tagErotic CouplingsNight at the Museum

Night at the Museum


Maria couldn't help wondering why she had come to the lecture. The bench below her arse was hard and uncomfortable, the room at the Met museum was freezing cold and she was surrounded by a bunch of oldies. The speaker was a professor of classics, over from Cambridge in England, in a tweed jacket and horn-rimmed spectacles. His name was Prof Albert George, and he was a leading expert in Roman and Greek history. Neither of these subjects were of much interest to Maria, a New York wife in her mid-20s with time to kill. That afternoon she had been at home while her husband watched television and ignored her. She wanted out of the house and had gone for a walk in Central Park. And here she was, at the museum, listening to a lecture on something she knew nothing about. At least it might be educational, she supposed. For half an hour the professor had been droning on about life in Roman times, and he was now bringing out a selection of antiquities from that period. He laid them out on the table in front of his audience of 50 or 60 people. There was a spade, used by Roman farmers. There was an ampulet, worn by a typical lady of the time. Here, he explained, was an original amphora which would have contained red wine in the 2nd century AD. And this, he said, was a dildo.

"A dildo?" thought Maria. She woke up somewhat from a daydream.

"You may be surprised to see such an artefact," explained professor George. "But sexual desire is not an invention of the 20th or 21st century. Such devices have been popular with the fair sex for many, many years."

The object was made from solid pale marble, with a thick base and a smooth, polished surface. The head of the marble cock was circumcised and the length of the device was at least eight inches. "This is not to say that the length of the average male member has decreased over the centuries," he explained. "Rather, dildos and such devices have often been longer than the real thing."

Maria was fascinated. She couldn't help thinking about the object and wondering how and when it had been used. Perhaps, nearly 2000 years ago, a Roman wife had inserted it into her pussy while her husband was out at work....as a centurion, perhaps, or a gladiator? Maria wondered whether the dildo had been used by many different women, over the years. The thought made her a little giddy and confused.

The lecture was taking place in a vast hall with various marble statues along the walls and in the centre. Most of the statues were men, many without many clothes on, showing off their rippling torsos in various postures.

The professor was still on the subject of Romans and sex. "Of course, that civilisation was responsible for the word 'orgy'," he said. "As often as not, a Roman orgy was more about excessive eating and drinking than sex, thus the word 'vomitarium' - where over-indulgent people could bring up their dinner and return for more food afterwards," said the professor. "Yet there was often a carnal element to such events. Drunk with wine and excitement, the Romans would often indulge in wife-swapping and what is now widely known as 'daisy chains'. That is, everyone would recline on cushions on the floor of the villa and start playing with one another. There was little public disapproval of such practices."

Maria could not believe it. But she could feel that familiar tingle of excitement between her legs from the speech. Incredible. Here she was at a history lecture, and her pussy was becoming wet.

Maria had only been married for three years but she was disillusioned. Her husband had wooed her assiduously but - now that he had her - he made little or no effort. Their sex life had dried up within the first year.

The professor was still talking away. "Orgies did not only involve the swapping of sex partners between various consenting Romans," he said. "Often the host would bring along several slave girls or prostitutes who would be used at will by the guests. The practice of bukkaka, whereby a woman sits passively on the floor while several men masturbate and come on to her prone body, is often - mistakenly - attributed to Japan. In fact, the Romans had been doing this many centuries beforehand."

The lecture then drifted on to other subjects, the Roman military, their road-building techniques, the use of underfloor heating and so on.

After the speech, the professor was almost immediately surrounded by a thick throng of keen students. Maria wandered up to the table where the old artefacts were still lying. Her eyes were drawn straight away to the dildo. She reached out a hand, almost inadvertently, and started to brush the marble with her fingertips. She knew, straight away, that she wanted the dildo. Decisively, she grabbed it and stuffed the long, hard object in her handbag. She glanced up. No one had seen her. Maria didn't know what she was doing or why. She had never used a dildo or vibrator in her life - and she rarely even masturbated. But she knew that she wanted that thing inside her as fast as possible. She hurried out of the room and headed for the public toilets, passing below a big archway and down a hall. It was an evening event so the museum was almost empty apart from the lecture audience and a few bored members of staff. As she walked, all she could think about was Romans, and orgies, and the marble cock. Reaching the toilets, she went to the furthest stall and locked the door behind her. Maria unclipped her jeans and dropped them so they were around her ankles. With her left hand she started to stroke her pussy lips through her white knickers. She was already wet and the material was quite damp with her excitement. With her right she fished in her handbag for the object and pulled it out.

Still standing, she moved her legs apart and pulled her knickers down, so that her dark hairy pussy was exposed. She started to rub the end of the dildo up and down her labia. At first she recoiled from the touch of the marble, which was cold - almost like ice. But it seemed to warm up as she stroked it up and down her lips. Greedily, she pushed it against her hole, which opened up to accommodate the stone cock-head. Inside it slipped, so wet was her pussy, filling her up with cold marble. It felt good inside her, so thick and large - much larger than the useless penis of Tony, her husband. So this was why women used dildos! Maria started to breath heavily as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy, which was feeling wetter and wetter. It was hard doing this from a standing position, so she lay down on the floor with her head beside the toilet. There was not much room, so she had to lift her legs and place both feet up on the wall. "What if someone sees me, what if they have CCTV?" she thought to herself, blushing suddenly. But her desire was too strong to stop. On the floor, with her legs wide open, it was much easier to insert the stone cock. She gripped it hard and stuffed it into herself, harder and deeper, while using her other hand to stroke her clit. The little pearl was hard with her arousal, and she could soon feel an orgasm starting to build deep inside her. She imagined that she was being fucked by a centurion, a big, manly, sweaty Roman soldier, she then imagined that she was sat on the floor while six men stood around her, jerking off on to her tits and stomach. These pictures in her head were enough to send her over the edge. She felt her legs clamping over her hand and her pussy muscles squeezing tight....and then...glorious release. Maria had been moaning louder and louder, no longer caring who might hear her. Now she let out a yelp of pure pleasure as she rode the orgasm, still pumping herself with the toy.

She must have fainted, or knocked herself out - or something more strange had happened. Because, when she got up from the floor, tucked the dildo back into her handbag, pulled her knickers and jeans up and brushed herself down...she left the restroom...and checked her watch. It was midnight. Christ! she thought. How the hell did that happen. Back in the museum, the lights were dim and no one was around. "Oh my God, they must have locked up," she thought to herself. When she reached the main entrance her fears were realised. The gates were locked, bolted and padlocked. It was going to be a long night, she thought to herself. What she did not know at that point was that it was going to be the best night of her life.

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