tagNonHumanNew Beginnings Ch. 02

New Beginnings Ch. 02


Here is chapter 2. Just so you know Chapter 3 might take a bit longer to post because of time constraints. I apologize in advance.

There is no sex in this chapter, but all of the characters are above the age of consent.

This is self-edited and I know there may be some errors. I ran this through spell checker, but alas, I'm not perfect. I hope any errors you find don't distract from the story.

Please leave feedback. I would love to know what you think. If you hate it, fine. If you enjoy it, great. Just please tell me why.


Chapter 2

Rosa joined her family for breakfast. She noticed that Nials watched her. She ignored him. After all, didn't he terminate her the night before.

"Hey Rosa, I'm glad you get to join us now." Nevaeh stated hugging her sister. Heaven agreed. Christy smiled, because she was happy Rosita did not have to work either. Even though, she was not as affectionate as the twins. She waited as the wolves ate. Rosita smiled at her. Christiana was fascinating to the shy young woman. Rosita always wondered how she managed to be so reserved at all times.

Savannah and Keveon joined them, and the group bantered with each other throughout breakfast. The young ladies from the day before entered, and Savannah tensed, but it did not last long as a bright smile covered her face as a young man joined them. Keveon looked annoyed, but Savannah gave him the look. At that moment, Kalen walked over and the girls laughed. Rosita relaxed. Kalen hugged her, and then leaned over and kissed Christy on her brow.

Nials watched the interaction, and a part of him did not like how familiar the bloodsucker was with Rosita. Are they involved? he questioned.

Kalen looked up, and stared directly into the eyes of the wolf. He sighed. The wolf was Rosita's mate. Nials was a decent guy. Other than his rudeness towards Rosita, he had no real issue with him. He also knew that it drove the wolf crazy whenever he embraced his cousin. So just because he could, he hugged her once again.

Soon breakfast ended, and one of the servers signaled for Rosa to join him.

"Look at you girl. You clean up nice. Im'ma miss having you around, but you just enjoy this big party." Charles one of the omegas that was serving teased.

Rosita laughed, and for a moment the two bantered back and forth

"Charles, Ms. Daniels is a guest. She does not have time to frolic with the help." Nials interrupted.

Charles paled and apologized. He immediately went back to his post.

"I apologize, Ms. Daniels. He won't forget his place again." Nials bowed slightly.

Rosita had enough.

"What is your problem, Nials? Why do you dislike me so much?" She demanded.

"To be honest, Ms. Daniels I don't have the time to like or dislike you. I am in charge of this gala and I will ensure the comfort of all of the guest. That includes you now." Nials explained.

Rosita swallowed. Her heart raced. Her eyes dilated. In all of her years she never wanted to rip someone a part. Nials Sommerville infuriated her.

Nials watched her. His wolf was fighting to surface. Rosa was so close to her wolf, his animal was ready to claim her.

She growled, and his beast broke through. "Rosita, walk away now. We will settle this, but not today. I promise, sweetheart, when we do, you won't have any questions left." And then he walked away leaving a stunned Rosa staring. Her wolf hummed. "Mine, mine!" It chanted.

Rosa was stunned. Out of all of the potential males, why would the fates assign her the one male that detested the very ground she walked on. Stunned and excited, Rosita joined her sisters.

"Rosita, are you OK?" Kalen asked immediately. He was aware of the problems she had with Nials.

"I'm fine. Hey, shouldn't you be working. You don't want to anger your supervisor." She teased.

Kalen smiled. "He'll be alright. Has he said something to you?" he queried.

Rosita blushed. Kalen stepped aback. That old man is whipped. He surmised.

"Well Rosita, he doesn't deserve you." he whispered giving her a brief hug as her sisters walked over to them.

"Hey, what's going on?" Heaven asked.

Kalen laughed, "I'll let Rosita explain. Some of us have duties." He then walked off. Both girls looked at Rosa expectantly.

"It's nothing. Come on we have a few more days. Let's tour the island." Rosita sighed. The three were off.

Savannah did not join them because she'd met a vampire the night before, and they were spending the day together. Christy chose to spend the day leisurely, and alone. As the three women waited on a car to take them, Heaven stopped dead in her tracks. She was growling as she noticed a young male from home talking to some foreign female.

Before they could stop her, she stalked over to them and commandeered his attention. Rosita and Nevaeh were speechless. If there was any doubt, it vanished. The young woman was claiming her male.

