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And when he did she rewarded him with that and more:

"Ohhh, Ohhfuck --" she winced, "OhhhhmyGoddd!" He had reached somewhere that made his little sister writhe upon his deeply penetrated rod. "Keep fucking me like that Mark," she spoke on as he hesitated, buried inside her. "I can't believe my own brother is taking my cherry, and it'd feels..... mnhh.... this good."

Mark pulled out of the little brunette and sank into her again, and again, and again -- it was exactly what Hannah wanted. Before long he had worked them both into a tangle of pawing and touching and attempts to urge Mark deeper into her if it was possible.

The sun only struck the wall across the street about a quarter of the way down and they may have been in shadow, but a small group had stopped walking momentarily to be sure they were really seeing what they thought they saw. Hannah didn't hear them until a younger woman in the group giggled aloud, but as she saw them and then looked back at her brother, she pleaded in the cutest way she could muster:

"Don't stop," he thrust into her again, "please" she whispered as her brother's thudded against her mound and her tits shook, "don't you stop." Her puppy dog eyes shone brightly.

He didn't. Mark felt as Hannah did: that the forbidden nature of their lovemaking was only made more exciting by the fact that they were doing it on the street, where anyone could see them. For all they knew, their parents could walk past that very street by chance and see Hannah and Mark locked in loving embrace.

"What if our daddy came walking around that corner.....ooooouhhh....huh Mark?" He slid in and out as she goaded him, "what if he saw his little virgin, his naughty little girl.....uhhhhh.....fucking her own big brother?"

Mark felt his cock swell with excitement, he'd never heard Hannah talk like this, he thought. Maybe he'd heard her say the word 'dick' on the phone with a girlfriend once or twice, but to hear her talking dirty like that made him fear he might cum right there in her tight pussy.

"He might see me cum inside you then... ughh.... Hannah, you're so tight baby, I don't know how long I can hold on."

"'s...ouhhh... it's fine Mark....I'm on birth control..." She sounded unconvincing, and she had looked away from him as if to avoid eye contact. He wasn't positive but he was pretty sure she was smiling.

"Hannah... you're lying aren't you....?" He questioned her, she put her finger to her lip and nibbled at it naughtily.

"No I'm not.... Uhhhhh..... don't worry, you can put all your big brother cum in me Marky...." She was looking at him through sultry, dazzling eyes.

"Hannah, I can't..." he couldn't help but slide his cock into her one more and continue, "you're only eighteen... we aren't using protection."

The potion may have helped them get there, but it was Mark's own innocent little sister who, now having felt her brother's big cock inside her, wanted nothing but to feel him fill her with his forbidden cum. She knew she was ripe to find herself knocked up by her own brother, but the thought only excited her. In her mind's eye she saw her brother fucking her from behind as she stood standing against the wall, waiting until he shot up into her carelessly. So in reality, as her brother withdrew from her once more she moved a foot to his pelvis to stop him from skewering her again and to let her get up.

Mark merely watched in awe as his little sister sat up, abs flexing beautifully, and hopped down from the cart. She walked to the nearby wall and stood with her legs spread apart slightly so he knew exactly where to put his feet. Just like the image in her head, Mark immediately put his hands on her body, caressing her sides before taking her hanging breasts in his hands. They were incredibly soft with their weight hanging down into his greedy palms.

But nothing felt as good as that of his cock head making contact with Hannah's taut, young opening once more. Mark positioned his tip properly and pushed into his beautiful, teenage sister, hearing her gasp. As he slid upward into her, the feeling satisfied her dreams more than she could have possibly imagined. It was somehow different, standing in front of her brother, completely naked and completely at his mercy.

He'd been worried just before that, and Hannah wanted to put him at ease:

"Your bad little sis wants you to fill her up with your sticky cum Marky," Hannah said pressing her cute butt back toward her brother to urge his cock into her and then out again as she provoked him, "don't you wanna cum inside me big brother?.....mnnnnghhhhh."

Mark met her hips with his own, a quiet clapping of their flesh emitting from his hastened tempo. He couldn't see them, but the feeling of her glorious tits in his hands, the scent of her thick, dark hair from behind, and the smoothness of her skin had him mesmerized. He could only fuck her harder as he marveled in the beauty of her, in the freckles that kissed her shoulders and the bead of sweat rolling down the flexed arch in her back.

"Fuck me Mark.... Fuck me just like that....ohhgod..."

What was the feeling that had suddenly rushed upon her? All at once she felt short of breath and light headed. Mark could feel her relying on him to hold her up as he thrust into her. Her insides clamped down upon him and he knew what was happening. Hannah was confused and yet deeply enjoying the feeling of her brother fucking her from behind.

"What is.....oohohooo Mark... I can't breathe..... ughhh I feel like I'm gonna.... ooohhh."

Mark pushed her hair across her neck as he cleared a space to kiss her tender skin. He laid one on her, warm and loving, and another, and another -- all moving closer to her ear. Hannah was trying to quiet her cries as her brother manhandled her and impaled her from behind with his enormous member.

