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No safe word

There is a world of difference between a slave and a submissive. Submissives are treated fairly (most times) and their master or mistress will consider their limits and occasionally push past them for one reason or another. But in truth it is the submissive that holds the power since they have a "safe word" that both parties have agreed to hold sacred no matter what. The safe word stops the scene or session when the submissive is too hurt or uncomfortable. Slaves have no such luxury. A slave is at the complete control of their master or mistress and subject to any of their whims. In these cases there are no limits except what the dominant wants and it is not a simple play time.

They had played this game before many times. She leading the way and sometimes taking Her time with him and other times using him hard and fast. Sometimes She would spank or beat him, but they both always knew he had his safe word to fall back on. Tonight would be different. He always felt that She had held back many times out of concern and respect for him and while he appreciated it in a way, he suspected deep down that She wanted and needed more from him to be satisfied. He had decided to really submit to her as Her slave and relinquish his ability to stop. While this made Her nervous that she might go too far, it excited Her more than ever to know that now She could really hurt and take him as hard and often as She felt like.

She always got off on the power and control She could exert over such a powerful man and this was now only intensified. She believed that their times together had a purpose for him and might satisfy some need for him but She cared less for that than taking what She needed from him. He knew he must submit to Her but more often than not She had to beat that into him and remind him what a "bad boy" he was and who he belonged to.

He had brought it up to her in one of their "off times".

She ordered him to prepare himself and Her room with anything She may need. Even these instructions were a setup of sorts, another way for him to fail her and be punished yet again. Previously in the end She allowed him release to show She cared for him in a way and reward for Her use of him and taking his beating well; this time, She considered, might be different though. Truth be told, She enjoyed treating him as Her plaything but relished taking it farther this time. As She began to think of all She could do to and with him without limits, She felt Her smoothly shaved pussy growing wetter and the first flutter low in Her stomach that signaled Her excitement was growing and the first of several orgasms was not far off.

She had decided She had waited long enough (although in reality it had only been about 10 minutes, not nearly long enough for him to get ready, but oh well, now She had one more reason to punish him) and entered the room. As She predicted, he was not ready for Her but was still scurrying around. Wrapped only in a towel, he looked lost and surprised as he looked up and stared wide eyed at Her. She truly was a sight to behold. Her normally 5'3" frame was exaggerated by the 4 inch stilettos and black and red corset that made her already substantial 36D tits look even larger. It didn't help that She was wearing the skimpiest of thongs and holding a long wicked looking riding crop that was slowly tapping her thigh.

"Well you little bitch? What the fuck are you looking at? Have you forgotten how to greet your Goddess?!?"

"I, I'm sorry goddess" was all he could stammer out as he dropped quickly to his knees and lowered his eyes. She walked over to him and circled him, stalking him as a predator would its prey; the tail or her crop skimming over his head, back and down to his upturned ass. "I am rather displeased already, little boy. Not only are you NOT dressed and ready to serve me but you are also rather disobedient and have disregarded the rules." As She spoke She stood in front of him now and used the leather of the crop to raise his face. "Look at me, boy." He raised his eyes to gaze upon her beautiful figure and was so thankful that a creature as amazing as Her would even want him. "Your face tells me so much" She murmured, "stand up and turn around." He hurried to comply and as he turned he heard a familiar sound and felt the sting of her crop on first his left then right cheek, twice in rapid succession. He gasped but knew better to make any sound. "Quiet you pathetic bitch! I haven't even begun with you yet, and if you are going to whine and gasp I'll make sure I don't have to hear your pathetic sounds. Now spread your legs apart!" As usual, he moved too slowly for her taste and she quickly moved the crop between his thighs and battered his inner legs until they were just wider than his shoulders. She rested the tip of it just below his balls and began to bounce them off it with a slow, purposeful motion. Gently at first, then harder and faster, over and over till she could see the sweat start to form on his upper back. Her face lit up as She knew it hurt and he stayed silent in an effort to please her. She broke off the sudden slapping and reached down, taking a hold of his swelling cock in Her hand, She pulled it as far back towards his ass as She could and held it there. "Now little boy, whose pathetic little cock is this?" "Yours, Goddess" he gasped out. "Mmm, good answer you little shit, but too bad you don't mean it." She pulled it harder, then released it quickly, causing him to lose his balance and fall forward slightly. "Damn it!" She exclaims, "This is why you need to get tied up, you are so weak and stupid you can't even stand still for me for two minutes! When I get back in here you'd better be wearing that pink girlie thong, the biggest butt plug you can find, a blindfold and handcuffs! Don't test my patience again, you little worm! You have three minutes." With that She turned on Her heel and stormed out, slamming the door behind Her.