"First Christy, now Heaven. Well, at least I'm not the only one that hasn't found her mate." Nevaeh whined. Rosita coughed.

"Wait, you too?" Nevaeh was stunned, "Who?" She asked.

"No one, look. Let's go out. I'm sure It isn't that serious." Rosita stated. As she spoke, her nemesis entered the room. Rosita's heart pounded. Her palms began to sweat. She turned and looked away. Nials instructed the young man that would drive them, as he ignored her completely. Rosita composed herself, when Nials spoke. "You lovely ladies enjoy your outing." He smiled and her heart skipped a beat. Nevaeh's eyes flew between her sister and the theta.

"Rosita, he is hot!" She gasped as they climbed into their car.

"He is a jerk and I'm glad I don't have to serve under him anymore." Rosa retorted.

"Good, then he has no reason not to pursue you now. Listen, you should explore things with him. I know you're older than me, but I want you to be happy." Nevaeh laughed, "Besides once Dad has to deal with you and Heaven mating, he'll get off of my back. You have a few days, spend some time with him. Three more days, Rosa, and then we go home." She reminded her. Rosita nodded, not saying another word. Nials watched as the car carrying his soul drove off. He would be blind not to notice that she detested him. True he was an ass, but how could he convince her to give him a chance. Humping his shoulders, Nials reported back to his post. He had three days left, something would work out.


Christiana was in her room when yet another message came through. You are ignoring me. I don't like it. I'm here, and tonight you will come to me. It's time for these games to end. Christy felt like she did when she was assaulted, scared, helpless, and alone. She knew that if she made one call, her father would be there in a flash, but she needed to deal with this guy on her own.

For the last few decades, the men seemed to have forgotten how strong the females in this family were. She would deal with this threat. Something inside of her began to blossom. Something dark, sinister, almost pure malevolent rose from deep within. She blocked it. That part of her personality scared her. She kept it hidden. That was one reason she preferred to be alone. No one could know what she was deep inside.

Ivan, smiled. He knew she received his messages, and tonight he was through playing. Unexpectedly, his phone pinged. I'm done playing with you. You want me, then meet me in the garden. she sent.

Not willing to give her the upper hand, he responded, No, I set the time. Be patient my sweet. Then he disconnected.

Christiana was annoyed, and the dark part of her was angry. She wanted to deal with this cretin once and for all. She walked to her mirror and what she saw terrified her. Although she looked the same, her eyes were no longer blue, but green, a deep green. It was someone else. It laughed, Let me deal with him. You've held me inside for much too long. It's time to let me be free.

Christy stepped back and blinked. No! Whatever this was, it wasn't something she wanted to free. It would not give up control. It was evil.

Navarro awoke with a start. His mind thinking of the beautiful Christiana. He needed to see her, so he vanished into her room. She was shaking. Without questioning, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Christy held on to him tightly not questioning why he was there. Soon, as she calmed down. She shoved him away.

"Officer Smith, what do you think you're doing?" She demanded.

Navarro chuckled, "Not much, I'm still wearing my pajamas." he teased.

"Get out!" Christy screeched.

"Christy, I'll go, but tell me what's wrong." He implored.

She sighed. She couldn't tell him. She couldn't tell anyone.

Shut up! He won't believe you. We will handle this interloper. The cold voice hissed inside her head.

"Nothing," Christy lied. "I just had a bad dream. I'm Ok, you can go now officer."

"It's Navarro and I'm not on duty. I can see that you are not OK." Navarro whispered. He stroked her cheek as she leaned into his hand. She leaned forward, kissing his hand that caressed her face. "I'll go, but I'll be back in forty minutes. Spend the day with me." He asked.

Christy smiled, and nodded. Navarro vanished and she looked at her reflection once more. She was normal again. Things would be ok.

Navarro returned to his apartment to shower and dress. He was heading back to Fashion Manor and whether she liked it or not, he would find out what upset her so.

Meanwhile, Ivan sat in his room. He was amused. So, his wife thought she could manipulate him into revealing himself. It would be a thrill to break her. Hugh decided to check up on him. He attended the gala, but Hugh suspected something was afoot. First, he was older than he pretended. He was rude to the staff, and something about this man was off. He also knew that the Ivanov men were alert because of an attack on the young Ms. Darksky years ago. Hugh had a sixth sense about things. He suspected that Ivan had something to do with that attack.

