tagLoving WivesNewbie Naked in Swinging Agde 01

Newbie Naked in Swinging Agde 01


If you have read any of the other stories that I have submitted, you will have guessed that they are fiction. This one is faction. Agde is a real place. Yuuki is a real person. We really did spend three weeks in Agde last summer. The descriptions of Agde and of what happened there are as accurate as I can remember. Nothing is made up, except the descriptions of the people we became involved with.

This is the longest piece that I have written. Reading stories from other writers, I prefer them to be shorter. So I have broken this one into four episodes. I will post them, roughly a week apart. That way, you will decide whether you want to know what happened next. Like all mini-series, it gets more exciting towards the end, mainly because we became more confident, as Agde stretched our boundaries. I hope that you enjoy the read.

"I think we should go," Yuuki said.

We were in my car, on the way to the station where I was going to drop her off to catch her train to central London. It was seven thirty in the morning, and in spite of having had a coffee before we left, I was still not totally awake.

"Okay," I said. "Go where?"

"Agde," she answered. "I can take three week in July. I think we go."

I gave her a look. Agde was the last thing on my mind. It was February and only a few degrees above zero outside. My Audi took a ludicrous five minutes to get warm, and we had been in the car for less than a minute. Sunshine and heat and getting naked had not been going through my head. Just the same, somewhere deep inside I felt a rush of excitement, and a cautionary wave of nervousness.

I had told Yuuki about Agde a week before. She had been curious about where I had spent my summers in my previous lives, and Agde had featured when I was in my twenties, with my then French girl-friend. We had camped, and used the beach, shopping in the naturist complex, but neither of us had had the courage, or the money, to explore the night-life. The bars and clubs had not been visited. When I told Yuuki about it, she had burst into half embarrassed giggles.

There is something about a forty two year old woman giggling, but then Yuuki does not look her age. Out and about with her son, she has been mistaken for his girlfriend. Her seriously short hair-style may help keep her looking young, but she also has a baby face that belies her years. She is actually a serious accountant in the city.

Sitting in the car, with her thick, black coat wrapped around her, Yuuuki did not look quite ready to walk naked on a beach, but I could picture it, and I liked what I saw in my head.

"That's a change of mind," I said.

Yuuki's response to my description of Adge, once she had a stopped giggling, was that she could not imagine a place where everyone was naked. Only a certain kind of girl displayed her body in Japan, and she was not that kind of girl.

"Maybe," Yuuki acknowledged. "I think that if you been there, then I should maybe go too."

She was like that. I had not had many girl-friends before I got married, but I had been internet dating since my divorce and Yuuki knew that I had slept with more than a few of the women I had met. She did not like to think about my having been with anyone else, so I guessed she meant that she wanted to replace my memories of Agde with a previous girlfriend, with some more up to date memories of being there with her.

So I was picturing Yuki naked, not just on the beach, but carrying a wire shopping basket in the naturist complex supermarket. With her figure, she would get plenty of attention.

"I guess it could be fun," I said.

"You take me?"

"Of course," I said. "If that's what you want."

"Maybe..," Yuuki said. "I think it maybe good for me. You know. You like be naked in sunshine. I never do this. Maybe I need learn."

"So you just want to be naked in the sun," I asked, thinking about what I knew, or thought knew, also went on in Agde, in the bars and clubs.

"No tan," Yuuki said, her mind pretty clearly on a slightly different issue. "I okay to be naked, but no want tan."

Yuuki's natural complexion is pure, milk white. Her nipples and areolas are pink brown, and her labia protrude a darker red brown colour, but the rest of her body is as white as snow. This would be our first holiday together, so I had never seen her in a bikini on a beach, let alone naked. I love the sun, and get golden brown rapidly, but if Yuuki did not want to, I was not going to argue.

"They have beach umbrellas," I said. "Or you can use kid's Factor 50 sun cream. You might look a bit out of place."

"No tan," Yuuki repeated.

"Okay," I said. "No tan."

