Nothing I Won't Do


"Oh, fuck, Dad, you do that so well! Jesus Christ, I could really get used to this!" Beth cried out.

I lifted my pussy-juice covered face away from her sodden mound and looked up at her with a smile. "Well, I don't ever want to disappoint you, Babygirl," I said, throwing her own line back at her.

Beth just laughed gaily and reached down with both hands to pull me up the length of her body by my ears. "Fuck me, Dad!"

I pressed myself against her warm, sexy body, feeling her heat radiate up to me through the uniform, and kissed her firmly while I dragged the underside of my cock shaft through her wet folds. Suddenly, however, I pulled back with a dark look in my eyes and forcefully flipped her over so that she was now on her hands and knees in front of me. While I flipped the back of her uniform skirt over her lower back with one hand, she craned her neck to look at me while I fisted my enraged cock with the other. I slotted the tip of my cock into her pussy and dragged it up and down, teasing her clit on the downstrokes and barely tapping her pussyhole on the upstrokes. "Are you ready, Baby?" I asked her huskily. "I'm pretty sure that Daddy's got another load of cum for you. If you really want it, that is."

"Fuck yes!" my daughter exclaimed. "I'll always want your fucking cum! Fuck me hard, Dad!" I said nothing more as I pushed my cock inside her small, hot pussy slowly. I watched as inch after inch of my length filled up my little girl's body until, as I'd come to expect, I felt the tip of my cock bump against her cervix. I started to apply pressure so that I could completely insert myself, but Beth said, "No, don't! Later, when you're close to cumming, put it all inside of me, but for now I want to feel you REALLY fucking me. I want to feel my father's cock sliding in and out as much as possible right now!"

I didn't need to be told twice. I began to slowly fuck my daughter's tight pussy and then picked up steam as the seconds wore on. All the while, I kept my gaze glued to where we were joined, watching most of my cock go in and out of her clenching lips, amazed at how fiercely her pink inner lips would cling to my shaft on the out strokes and how wet she'd become from my motions. My cock glistened with Beth's juices as I started to fuck her with steady thrusts, always banging into her cervix but never quite forcefully enough to fully enter it. Each powerful thrust seemed to cause her to gasp and I could feel her inner canal tighten its grip on me from within. "Does that feel good, honey?" I asked her. "You like the way your father's cock fucks you? God, you're so sexy! I wish I could do this for hours!" I let my hands roam up and down her back while I pushed into her and then reached for her breasts and gripped them roughly through the material of her uniform top. I could feel her stiff nipples against the palms of my hands and the sway of her body as I thrust my turgid cock into her like a man possessed.

"You just came!" Beth said between gasps. "You should- OH! You should be able to last awhile! Holy FUCKING HELL YOU'RE BIG!" She leaned her torso down and reached back to where we were joined so that she could strum her clit while I rammed nine and a half inches into her. "Oh! Ah! Yes, fuck me, Dad! Fuck me hard! God, you're stretching me so good! Jesus!" Beth started to mewl and whine uncontrollably as my pace quickened and all she could do was try and catch her breath while I attempted to fuck it out of her.

"You're so beautiful, honey," I told her. "I can't believe I played a hand in creating you! And now, ah! Now I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor!"

"Enjoy it, Dad. Enjoy me! Just keep fucking me like that. So long and deep... oh, dear God, don't ever stop!"

I said nothing for several minutes while I just appreciated the view of my cock sliding in and out of my daughter's cunt without pausing. My long, thick shaft moved as though it had a mind of its own and occasionally changed the angle of attack, but it continually hammered into her cervix without fail on every in-stroke, like it wanted inside. Not once, however, did my hips slap into her ass cheeks while I fucked her. Hearing that probably would've sent me over the edge and, frankly, I was enjoying the show too much to want to cum just yet.