Knocking on his door, Hugh hid his inner thoughts. "Ivan, come golf with me." Hugh offered jovially.

Ivan smiled. He'd play along. He knew what Hugh was doing. He wanted to read him and see why he was really here. Ivan quickly erected a huge block. Hugh could read nothing and that made him even more nervous. He was calling Corliss.

Hugh turned to leave when Ivan smiled. "Just so you know, Christiana is my wife. She was predestined to be with me. I need you to keep that Indian away from her. I have no qualms about killing a human, and unless you want the others to know how incompetent you really are, then I suggest you find a new security officer."

Hugh froze, something was seriously wrong with this man. "Who are you?"

"I'm older than you, vampire. I've existed almost as long as the oldest vampire. I will restore our people once I've claimed my bride. " Ivan closed his eyes, luxuriating in the feel of power that encompassed him. Hugh stared at him, speechless. He knew. He needed to alert Corliss.

Ivan grinned maniacally at his host, "It's obvious that I can't trust you, so I must dispose of you post haste." Sending a mental wave, Hugh was rendered catatonic.

Lesvia knew something was wrong. A sharp pain burst through her chest, causing her to double over. Hugh! Hugh! she sent out. Security scrambled, as Ivan rushed in carrying his unconscious host. "He was asking me to go golfing then he grabbed his head and collapsed. I don't know what happened." He lied as Lesvia rushed to her husband.

"Hugh, love, answer me." Lesvia begged. But Hugh just stared into nothing.

Christiana rushed from her room, and Ivan smiled. As she tried to aid Lesvia, he spoke. "Christy, it's time. You need to take your place." Christiana froze. She knew that voice. Sixteen years ago, that voice spoke as its owner violated her.

"No, I'm not going anywhere with you." She stated backing away fearfully. She forced her anger down. She couldn't let anyone see the truth.

"You don't have a choice. Your time here is done." Ivan grabbed her hand. She tried to snatch away.

"Stop it." He demanded. She froze, and he smiled evilly.

Christy struggled harder. Deep inside her inner voice cackled. Yes, make him think you are afraid. Fight him. Let him think he has the upper hand.

Leaning close to her ear, Ivan whispered something that made her comply. "If you don't stop. I'll kill him."

Christy froze. Kissing her hand he whispered one more command, "Come." And they vanished.

Navarro arrived just and he knew immediately that something was wrong. "Wait, where's Christiana?" He asked.

Lesvia froze. "She was just here with Ivan. Where's Ivan?"

At that point, Hugh regained consciousness. "He took her. That's why he came here to take Christiana. Lesvia, call Corliss." Then he struggled to stand. Navarro did not move. The people around him began to quake. It was obvious this young man was more than he appeared to be.

"I'll find her." He stated and then he shimmered into nothingness.


Meanwhile, Lesvia was calling Cantar. Cantar answered, and Corliss rushed to her side. Someone had taken her daughter. Corliss demanded to speak to Hugh. Not willing to wait, Cantar and Corliss appeared at Fashion Manor. It was their arrival that prompted Kalen to act. He knew something was wrong, but he wasn't sure, When his aunt and uncle arrived, he knew something had happened with Christy.

The entire house was in an uproar. Heaven called her sisters; Rosita and Nevaeh returned post haste. They were not the only ones, Garrick, Gernick, and all of the Ivanov men were present.

"Who was he? Where did he take her?" Corliss demanded.

Nicolette appeared. She wasn't as worried as the others. She suspected that if Christy was taken it was because she chose to be. Years ago after the attack, Christiana came to her. She wanted to train; Nicolette taught her niece everything she knew. It was during the training that she saw something inside Christiana. Nicolette smiled, every vampire had dual personalities. For centuries she allowed her other side to rule, and then she met Nina and the pups. Gernick was just as volatile as she was but he'd forgotten how dangerous a female vamp could be.

Cantar was visibly upset, which wasn't good for her son. Corliss tried to calm her when Brenwan and Nikki sat with her. "Cantar, she'll be fine. She's ready for this." Nikki whispered.

"Nicky what are you taking about? This man has her; he could be doing anything to her. She's never had to deal with someone like that. When Johannes took me, I knew my brothers would come. Who can Christy call?" She sobbed. Brenwan held her close, and Nicky paused.

