tagInterracial LoveNikki Submits to Lover and BBC

Nikki Submits to Lover and BBC


My name is Nikki and my husband Paul and I have been married for almost 15 years. About 6 years ago my husband convinced me to go to a swing club in a city that is about 100 miles from us. We both had a fantastic time and we go back to the club whenever we can. About 2 years ago we added a new, exciting wrinkle to our swinging. We are both allowed to swing solo when we are away on business. Since my job requires me to travel about 2ce a quarter I have had more opportunity than Paul has to enjoy this decadent freedom.

On one of my first business trips to NYC after Paul and I made this little arrangement I was sitting alone in the hotel bar when Eric, a tall, handsome older guy started to hit on me. At first I didn't think anything about it, but then I thought why not? Paul is ok with it and Eric was turning me on. So as Eric bought me more wine I started to flirt back. It wasn't that long before Eric and I were French kissing in the elevator on the way to my room.

I guess that I thought that Eric would rip my clothing off and take me quickly. Boy was I wrong. Eric was in no hurry at all to enjoy the prize he picked up at the bar. Once we got to my room he had me slowly strip for him and get in various erotic positions. My pussy got wetter and wetter as he had me talk about how much I love sex and how naughty and excited I felt having sex without my husband. I climaxed as he pumped into me, pinching my nipples hard and calling me a married slut.

I have seen Eric twice since then. Each time he was more demanding and each time it was more exciting than the last. As I packed for my most recent business trip to NYC, Paul asked me if I was going to see Eric. No reason to lie to my husband so I said yes. What I didn't tell him was how excited I was.

It was finally the last day of that business trip. I knew that Eric would be arriving soon to pick me up. It has been too long since I've seen Eric and it was all I could do to try to keep my concentration on work. I said my goodbyes to my group and headed for the lobby. I'm very happy that I have an extra day before I have to return home. I stand in the lobby and wait. I feel the same nervousness that I felt each time that I was to meet Eric. It was excitement mixed with the unknown. What would Eric have me do?. How will I be made to fulfill his erotic desires?

Movement to my left catches my eye, and then I see Eric. I can't contain my smile as it spreads across my face. Eric smiles back as I walk towards him and he holds me and kisses me hard. After several moments Eric leads me out of the lobby and to a waiting car and driver. Going where? He wouldn't tell me any details of this trip.

In the car, he kisses me again. His hand travels up my leg and under my skirt. He plays with me on the outside of my panties. I slightly part my thighs and kiss him harder, wanting to show him how much I need him. His other hand goes into my shirt and bra and pinches my nipples hard. I wince and he smiles and says that he knows how much I like that. I smile because I can't deny how much I enjoy his domination.

He tells me as much as he'd like to catch up, and talk about how my business trip went over a nice dinner, but first he has plans for me. Talking is going to have to wait he says as we are on a schedule and have an appointment. An appointment? I wonder what this could be? I want to ask more questions but I know that I just have to wait. He has made that very clear.

The car pulls into the parking lot of a nice hotel in the city. We get out of the car and Eric takes my hand as we walk into the hotel. He takes me straight to the elevators. I tremble slightly. Partly due to nervousness, partly to anticipation. I find that I'm wet still from his touching me in the car. I wonder if he will have me naked and serving him in the next few minutes. He pushes the 8th floor button, and when the door closes, Eric puts his hands around my waist and pushes me into the wall kissing my neck and groping my butt. He presses hard against me, and as I close my eyes and moan. I feel that he is erect. I want him so badly. I begin to ache between my thighs.

On the 8th floor we approach a room towards the end of the hall. Eric tells me to go to the door and knock loudly. I look up at him, and I see his seriousness. He has a small knowing smile. I timidly walk towards the door as I'm told, my head slightly lowered, already going into my submissive mode just from his dominate presence. I knock on the door with my head full of questions. Who will answer? What is going to take place?

