tagBDSMNicki Is Mine Ch. 04

Nicki Is Mine Ch. 04


I am waiting in the park close to the entrance to a run down and shabby porno cinema. It is a seedy part of town, full of second-rate strip joints and sexshops. You have already received your instructions and I am waiting for you to arrive. I see you turn the corner and walk towards me. You are wearing a leather trench coat which fits snugly showing off your shapely figure. Your legs are sheathed in black silk stockings and you are wearing 6inch open toed stilettos. Your hair is pulled back in a ponytail and you have a black leather collar around your neck. You have on bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow. You approach me, your eyes downcast, your hands clasped together in front of you.

“I am ready Master,” you whisper, kneeling in front of me.

“Have you dressed properly little slut Nicki.”

“Yes Master”

“Show me!”

You unfasten the coat and let it fall open. Your breasts are presented on a black lace bra cut so low that your erect nipples are clearly visible. On my instruction you have had them pierced and small gold bars inserted in them. You are wearing a black lace suspender belt to hold up your stockings and no panties. Your pussy is freshly shaved and two small gold weights are suspended from your cunt lips by tiny crocodile clips. The pressure of these clips is not sufficient to hurt, merely enough to stimulate. I reach down and grab your ponytail, hauling you to your feet.

“Cinema time I think my little whore”

Several passers by are staring at us. At least one man is openly rubbing his crotch. I beckon him over.

“Would you like a little feel before we leave?” I ask

He nods his head dumbly and when I motion him to go ahead his hands roam all over your unprotected body, his fingers penetrating your every nook and cranny.

“Enough” I say, pushing him away. “If you want the full show follow us to the cinema. And bring your friends. Nicki likes company.”

We walk across the road and enter the cinema. At the cash desk is a fat middle-aged man, his eyes widen slightly as he sees how you are dressed, and then he smiles slyly.

“You can get in for free,” he says, “ if I can get a little satisfaction.”

“Do it Nicki.” I say, pushing you towards the counter.

As you walk towards him the man unfastens his trousers and pulls out a short but incredibly thick penis. As you stand before him he grabs your head and forces you to take him in your mouth. He is so thick that you are straining to get your lips around him. He grasps your ponytail; pumping steadily in and out of your mouth until after a few minutes he grunts and pumps a stream of cum into your waiting throat. He cums so much you cannot drink it all and a few drops run out of the corner of your mouth. You reach up to wipe them away.

“Leave them.” I bark “Everyone should know what kind of girl you are little slut.”

The man nods at me, smiling.

“Anytime you want a free show just bring the little whore along,” he says grinning happily.

We go into the cinema; it is dark inside except for a pool of light cast by the fire exit signs. By this light we can see about a dozen men sitting in various part of the theatre. On the screen is a giant image of a large breasted black girl being double penetrated by two white men while sucking off a third.

We walk down the central aisle and I steer you towards a seat next to the exit light. I motion for you to take off your coat before you sit down. Several of the other customers glance in our direction as we sit but in the dim light they are unsure if they believe what they are seeing. I reach between your legs and remove the weights from your pussy lips. I massage the area where they have been, you moan slightly at the stimulation, your thighs parting to allow me better access. I slide two fingers in to your cunt, feeling the slick wetness, rubbing my thumb over your prominent clitoris. You gasp and a number of heads turn in our direction. I continue to probe your pussy, sliding my fingers in and out, I lower my head and lick a nipple, taking the small gold bar between my teeth and pulling gently. Your gasps are becoming louder and are interspersed with low guttural moans. I glance up and see that a number of the men in the cinema have moved closer and are staring in our direction.

“Show time Nicki” I breathe into your ear.

I lead you to a spot just next to the fire exit, the exit light illuminates your near naked body, glistening on the bars in your nipples and shining off the sheer silk of your stockings. I produce a blindfold and tie it over your eyes, and then I position you on your hands and knees on the floor. I stand back and watch you for a few moments. You are trembling slightly, unsure of what will happen next. Nobody is watching the screen; all eyes in the cinema are on you. Several of the men have got up and are walking in our direction.

“Gentlemen, this is Nicki,” I say “and she is yours for the afternoon to do with as you please.”

“Be assured however that if anyone damages my little slave they will pay heavily.”

The men stumble forwards undoing their trousers; there are about a dozen of them all sporting rock hard pricks. The first grasps your head and thrusts his engorged member into your mouth; you suck hungrily as another man kneels behind you and buries his cock in your tight pussy. The others watch transfixed fondling their hardons as you get pounded from both ends. The men cum quickly only to be replaced by two more, other men fondle your breasts and run their hands over your thighs. One of the men decides that your cunt has become too full of spunk and shoves his cock up your ass. When he does so another man slides underneath and penetrates your pussy from below. You are now being fucked mercilessly in three holes at once. Your body is jerked around like a rag doll and you are orgasming almost constantly. The man in your ass pulls out and is replaced by another. Instead of fucking your anus however he forces his cock into your cunt alongside his companions. You gasp as you feel the double penetration but you respond even more vigorously to the added stimulation. Soon all the men have fucked you at least once and many are lining up for another go.

“From now on everyone cums on her face. The little slut needs a cum bath.” I laugh.

The men respond with renewed zeal and soon your face is a mask of glistening white cum. Just as everyone seems to have exhausted himself the door bursts open and in walks our friend from the park with half a dozen companions.

“It’s getting a little late gentlemen but I’m sure my little whore here can manage you all at once. Can’t you Nicki?”

You moan softly but manage to nod your head. One man walks in front of you and shoves his cock in your mouth while another slides under you and enfolds his cock with your breasts. A third penetrates your cunt from underneath while a fourth enters your ass. Your hands are brought into play with a prick in each fist and a man is using your hair to masturbate himself. Finally the last man in the group takes of your shoes and uses your feet to bring himself off. You are now servicing eight men at once. When they have all cum you collapse on the floor exhausted. I pull off the blindfold and roll you over; grasping your ankles I bring them up over your head and drive my big cock into your tight asshole. I pump for a few minutes and then withdraw adding my cum to that which already coats your face. I throw your coat to you.

“Time to go little slut Nicki.”

You stumble from the cinema. Your body is bruised and dirty, your stockings laddered and your shoes have disappeared. Your face, legs and breasts are caked in cum. People stop and stare at you as you walk past.

“Go home Nicki. Do not attempt to clean yourself up and if anyone asks how you got in this mess tell them you are a little slut who loves to fuck.”

“And remember the dinner party this Saturday.”

Coming soon. The Dinner Party.

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