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Night Out


Finally! We are alone for two days in Charlotte. It has been an incredibly long time since we have been alone together. We decide to spend the two days just having fun. No stress. No children. No work. Let's go out on the town and just go crazy. Do things we never do and really let loose. We go out and about and are having a pretty good day. For lunch we go to a little neighborhood karaoke spot. While were eating, we can't help but laugh at some of the people on stage. Karaoke is always a lot of fun. Well if you are the one laughing at everyone else. You push, prod and prompt me to sing a song for you. You know the one I mean. Finally I give in and just go for it. It wasn't the best rendition of "One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater" but it wasn't the worst either. We laugh and laugh and have a great time.

Later in the evening we decide to go out on the town and hit a local bar. I am dressed in simply jeans with a polo shirt. You are wearing tight jeans and a white button up shirt just for me. You look incredible. We are walking down a street similar to Bourbon Street. There are bars everywhere. Which one to go into to was the question. As we walk down the street we find the Cowboys Red River saloon. Just your type of place with just your type of music. It's early so when we go in we have no problem finding a booth toward the back of the place.

Before the crowds come in you and I take a couple of line dancing lessons. I admit it is fun but my two left feet shine through. You aren't bad and seem to pick up the steps pretty well. You seem to enjoy it and your really like the music they play here. We sit in the booth just talking and playfully kissing on each other for some time. It is obvious we are enjoying being together again.

As the crowd starts to filter in, the tables begin to fill up. All manor of people come to this place. Old and young, cowboy/cowgirl and everyday people like us. The place is busy but not too crowded. You and I take a couple of turns on the dance floor but I almost end up falling flat on my face. I guess will sit the next few songs out.

Back at the table you and I are both drinking somewhat heavily. Neither one of us are usually drinkers but tonight we have reason to drink. Tonight is the night that you are supposed to strap a cock on and ram my virgin ass! I still can't explain why, but this has been a fantasy of mine for years. I guess it is all those years of taking control and being in control both at work and home. I guess I just seek an experience when I am completely vulnerable and in your hands. We are both completely nervous. The alcohol is supposed to help or so we tell ourselves. Drink after drink we begin feeling pretty good. Even you have a light buzz going on.

Just then one of your favorite Sawyer Brown songs comes on and you want to dance. "Come on, dance with me," you beg. I don't feel like dancing anymore. Besides, I almost fell last time. Dancing is not for me. Until tonight I didn't know you could dance at all either. Overhearing our conversation a man approaches the table. He is a younger man, maybe 28 and tall. He must be 6'4" tall and has a thin, muscular physique. Wearing cowboy boots, jeans and a cowboy hat, he looks like a real cowboy. He introduces himself as Dillon and shakes my hand.

"Sir, I couldn't help but overhear the lady. I would be happy to dance with her if your okay with it," he offers.

Okay with it? It means I don't have to go back out there. "Yeah, I am just fine with it."

Off you two go to the floor. The size difference between you two is a little weird. He is towering over you. You two dance and have a really good time. Returning to the table you tell me that Dillon is a Forest Ranger and a really good dancer. We continue our evening. Three or four times tonight you have went on the dance floor with him. I have watched intently and nothing unusual has happened. It is obvious that you two are playfully flirting and talking but nothing else. Each time you return to the table you kiss me passionately and tell me how much fun you are having.

The two of you go out to the dance floor once again. It is a fast paced line dance and I can tell you are getting tired. I figure we will be leaving soon. As the dance ends a slow song comes on. I wait for you to leave the dance floor but you don't. Dillon takes you in his arms and the two of you begin to sway. Your head turns and settles against his chest and I can see your eyes are closed. As the two of you rock and turn I see that Dillon's hands are on your ass. I can't tell if I'm mad or excited. A couple of minutes into the song, your hands to are on his ass. The two of you rock and turn to the music while your hands explore each others asses. I am going crazy. I think I am excited.

You both return to the table and this time Dillon sits next to you in the booth. You are now sandwiched between me and this other guy. "How was your dance?" is all I can say.

"Incredible,' is your only reply. Then you turn and begin to kiss me. Your tongue is thrusting in and out of my mouth. I feel your hand on my jeans and you begin to rub my cock. Dillon has obviously turned you on. Ignoring him completely you continue to rub my prick. I am so hard now and so ready for you. Our mouths break off and you say to me "well we better get a move on. It's fantasy night after all." We get up and say our goodbyes to Dillon and start back to the hotel.