As she felt his kisses and finally his teeth nibbling at her ear, her body exploded with sensation. It coursed through her veins and flushed from her all but the feeling of her brother's rod. Her pussy clamped down even harder, impossibly tight upon him, and try as he might he couldn't contain himself any longer. With only one more withdrawal from his squirming and panting sister, her taut channel had him releasing a first, deep jet of sperm as soon as he had pushed all the way inside her.

"Ohhhhhwwwuuuu...." She howled adorably.

Mark hugged her body tight and tried to keep kissing her. He pumped rope after rope of cum into her fertile womb, so much that she could feel its plentiful warmth inside of her. Mark 's whole body buzzed. He lost himself in a wonderful trance caused by the successful feeling of releasing inside his amazing little sister.

Hannah kept quivering long after the last powerful pump of sperm had left her brother's cock. He dared slide an inch or so out and into her, once so that she shivered and again so she whined at the utter sensitivity of her inner walls. He kept doing it, though it was excruciatingly pleasurable to them both, feeling their combined fluids trickling out around his penetrating staff.

"OhmygodSTOP! I can't take it!" Hannah screamed, looking back at him incredulously. She had not yet come all the way down from her heart-wrenching orgasm and couldn't handle any more. He still felt so enormous inside of her she wondered if she'd ever recover. Yet she managed to survive even that of her brother's last heedless penetration into her before he finally came to rest.

She let loose the same smile that she'd revealed after her fake-mad tantrum earlier that day, except this one meant a lot more.

"We're bad Mark," she said, feeling his cock starting to soften inside of her. "I can't believe you came in your own sister's pussy!" Suddenly she sounded condemnatory.

"Hannah, I thought you said..." but she cut him off:

"Shhh brother, I'll give you a pass if you do it again before we have to go back and find Mom and Dad."

His eyes shot to hers, she had finally slid him out of her (though she had to stand on her tiptoes to do it) and was turned to face him. Hannah reached down and took his shaft in her dainty hands; it stopped softening immediately. Mark looked down to see her glistening body, with her round breasts and the most perfect frame he'd ever laid eyes or hands on. He knew then that he'd never say no again.

Hannah kissed her brother so passionately and deeply, standing there in his arms, that he knew their tryst hadn't been all the elixir's doing. Her prying lips and fumbling hands told him how badly she'd wanted him. Mark returned the sentiment, satisfying his little sis with his hands all over her bare skin. The few tender moments allowed both Mark and Hannah to recover, and before long he could tell that his little eighteen-year-old wanted him again.

Mark picked her up by the hips and within moments was fucking her recklessly against the wall. The brick was rough on her naked back, but she'd cared only for the feeling of being fucked again by her brother. The cum from their lovemaking minutes earlier only eased the rhythmic immersion of Mark's cock into his beautiful little sister.

He humped her against the wall until he could hold her no longer, and then she sat him atop the crate and rode him until they both came again. She thought he might not have it in him, but as she felt another surprising amount of her brother's sperm pumping into her and increasing their risk, she knew she'd been wrong.

After God knows how long the two siblings had somehow gathered themselves enough to try and find their parents. Mark had to smooth back some of Hannah's tussled hair, and once Hannah had to check to be sure her dad wouldn't see a trail of her brother's gleaming spunk coming from the place he'd left it and showing outside her miniature jean shorts. When they finally met back up with their parents they heard:

"Kids! We've been looking all over for you, we were starting to get worried," said their mom, hugging as they reunited.

"No reason to worry mom, we were doing great on our own." Mark replied

"Oh yeah?" asked his mom, "what did you two get up two today?"

"Only naughty stuff," Hannah said, sounding sarcastic. The look she flashed him, undetected by their oblivious parents, said she knew exactly what she'd meant.

"Ha-ha," finished her brother, "What she means is that we might have gotten shooed away from a hat store for horse-playing, but we found plenty of things to fill up our day.

Hannah's eyes lit a little and she giggled along, "Yeah mom and dad, Mark really helped fill up my day, he's really good at it!"

"I'm glad to hear it you two," said their dad, "for a second there Mark I thought you were going to have your hands full with Hannah in the mood she was in."

They both chortled a little bit, but their parents just figured they were finally getting along, they didn't know how full their son's hands truly had been.

"Yeah, I was in a great mood today for some reason," Hannah went on as her brother's gaze begged her not to say anything more bold, "Hopefully Mark can help me have a day like this every day this week!"

Mark's imagination ran wild for a few seconds as he thought of all the ways he wanted to explore the perfect little teenager's body. The potion had long since worn off by then. Its effects had been truly gone by the second time they made love, but it left behind something far more significant. Having broken through the taboo of fucking their own sibling, the potion had allowed Mark and Hannah to take what they'd been denied all along. Neither of the loving siblings could wait to be alone again so they could once again fuck each other senseless.

As Hannah strode along and walked next to her daddy, bouncing and glancing over her shoulder occasionally at her brother, Mark was entranced. The entire return to the hotel, Mark planned out how he'd somehow maneuver her to a private place so he could wait the absolute minimum amount of time before being buried inside his little sister once more. Hannah was waiting anxiously for the same thing.

They were undoubtedly in for a hell of a week.

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