tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNicki Minaj Fuck Ch. 01

Nicki Minaj Fuck Ch. 01


This story does NOT contain anal like the last one so don't worry.


I am a 6"1", skinny, white, English schoolboy with messy dark brown hair named Geoff. The rapper Nicki Minaj had been a crush of mine for about a year. Almost every time I found myself on the Internet I would end up searching for gifs or pictures of Nicki and her body. I generally thought nothing of it, seeing as I lived in a small village in England and would never get the chance to see Nicki in real life. It became merely a small hobby to marvel at her perfect ass and beautiful tits.

However, sometime in mid May I noticed strange goings on in the town I lived in at the time. Flyers adorned every shop window and there were numerous articles appearing in the paper. After approaching a brightly coloured flyer in the window of my local newsagents, I soon discovered something that had my brain short-circuiting. Nicki was doing a show right in York! This was a mere 10 minutes away from where I lived! I quickly memorised the URL on the paper and sprinted home, only stopping to pick up a box of tissues on the way.

After quickly yelling, "I'm back!" to my mum I rapidly sprinted up the stairs to my room and flipped open my laptop, speedily typing in the website address.

I approached the fenced off area in a green top, some chinos and a pair of hi-top converse. There was a queue of more than 10 outside and made up of entirely teenage girls. I slowly edged my way to the back of the line, slightly embarrassed that I wasn't there to hear the actual music. The girls in front of me were all discussing how much they love Nicki and how she's their role model in a genuinely excited tone. They moved through her whole discography, stopping at each song to list the reasons why they love it so much, even mentioning that they found 'Stupid Hoe' to be "deep". I quickly whipped out my phone, trying to shut out the annoying fan girls. After about 5 minutes I found myself nearing the entrance to the concert building. I was quickly summoned before the security guard who gave me an odd look at first but quickly checked my ticket, stamped my hand and patted me into the large grassy area.

A smoky smell and the feeling of sloppy mud under my feet immediately hit me. Although it wasn't crowded around me, I could clearly see a bulging mass of humans surrounding the stage, which seemed to emanate light in all angles. I briskly approached the mass and immediately began to harshly push through the angry fan girls. I eventually reached the front and at the exact same time Nicki swaggered on to the stage. Clad in a tank top and a pair of tight denim shorts she looked even hotter than any of the pictures on the Internet. Her hair often changed colour and so tonight I noticed she had opted with an attractive blonde with a few pink highlights, my favourite of the few hairstyles I had seen in her provocative music videos. I soon found myself lost in the hugeness of her arse and the way she flaunted it was incredible. She would push it right up in the face of the audience and rub it against any prop she could find. Although I did focus mainly on the body of the flawless rapper in front of me I couldn't help but occasionally look into her eyes. This was mainly because; throughout entire the performance she would look at me. In all of her songs I would catch her glancing up at me and occasionally getting her ass closer to my face than she did with the other fans. Confused, I carried on with my intense staring.

Once her two-hour long set was finished, I walked away dazed. All I could think about was the looks she had given me. I stood still, bemused with questions rapidly flying through my head. 'Were the looks for me? Does this mean she likes me? Is Nicki Minaj an actual sexual prospect for me?' Nothing made sense. I was so locked in my own imagination that I didn't even notice the burley man approach me until he harshly poked me in the shoulder.

"Hey." He said, clinically. "Come with me."

I looked the man over. His rugby player-like physique forced me into a state of nervousness. "um... ok" I stammered .

I was led back towards the stage and we eventually arrived in the wings of the performance space that now was not lit at all. The man brought me through the wings and out in to an opening containing a large amount of vans, busses and people who were quickly bustling around. I was taken deep into the vehicles to a large black bus decorated with Nicki Minaj's face on its side. The man turned to me. "Enter."

Not wanting to cause a fuss I did so instantly, beating the four steps in two bounds. I quickly glanced back at the black suited man and raised my eyebrows. He nodded his head bluntly towards the door that separated the driver-area from the back. I hesitantly clasped the handle and pushed. I saw a spacious, bright, messy room with a few empty beer bottles on a coffee table. There were 2 sofas, which followed the curve of the table.

As soon as I saw who was sitting at the table and what she was wearing, I instantly forgot the rest of the room. Lying sexily with one arm supporting her body and one slowly caressing the side of her butt and wearing only a tight green bikini was the one and only Nicki Minaj. I literally fell backwards against the door I was so astounded by what was happening. She chuckled at this and brought herself up onto her feet. She slowly stepped off the sofa and sauntered towards me, her hips slowly swaying. With each step I could see more and more of her cleavage peeking out over her strapless bikini top. She finally reached me. I could feel her boobs pressing up against me as she looked into my eyes. She slowly reached behind me and locked the door flashing me a mischievous grin.

I began to blurt "but why m-." but she cut me off by raising a single finger to my mouth. She leaned forward.

"All you need to know honey." She whispered in her American accent. "Is that you're cute and I've wanted you ever since I saw you gawking at me."

