tagGroup SexNicole In Our Bed

Nicole In Our Bed


I was trying my best to just flow with it, not think too much. I always think too much. Feel, just feel. Breathe, that's the key thing. Be sure to keep breathing. In and out. Nice and easy and smooth. I could get through this.

And don't look! I couldn't look. I will soon, I promised myself. But not yet. Breathe.

I stood in our bedroom. My back to our bed. Eyes closed even though I'd just turned off the lights. Trying to keep myself under some kind of control as my husband caressed my shoulders, my arms, that sensitive spot right at the back of my neck, right where the spine ends, that he knew I loved so much. His touch was light, sensual. And moving very slowly, that's not usual for him. Once he gets going, he likes to go.

He's trying to help, I suddenly thought. Trying to help me relax. That's sweet.

He traced a finger across my shoulder, up my neck, under my chin. His other hand at the small of my back ever so gently pulling me into him as he lifted me to tiptoes, bringing my lips up to his. I wrapped him in my arms, trying to match soft with soft. A gentle, soothing, lingering kiss and I tried a little harder to not think so damn much.

After all, thinking is what got me into this mess.

Another tiny little kiss, this time right on the tip of my nose, brought a smile to my lips. Then one on my forehead as his hand allowed my chin down. I tilted a little and he pressed his nose into my hair, he loves the smell of my hair.

He lifted and kissed me again, still light, but this time I felt his tongue pressing. I opened a little, allowing him into me, tasting him. Familiar, comfortable. Our arms up and around each other's shoulders. He wrapped me, still soft, pulling me toward him.

Usually I just loved all of this. And it still felt good. But tonight was different. I desperately tried to concentrate only on his touch, to feel just that, and not to think about the girl sitting across our bedroom, watching us.


We'd talked about this for a long time. Sharing our bed with another woman. Since before we were even married. Just joking around, I had always thought. Some sexy pillow talk, cuddling together in the darkness. Something spicy to get him hot. Or hot again. For me, I had always thought.


I stood absolutely still, not daring to move. Eyes still closed as his hands worked the buttons on my blouse, one by one, from neck to navel. He slipped it off and let it flutter away.

He reached around and unhooked my bra. I should have done that, I thought, he always fumbles with the clasp. But not this time, he got it on the first try. A good omen? He pulled straps from my shoulders, leaned back, and then lifted satin cups from my suddenly bare breasts. I felt my nipples harden in the cool night air. It's mostly the cold, I thought. But maybe not. Don't think, I reminded myself again. I can get through this. Somehow. Then back to normal, it's just one night in the thousands we've been married, will be married.

The bra slipped down my arms. In the utter stillness of our bedroom I could hear it land on the floor. He reached up to tickle first one, then the other. He always went left, right, left, right. He reached around me again but this time lower, much lower. Hands on my bottom, he pressed softly. Not lifting. Just suggesting. Encouraging. I rose to tiptoe again, my first voluntary movement. I knew what he wanted. Don't think, I reminded myself again. After all, I'd agreed to this, long ago. Even asked for it. I'll know when it's OK to look, but not yet. Breathe.

I heard quiet giggling from across the room. I pushed it away, don't think, don't imagine. Just feel.

My husband had undressed me, seen me undressed, naked, many times of course. She never had. I wondered if she was judging me. How I looked compared with the other women. The other women she had slept with. Fucked.


God she was young. And gorgeous. And very modern. She had said "Yeah, I love to fuck girls," as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Nicole. We'd known her for years, ever since we bought a home just a few doors down from her parent's house. On the first Saturday of every month, we usually picked her up, drove over to some friends, and she babysat their kids while we went out for the afternoon. Played tennis, biked, saw a movie. Then we drove her back.

She had blossomed slowly before our eyes. From a gawky teenaged girl in braces, acne and huge sweaters to a stunning young woman about to leave for college. Today had been her last day babysitting, tonight our last trip taking her home.

I could never, ever do something like this with a stranger. Some anonymous woman we met in a bar, at the mall, found on CraigsList. All of the different ways we'd talked about finding someone to share. And of course, a friend would be much, much worse. Someone I'd have to face the next day if it turned into a disaster.