Beth just kept panting loudly while I fucked her with solid force. The whole time she shuddered violently around my shaft, experiencing her own orgasms in waves while my cock filled her tiny pussy to capacity, backed itself out and rocketed back in. The heat from her pussy was all-consuming and it wrapped my cock like a tight vice, rippling around my crown as it travelled up and down her canal, providing just the right amount of resistance without keeping me at bay. "OH YES!" my daughter screamed suddenly. "YES! YES! FUCK ME, IT'S SO GOOD! AAAAAAH, MY GOD!" She turned her head to face me, cheek rubbing against her bed covers while her body bounced with my thrusts, and growled, "I want you to fucking cum, Dad! When you cum, I want you to push that thing all the way inside me and hose me down with your sperm! Add it to the stuff you put in me already and fill me to overflowing! Imagine that I'm NOT on birth control, Dad. Imagine that, right now, one of my eggs is waiting, way down in my fallopian tubes, for your sperm to fertilize it and make a baby in your own daughter's hot, sexy body! Fucking do it, Daddy. Fuck a baby into me! C'mon, I know you can do it, Daddy! Cum inside me! Make me big with your baby! FUCKING KNOCK ME UP!"

I fucked my daughter with an otherworldly will but could feel my balls begin to boil with the need for release. I resisted the urge to cum right then and there so that I could fuck her for a few seconds more, but the feelings grew more and more intense. I pushed into her one more time and then began to apply real pressure against the mouth of her cervix. "Okay, honey," I growled at her. "I'm almost there, ready to cum. You want me to cum inside you?"


"Ng!" I grunted as I felt the tip of my cock slip past her cervix. "You want Daddy to plant a baby in your little body, huh, honey? You want to feel me blasting off inside of you?" I pushed steadily into her, watching as my cock finally filled her up to the root and my groin was now pressed firmly against her ass cheeks. When I was sure that I was completely seated inside her womb, I began to fuck my daughter's cunt with short rabbit-like thrusts, slapping my hips into her ass with pure, animal lust.

"Ooooh, yes!" my daughter whined at me, her passionate eyes locked onto mine as I pumped my cock into her from behind, "Oh, I want it! I want your cum! Fucking cum inside me, Daddy! I WANT MY FATHER'S BABY!!!!" With that, she pushed herself backwards against me just as I was pushing in and I felt my cockhead ram into her deepest wall. "OH SHIT, you're in so deep, Daddy! Fuck, that feels so hot! Let it go. Pump me with your seed!"

I gripped her hips firmly with my hands and pushed one more time in as far as I could go and then felt myself slip over the edge of control. My orgasm hit me like a freight train and my cock erupted inside of Beth like a cannon firing massive wads of my cum into her deepest core. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind I knew that I wasn't actually knocking her up at that moment, but I had managed to somehow convince myself that I was. As far as my conscious mind was concerned, I was shooting all of my potent, virile seed into my daughter's fertile womb with the express intention of getting her pregnant and, at that moment, I didn't fucking care how wrong or right it was. All I cared about was making her happy and filling her hot hole with my life-giving cum. My cock bucked and jerked wildly as it belched out huge slugs of semen, my balls clenching fiercely with each volley and my hips involuntarily pushing forward with each blast. I threw my head back like a beast and let out a loud grunt as I spewed even more cum into my offspring's uterus while she gasped happily with each shot.

When I was done cumming, I unceremoniously yanked my cock out of her hot, tiny body and then shoved it back in, repeatedly doing so until I was sure that every inch of her inner walls was coated with my seed. I saw large droplets of white semen fall down onto the bed covers when I pulled out and slapped my cock angrily on her enflamed clitoris, which made her squeal even more. Then I flipped her back over so that she could face me while I once again shoved my cock into her. When I pushed it in, I pushed her skirt further up her abdomen with my hands so that her tummy was exposed and we could see the bulge of my cock as it ravaged her small teenaged body. "You see that, honey?" I asked her rhetorically. "That's your father's cock, Babygirl. Look at it, look at how it fills you up!" I said wildly to her.

Beth leaned up on her elbows to watch as I continued to fuck her with my spent member and just gaped at the sight of it. I wasn't pushing all the way inside, but we could both definitely see as her pussy rippled and bulged when I thrust into her. "Oh, GOD, that's hot!" she wailed. "Keep fucking me, Daddy! Oh, Jesus, keep fucking me!"

"You think that's hot to see, young lady? You have seen anything yet!" I then picked her up by her waist, still impaled on my raging erection, and swung her body around so that I could sit in her place and she was counterbalanced with her body swaying in the air with her heels hooked around my calves. I then lowered her body down to the ground so that her pussy was still joined with my cock, facing upwards, while her neck and shoulders supported the rest of her body on the floor. Satisfied that she was stable and that her feet could gain purchase on the edge of the bed, I began to push my cock deeper into her tiny frame, once again trying to gain entrance into her cervix.