This finally put a smile on my shocked face. She stood on her tiptoes, pushed her body up against mine and planted a kiss on my lips. Our tongues soon began to press against the others. Whilst I was just content to have this beauty make out with me with my hands resting on her wide hips, she clearly had a more forward approach. I felt her hands rubbing all over me. I am proud to say that I maintained a fair amount of ab-prominence throughout my late teens and Nicki was very obviously pleased with this. Her fingers pressed into the resistant muscles and I felt her smile into the ongoing snog. She soon delved into the lower areas of my body. I felt her hand gently squeeze the rapidly growing bulge of my chinos and at one point she ran her hand over my butt, pinching it with a small giggle. This instilled in me some confidence, which I used to make my hand slide onto her huge ass and gently begin to knead and fondle one of the two firm cheeks. My other hand soon found it's way down to her other cheek and I began grabbing with more intensity. They felt great. They were both firm but also had so much mass to them and her skin was perfectly smooth.

She removed her face from mine only to glance back at my two hands and laugh to herself. "Yeah I get that a lot." With a grin, her lips quickly rejoined mine but this time her hands delved slightly deeper. I heard I slight jangle from my lower region and realised she was skilfully undoing my belt with one hand whilst the other pulled me deeper into the kiss. My zipper was soon being pulled down and my bulge became impressively more obvious in my loose fitting boxers. Her elegant, long nailed fingers scratched at the skin of my cotton-covered shaft and I could tell she was desperate for what was within. This was soon proven correct as she broke away from the kiss and slowly sank to her knees. Grabbing the waistband of my shorts, Nicki quickly pulled them down, releasing the 8 inch rock hard dick. It quickly pinged up, weakly slapping the beauty right in the face.

"Oh shit sorry!" I said trying not to blow my chances of sleeping with one of my all time hottest women.

"Baby, that was really hot, just relax. " she said soothingly. She slowly grabbed my cock and started to pump her hand along it, slowly at first. Her other hand moved to my balls which she played with softly. My head fell back against the door of the bus as I experienced the softness of Nicki Minaj's hand against my penis. I soon felt a wet, soft ring surround my cock and as I glanced down I saw the heavenly site of her looking up at me with her mouth filled with ¾ of my cock. She was slowly bobbing her head along the length of it with the wetness and warmth of her mouth gently massaging my meat her hand now moving back up to my abs, which she squeezed. I looked into her eyes longingly as she dipped her head down the entirety of the shaft until I felt her pretty nose press against my pubic hair. I heard her choking on it but all I did was lean my head back and moan at the feeling. She stayed there, breathing through her nose for around 20 seconds with her eyes constantly looking up and filled with lust. Gradually, she removed her head inhaling deeply through her teeth.

"I may have been with a load of black dudes before with slightly longer dicks but you have by far the widest cock." This put me at ease, and the stunning smile on her face showed that she meant it.

"Thanks. You've probably already heard every compliment under the sun by now but I have to say you have the best arse on the planet."

"Would you like to have your face under it?"

She must have interpreted the rapid widening of my eyes as a yes because she grinned, stood up and pulled me over to the sofas. She pushed me backwards so I crashed down on to the soft cushions and I just lay there watching her. First she took the trousers that were hanging from my ankles, off and threw them across the room with the boxers inside them. I, then, yanked off my green top and untied my laces before removing my shoes and throwing them towards the clothes pile. She then reached to front of her bikini top and unhooked the piece of clothing. Before she removed the garment, she used the two hooks to push together her tits, teasing me before finally removing the flimsy piece of material. Although her ass is mainly the centre of attention for adoring men, I then realised her tits were also adequately impressive. The double D's sat firmly on her chest, topped off with two large brown nipples, which had my mouth agape as soon as I laid eyes on them. She then stepped up onto curved, squishy couch and moved so she now stood towering above me.

She reached into her stretched bikini bottoms and yanked down. This took a few tries as her butt refused to budge. Eventually she got them down and stepped out of them revealing a nice black cunt with only a triangle of pubic hair above it. Looking down she smiled at me sexily before slowly sinking down to her knees so I was fully smothered in her huge arse. Although I had only ever eaten out one girl, Ellie (see "School Fuck"), what I had done there yielded extremely positive results so I began to kind of make out with her pussy. I moved my lips all over it with my tongue constantly slipping in and creating moans from the Goddess squatting on my face. I used my hands to grab on to the holy arse cheeks of Nicki Minaj and roughly feel them up. As I continued into the depths of Nicki Minaj's vag I moved my hand round to the front of her body, over her huge thighs and onto the front of her vagina. I began to move my fingers rapidly against her clitoris (something I had learned from vast amounts of porn). It must have worked because I could feel an increased amount of pressure on my face as she pushed her butt down to get more of my tongue inside of her.

"Oh baby, where did you learn to be this good?!" she said through ragged breathing but I was unable to respond with my full of pussy.

To progress even further I took my remaining hand, which was still grabbing her monstrous cheeks, and slipped it inside of her crack. I slowly worked my middle finger into her arsehole. "OH GOD BABYYYYYYYYYYYY!" she yelled, leaning back.

She was really moving her arse now, bouncing it on my face in pleasure and each time she bounced she would wiggle her butt, in an attempt to lodge my face in her pussy.