I was back to thinking about the bars and clubs. I could remember walking around in the evening with the French girl I had gone with, past the various restaurants, bars and clubs. My girlfriend had worn jeans and a top. That was all she had had with her. Most people were dressed up for the evening, summer wear, a lot of the women dressing to thrill, some of them more than others.

I remembered some wore leather gear, the more daring baring their breasts. Some of those breasts even had studs of rings set through the nipples, but then on the beach, you saw rings in other places too. A couple of the bars featured pole dancing, visible as you walked past, dancers wearing even less, or squirming naked, and flashing those watching from right up close. My girlfriend had not wanted to go right up close, much to my regret.

I wondered if Yuuki would want to explore the night-life. I could afford it now. That had been a problem in my twenties, which was why we had camped them. With Yuuki, we would not camp. I would get online and try for an apartment in one of the blocks.

I gave Yuuki another look. We were still getting to know one another, even though she had been living together for six months, ever since we first slept together. She had moved out of the Airbnb she had rented when she left her English husband within a month of our meeting.

I was impressed. I knew her life had been conservative, a middle class childhood in Tokyo, meeting the guy she had married when she was working in accountancy and getting pregnant by him, the first man that she had slept with. He had done the decent thing, but the marriage had not worked, not even when she suggested moving to London to try to make him feel back at home. She had stayed for the sake of her son, but once he had gone to university, she had decided it was time to leave.

I was the second guy that she had slept with, or I thought I was. She had been nervous the first time, and very self conscious about her body, in particular her breasts, but now she was thinking of spending three weeks naked at the biggest naturist centre in Europe, where people did not just go for the sun, but for the night time action. So, yes, I was impressed.

She caught me looking sideways at her. She has a way of sucking in her lower lip like a five year old when she is unsure. She has even shown me photos of herself as a kid, and in very photo she does that, sucking in her lip instead of smiling, nervous in front of the camera. She was doing it then, in the car.

I can drive one handed. I put my left hand on her leg, reassuring her through the thickness of her coat.

"I'm impressed," I told her. She might as well know what I was thinking, instead of being uncertain. Besides, telling her that I was impressed sealed the deal. She could not back out now.


For readers who do not know, Agde not only has a massive naturist camp site right beside the beach, but it has an entire naturist complex. There are several blocks of apartments, built above complexes of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs. You could live there for weeks without ever getting dressed. There is a patisserie, a butcher's shop, several small supermarkets, a wine shop, a pizzeria, a newsagent, and even cash dispensers, and people really do use these naked, at least until the evening, when it becomes more than a naturist paradise. The clubs that I had not visited with my French girl-friend, were not just discos. They were swinger's clubs.

The Easyjet flight to Montpellier airport took just two hours. I had arranged a hire car, a compact hatch back that would have struggled with serious luggage, but given that we would be spending the next three weeks in a naturist complex, it coped fine with our light bags. It took an hour to drive to Agde, and another hour to get through their effective, and I guessed necessary, security, having been issued with credit card sized passes for the pedestrian gate and for the car, and having collected the keys to our apartment.

Our apartment was one in a horseshoe block facing the sea, a little to one side, but still with a good view from the balcony. We had discussed just getting in, leaving our things, and heading out to explore, or for me to show Yuuki around, given that I had been there before. Thanks to sugaring, we stayed in the apartment a little longer than we had planned.

Yuuki had done her online research and established that most female naturists trim or shave their pubic hair. Hers is, or was, a jet black, three inch long, velvety covering that mostly hid her protruding labia, the way her natural self-conscious modesty required. One of my pleasures was using my finger to part her natural growth, expose her labia, and take them into my mouth, sucking and gently chewing on the delicate flesh, and probing between them with my tongue to tease her clit. I guess that that was one of Yuuki's pleasures too.

Yuuki had somehow fitted in an early visit to the beautician on the morning of our flight. I had not seen Yuuki naked since, and she had not told me about the sugaring. Once we had put down our bags, and undressed, all too aware that we were going to be walking outside naked together, Yuuki stood facing me, waiting for my reaction, and seeing it, started telling me what sugaring involved.

