tagFetishNursing My Old Male Friend

Nursing My Old Male Friend


It was a warm October afternoon where I lived in England. I left my house in the quaint little village where I lived and started to walk to the bus stop. It felt particularly odd today as I had no pram to push along and my hands felt bare because of this.

I gave birth to Amelia three months ago. My ex-boyfriend (Amelia's father) had decided that we should part although it was an amicable parting. We both fell out of love with each before my pregnancy, but strived to keep the relationship going in a vain attempt to capture the good times again. Due to this we both still made love in an attempt to bond, and this is where I fell pregnant.

I don't blame him for wanting to go... we were not happy but we were both mature enough to realise that our child came first and remained friends in spite of it all. It made good sense – we were responsible parents.

I was without child today as my ex was looking after her (as he did every two weeks for two days at a time). I had packed her bottles with my expressed milk and all her essentials for her stay with her father, and she left earlier this morning. I missed her of course but I valued my own time where I could catch up with chores and sleep. Fortunately I had great support with my family and sister so I considered myself lucky. I didn't go out often in my spare time...I am an introvert at heart preferring to spend time at home and liking my own space.

I am 22 years old and a quiet yet contemplative person, and also really quite shy and it shows. I have never tried to appear bubbly as a front. I like people to see the real me, and accept me as I am. In looks I have dark blonde long hair that contrasts well with my pale skin. I'm no model but I have an innocent look about me that people have said makes me look fair and pretty.

I boarded the bus, and smiled as the regular bus driver asked me how I was before I sat down, nodding to the other people as I said a quiet but cheery hello, and then I was soon in town where I was planning to do some much needed shopping.

Entering the supermarket I filled up my small trolley with things on my list, when I felt that all too familiar feeling as I was reaching up for the baked beans. The side of my arm brushed against my bust and I had leaked a little milk. I looked down and it showed through my light pink blouse. I tried to pull my cardigan over to hide the wet patch and did my best to ignore it as I continued shopping.

Blushing faintly, I walked to the vegetable isle where I bumped into my father's friend Bill. Bill was the elder brother of my father's boss and also lived a few doors down from us for a few years until he moved away. He was a cheery 68 year old who had never married and seemed content to live his life alone. I had great respect for him for this.

"Hello Megan" he said, raising his hand in a polite hello. "Where is your little one today?"

"Oh hi Bill" I replied and smiled a little smile back. A tiny bit flustered from the earlier wet patch incident. "She's with David my ex for a couple of days. I am glad of the break and sleep, but I do miss her."

"Of course you would" he remarked "But you need your sleep and time alone".

As I nodded and agreed with him, my cardigan fell open, and two boys aged about twenty walked past, nudging each other while pointing and laughing at my obvious wet patches whilst loudly saying "tit milk."

I was mortified and terribly embarrassed and it showed. My head looked down at the floor and as I was still tired from lack of sleep the night before, my eyes welled up a little. Bill stroked my arm gently and told me not to pay any attention.

"Bill, I'm s-sorry" I stammered wishing I was out of the shop.

"Hey Megan" he said gently "please, it's natural – it happens to many a lady I am sure" coaxing me away from the isle and leading me to the checkout where we stood in silence as I paid for my goods.

As I packed the last of my things with his help, he asked me if I would like to go back to his place for a little lunch, in an attempted effort to cheer me up. I shook my head but he said "Meg – please, you're upset and I don't want you to feel like this. Come to mine and we can have some nice lunch and you will feel better. You can dry yourself and I'll lend you a shirt of mine to wear as I wash and tumble dry your blouse." I nodded, and said yes as he was being so kind.

We walked back with him carrying half my bags, and he unlocked his door and showed me into his kitchen while he went upstairs. I placed my frozen items in his freezer so that they would not defrost. He came down with his shirt and handed it to me, telling me where his bathroom was upstairs before I went to it to change.

I felt flushed as I looked in his mirror, changed out of my top garments, drying my nursing bra on his soft towel until it felt dry. I took out some nursing pads and doubled them up before placing them in my bra and changing into his white shirt.