Everyone here underestimated her niece. But Christiana had a mile wide line of strength that ran through her. Nicolette remembered when Christy first approached her about training. She was stunned, but she agreed. You see, when she was taken, it angered the vampiress. She wanted to make sure that if something like this ever happened again, Christiana could protect herself. So for years, she taught her how to fight. She gave her tools on how to disarm and dismember an attacker. Christiana was a fast learner. She even enlisted help from others to stage mock attacks. Christiana excelled.

The girl was deadly. If they should be afraid for anyone, it should be the man that took her.

"Cantar, Christiana is stronger than you all know." Nicki whispered. Then she left the two alone. Cantar felt contrite. Nicki did not deserve her censor. She would apologize, but right now she was worried about her daughter.

Hugh talked. He explained that he was wary of Ivan but he could not flat out refuse him entry into the gala. He watched out for Christy and Ivan didn't bother her as much, but when Officer Smith. Hugh paused. Where was Officer Smith?

"He vanished to search for her. If anyone can find her, he can. " Lesvia explained.

Corliss began to pace. Mentally he called to his daughter and got a black wall. Either she was blocking them, or the man had rendered her unconscious.


Rosita arrived and the staff was working overtime dealing with guest and unexpected visitors.

"Nials, let me help. I can serve." She offered.

"Nials looked at her. He wanted to refuse but with Kalen now focusing on his cousin, he needed the extra hands. Heaven and Nevaeh joined their sister. The three women worked tirelessly. Soon, the guests were calm and things were back under control.

Nials faced Rosita, "Thank you, all three of you, thank you." he whispered.

Heaven and Nevaeh stepped out to give Rosa and Nials a moment alone.

"Nials. Are you ok?" Rosita asked.

Nials didn't answer. "How many times did you take things to his room?" he asked.

"Rosita was confused. "What?" She asked.

"The man that took Christiana; you served him personally?" Nials added, "I know because he requested you. Did he do anything to you?" He asked.

Rosita was confused then she realized what he meant. "No, no of course not." She added.

Nials sighed. "He took her while we walked around doing nothing. If Officer Smith had gotten here a little earlier, then maybe..." He paused.

"Nials, this is not your fault." Rosita whispered. She placed her hand on his shoulder. In an uncharacteristic move, Nials turned and pulled her into his embrace. Rosita returned his hug and then she realized that he quivered. His entire body shook.

"If he had hurt you, I would have killed him." Nials whispered.

Rosita was stunned, but her wolf knew what to do instinctively. It surrendered into the embrace of the male that held them.

"My wolf, I was never in danger." She whispered. "As long as I have you, I fear no one."

Nials lifted her chin and looked deep into her brown eyes, "Mine," he growled. "Rosita, you are mine." Then he kissed his mate.

Her wolf went wild, as he held her close. Subjugating her beast, Rosita reminded Nials of the situation they were dealing with. She had to go see if she could help.


Ivan watched Christiana. She was so afraid. He sneered. "Don't worry dear." He stroked her hair; Christy cringed. "Nice, beautiful! You, my doll, are exquisite." He sniffed her skin. "I can't wait to have you in my bed." He whispered. She was repulsed. This man was vile.

"It'll be good, I promise." He hissed. "I know you haven't been with anyone. I made sure of that."

Christiana laughed. Ivan stepped back. For a second it felt as if Esmeralda had returned.

"You foolish man, did you think you ruined me? Did you think I'd be so scared that no man would touch me?" Christiana hissed.

Ivan paled. This woman before him was not the shy girl of sixteen years ago. This female was predatory.

"Christiana, I can end you." He hissed.

She faced him, eyes glowing, filled with anger. Ivan stepped back. He'd seen that face before. Decades had passed, but the remembered an angry Esmeralda. This girl was the mirror image of her grandmother.

As long as she had no powers though, he could control this situation.

"Really vampire, you think you orchestrated this. I was a child when you stole my innocence. You did me a favor. You allowed me to get to know my true nature. Do you think I've been cowering, awaiting your return?" She laughed softly. "No, I learned about you. Every text that you've sent, I've saved. Let's see, you are Ivan Draven, an elder with no known ties to anyone. You've existed for over several hundred years. For one so old, you are incredibly stupid. You allowed my grandmother to manipulate you, and then she lied. She never intended to let you have my mother. You see, grandmother hated her; she would never want her happy." Christiana paused.

Ivan stepped back, fear gripping him. "Wait, you're lying. You're making this up. You don't know anything about the past. You have no idea about what you are saying." He hissed.

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