Apparently, sugaring is like waxing, but more efficient. Yuuki's pubis was devoid of hair. There was not a single curl left, not even the shadow that shaving her mons would have left. Her pure white complexion continued right to the labia that protruded almost an inch from her entrance. For whatever reason, in contrast with her flawless white complexion, Yuuki's labia are dark, reddish brown on the outer sides, with moist, pink inner folds. Devoid of hair, her pubis looked just plain incredible.

Yuuki's newly hair free pubis delayed us for the best part of an hour, as I sucked on her, and then fucked her, and when we finally got our act together and went out with just towels in our hands, Yuuki had a fresh load of semen that was in danger of leaking from between those dark labia. I do not know if she was thinking about that possibility. I was so nicely satisfied, I really did not care.

I was not that surprised that Yuuki received lots of looks from guys and women. Her figure alone would have ensured that, but Yuuki seemed to be the only Japanese woman in the complex. Of course, the complex was so large that we could now know that for certain, but Agde is predominantly European, or Caucasian, and walking around we had seen a only handful of black naturists, men and women, another handful of women who might have been Thai or Indonesian, with Caucasian partners, and a young Indian girl with her white partner, but no one who had the pure white complexion and oriental look of Japan or China.

You could see a pattern to the way people we passed looked at us. Their eyes always went to Yuuki's breasts first, then to her face, registering her ethnicity, then her protruding labia, and the invitation that its exposure implied, then to me, the guy she was holding hands with, then back to Yuuki's breasts.

In fairness, Yuuki's were not the largest breasts on the complex. Some of the Dutch women are the best part of six feet tall and well built, with generous breasts, but none of them had the kind of figure Yuuki has.

The first time we met, Yuuki was wearing jeans, jumper and a jacket, and her figure was pretty much hidden. The first time we had dinner, I realised that her figure was actually pretty good. She wore a black dress, sleeved and with a round collar, so that nothing was really on display, but it was obvious that she was generously endowed. Her arms were slender, and her loosely worn belt confirmed a slender frame. Just the same, I only realised just how good her figure is the night she came back to my apartment.

At five three, Yuuki is a little above average height for a Japanese woman. She had been a gymnast and ballet dancer at school, until her breasts developed, and she has good underlying muscle tone, softened by the more womanly curves that contrast with her fine boned frame. As they developed, her breasts put an end to her ballet. I think that they are superb, but her teacher thought them out of proportion.

If it is not too crude, think honey dew. Yuuki's breasts are the size and shape of those delicious melons, naturally sitting proud, and each slightly to the side, as if invisible hands were supporting them from beneath. Even wearing a bra, Yuuki's breasts are actually an inch or two wider than her slender torso. Naked, she is incredible. Removing her bra for the first time was a magical experience, as her cleavage parted, and the full ripeness of her breasts emerged, her nipples standing proud, her pink brown areoles almost palm width in size.

Actually it depends whose hands are covering her breasts as to whether her areoles are palm width. My hands are larger than hers are, and I can cover her areoles with my palms, but she cannot. Her hands are just too small, or her areoles too wide. She says she would have preferred smaller breasts, and she even apologised for them that first time that I undressed her, but her mother's and her sister's are the same. Personally I think that they are perfect and I love them. That is what I told her then, and tell her frequently, but apparently her husband used to tease her about their size, and she needs that reassurance.

Apart from walking around the bedroom and the en suite, Yuuki had never walked anywhere naked before, let alone outside an apartment block along walkways past shops and bars, or on a beach. It was too late in the afternoon to sunbathe, so we did not carry towels. Yuuki had a shoulder bag, with our credit cards and keys. I was carrying nothing, just holding Yuuki's hand.

"Oh my God," Yuuki exclaimed as we stepped out of the apartment block and into the sun.

She was already wearing her Factor 50. No tan.

"Feel okay?" I asked.

She gave me the sucked in lower lip look that said that she was nervous. Her eyes were wide with fear.

"Scared," she admitted.

"So was I, the first time," I said.

"I don't believe you," she said. "You're never scared."

It was not true, but I am fifteen years older than Yuuki is, and I have learned to act confident even when I do not feel it. Right then I felt confident, especially with such a stunning woman right beside me, but I was also apprehensive about how Yuuki might react to everything that went on in Agde.

