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Never Letting Go


His name was Bruce and we had dated for almost a year. Unfortunately, he and I both had tempers from Hell, so we did fight quite a bit. One night, things were said that we both knew at that moment, could never be taken back, so we broke up. Both of us swearing we'd never lay eyes on each other again. He went on with his life, as did I. He dated his share of girls and I dated my share of losers but never finding the fire and passion I had with Bruce, which left me feeling unfulfilled.

Bruce and I had an amazing sex life full of passion, sometimes raw passion, so raw it might be considered obscene to some. But he and I fed on that, it made us grow and always left us wanting more and more of each other.

Anyway, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never again feel that kind of heat and raw animal lust I had with Bruce, and this depressed the hell outta me!! I mean, here I am, only 28 years old and was already having to face the fact that there would never be another man that would make me cum so hard I swore I saw God.

Soooo in an effort to pick up my spirits, I called up Janine, she was always ready for a night out on the town. After agreeing about everything from where we were going to what color lipstick we'd be wearing, we made plans to meet at a bar a few miles down the road called, Down South. I had been there a few times and always had a blast, so I assumed this would be THE picker upper I was needing.

Two hours later, Janine pulled up into the driveway, blasting her horn, as usual and telling me to hurry my ass up or she was going without me. I smiled and slipped on my black leather biker boots, took one last look in the mirror, grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

"This was really a great idea, Sadie" said Janine, backing out of my driveway.

"Yeah, I thought so too, I've really been bummed out lately, thought a night out would pick me up some," I said, re-applying my lip gloss in the visor mirror overhead.

As we drove, song after song seemed to be provoking the party mood we had going that night. So by the time we pulled into the parking lot, Janine and I were definitely in a good mood.

A couple bikers whistled our way and we both returned our best teasing smiles and headed into the bar. One quick look around and I knew this would be a night to remember.

Across the main bar, over by the pool tables there stood Bruce. I had forgotten how sexy he was in this atmosphere. I remember I always loved the smell of beer on his breath after we'd come home from a long night of drinking.

"Oh shit," I said to Janine, pulling her close to me, "Bruce is here."

"Yeah, so? Let's get some drinks," she said, pulling me to the bar, almost forcing me on top of the burgundy red bar stools, "Two Jacks on the rocks," she said, "It's party time"

As usual, Janine and I slammed our shots like the good time girls we are and loudly demanded a refill. I couldn't help but look back every few minutes to see if Bruce had even noticed I was there, which by his piercing glance my way... he had.

He was with his usual crew of friends and the usual "slut puppy groupies" gathered around, admiring the men's every move.

I licked my pouty lips teasingly and turned back to face the bartender. His name was Pat and had been a friend of mine for years. He had broken up many fights between me and Bruce, as well as me and a few girls.

"What you're lookin for aint in that glass, Sadie," he said, slidin us another shot.

"Yeah I know, Pat," I said, tilting the shot glass back and emptying it for the third time.

"Whew!! I wanna hear some music," hollered Janine, jumping down from the bar stool and walking towards the jukebox, just inches from where Bruce was standing.

I just rolled my eyes and told Pat to load it up again. My pride wouldn't let me go over there anywhere near Bruce, even though my body was screaming out for him. Pat just shook his head and filled my shot glass.

"He's asked about you, you know that?" he asked, wiping down the bar.

"No he hasn't, he's got enough to occupy his mind from the looks of it," I said, finishing off shot #4.

Still I couldn't help but look back. Janine had been gone long enough to pick songs for a hundred girls' nights out. I swiveled the bar stool around, trying not to be too obvious, but it was useless. My eyes locked on Bruce, watching his every move. Just the sight of him made me go weak in the knees, but I had to be strong. It was over, we had our time.

It was then I also noticed Janine was talking to Bruce, OMG!! I took a deep breath and turned back to Pat, "Tonight was supposed to cheer me up," I said.