Even though Nicki's butt was and still is the best butt in existence I had had enough of only really giving pleasure and not receiving any myself. I removed my fingers and pushed her huge arse up away from my face. I got up quickly to see her pouting. "I was getting in to that!" she complained, half joking.

"Don't worry. If you were honest about the compliments you gave my cock then you are definitely going to like this next bit."

I quickly moved towards her and grabbed her by the thighs, lifting her up so that her waist was level with mine. Getting the idea she wrapped her lovely legs around me, her bare heels pressing into my butt. She then reached up pulled me into a kiss. I speedily walked forward and slammed Nicki against the tinted window. We made out with each other against the window, naked for a little while until I felt Nicki fumble towards my cock. Whilst still maintaining the kiss, she managed to direct my penis into the entrance of her vagina. As soon as she got me partially inside her, I quickly slammed forward, deeply penetrating her. Upon doing so I instantly heard a deep throaty moan from Nicki and her breaths became increasingly more irregular. I stayed like that for a few seconds, pinning this stunning black girl to the window with my dick. Her pussy was wonderfully warm and I could feel the walls of it clenching onto me. Still keeping lip contact over Nicki's groans, I slowly withdrew and once I was almost entirely out I rapidly slammed back into her creating even louder groans.

With her legs gripping on to me so tightly I decided to let go of her upper-thighs and used my body weight to suspend Nicki off the floor by sandwiching her with the window. I dethatched my mouth from her sweet lips and guided my hands onto her large tits. I fondled them repeatedly whilst Nicki just tilted her head back against the window, clearly loving my shaft inside of her and the gentle pressure I was applying to her breasts. I decided to be a bit adventurous and began to slowly pinch the nipples that topped the dark areolas. This caused a small shriek from my sexual partner and I looked up to see her glaring at me with a lustful intensity.

I suddenly had a mini heart attack as I noticed the production people wondering around right outside of the bus. Nicki noticing my worried look craned her neck to look outside. With a cute laugh she said. "The windows are tinted dummy."

I nodded gratefully but still felt slightly dirty about the situation. For my next few thrusts into Nicki I went especially quickly. However instead of getting another taste of her sweet breath I leant over her shoulder and looked at the people outside. Grabbing onto Nicky's butt once again I rested my chin on her shoulder and just watched. Even though I knew the pedestrians were unable to see me, I began to feel like I was keeping this secret relationship and somehow I felt the sex somehow got more interesting.

However, Nicki had other ideas about letting me daydream. She noticed the glazed look on my face as if I was in another world and decided to get my attention quickly. Noticing the meaty bit of shoulder flesh in front of her she bit down. "OW! What was that for?!" I asked quickly rubbing the love bite.

"You've stopped thrusting babe. I thought you wanted to have sex with me?"

"Sorry..." I said sadly, realising my mistake. "Here, I'll make it up to you."

Before she could even get to say "how?" I ploughed into her soaking vag ruthlessly and repeatedly.

For a good ten minutes I thrust into her and with each push I felt my balls swing right onto her huge arse, making it jiggle ever so slightly. My lips moved all over her upper body and her face. I first started by simply getting off with her but soon moved onto her shoulder and her neck. At one point hoisted Nicki slightly higher in the air so I was now pressing up into her. This not only created what seemed to be an increase in pleasure for the rapper but I was also able to nibble and lick her great rack whilst she played with my hair. During the ten-minute period I could clearly hear Nicki yell to an orgasm at least twice, almost making me come in the process. Nearing the ten-minute mark, I was on my last legs. I had felt a stirring in my balls for a long time and the erotic "Fuck Yeah" s and the "Oh DEEPER" s weren't helping. I realised I couldn't hold on for a minute longer so I said through my teeth "Gonna cum..."

"Want it on my tits babe?" she said in a strained voice

"YES" I blurted

Again, chuckling at my desperation she hopped off my dick and fell on to her back on the sofa. I quickly leapt on top of her and without requiring a single tug my dick spurted a huge batch of sperm right onto her huge melons. After the last spurt had landed Nicki took a single finger and dragged it through the puddle of semen that collected in between her tits. She took this and slowly slid it into her mouth. Closing her eyes she gave out a "hmmm" in approval and leant her head back. I fell forwards, to the side of Nicki and placed my arms around her whilst we both rested, sweaty and out of breath.

"I should be getting a shower." She said in a relaxed, satisfied voice

"Oh..." I grumbled, "I guess I'll just go then..."

Getting up I walked over to where my clothes had been strewn earlier in the sex session. But, I suddenly felt a warm sweaty hand clasp my shoulder and spin me around. "You're not going anywhere... sorry I don't think I know your name" she said smiling at the craziness of the situation.


"Well Geoff, I didn't invite you in here for just a one night stand" she said suggestively, bringing a smile to my face. "I'm in bloody old England for another three days and I'm not letting you go until I have to." She said in a mock English accent. I was now grinning ear to ear.

"Now" she whispered grabbing my hand, "about that shower..."


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I would suggest that you end the 2nd or 3rd day with a huge creampie (or 2). Wouldn't want Nicki leaving empty handed now would we?

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