"Holy-! Holy shit, Dad! What're you DOING?!" she cried out in surprise. Her outburst was all that was needed to induce her cervix to open up and, as soon as it did, I felt the tip of my cock once again slip past it. Now we both watched as the bulge of my cock head slithered deeper into her body. "Oh. My. God," she gasped as she gazed upwards with wide eyes at her abdomen. "Oh my fucking God!"

I knew that my erection wouldn't last for much longer after having just creamed her insides with my sperm, but I wanted to give my daughter a good show before it went completely away. I pushed my cock up and down repeatedly for a few moments and, on each downward thrust, we could see the very clear and definite outline of my cockhead as it pushed up against her uterine wall. Beth reached up with trembling fingers and felt it every time my cockhead bulged outward, marveling with awe at how full of her father's cock she really was. "You like that, Babygirl? You like watching me fuck you like this?"

"Unbelievably fucking cool!" Beth gushed.

I pulled backwards, dragging my well-used member slowly and completely out of her cum-filled womb, worming its way out of her body until it was back in fresh air. It was streaked with my cum and a few droplets of it fell down to Beth's gasping face. Inspired by that, I hunched down a little further, bending my baby girl's body in half until the head of my cock dangled above her open mouth. Beth needed no guidance on what she should do and immediately sucked it into her mouth with relish, tasting both my cum and her juices on the head and shaft. She reached her hands up behind my ass and pulled me down so that she could get another inch of my fat, bloated cock into her mouth before she stopped me entirely and just swirled her tongue around. Using her tongue like it was a probe, she dipped the tip of it into the slit where my cum came from and seemed intent on getting every last drop of it that she could find with suction. This lasted for only a few seconds, however, as she couldn't breathe very well in that position and needed to release me for air. When my cock popped out of her mouth I pulled it away from her, slapped it against her pussy lips again and then shoved the wilting head back inside of her. My cock bent and twirled as it shrank back down to its normal size but it did so with the head still buried inside Beth's well-fucked cunt as she breathed heavily with exertion.

"Dear God, Dad, that was intense! Where the fuck did all of that come from!?" she asked as I finally withdrew my cock completely from her body.

I helped my daughter to stand up on her own two feet, noting with delight that my cum was now running down her inner thighs freely and thickly. "I have no idea," I answered with honest truth. "Seriously, I don't. I just... I guess the animal came out in me. All that talk about getting you pregnant just... I dunno... flipped a switch inside my head and, well, fucking the hell out of my daughter was the only thing I could think to do. Sorry."

Beth leaped onto me, forcing me to fall back on her bed while she covered my body with hers, and began to shower me with kisses. "Are you kidding me?!" she cried out. "That was the hottest fucking thing EVER! Holy fuck, that was HOT!"

I laughed at her reaction, glad that I hadn't somehow hurt her, and lovingly stroked her back while she lay on top of me and squirmed her hips against mine. We kissed for several moments and I could taste a bit of my salty residue on her lips but didn't care. When our lips parted, I helped her get the cheerleader tunic off. Her large, firm breasts bounced into the air freely (she wasn't wearing a bra underneath) and I joyously mauled them with my hands before pulling her down halfway while I leaned up to lick and suck on her nipples. She let me feast on her creamy white orbs for a few moments before she pushed me back down and resumed kissing me. After a while of this post-coital bliss, however, our passions began to cool and our senses came back to us. She realized with only slight dismay that my cock was done for the time being and there would be no more sex until I had recharged. That didn't stop her, however, from slinking down my body and cleaning it off with her lovely mouth and then sliding back up to kiss me again. Now that we'd both caught our breaths and had somewhat returned to normal, Beth decided that it was time to let me up.

"Thank you, Dad. You always seem to know exactly what I need, when I need it. God, if every girl could have a lover like you there'd never be any trouble anywhere, would there?"

I shrugged as I propped myself on an elbow and faced her. "Oh, I'm sure there'd still be problems here and there, but there'd probably be significantly fewer of them. You're not too bad yourself, you know. I guess reading all of my stories gave you an inside edge on figuring out what gets me off, but you're still amazingly adept at it."