"Still could, Sadie," he said, smiling and walking down the bar to fill someone else's drink.

Just then, Janine came bouncing back up to me, "OMG Sadie!!, I was just talking to Bruce and girl all he could talk about was you!!" she said excitedly.

"Stop fuckin with me," I said as I lit up a cigarette.

"No, it's true, he was asking me how you've been, if you're seeing anyone right now, things like that," she said, practically gushing with excitement.

"This is childish," I said, "I don't need you talking to him for me, I'm not some 14 year old girl in junior high."

She just smiled and ordered another round.

Just then, I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I turned around and there he was, looking so hot I almost melted right there on that bar stool.

"Hey Sadie," he said, sitting down beside me, "How you been babygirl?"

Bruce had always either called me baby or babygirl, he knew I loved that name, "I've been good, Bruce, how've you been?" I asked.

"Oh, you know me, I'm always good," he answered.

"Except when you aint," said Janine, laughing and excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

I just half heartedly laughed and rolled my eyes, turning my attention back to Bruce.

"Soooooo, ummm, it's weird running into you in here, I heard you moved outta state," I said, taking a long teasing drag off my cigarette.

"Yeah, I did, but I'm back now... somethings you just can't let go of," he answered, giving me that dark seductive glare that had always driven me wild.

"I agree," I said, smiling at him, hoping I wasn't being too stupid at this point, "Listen, I'll be back in a few minutes, I'm gonna go check up on Janine."

He smiled and helped me down from the bar stool. I could feel him watching my ass as I walked away, something he had always liked to do.

Upon entering the women's bathroom, I noticed Janine was nowhere around, maybe she had slipped out without me even noticing. Oh well, I shrugged it off and took the opportunity to check out my make-up and hair. After approving the reflection in the mirror, I opened the door to leave... and again, there stood Bruce.

"Oh my God, you scared me," I said, falling back against the wall in the dimly lit hallway.

He said nothing to me, he just slowly walked towards me. I could hear my heart thumping inside my ears and my cheeks were burning red. God, why the fuck was I so nervous? I had been this close to Bruce more times then I could remember. Just then, I felt his big strong hands slide around my hips, slowly pulling me to him in the darkness. I felt his breath on my exposed neck as his lips began planting rough kisses on my flesh.

"Oh God, Bruce, "I moaned, gently pulling him to me, wanting to be close to him again.

Slowly I brought my hands up to the back of his head, gently pushing his mouth harder to my neck. I moaned and purr'ed as he sucked and licked, sometimes even biting me. I let my fingers dig into his scalp as his hips slowly thrusted forward, pinning me to the wall. Oh God, I wanted this, I wanted this so bad, I wouldn't stop him now if you paid me a million dollars.

I could feel my thong already getting wet, my clit aching and throbbing, everything inside me wanting nothing but Bruce right now. Just then, he leaned up and kissed me, not those gentle kisses you see on movies, a hard powerful kiss, pushing the back of my head into the hallway wall.

His hands were all over me, pawing at my tits thru my top, pinching my nipples and grinding his hips into me, air humping me like he used to when we would fight, then grudge fuck till all hours of the morning.

I moaned into his mouth as I slid my small hand down between us, quickly finding the cold button of his blue faded jeans. He wanted this just as bad as I did, I could feel his desire pumping into my mouth as we kissed. In no time, I popped the button open and slid down the slender silver zipper. He broke the kiss and whispered to me, "Let's get the fuck outta this hallway, Sadie."

I whispered "yes" and took his hand as he led me into a small back room labeled "Employees Only." There wasn't much more light in there either, just a small pink neon beer sign that flickered on and off. He immediately kissed me again, backing me into a broken down pool table in the corner. His hands were rough and sexy as they pawed my top open, flinging the buttons all over the bar room floor. I looked into his eyes and gave him that familiar "fuck me" look as my fingers fumbled and pulled his zipper down.

