Oaksong Ch. 01: The Calm

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Shalendris enjoys a night in the woods with her mate.
4.9k words

Part 1 of the 9 part series

Updated 06/13/2023
Created 05/30/2021
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Chapter 1 - The Calm

The stars shone above the endless forests around Zin-Azshari, the elven city's white spires jutting out from the woodlands like a beacon of civilization. Structures of white stone adorned with graceful artistry, thrumming with powerful magic composed this grandiose city. At the center of Zin-Azshari lay the Well of Eternity, an immense fount of magical energy from which the Night Elf empire grew.

Nearest to this great sea-like well lived the Highborne, a noble caste of Queen Azshara's closest servitors. Sitting on a cliff a few miles away from the city was Shalendris, a commoner, her silver eyes looking down at the beautiful city, feet dangling at the edge. She quite enjoyed coming here, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place where the soft wind could caress her lavender skin freely, where she could be with her thoughts as songbirds chirped merrily all around her.

Many small Night Elven villages still surrounded the colossal capital, most containing barely a hundred souls. Shalendris wondered what the people in those villages were up to right now, as she looked down at that great forest. The peace and tranquility offered by the strength of the Kaldorei military allowed the people to flourish, to pursue the arts, to study magic and to pursue what professions they most loved.

Shalendris, like her parents, had a love of plants. From the tiniest flower to the greatest oak, the purple-haired woman felt most at home surrounded by these beings. As her fingertips combed through the grass beneath her, a soft smile came to her lips. They could not speak, she knew, but she could feel their presence, in a way.

And through them, she had felt another presence approaching.

"Knew I'd find you here," came a voice from behind her. "When the villagers told me they saw you taking the path up the mountain..."

"Othros," said the woman, turning her head to give the man a sideways smile.

The armored Night Elf, Shalendris' dearest friend and lover, sat down next to her, placing his decorated helmet on the grass next to him. She had known him for over ten years now, since he'd been stationed at her old village. One of the noble Highborne, Othros quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a Captain of the military.

Quite unlike Shalendris, the soldier was serious and well-organized. He was a noble and she, a commoner. Yet they completed one another and with her, he could let his guard down and be himself. He liked that about her.

"How's the shop?" the white-haired Kaldorei asked as his hand moved over hers gently in the grass, referring to her parents' flower shop.

"Business has been good, in no small part thanks to you," the appreciative woman replied honestly.

After her village had been raided by Trolls, Othros had urged Shalendris and her family to relocate to Zin-Azshari, in his family's ancestral home. They had accepted and her parents' shop of medicinal herbs and healing salves had turned to a simple flower shop, favoured by the nobility of the city.

Sitting so near her, the soldier could not help but appreciate the woman even more. Her presence alone soothed him like so many baths and massage oils never could, especially after so many weeks spent on the road. Looking down at her, he could not help a tender smile as his silver orbs roamed across her form. She, of course, pretended not to notice, somewhat amused.

A little over seven feet tall, Shalendris was of average height for a Kaldorei, though the rest of her was far from average. With a form devoid of muscle-tone, the full-figured woman's soft, supple skin held no scars whatsoever. Her hair, a deep, rich purple, flowed down to her lower back and she would often be seen tucking loose strands of hair behind those long, delicate ears of hers.

The softness of her form and manners seemed completely opposite to the clothing she wore most days. While other Night Elves preferred soft silks or even linens, Shalendris seemed to prefer leathers and furs, things one would expect to see on woodsmen and hunters. Leaving her stomach exposed, the woman wore a leather top that seemed to overflow with her abundant chest flesh. Each nearing the size of her own head, the impressive breasts made heads turn wherever she was, jiggling within that tight prison, threatening to spill out at a moment's notice.

To cover her legs, she wore a leather kilt, decorated with furs. The garment was long enough to cover her lower calves, though kept her small feet exposed. She preferred the feel of the grass and stone beneath her feet, she had told him.

"Do tell me of the last few weeks, Othros," asked Shalendris, shuffling over so that she could sit right next to the man, resting her head on his shoulder delicately. "I trust things are under control at the border?"

She loved to hear of his travels, of the peoples he met and of the dangers he often faced on the road. Though his duties kept him away so much, the tales he came back with made the wait worthwhile. While most other Night Elves were rather distrustful of other races and often looked down upon them, Shalendris had a great curiosity and respect towards them.

"Well, the Trolls have been quiet for a few months... We have had no reports of incursions into our territories. The Tauren have never really been an issue, as you know and the Furbolg - "

Othros' sentence was cut short as he felt Shalendris' hand slithering down his chainmail leggings, causing him to squirm a bit in anticipation. Having been gone from his lover for so long had caused that longing to grow within him and likewise her. He could have had his pick of women during his travels, but his heart belonged to Shalendris and he would remain true to her.