I then came downstairs and spotted Bill chopping carrots. At nearly six foot he was a good height and relatively handsome for his years. He had grey hair, and was balding a touch. His age showed through his laughter lines, but he had kind eyes and a charisma about him that could only help everyone warm to him.

"He we go Bill" I said. "Are you sure it's ok to wash and tumble dry this?"

"Totally" he answered. "It won't take long, and you can relax and be taken care of for a change. It must seem a while since you have had a meal cooked for you." This was true. My sister and mum were no great chefs in the kitchen and when I visited they ordered takeaways or made sandwiches, so this was welcome and nice.

Lunch was simple, and we talked and chatted for an hour over eating. He asked me what my interests were when I had the time, and told me what his life was like in the sixties and early seventies. He had courted a lady for some time although marriage was not on the cards. She fell in love with this work colleague and they moved to the USA.

He told me about his work, and how he tried stand-up comedy which I thought was a brave thing to even contemplate doing, going by my personality. As he ran through his comedy material I found myself laughing, and relaxing into his company.

In this hour, I got to learn that he was a kind and gentle man, who helped others wherever he could by not wanting anything in return. Such a rare thing to find in people, and even more so in this day and age.

After we consumed our lunch, we sat in his sun parlour. The sun warmed up the room pleasantly and I sat back and relaxed, feeling a world away from how I was in the supermarket. He went away to make some teas and returned with the cups, sitting down beside me on the sofa, handing me my mug.

"You know" he said "those boys in the supermarket were very immature. Breast feeding is a wonderful and natural thing to do and I applaud you for it."

I turned to face him and replied "Thank you Bill. I know it's just one of those things but I get so embarrassed when I leak...is that silly of me?"

He answered softly "Heavens no. It's just that I don't like to see a lovely young woman like you get upset or feel uncomfortable. You were so flustered earlier and that's not a good feeling to have." He looked down toward my breasts and gazed a moment too long so that I looked down at them too.

"Not again" I anxiously murmured biting my lip.

He paused for a brief moment looking up at me before placing his hand in mine and saying "Megan, let me help you this time."

I was a little shocked and stayed still as he unbuttoned one by one each little button on his shirt I was wearing, until it was fully open. He reached for some tissues and placed them on my lap.

"W-what are you doing Bill" I managed to breathe out and he whispered to me "Taking care of you as you should be?"

His comment made me relax as I knew he was a kind and gentle soul, and I leaned forward so that he could push his shirt off my shoulders.

"Megan...oh Megan these look so full in your bra– so milky, ripe and full. Are they sore in any way?" he asked.

"No.. not sore. Just feeling very full with my milk... it's a while since I last pumped them" I answered him back shyly.

He could see my bra was soaked, and gently cupped one of my breasts, squeezing it as it soaked my pads that little bit more.

"I can see that.. they are so swollen with your milk" he added with interest.

He traced the underside of my bra for a few seconds, asking if I was ok.

"Y-yes – I am fine" I replied, beginning to feel the first sense of arousal. A feeling I had not experienced for some time. I knew he could sense this, as I could sense his arousal too. His look had changed into a more urgent look and his breathing had changed.

He slowly peeled away my bra flaps so that underneath the pads showed. The smell of my milk filled the room and he sniffed the air while closing his eyes, talking pleasure from this moment.

Taking each pad by the corner, he pulled them out of my bra. Then the ones underneath too. As he did my engorged nipples came into his view and he gasped, muttering the word "beautiful". I looked down and the sunlight through his parlour window shone on my nipples, making a tiny drop of milk glisten as he brushed it with his finger and sucked it off the tip of it.

"This needs a tissue" he said huskily and proceeded to wipe all around each nipple slowly and precisely, taking care to dry me. I could not stop my breathing from fastening and I was getting more and more turned on. We looked at each other and knew where this was heading.

"Megan, if these are full and feel swollen as I think they are, then they must be freed for an hour at least. Let them breathe" he instructed.

I leant forward again letting him unclasp me, pulling my bra forward and revealing my full F cups with large smooth pink areola and nipples.