"Let's explore," I said.

Yuuki's breasts moved freely. They really were amazing. Somehow they still defy gravity even though Yuuki is in her forties , and they simply swayed a little from side to side as we walked. I would have loved to have been able to go ahead, and then watch her coming towards me, just to see her how others would, her incredible breasts undulating, her hairless pubis displayed, her protruding labia exposed. With her incredible body, her fashionably short cut hair, lightly tinted, trendy sunglasses, and hippyish, cotton shoulder bag, she was forty two looking twenty two.

The first minute or two from the apartment block, we met no one, but as soon as we reached the commercial part of the complex, we were mingling with other people. Yuuki got looks. She got lots of looks. That had always been inevitable.

You could tell that the guys who noticed her were fascinated by her breasts, were thinking that she would be good to fuck, and were wondering if we were open for that to happen. Lots of couples come to Agde to exchange partners with other couples, or to find guys to fuck the woman while the guys looks on, so men could legitimately wonder if Yuuki was available. The women seemed more to be assessing the competition, although I guessed that some might be equally interested to play.

The more astute will have noticed the ring that Yuuki was already wearing on the third finger of her left hand. I had already made my intentions clear, and had given her a gold ring encrusted with diamonds, not yet an engagement ring since she was not yet divorced, but anyone seeing it will have realised that we were in a relationship. In Agde, however, that did not mean a lot.

It was pretty clear that Yuuki was still nervous. It was nothing that she said. It was the tension in her hand, that I was holding in mine. I guess that going from never having been naked outside the bedroom, to walking around a naturist complex completely naked other than light sandals, was a pretty big step for anyone to take.

I also guessed that Yuuki was self conscious about her breasts. She had been self conscious about them with me before we got used to being with each other. She had had eighteen years of marriage to a guy who had undermined her confidence by telling her that they were ridiculously large for her frame. But she was doing it. She was walking around, letting anyone and everyone see her naked, and she was dealing with all the looks that she was receiving.

There was a guy standing outside a sandwich bar, beside an ice cream machine.

"Ice cream?" I asked Yuuki.

She grinned.

"Why not?"

Neither of us speaks French, and it was not worth the effort trying. The guy spoke enough English to deal with his customers. Once he could take his eyes off Yuuki's breasts he even tried to engage in conversation.

"You are just arriving?" he asked.

I guess I was still comparatively white, although not as white as Yuuki, so in a sea of people with tans, just like any other new arrivals, we stood out.

"This afternoon," I confirmed.

"You must be careful," he said. "The sun, he burns, quick. You take care. Much lotion, Yes?"

He was working the machine, delivering a serving of ice cream into each of two cones, but her still managed to give Yuuki's breasts another admiring look.

"You must take care of those, yes?" he said, clearly referring to the breasts he was admiring. "I think they give your husband much pleasure, Yes? Maybe other lucky men also?"

He grinned at his own attempt at humour. Yuki took out her purse and paid for the ice creams, and we thanked the guy and headed on, licking our cones.

"I guess the guy liked your breasts," I said.

"Maybe," she agreed. "Didn't you mind him talking like that?"

"Not if you didn't," I said. "Somehow I don't think that that's the only attention you're going to get from guys."

We walked on down to the beach and strolled along it, finishing our cones. There was a steady stream of people walking at the edge of the shallow waters, in both directions, and we had to navigate our way through those coming towards us. Yuuki continued to receive a lot of attention as we walked.

"So did you mind?" I asked after a bit.

"You mean the ice cream guy?" Yuuki asked, after she had worked out what I was asking her about. "He seemed nice."

That was as far as she was willing to say right then, but what I had noticed was that her hand in mine was no longer tense. She was relaxed, enjoying the walk, and enjoying the attention that she was receiving.


For the evening, Yuuki decided not to dress too revealingly. We had talked about the kind of atmosphere there would be in the bars and clubs. I had even gone online and bought a number of items that I wanted to see her wear, but had not yet told her about. They were safely at the bottom of my own suitcase.

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