So I thought I was safe. That it was safe to fantasize along with him, even tease him. About sharing. And being shared. Playing along with the game. Pointing out women on the street, in restaurants or the supermarket. Whispering into his ear later that night about how their bodies would look naked, how their lips would feel wrapped around his erection, how loud they would squeal orgasming to my touch. That kind of thing. And then watch him get hard for me with quiet satisfaction. Because I'd thought it over very carefully and I couldn't imagine how it would ever possibly be 'just right' enough.

We hadn't talked about Nicole this way at all. She was way too young, the thought of her simply hadn't entered our minds. But tonight, almost as soon as the car door closed, she just came right out and said it. "Boy, I'd sure love to do you guys before I leave."


Hot mouth on my nipples. He sucked me in, jaw wide and twirling his tongue around. I moaned, long and low. Even nervous, I'm very sensitive there as he knows so damned well. That always gets to me. I ran my hands through his hair, then held his head, guiding him, and felt the button of my jeans pop. Then the zipper. The bed was right behind me. He simply pressed my hips, I sat back and down, then onto elbows with my bottom just at the edge. Our bedroom was familiar territory, this was a familiar ritual, I didn't need my eyes. He lifted my legs straight up and tugged, I wiggled, and suddenly I was in just my panties.

She giggled a little again. I was in our bed, practically naked, no place to run, it was going to happen. And suddenly I just had to look. I opened my eyes at last and turned to see her reaching out to pick my bra up from the floor, admire it, then smile at me. "Rockin' undies," I think she whispered quietly.

I had no idea what to say to that except a quiet 'Thank you."

Her eyes flicked to him. Still smiling, though not nearly as sweet as to me. More like... hungry.

He undressed quickly, tossing his clothes on top of mine. Once free of his boxers, his erection passed through halfway-hard and stiffened before our eyes. Hers and mine.

I watched her watch him. Yes, definitely hungry.


My husband had jumped at the chance to jump her lovely bones, of course. Talked to her over his shoulder about our threesome like we did this kind of thing all the time. I guess he was right, if only in our heads.

And I was in no position to object, of course. I'd told him so many times that I'd love to. Always carefully adding '... but only if it ever seems right'. Thinking it never would. Could. But from out of the blue it couldn't possibly be better. She was on the pill. Stunningly, achingly beautiful. Hell, the little tart was even legal. Certainly not saving herself for marriage. And she'd never say a word to her parents. There wasn't a single thing that I could say.

Except that I had been lying all along, of course. And it was way too late to admit that now.


Nicole sat in the chair as he slid into our bed, then up and over to behind me, erection now clearly full and dragging across my hip. Eased me around to lie parallel with the bed. Lifted my shoulder to face her, spooning his erection between my thighs, chin on my shoulder and ear next to mine.

We watched together as she rose at last with a big smile and began to undress. Moving very slowly too. Putting on a show for us.

First her hair. She pulled out some pins and it cascaded past her shoulders in soft luxuriant waves, glistening in the bedroom's moonlight, bouncing down and coming to rest somewhere below her shoulder blades. She shook some more of it loose, running her fingers through.

Tee shirt up and off, casually, with no hesitation at all. She tossed it over to the pile. Her bra was barely a wisp of lace, cut so it only covered half of her light brown nipples, the rest showing through even in the dim light. Her cleavage soft and luscious and very full.

She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, then carefully turned to face the clothes pile, giving us a breathtaking sight as she bent from the waist hauling them down. She held like that longer than necessary, showing off her full, rounded bottom and clearly visible labia barely covered by lace. Her scent floated over to us, dark and musky and alluring.

I was already wet with anticipation. Had been since well before I'd turned out the lights. I felt a drip trickle through my soaking panties and run across my thigh.

My husband's hand slid across my hip, over my arm, and then up to my breasts. His fingers went back to my nipples, much harder now, forgetting himself. Well, I couldn't blame the guy. We'd been talking about this for a very long time. I reached up and stroked his hand, helping to quiet him.

But his erection between my legs was as stiff as I'd ever felt.

She smiled again at us, upside down, from way below knee level.


I had been shocked when Nicole said she imagined screwing my husband sometimes while masturbating. And I was stunned when she said she imagined me more often. "You were my very first orgasm, a girl never forgets!" She unbuckled, then leaned up from the back seat to give me a quick peck on the cheek. "And you were my first boygasm." She gave another one to him.