Inside the room our passion explodes. Quickly we grab at each others clothes. In a matter of minutes our clothes are all over the floor, hanging from the TV and even from a light. Our tongues explore each other as we kiss. Our hands roam free each others bodies. Tonight is going to be something special. You break off our kissing and look me straight in the eyes. "Are you ready to fulfill a fantasy tonight," you say with a big grin. You get up and pull out a large dildo and begin stroking it. "I want you to go into the bathroom and wait for me to call you. I will get ready. When I call you I want you to wait 2 minutes and then come out. I think we are both really going to love this." My heart skips a beat with your words. I can't believe I am going to let you do this to me. I quickly run into the bathroom and wait. It seems like an eternity. God I love fantasy night.

Then I hear you. "Ok baby, come out in 2 minutes."

I am so nervous right now. My cock is standing straight out and as hard as can be. Two minutes seems like an eternity. It is time. I am ready. I am going to come through the door and see you wearing a strap-on cock. I have thought about this moment. I have jacked off to the image of you wearing a strap-on. I have imagined you using it on me.

As I walk through the door I become frozen in my tracks. I was fully prepared to see you standing there stroking you fake cock. What I wasn't prepared for is you on your knees and Dillon standing in front of you naked. You have his cock in your mouth and sucking it hard. You look at me and let his dick fall out. "I told you tonight was fantasy night. I just changed the fantasy. Dillon has agreed to come over here tonight and fuck me. He doesn't even mind if you watch or participate. He doesn't care about anything but giving me a good fucking." I can't move. I literally can't move. I am frozen with shock, fear and amazement.

"How?" is all I can say.

"Well, on the dance floor Dillon and I talked and flirted. He keep telling me how good I looked and that he wishes he was you tonight. Then on the slow dance he began rubbing my ass. I know you were watching us. When I rubbed his ass, I also slipped our room key into his pocket. At the table Dillon started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I almost came then and there. So I shoved my tongue down your throat and began to play with you. What you didn't see is that I was also stroking Dillon's cock at the same time." I am still stunned. I just stand there and say nothing.

You and I have talked about this many times. We were even planning it. You were going to be with two men and I would get to be with two women. I was more then ready for us to fulfill this fantasy. I just didn't expect it tonight. While I stand there staring you just smile. "Baby, I'll set it up for you to fuck my friend Tiffany and I if I can do this tonight. What do you say baby, can I have my fantasy tonight?"

My dick was incredible hard. I think I wanted to see Dillon fuck her as much as she wanted to be fucked by him. I told her, "You'd better suck that dick a little baby. I think he would really like that."

You take Dillon's cock in hand and begin to lick up and down his shaft. He is moaning at your technique. Your hand begins massaging his balls while your other hand rubs his ass. You swallow his tool completely and begin deep throating him. As your head moves up and down his cock, Dillon begins to moan.

"Yes maam, that sure does feel good," he says.

You suck his dick for several minutes. He then pulls away and lifts you up. He throws you to the bed and dives between your legs. There is nothing soft about this. Dillon dives in and begins licking your clit. Your body immediately responds and you start to buck. I am still standing there speechless. Violently his tongue thrusts in and out of your sopping wet pussy. Your moans are loud as you grab onto his head. In response he moves back to your clit and begins licking it. You explode!

"Oh God, yes baby yes. Oh I need this. So good." He continues to lick you but you have other ideas. "Dillon I need your dick in me. Come on baby drill me."

Dillon stand and towers over you. His 6" dick is hard and ready for action. He lines up between your legs and thrusts into you. You scream as he hits deep within you. You turn and look at me.

"Do you like this? Do you like Dillon fucking my hot pussy? Don't you want to join us?" you say to me. I walk over to you and you immediately grab hold of my throbbing dick. At that moment I realize I am incredibly turned on and have the largest erection I have ever had. You begin to suck on my dick while Dillon fucks you.

He thrusts in and out with force and I can hear his balls slapping your ass with each thrust. With each thrust inward your hips buck up and meet him. You give my cock a little added sucking when he slams into you. Your hand works up and down me as you focus your attentions on the head. Sucking it in, you work your tongue along the edge. Suddenly your body convulses and you begin to have another orgasm. You continue sucking my dick through your orgasm. Every once in a while I have to stop you from biting to hard. Some biting is okay but you are about to draw blood.

Dillon then pulls out of your cunt and gives his log a couple of strokes. Suddenly and without warning he shoots his load all over your tits, face and even gets some on my cock and leg. You continue sucking my cock until I too explode. You swallow the first couple of spurts then pull me out and allow me to cum on your tits. You are now covered in a mixture of Dillon's and my juice.