He knew he was in for a long night already so he quickly got to work.

She could feel her nipples hardening as She was working him over and slowly began to rub Her pussy though the thin silk material as She felt her wetness grow. She let out a low moan thinking of what She had still planned for him and how many ways She was going to use him to get off.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed, but as he stood naked except for the thong and blindfold with his hands cuffed in front of him, he knew it had been more than three minutes. But he didn't dare move to find out. Time began to drag on, and then stand still. What seemed to be an eternity was shattered when his nipples were both suddenly grabbed and pulled while being twisted. He involuntary groaned at the shock of it and then felt the swift slap from the back of Her hand across his stiffening cock. He groaned again as his knees buckled slightly, then felt Her hand encircle his throat. "I told you to stand and be still and quiet, you stupid little shit!" She hissed at him. "You can't even obey that much, can you?" He tried to reply but Her hand was quickly cutting off his air and couldn't get the words out. "I will fix this then!" She announced, and pulled his cuffed hands from in front of him to above his head, looping the metal links through a short piece of rope attached to a small hook in the ceiling he hadn't even noticed was there. His reflection was cut short as She removed Her hand, he involuntary opened his mouth and gasped for air. Suddenly and forcefully She stuffed the soaking wet thong She had been wearing into his mouth. "There, that should keep you quiet and still for a bit I think" She stated as She walked behind him. He felt the long strands of a leather flogger being dragged down his back, then disappear only to feel them sting as she brought it down forcefully across his lower back and ass several times rapidly. Then, without warning, he felt the plug removed from his ass only to be quickly replaced by what he assumed was one of her strap ons. "That's right you little slut, I'm going to fuck your ass all night long if I want with every cock I have," She whispered as She began to pump into him as he hung still suspended. She began to move faster and he could hear Her gasping as She approached her orgasm. He knew She was using a vibrating one since he could feel it vibrating deep inside his ass. He moaned against the makeshift panty gag, which only seemed to infuriate Her and speed up Her assault. Her hands grabbed his hips and She hung on hard as She came and shook, sliding down and out of him suddenly he felt Her nails rake down his back digging in. He waited in darkness, then felt Her hands holding his cock again. "So little boy, whose stupid little dick is this?" She asked mockingly.

"Yours, Goddess" he moaned as she tightened her grip on it. She squeezed it even harder as she asked,

"And who is allowed to touch it?"

"Only you, Goddess!" he gasped out.

"Then please explain to me why exactly you have been playing with it and making this stupid little thing hard?"

"I'm sorry Goddess! It was only one time and it was just that I missed you so and was so very horny for you". He knew that his excuse would not be enough for Her and he knew he was wrong. How She knew was beyond him, but somehow She always knew.

"You are truly pathetic aren't you?" She asked as She released his throbbing member. "Not only can you not even satisfy me remotely with it but you decide to take what is clearly mine anyway?!? How exactly shall I punish you for this?"

Before he could even form a reply, She cut him off. He felt Her leather paddle across his lips. "I know, little boy. Maybe I should paddle you." He sighed inside. He didn't love Her paddle but was certainly no stranger to it by this time. As he waited for her to move behind him and administer the anticipated spanking, he was surprised to feel Her warm wet mouth envelop him and suck long and hard on his cock, bringing him fully erect. Then a sudden snap and he felt the tightness of a cock ring firmly around both his cock and balls. "There, that should help keep your little prick as hard as it will get for a while." She grinned as she held his stiffness in her hand and stroked it with the paddle. "Now, little boy, how many times have you made MY cock squirt by yourself? And don't bother lying to me, you know I will know and it will be worse for you." She removed the even more soaked panties from his mouth so He could answer Her clearly.

