," he pleaded, following me, but I wasn't ......"

"What?" I said, holding back my laughter. "Wanking?"

As he stood in front of me in his shorts, I eyed his athletic physique for a moment before turning to pour a glass of water and light a cigarette. As I took a deep breath of smoke I began to recall a faint memory of him stroking his cock in the shower.

I had accidently entered the bathroom not realising he was in the shower. Through the steamy glass I could make out the tight grip he had around his cock as he tugged his balls. Those moans of ecstasy as he shot a thick wad of cum against the glass will stay with me forever. I was young and learning and I learnt a lot that day.

"Ok, I admit it, I was wanking!" he announced, suddenly proud. "I've had a bit to drink and I'm horny as fuck."

I looked back at him and felt myself starting to blush as I realised both my thoughts and what my brother had just blurted out were inappropriate. Trying to hide my new found arousal I sucked hard and deep on my cigarette.

It was now his turn to eye me up and down as he admired my bedtime attire. I was wearing an old t-shirt that I had found upstairs and it was easily two sizes too small. I'm my own drunken state I hadn't noticed my nipples protruding through the t-shirt. The t-shirt also did very little if nothing to hide the black lace panties I was wearing.

The atmosphere in the kitchen was suddenly tense, almost too tense as I crushed out my cigarette and went to leave. My brother however had other ideas.

As I passed him he quickly grabbed my pony tail and forced me to sit down on one of the kitchen stools.

"Ouch!" I exclaimed in genuine pain.

"I want you to watch me wank," he said, letting go of my hair. Standing directly in front of me, no more than arms length, my brother grabbed his cock and slowly began to stroke himself.

I must admit that his brief moment of brutality had aroused me; it certainly woke something deep inside my belly. And now he had forced us into the world of taboo I decided to shift my bum to the edge of my seat, presenting my panty covered pussy. Looking down to where I had drawn his attention, he grinned in silent thanks and began to stroke a little faster.

I sat there as he grabbed, tugged and stroked away, and even though I was knackered from the nights drinking and lack of sleep I couldn't resist this sexy opportunity.

Without a moment's hesitation I quickly grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up and over my head. His grunts and groans were instant as my firm breasts were bared willingly for him.

"Fuck, sis, your tits are fantastic," he exclaimed, as my nipples hardened and ached. "Take off your panties; I want to see all of you."

I leaned back and he groaned loudly as I shifted my bum on the seat and whipped off my panties. Now, moments after baring my breasts I was exposing my shaven, wet pussy to my brother.

"Fuck, your gorgeous, you have a pussy like a peach, soft and juicy."

I smiled my appreciation at him, and watched him speed up his movements as his actions became desperate. He smiled at me, and I could tell from his ragged breathing he was close.

With our eyes fixed in the most erotic moment of my life I wondered if I should ask him to grab a condom. As I pondered this idea -- hoping he wouldn't ejaculate I reached for my aching pussy and rubbed for a moment. I was fucking soaking and dripping onto the stool.

Then, as if reading my mind, my brother stepped forward, still holding his throbbing cock in one hand as he ran his fingers through my hair with the other.

"God, I want to fuck you so bad," he grunted, "and the fact you're my sister is making it all the hornier."

Stunned and paralysed I sat in shock with my pussy now pressed up against his hanging balls as he continued to stroke himself.

There we were ready to fuck each other's brains out, but something was stopping us.

"You've got a sexy fucking body," he drooled, as he snuggled into me and bite my neck softly.

"Thanks," I whispered into his ear, feeling his hand stroking his cock against my belly.

The throbbing between my legs was now becoming almost unbearable and I wondered how long before one of us would break under all this sexual tension. I decided to act.

I reached down and grabbed his hand, forcing him to stop his actions. He looked up into my eyes and removed his hand, placing it on my thigh. I immediately took a firm grip of his cock and began to slowly stroke him.

His hand was still on my inner thigh, squeezing me gently while his other hand grabbed my right breast. I was well aware of my need to put his cock inside my now pulsating hole but I also wanted to tease him a little.

"Where would you like to cum?" I said, licking his ear lobe.

"Oh, Sophie," he murmured, "you're my sister." "Where would you like to come? How about inside me?" I said, breaking into a grin.

My brother stared at me for a moment with a bewildered expression. "That's what I want to do." He said, his eyes suddenly lighting up.

"I really, really want you to do it too." I grinned.

A mischievous grin appeared on his face and then we finally got the release we were waiting for. It felt amazing: all the stress and tension easing away as we climaxed together and for a brief moment I forgot we were siblings.

My brother took my legs and spread them wide. Pleased with my positioning he took his cock and gently stroked up and down my quivering lips, occasionally plunging inside me. I watched his face as his thrusting increased in intensity and I knew he would come very soon.

"Come inside me," I said gently, but firmly. "Do it deep inside my womb."

He gave me a look full with lust and desire and continued to tease my pussy.

"Yes." I panted. "Do it!"

Then it happened.

My brother grunted like a man possessed as he plunged his cock deep inside my pussy. Sitting on the stool I wrapped my legs around his body and ground into him, bucking as my climax ripped through my body. I felt a sudden pulse and swell deep inside me before .... bang! He erupted and shot his hot load inside me, his sister.

To this day we have never spoken a word of what we did that night.

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by Familyluv2114u04/22/18


Although short,this was so naughty!! I loved it!
Nothing hotter than a loving brother and sister lol,especially if the sis is older😊
Nonetheless ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️'s for this and the secondmore...

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