As you come down from your climax you begin stroking both of our cocks. You have us line up so we are standing side by side. You alternate sucking one of us, while your hand strokes the other. Then you switch again. You are driving both of us crazy and quickly we are both hard again. It is kind of funny seeing Dillon and I standing next to each other. He is young and muscular and very tall. I am a little older, heavier set and medium height. You look at both of us and stand.

You throw Dillon on the bed and straddle his legs. You reach around and grab his cock. Giving it a few playful squeezes you line it up and sink down on it. "Oh God you feel so good." You then begin riding him Cowgirl style. On your knees, you are able to control the speed and intensity. You ride up and down, occasionally stopping to grind your pussy against him. You then look back at me and say, "Come on baby. Let me feel your tongue on my ass."

I can't believe how hot and dirty you are right now. The alcohol and this experience has transformed you into a slut for the evening. I climb onto the bed eager to comply with your request. I lay down between Dillon's legs and take in the sight. I about cream myself as I am mere inches away from Dillon's cock pistoning in and out of you. I can see your juices as they run down his shaft and collect on his balls. You lean forward a little and let Dillon begin to rocket in and out of you. As he slams you I lean in and apply the slightest of pressure to your asshole with my tongue. You go nuts and your body spasms. I then start moving my tongue all around. Up and down your ass and circling your little bud. You are now moaning like never before.

You start to scream things I have never heard you say. "Fuck that feels so good. Dillon he is licking my ass. Fuck me harder while he licks me ass."

I move quickly licking the length of your crack. All of our bodies are moving at high speed now. A couple of times in the intense passion, my tongue comes down and brushes Dillon's cock while it is thrusting into you. You are about to explode once more. Then you lean over against Dillon's chest and say, "Rick, put it in my ass. I need more. I have to have more." Dillon stops fucking you so I can penetrate your ass.

The head of my cock pushes against your bud. I want to take it nice and easy as not to hurt you. As I begin to apply pressure you thrust your hips back and take me all the way in. I can't believe it. I can feel Dillon's cock through the thin membrane between us. He then thrusts up and the action starts back. As Dillon and I alternate moving our dicks in and out of your, you prepare for climax.

"Oh God this feels so damned good. I have two dicks in me. I am such a naughty girl. Spank my ass!"

I reach down and give your ass a hard little crack. Then Dillon's body tightens and I know he is cumming deep inside you. I continue fucking your sexy ass. Every so often I give it a light slap. I can tell that Dillon's dick has went limp and is now sliding out of your flooded pussy.

You start to cum hard. "Fuck me. Oh God yes, Ride a Cowboy. Oh my god, I...I...Ohhhh, yessss. Faster, harder. Fuck me, fuck my ass. God, shove it in me." then you erupt with a series of screams louder then any I have ever heard. I can't take it any longer and begin to cum. I thrust deep on last time and shoot my load deep in your ass. I then pull out of you and Dillon and I move to allow you room on the bed.

You relax but it takes you several minutes to come down from your orgasm. Your body twitches and you lay there in complete bliss. I get Dillon his clothes and thank him for fucking you so hard tonight and making you feel so good. After showing him to the door I return to your side. You lay there motionless and quiet as I caress your hair and rub your side. Your body is still a bundle of raw nerves. I can tell that you enjoyed yourself immensely. I'm sure you are ready for a nice hot shower and a relaxing night.

As you lay there I roll you over onto your stomach. Pulling up on your hips you look back and ask me what I am doing. You then get an intense look on your face as you realize I have just plunged my cock deep into your pussy. You are incredible hot and sloppy wet. I can feel Dillon's cum still inside you. I begin thrusting into you for all I am worth. Almost immediately you begin to cum.

"Oh baby! You've never taken me like this. You've never fucked me like this. Oh God, you feel so good. Please don't stop. Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh. Fuck me, ride me! Don't stop." As you scream over and over again I continue to drive against your groin. I am determined to give you my cock like never before. I thrust into you like a mad man, a man on a mission. Your orgasm quickly evolves into two orgasms. Then when I think you are at your peak, I pull out. I shower your back with my load. Hot stream after hot stream fly onto your back. You collapse to the bed and try to catch your breath.

I lean in to kiss you and ask how you liked your fantasy. Through shallow breaths I hear you say, "Amazing! But tomorrow we go out and find a girl to join us. And baby, just when your dick is deep in her.....Your ass is mine!"

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