Quietly he answered her, "Only three times, Goddess".

"Well that is three times too many, don't you agree? Since this is what you disobeyed me with, don't you think this is what I should punish?" Without waiting for his reply, She shoved the panties back in his mouth and grabbed his rock hard cock in one hand and slapped it firmly with the paddle, once, twice, three times then stopped, then smacked it one last time. "Do you think that will serve as a reminder to you not to touch what is mine?"

"Yes Goddess" he whimpered through Her panties. He could still taste and smell Her delicious aroma in his mouth and even though he couldn't breathe he didn't want to lose that piece of Her he loved so much.

He heard a quick sound and felt the rope holding his hands above his head released, but couldn't locate her in the room with his eyes still covered. This anticipation made him nervous and excited at the same time as he wondered what She would be planning? He felt Her firmly guide him onto his knees from behind and again felt his ass being parted by another cock...this time bigger and thicker. "Can you even feel this?" She asked him as She slid it easily into his ass. "You really are an ass slut, aren't you? Taking this cock into your hungry ass. I swear if you push back on it one more time you will regret it!!" He stopped moving. He hadn't even realized he was moving, but now noticed he had been rocking back against Her hips and impaling himself deeper onto it. He began moaning the harder and faster She fucked him. Seemingly going on forever, she suddenly pulled out of his ass with a pop leaving a trail of slimy goo across his reddened cheeks. "Damn you! I can't even use your ass to get off? And I bet you were getting close to cumming already, weren't you? Stupid little slut!"

Now standing in front of him, she pulled his pink thong back down and looked at his dick. Noticing the spots stained on the front of the thong and the precum leaking from his tip, she stared at him with disgust. "Clean that up, you dirty little boy! Lick it all up!!" He quickly dropped his still-cuffed hands and smeared it on his fingers and started sucking on them. Standing in front of him She dropped the harness and in one swift motion kicked him in the chest, knocking him flat on his back. "What a little piece of shit you are. You think that puny little dickie of yours could ever satisfy any woman, let alone me? Sit there and watch and see what I need!" With that, She sat back on the bed, spread Her legs and started playing with her pussy lips, pulling then open and sliding first one then two then three fingers in as her other hand idly strummed her clit. Next he could only watch in horror as she pulled out probably the biggest dildo he had ever seen from behind the pillows she was propped up on. "Do you see this?" She asked him. How could he not? The thing had to be 12 inches long and at least 5 inches around. Veiny and realistic was an understatement although it dwarfed his by far, and had a head on both ends! "Crawl over here so you can get a good look at it before I use it to pleasure myself like you never could, you little sissy slut." She commanded. He slowly crawled over, still hard with excitement, hands bound together, pink frilly thing around his knees. "Now you want to help me get off?"

Knowing he lived to service Her and would gladly eat her ass and pussy for hours, She expected his response, "Yes Goddess, please!"

"Good! Open your mouth and get this big cock ready for my pussy, you little faggot. I figure since you are going to wear panties and take it up the ass, you may as well suck some cock tonight too" He simply stared at Her as if he didn't understand what She was asking. WHAP! The only sound he heard was the head of this giant cock slapping the side of his face. "I said suck it, you little whore!" She virtually shouted at him. He tentatively opened his mouth and began to move it into his mouth. Her patience growing short, She began to fuck his face with it, watching him choke and gag, feeling her pussy swell and juices running out of it. She reached to the back of his head and guided the whole scene forward until one end was moving in and out of his mouth and the other sliding into her wet and hungry hole. He heard Her moan in ecstasy as it filled and stretched her, then starting fucking herself and his face with it. Her other hand was alternating between lightly caressing her tits and rubbing her clit, exposed by the giant cock connecting both of them. She gazed down at him, saw him now eagerly bobbing his head back and forth, sucking eagerly, trying to keep as much of it as he could in his mouth and following her strokes, bringing his face closer to Her pussy. As She watched his cheeks move and heard him moaning and stretching his mouth, She felt Her climax building powerfully deep within Her and knew it would be strong.