"Go on, dear..." came the woman's voice, a mischievous smirk upon those plush lips of hers as she started caressing his member, feeling its soft pulses against her delicate fingertips. Shalendris knew how to tease him, how to play with him. She motioned for him to move away from the edge of the cliff to give them both enough room.

With a soft groan, Othros obeyed and moved forward before leaning back, palms against the wild grass, continuing the tale of his travels.

"And then the uh... the Furbolgs... They have been having a hard time with some spirit of their long-dead Chieftain or something... He uh..."

His words were once again interrupted as the purple haired Kaldorei started pulling down on his armor to free his manhood. He lifted his ass up off the grass to give her an easier time of it and with a solid yank she managed to pull the leggings down to his knees, freeing his sizeable manhood, the veiny piece of meat smacking against his stomach, an eager drop of precum already oozing from its throbbing tip.

Oh, how it yearned for her touch. The thick purple prick was impressive by all accounts, easily able to cover the distance from the tip of her chin to the top of her forehead with a few inches to spare. His pubic hair was kept to a minimum, neatly trimmed but with a soft tuft of curly white hair just above the base of his maleness.

"The Chieftain of the clan he... Got corrupted or something... I do not know... That Shaman stuff... Never really understood mu-Nnmmff..."

He bit his lower lip as he felt her hand start stroking the base of his rod gently. Meanwhile, her pursed lips kissed the helm of his manhood, the tip of her tongue swirling agilely across that sensitive surface. Removing her mouth from his throbbing dick for a moment to look up at his pleasured expression, a devious smirk spread across her lips, quite obviously enjoying his reactions.

It did not take long for her to lower her head back down towards the pulsating cock, wrapping her lips around its immensity as lewd sucking noises echoed throughout the surrounding forests, a dribble of saliva escaping the corner of her mouth to roll down the formidable shaft. Practiced motions brought him ever closer to the long-awaited release.

Leaning over sideways in such a manner, he could feel her hefty chest pressed against his muscled thigh, that softness a wonderful contrast to the armor he wore during his travels. Unable to resist, Othros reached down with one hand, slipping his fingers into her top to grope at her right breast, fingers sinking into the irresistible, overabundant flesh.

A soft purr came from her throat, causing her lips to buzz pleasantly around his cock as she slowly dragged them up and down the throbbing vastness of that beloved pillar of flesh, coating it in saliva. Though he lips formed a near-perfect seal around the huge dick's circumference, a small amount of the Night Elf's saliva managed to dribble from the corner of her mouth, slowly rolling down to the man's fist-sized balls.

Shalendris nearly squirmed as she felt her lover's eager fingers brush against her sensitive nipple, his rough groping of her plentiful titty meat.

He had stopped telling her about his travels, he now realized, though she hardly seemed to care, too busy sucking and slurping hungrily on his cock, those lewd noises becoming louder.

Schlurp, schlurp, schlurp!

He looked down at her for a moment, enjoying the view of her struggling to fit his entire cock down her hungry gullet, those delicious noises she made only bringing him closer and closer to release. The rapid bobbing of her head caused her hair to sway before her face and, for the second or third time that evening, she tucked her long hair behind her ear both to remove the annoyance and to give her lover a better view of her face.

Enjoying the attention he gave her chest, she removed her head from his cock with a loud plop, wiping the saliva from the corner of her mouth with a single digit.

"No wonder you came to see me before all others, Othros... You look like you're about to explode," said the busty woman with a soft chuckle as she shuffled over, getting on her knees between his legs to more comfortably gobble up his wonderful cock.

"I simply enjoy your company, my love," he replied with a chuckle of his own, his bright silver eyes focused on the spectacle of Shalendris sucking on his dick as though her life depended on it, feeling her tongue writhing against the veiny expanse.

Gently, the soldier placed his hand beneath her chin, pulling her cock-hungry maw off his throbbing manhood to stare into her eyes lovingly. "Though it is only normal that you enjoy mine as well."

And she understood the intent behind those words suddenly, giving his turgid rod a few more strokes before standing up before him. Shalendris' fingers fidgeted for a few moments with the handful of straps that held her leather kilt up on her form, letting the garment fall to the ground, revealing to Othros her dribbling cunt. Like him, the woman liked to keep things tidy down there, leaving little hair but a small leaf-shaped patch of it.

"Cute," he thought, his hand reaching out to gently caress the back of her legs, a loving smile forming on his lips.