Beth mirrored my pose and sighed wistfully. "I wish you didn't have to go back to Afghanistan," she replied. "Your being in the Army sucks."

"No argument there, for a whole myriad of reasons, Babygirl. Unfortunately, it was the only thing I could think to do at the time. After your mother died I was faced with a lot of unexpected problems and only a handful of solutions. I'm sorry, honey."

"I know," she said with another sigh. "And don't get me wrong, I'm SO proud of you! All the things you've done for me in the last few years, all the shit you've gone through just for me... believe me, I really appreciate it and I'll do my best to never let you down. I just wish, now more than ever, that things were a little bit different."

"Yeah, well, unless we win the lottery in the near future, I highly doubt that things are going to change, honey. Things are the way they are because they need to be, for whatever reason. All we can do is make the best of it."

A playful smirk danced across my daughter's wonderful lips. "I guess we're doing that much pretty well."

I lovingly stroked her cheek and brushed my fingers through her brown tresses. "Even without the sex, my dearest daughter, I couldn't be happier. Yes, being in the Army sucks sometimes, but as long as it's giving me the chance to keep you safe and provide a good home for you, I'm okay with that."

"Nothing you won't do, right?" she said with a happy twinkle in her eyes.

I nodded. "Right. Now," I said as I started to sit up, "I think I need a little down time from the sex play, if you don't mind. Got any homework?"

Beth flopped onto her back, making the bed bounce slightly. I also noted that her rounded breasts didn't sag as she did so. "Yeah," she said with a frustrated sigh. "Chemistry and Pre-Calc, dammit."

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips chastely. When I stood back up I said, "I'll leave you to it. In the meantime, I'm gonna get dressed, go grab a book, head out to the back porch and do some reading. Okay?"

Beth nodded up at me. "Thank you again, Dad."

"Are you kidding me?" I asked as I reached her doorway. "It's me who should be thanking YOU. I haven't felt this young in years. I guess that old saying about old men needing young women in their lives to make them feel young again is true after all."

Beth propped herself up on both elbows and gave me a sour look. "Not THAT young," she said. "You only came twice."

I smiled and winked at her. "So far." I blew her a kiss and left her with that tantalizing thought.


The rest of that week was spent in pretty much the same vein. We'd get up in the morning, I'd deposit my cum into Beth before school during breakfast (twice while she was sitting atop my lap and twice from behind). I'd spend the rest of the day surfing online or taking care of small errands or doing Mr. Mom stuff around the house or writing. When Beth got home from school, she'd do her homework and chores and then we'd spend the rest of the evening fucking ourselves silly with breaks for dinner in between. With all the sex I was getting my stamina had begun to increase and I found that I could not only have sex more frequently, but I could last longer each time. This, of course, was a boon for my daughter, who seemed to crave sex with an insatiable appetite. It was amazing to me that, on the day of my arrival back home, my daughter was a virgin but now she was my personal concubine, ready, willing and eager to indulge both of our sexual desires at the drop of a hat.

I wasn't as bothered by these turn of events as I probably should have been. I can't explain why, though. I knew that what we were doing was wrong by society's standards. I knew that with each sexual episode the chances of getting into trouble increased, but neither of us were inclined to stop it. We fit together well and knew each other better than most couples could ever hope to. There was an ease and familiarity to our newfound relationship that was just impossible to break away from. I never stopped being her father and guide, but this new sexual dynamic seemed to make even our normal father/daughter relationship that much stronger. When I advised her of things, she was more willing to listen and, conversely, when she wanted to flex her maturity muscles, I was more inclined to let her. We weren't really seeing each other as equals because, let's face it, there were and are some significant disparities between us in age and experience, but the sense of love and respect we felt for each other had grown exponentially, all due to the fact that we were happily fucking ourselves to exhaustion.

I was already a pretty fit guy before joining the Army. My time at Basic and doing PT in general helped to give me some muscular definition, which was welcome. Going away to Afghanistan, however, had made me a little soft, believe it or not. I was working almost non-stop, so I didn't have much time for the gym or PT. But the almost constant routine of sex with my beautiful, diminutive daughter had brought all of my muscle tone back practically overnight. Beth noticed it Friday morning when she came into the kitchen.

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