She bent back up at last, kicked jeans and shoes from her feet and pushed her hair mostly in back of her ears. Then turned to face us in the cutest, laciest bra and panty set I've ever seen. The purest virginal white imaginable, she simply glowed in the moonlight. Little pink bows at her hips and cleavage. "Rockin' undies too," I mouthed, and got a wink as a reward.

When she reached behind with both hands, her tits pushed out even more. Once freed, the ends snapped around to her front, they'd been pulled tight. She shrugged it off and away.

Shoulders back and chin up, she cupped her breasts and pinched the nips even higher than they already were. Lifted each one in turn to her mouth. Her tongue slid out and she gave them both a long, slow, slurpy lick. Just like I always wished I could do.

My husband's hipbones pressed even harder into my bottom, poking himself all the way through my thighs and out the other side.

Thumbs into the waistband, she pushed her panties over and off her wonderfully round bottom. Then she stood there in front of us, hands in her hair, and wiggled, jiggled and giggled them to the floor.

"Ta da!"

She gracefully opened her arms wide and shook all that hair mostly behind her shoulders. Got one knee slightly up and rotated her hips, just like beautiful girls are born knowing how to do. Standing there all naked, gorgeous and eager to get laid.

I didn't know whether to admire her or hate her. But I knew one thing for certain – I envied her to pieces.

She skipped over to our bed "Ooo! You started without me!" She was watching a small drop of semen gather at the purple head poking out from between my thighs. It sparkled in the bedroom's moonlight.

She reached out, touched, then licked him off her finger.

"And you too!" she giggled, She ran her wet finger across my wet thigh, then licked that. "Yummy!"

Gracefully sliding in to lie beside me, Nicole looked at him and snapped the elastic of my panties. "These have got to go. Don't you think?"

Our neighbor, nude and nubile, was in our bed and casually discussing the state of my underpants with my husband.

This is going to take some getting used to, I thought.


I'd been teasing him terribly about having sex with another woman. But it was all part of the game, I never thought I'd actually do anything like that. Just sexy conversation about wanting to stroke her soft skin, kiss her ripe lips, suck her firm nipples. Lick her glistening clitoris, slide my tongue into her wet and swollen cunt. I knew all the words, phrases. Porn clichés. And I had used them all. Shamelessly and with lusty enthusiasm.

Now I was going to have to decide exactly how much of that was just talk. I really didn't know how far I wanted to go.


"May I?" She was already pushing on my hip, rolling me to my back as he pulled out from between my legs, my bottom and thighs suddenly missing his familiar, comforting warmth.

"Go ahead." He eased to the edge of the bed with a great big grin, giving her room to position me.

But first, she leaned down, opened wide, and sucked my husband into her mouth. Deep.

She held him inside, looking straight up and into his eyes. He just froze, transfixed at the sight. Goodness knows we'd talked about another woman sucking him plenty of times before. But I don't think he ever really believed it would happen. And I wasn't sure how I felt about seeing that either. At least not just yet.

Her eyes flicked over to me. Judging my reaction, I thought. At seeing my husband inside her. I tied very hard to smile at her, at least faintly.

It must have been enough, she sat back with a loud 'pop!' Flashed a quick, bright, eager smile at me, then up to him, then crawled in my direction. Lifting my ankles, she pointed my toes to the ceiling, got my calves against her tits and leaned forward. Bending me double and prying my bottom from the bedspread. Grab, tug, lean back, up and over her shoulder with a flourish and I was now as naked as they were. She's had practice getting a woman out of her panties, I thought.

But she didn't let me lower my legs. Instead, she leaned forward again, bending me in half once more, and laying down on top of me with my toes behind her ears and her tummy pressing into the back of my thighs.

Hair tumbled down all around us as she leaned in for a huge wet kiss, her tongue probing and her pelvis pushing into my bottom in an unmistakable sex beat.

She tasted like semen. He's getting ready to cum was the last thought I remembered. We floated together, lips locked together, for I don't know how long.

Breaking at last, she allowed me to unfold, riding my calves upwards. Sat back and motioned for me to move a little over.

"He's almost ready to pop, you know?"

I nodded, unable to talk for a few moments while I got my breath back. Well, that settled the kissing question. I had liked it. A lot.