A black man opened the door, looked at me, then to Eric, then back at me and he smiled broadly. You must be Nikki, he said. I've been waiting for you. He steps aside to let me in, and I look to Eric. He nods, and we both walk in. "Nikki, meet Derek" Eric says. "I have been talking about you to him, and he wanted to meet you. He especially wanted to meet you when he heard that you like to do whatever I want you to do. In fact, Nikki, go greet him with a nice kiss." I walk to Derek and turn my face upwards and part my lips. Derek puts his hand on the back of my neck and presses his lips into mine. He is much taller than I and just being close to this stranger makes me feel even more diminutive and submissive. I begin to let go into the kiss.

Eric say, "Derek as I told you, Nikki, is a married woman, who has a great home life, but she isn't getting all that she needs. She is not getting fucked like she needs to be fucked, so when she is in NYC she comes and visits me." Derek looks at you and says "well you brought her to the right place. I love white wives and I can give her a nice hard fucking right now." Derek runs his hand along the front of his pants in a very lascivious nature. Eric orders "Nikki, slowly take off your clothes and show my friend your body."

With the men watching, I stand in the middle of this strange room and slowly start to strip. I am both turned on and very nervous. I am also excited to see this strange man's big black cock. I wonder if it is very big, how hard will he get, how will it feel sliding into my pink pussy.

I shed my top and then reach around and unhook my bra. I let it fall to the floor and then work on taking off my skirt. Derek starts to take off his shirt also, staring at me all the while. Licking his lips, the look in his eye changing. Eric takes a seat in a nearby chair and watches intently. I take off my skirt and panties and stand there naked, my nipples hard, my pussy hot and wet. Eric tells me to go to the bed and kneel on all fours. I hear Derek undo the buckle on his belt and I hear the swoosh of his pants falling to the floor. I am still trembling while I wait there. Eric moves to the chair in the corner of the room in my line of vision and we lock sight with one another.

I feel Derek come up behind me, and he runs his hands over my ass and thighs. He spanks my ass, first lightly then not quite so lightly. He asks me if I have had big black cock before and I tell him no, that I haven't. He asks me is I want black cock now and I say I do. He spanks my butt again and tells me to tell him what I want. Without hesitation I say "I want your black cock in my pussy".

With that he pulls my body back towards him, and says "Well, let's just got right to it. If you came to NYC looking for cock, then I'm not going to make you wait any longer." With that I feel him position his cock to my pussy, and touch the head to my wet waiting box. Out of pure instinct and animalistic urges, I push myself back on him and he enters me. He is both long and thick, and I feel myself stretch around him as he enters me. He holds my hips and begins to move. He pumps into my pussy, and I can feel the head of his big black cock stroking me inside over and over again. At that moment I know that this will not be my last black cock.

Eric looks at me and whispers, "good girl Nikki, now tell Derek how much you like his big black cock". I love your big black cock Derek" I say as I arch my back to get every bit of it that I can.

Eric comes over to the bed and orders me to take him into my mouth. I happily wrap my lips around his cock and start to suck it. I run my tongue over the tip, then close my lips around it again and again as I'm being fucked harder now from behind. Derek is moaning loudly as he pinches my nipples and pounds into my pussy so deep and hard. This is the first time I have had a cock in my mouth and in my pussy at the same time and I love how it feels.

The men are both so hard, I am crazy with the sensations. I come hard and moan around Eric's cock as I won't stop sucking it until he climaxes. Derek slams his cock into me and slaps my ass with his right hand. Moments later I can tell that I have drained my first bbc.

Eric grabs my hair and continues to pump into my mouth. I feel him hardening even more so I wrap my lips tighter around his shaft. He comes into my mouth and I eagerly swallow every drop of him. My pussy is still aching wanting more. I know that I am addicted to having multiple cocks and to having big black cocks. Eric turns my chin up so I'm looking into his eyes. "This is just the warm up Nikki", he says. "I have other friends who want to meet you." I can't contain my smile.

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