"Fuck, I've wanted you so bad, Sadie," he growled, sliding my top off my shoulders and flinging it to the floor, " I want you back, I fucking need you back, baby."

His words melted me. They made my desire reach a fever pitch, I had to have him inside me right now. We kissed wildly, both fighting the other to see who could strip the other first. Finally, I was sitting on the edge of the table, completely naked. Bruce stood before me with his shirt off and his jeans pulled down to his ankles. I looked down and licked my lips, remembering just how beautiful and sexy his cock is. Remembering how it used to taste right after fucking me. I wanted him. I needed him.

I reached out and pulled him to me, kissing him almost angrily. We both growled into each other's mouths as his hands moved down and slid under my ass, lifting me a couple inches off the table. Again, he broke the kiss, "You remember how bad this cock used to make you yell, baby?"

"Yes, yes, mmmmmmm God yes, Bruce, " I moaned, thinking I would explode if he didn't put that cock inside me right this minute.

He grinned an evil grin and kissed me again, this time so hard our front teeth clanked together. And in one sudden thrust, his thick aching cock was inside me, plowing into me like an angry storm. He grunted and growled into my mouth as the table beneath me squeaked and rocked. I never remembered Bruce ever fucking me quite this hard or with this much intensity, but I loved it. I could feel his cock tip digging into my womb, forcing my pussy to open or else.

He bucked his hips harder, finally pushing the old pool table completely into the back corner of the room.

He broke our kiss and stared into my eyes, " I wanna fuckin look into your eyes while I'm inside you, Sadie," he hissed, driving his dick into me like a mad man, "I want you back, I want you to be my girl again, I don't wanna think about another man doin to you what I am right now."

OMG, I had wanted to hear those words for so long. I wanted to be his girl again, I needed it, hell I craved it, "YESSSS, UHHHHHHHHH YES BRUCE, YES I'LL BE YOUR GIRL AGAIN," I screamed, laying back on the pool table.

"MMMMMMMMMMM FUCK!!," he screamed, crawling up on top of me, hovering over me just like he used to.

I moaned when I saw his dark ominous shadow looming over me, this reminded me of the control that Bruce had always demanded throughout our relationship. I draped my legs over his shoulders as he grabbed the calves of my legs and continued fucking me with brute force.

"GRRRRRRRRRRRRR... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... I wanna fuckin mark you, bitch," he hissed, fucking me deeper and harder, I thought my pussy was going to break in half.

"Uh... Uh... Uh... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!" I screamed, feeling my climax coming quickly.

I looked up and watched the room spin right before my eyes rolled into my skull. I could feel his hot sweat showering down on my slutty used body. I was panting and moaning, begging him to never stop fucking me. I had missed his cock inside me so much, I never wanted this to end.

He reached up and grabbed the lip of the pool table for leverage as he pounded into my soaking wet slutty cunt. His thrusts were almost violent and his groans were deep and breathless.

"I'm fixin to cum, Sadie," he growled, fucking into me harder... faster... deeper.

"Mmmmmmm, fucking cum, Bruce, flood my hot slutty pussy with your fucking seed," I hissed, clamping my pussy tightly around his cock, holding him deep inside me.

"UHHHH... UHHHHHHHHHH... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, HERE IT COMES YOU FUCKIN LIL SLUT!!" he screamed, spraying my raw fuckhole with his hot sticky seed.

Feeling his cock jerk so violently inside me brought on another screaming breathless orgasm. I squirmed and screamed beneath him as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rocked my soul. And in seconds, I was limp beneath his sweaty body.

He kept himself supported on his clenched fists, looking down into my eyes and whispering, "I love you, Sadie, I never wanna be away from you again."

"I love you too, Bruce," I whispered back breathlessly.

He leaned down and kissed me with that familiar softness of his lips, gently brushing my tongue with his.

After a few minutes, he and I both got dressed and he pulled me up off the table and to him again, looking into my eyes, locking his on mine as we kissed.

I held him tightly to me, this time promising myself I'd never let go.

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