"OK, so you over here," Nicole said to my husband and pointed to the center of the bed, "And we'll get the first one out of the way. Means you can start on the second one that much sooner."

He scooted, eyes wide and a big, stupid grin splitting his face. She settled in between his thighs, pried them wide, and leaned over onto one while leaving plenty of room beside her. She patted his hairy skin, halfway between knee and erection. Unnecessary, but I was still a little stunned from that kiss, a head full of fog and moving kind of slow.

She flipped her flowing hair around so I wouldn't lie on it and adjusted herself a few inches higher on the bed. Held him in her hand, way down low, pointing the purple head straight toward me as I eventually got into position. "Your turn," she smiled.

I moved my head to the right level, got my elbows below, worked up some moisture in my mouth and leaned toward him. I opened wide and she guided him into me.

Salty, he really is only minutes away I thought as I closed my lips around the head, got him tight, then sucked in hard. I felt him scrape over my teeth and his shaft slide inside me. I trapped it between my tongue and roof, generating some nice friction while pushing down onto him, getting as much as I could inside, all the way to the back on the first stroke. Trying to show off for the visitor in our bed.

He put his hand on the top of my head, but he knows damn well not to pull me onto him. I broke him from that ugly habit very early on.

I felt her squirm a little beside me as I let him slip back out, then sucked in again very hard and every bit as deep. Holding him in this time, just like she had done, waiting for the tears to gather in my closed eyes. Then started stroking my head in earnest. I reached up to tickle his balls, found another hand already there, so I got my elbow back below me without missing a single beat. I suck a mean cock.

Her hand came up, tugged some of my hair behind my ear, then continued across my back. Down, very slowly, fingertips only, feather light feeling each and every bump on my spine on the way to the base, and then again on the way back up. I felt a marvelous, firm tit press into my arm. "You're even prettier than I thought with his dick in your mouth," she sighed.

His erection throbbed inside me, hard and hot. I sucked him in and out, pumping smooth and easy, feeling his thigh tense next to my shoulder. Tighten. Moments now.

I really do like to swallow the big mouthful he always produced, but I wanted to be a good hostess. So I slowed, stopped and slipped back. He popped out and groaned piteously.

I reached up and pushed my husband in Nicole's direction.

She smiled a quick thanks at me, took a deep breath and slid him right in, but not all the way this time. Didn't pump at all. Just held him in medium, the center of her tongue right behind the tip, and worked her jaw back and forth, sliding it side to side . Extending him for a few extra seconds. "You're very pretty like that too," I returned her compliment while stroking all that sumptuous hair. Surprised to suddenly realize that I didn't mind sharing him with her at all. She smiled at me around my husband's erection. I let my hand slide down and tickled his balls, my turn now, very gently, fingernails only. He groaned again, harder. Deeper.

I checked carefully. My lipstick was maybe a few millimeters closer to the base of his erection than hers. I'm not competitive, I didn't think I would have minded if it wasn't. But it was, and seeing that make me feel good.

Her jaw kept on working but eyebrows arched suddenly at me. I knew the question, of course. I had decided the answer when I handed him over to her. "I've had him plenty of times," I whispered.

She grinned back at me again, let him slip out until the base of the head was clearly visible between her white teeth, then closed her lips and sucked him in slow but hard once, twice, and he was cumming into her mouth on the third plunge.

She held him in at the very bottom, took the first spurts, then quickly pulled her head back and off, pointing him over at me. It took a second to register, I was very new at sharing a cocksuck, and a lot of his semen dribbled down the shaft. I got him back into my mouth and kept my lips wide all the way down, chasing after it. He didn't seem to mind. He groaned again, but this time in pure bliss as I sucked hard at the bottom, gathering up the last few drops with my tongue.

I held him inside until I was sure he was done, then a little longer, then pulled still sucking hard until I held the head just behind my teeth. Licked the final drop from the opening, smiled up at his closed eyes and finally let him out. Both of us gasping for air.

As he collapsed into the bed, Nicole reached around my head and pulled me in for another open mouth kiss, my husband's sperm glittering on her lips and chin. Her tongue pushed some of him into my mouth and I tried to do the same for her, evening things out. We both swallowed together, holding the kiss long after it was all gone.

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