"Do you like sucking that cock, you dirty little whore?"

"Oh god yes, Goddess," he moaned while hardly slowing down.

"Maybe I need to get you a real one then? Maybe I will find a real cock to satisfy me and you will have to get it hard and ready for me. I would love to watch you take it all in while I beat your ass and fuck it. Would that make you happy, you little slut?" She could see his cock getting harder as she talked to him, and from his eager moaning could tell it was exciting him. "You see this cock you are sucking, you little worm? You see how much bigger it is than yours? This is the same size cock I had fucking me just an hour before! That's why I chose it and why I can't feel your pathetic little thing in me, that is why you don't deserve my pussy!" He froze briefly in amazement. This was unheard of and scared and shocked him. They had never discussed this and he was completely caught off guard. They had always been monogamous and he had no idea that She hadn't been satisfied with him. He knew he was average at best but could never have imagined She would have other needs. SMACK SMACK! He felt the sting of Her crop on both his shoulder blades, startling him suddenly and making him jump, the cock falling out of his mouth as She continued to pump it in and out of Her juicy stretched pussy. "Did I tell you to stop sucking my cock, you little bitch? Get it back in your mouth and make me cum with it!" He leaned forward and renewed his efforts, his mind spinning but still wanting to please Her. Her orgasm had slipped away and now She was angry. The large cock filling Her felt incredible but She needed to cum and was livid that he had stopped, and was determined to finish and punish him at the same time. She pulled the long, thick dick out with a sloshing noise as her juices flowed freely still as She leaned forward shoved him off the bed. His hands still bound, he tumbled roughly to the floor, falling in a pathetic heap.

She stood over him, glaring as She picked up her favorite whip. She began to circle and pace around his curled up form. He could tell She was furious with him. "Please Goddess! I'm sorry, let me make it up to you! I'll do anything you want!" he cried out.

"Shut up, you worthless piece of shit!" She screamed at him. "Did I tell you to speak?" He barely heard the question as the muli braided thin strands of Her whip lashed viciously across his ass and upper thighs. The pain was intense, but he took it for Her and wanted it, since he knew it was what She needed and wanted.

After several such strikes, the redness was more than evident across him as She reached down, grabbing him tightly by his chin. She brought him roughly to his knees and forced his face to within inches of Hers. "Now you listen to me, you worthless excuse of a man. You are MINE to use and will serve me however I see fit. You took something from me just now, my orgasm, I want to cum and you had better make me." With that she dragged him across the room by the scruff of his neck and deposited him in front of the couch. Sitting in front of him now she spread her legs and put one foot on each of his shoulders. "Do you still want cum?" She asked him softly.

"Yes please, Goddess, I want to cum".

She leaned forward and guided his mouth towards Her still wet and dripping opening. He could tell the last beating She had given him had excited Her even more as She was oozing more than he had ever seen. "Eat me," She commanded as she pressed his face firmly into Her. She held him there tightly with one hand and reached for her flogger with the other. "Oh, my stupid little boy. I asked if you want cum, not if you wanted to cum. You said yes, so now do you still want cum?"

He couldn't speak as She kept him forced into Her, so he silently nodded and kept licking her fluids and sucking her magnificent clit.

"Good boy, you can have all the cum in my pussy then. In fact, my stallion I was telling you about earlier shot several huge loads in me and I've been holding it all in for you. Since he pleasured me in so many ways and made me cum twice just by fucking me, I thought he deserved it. He gave it to me so good and exploded into me so deeply, he was that long and thick. So since you can't do either of those things and have already shown that you are a little slut that likes to wear panties, get ass fucked and suck cock, you should swallow cum too." She started riding his face harder and pulling him tighter against her as she bore down and ground into him. She could feel his defeat and knew She had finally broken him completely. This incredible feeling sent her reeling and as She felt Her orgasm building, she began to beat his back with her flogger. Over and over she brought the braided strands down against him as She arched Her back and thrust against him. She struck him one last hard blow as She erupted and gushed into his mouth and face. She collapsed back, Her legs shaking, and with one foot pushed him away from her. "Oh baby boy. You did so good. I'm so proud of you."

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