"They used to be a C cup" I muttered" but really grew in size through expecting". He just gazed at them for a minute without even replying. Mesmerised by them. I felt so appreciated and all woman for him.

He slid to kneel onto the floor facing my globes and his face got closer and closer to my nipple. He gently and lovingly kissed it a few times. As he did I felt a wave of pleasure down below. His mouth expertly covered my large protruding nipple and he licked it before sucking it into his mouth.

I let out a deep sigh as the milk flowed and he got his rhythm going. My hand reached for his head and I started rocking him against my breast as if he were so precious to me.

He suckled me very well and with passion, and it felt amazing and erotic as we gained pleasure from each other on this lazy sunny afternoon.

As my one breast drained, he moved to the other. Paying the exact precise attention as he did to my drained one, only this time he let my nipple slip out of his mouth to tell me I was beautiful and wonderful before continuing to devour my milk.

It was then I felt his hand reach up my skirt and rested on my thigh. I voluntarily tried to slide down so that his hand reached closer to my pussy, but it reached up before I could. He gently stroked my cream lace panties as he sucked my sensitive nipple, making my panties damp and moist as I moaned and clutched his head on my breast, feeling his grey hair.

He slipped his finger underneath the lace material and found the hood of my clit where he just rested his finger, teasing me. I however bucked against his finger while he latched on my nipple harder and sucked firmly and intently. He then slid his finger into my pussy, while his thumb attacked my swollen clit.

I never once imagined I would have an experience like this with a man his age, but it felt so natural and exciting and I was getting so close now to my orgasm.

His finger bent slightly inside me, massaging my g-spot and I began calling out his name as I neared climax.

If he had neighbours in next door they would surely have heard.

All of a sudden my orgasm ripped through my body intensely, making me shake and shudder as I cried out. My body felt so satisfied and my climax slowly eased away where I was brought back into the moment.

My breasts were near empty and he let my nipple slip from his previously hungry mouth before kissing it softly.

We held and cuddled each other on the sofa for a couple of minutes after but I wanted to please him too as he pleased me.

I took the place that he did minutes earlier, and knelt before him, delighting in the fact that he was rock hard through his trousers. I unzipped them, and slid them to the ground as his raised his hips. I then took his boxers off slowly, and looked at his manhood for a few seconds; it was thick and longer than I imagined a man of his age to be.

"My angel, Megan, look what you have done" he groaned pointing to his manhood. "You have awakened arousal in me and you are such a wonderful young woman."

With this, I caught his eye lustfully as I edged closer, my mouth inches away from his hardness.

"Oh Megan" he mouthed as I carefully ran my tongue up and down his beautiful cock, swirling the head in little circles, leaving it wet and then back down again until he produced precum. It tasted so good.

My soft lips covered his delicious long thick cock as I sank my mouth down onto it. I began to suck him and he relished the feeling. He told me that my mouth was so warm and wanton and lovely as my lips touched ever contour and very vein.

I invited him to push into my mouth and deeper into the beginning of my throat by placing his hands on my head. He held it gently at first and stroked my hair, then gripped my hair firmly as he pushed deeper and harder. Rocking his hips.

I was almost taking his full length while sucking and looked up to meet his eyes.

He rocked harder and my face reddened as I sucked him as hard as I could. I could tell by his breathing rate that he was almost there.

I moaned encouragingly to him as if to say if was ok and fine to cum in my mouth. His gorgeous cum. Oh yes, I wanted it. Then he groaned a final time and it shot into my waiting mouth, squirting delicious streams of hot cum that I savoured as I gazed up at him.

I swallowed it slowly, this was precious and I wanted to take my time to devour him.

As we relaxed, I lay my head on his lap for a few minutes while he stroked my messy hair, until he came off the sofa and led me to lie and cuddle with him on his rug. Both still semi clothed.

We held each other while we talked and slept until early evening as the sun went down, delighting in our loving encounter.

We also made plans to see each other again and I knew that next time we would take it that step further.

There was no way that I would let this be a one off experience with him and he felt the same.

To be continued........

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