Bathed in moonlight, Shalendris was quite a sight to behold. When the woman felt strong emotions, a soft yellow crescent moon would appear near her forehead, floating yet giving off a certain light. That moon shone now, the Kaldorei woman seeming more and more like Elune herself descended from the sky. He did not have much time to contemplate that thought as she turned around, lowering that elven flower of hers onto his lips. And he kissed it tenderly, lying down on his back while she placed her elbows on either side of his hips, her face but a few inches from his cock, leaking precum as it throbbed excitedly.

Her breath caressed Othros' maleness for a few moments as she observed it before once again wrapping her fingers around it, biting her lower lip as the man's mouth started kissing and suckling at the delicate pearl atop her needy cunt. Though she did try to suppress a moan, her mouth opened to let forth a gentle, pleasured sound as she felt the man inserting one thick finger into her depths slowly as his lips caressed her folds.

Closing her eyes, feeling his mouth against her soaked elven pussy, Shalendris let forth another moan, this one more powerful than the last, filled with lust and desire for the man she loved above all others. That shining moon on her forehead shone even brighter as her pleasure heightened. He inserted another finger into her dripping snatch, slowly increasing the pace.

His other hand was not idle, fondling his lover's ass, moving from one hefty cheek to the other, though his current angle didn't really let him appreciate the wonderful sight of Shalendris' large, round ass.

Returning the favour, Shalendris grabbed firmly at his cock with one hand, her other hand holding her up as she lowered her face once more upon his girthy prick, feeling it bump against the back of her throat. With her face impaled upon him in such a manner, the elven woman's quickly became muffled, but it was clear by her expressions and her squirming that she was clearly enjoying this just as much as he was.

As her stroking hand moved downwards to the base of that wondrous shaft, she guided her fingers gently, delicately to his balls, softly cupping them against her palm as she took on more and more of his length, angling herself in such a manner as to allow him to push a few inches down her throat.

Gluck. Gluck.

She managed to suppress her gag reflex as the muscles of her throat contracted around the beast's girth. "Mmmnnggh..." moaned Shalendris as another wave of pleasure washed over her, this one stronger than the last.

Othros, meanwhile, could not endure the pleasure any longer. Suddenly, almost too quickly for any of them to react, he started bucking, thrusting his cock upwards even deeper into the surprised woman's throat. Shalendris' large silver orbs widened as torrents of hot, creamy spunk flooded her throat and stomach, nearly choking on the abundant spunk. The fingers on the man's right hand squeezed harder at her ass cheeks while his other hand remained motionless, his brain unable to continue fingering her. He tried as hard as he could to keep his lips glued to her cunt, to keep his tongue against her clit, to let the tip of that agile muscle bring her closer and closer to ecstasy. But he could not, and he threw his head back with a low groan as that powerful release nearly made him black out. Each thrust of his hips caused him the pump more and more thick semen deep into her throat.

Pulling her face from his cock, the coughing Night Elf woman was met with a few more healthy ropes of cum that shot into the air from the jizz-spewing member before her. With one eye partially closed due to a sticky string of cum hanging from her eyebrow, she raised her finger to her face to wipe it off, coughing up a couple strands of the abundant spunk.

Left satisfied by that orgasm but not quite done with his business, the white-haired soldier moved his face back up at Shalendris' cunt, his mouth meeting those sweet lips of hers once more, his tongue lapping at her juices, his breath warm against her most sensitive parts.

Looking back at him for a moment, Shalendris let loose another long moan as the waves of pleasure coursing through her became more powerful with every passing moment. Othros, fully committed to getting her off, started sucking on her clit more fervently. The tip of his tongue would move up and down rapidly as his pursed lips devoured her most delicious flower, her juices running down his chin.

Meanwhile, Shalendris returned her attention to his slowly deflating member, still coated in spit and semen. Her tongue started gently lapping up the thick spunk still covering the hefty cock, her moans intensifying with every lick and slurp of that meaty treat. Anyone observing them at that moment would also have noted that the moon on her forehead also started giving off a stronger glow, illuminating the surrounding area with that soft golden light.

The moaning Kaldorei's eyes forced themselves shut as her muscles tensed, her lover's assault on her cunt intensifying. She felt herself being thrown at that powerful, long-awaited orgasm like a glaive shot from one of the Kaldorei's war machines. And like the glaive, she hit her target, her arms failed her as her whole form was completely overtaken by that sweet release. She could see stars as the unrelenting Kaldorei beneath her kept on sucking and licking, feeling her cunt convulsing around his pumping digits as she ground herself more forcefully onto his face.

"Ahhhnnn... Ffffuckkkk..." moaned the helplessly writhing Night Elf as her mind nearly shattered from the pleasure given by Othros' skilled hands and mouth. "Hhhaaammfffucking ccccuuuhhhh..." She could not finish her sentence as small tremors shook her to her core, her mouth slightly agape as her fingers squeezed the man's dick almost painfully, her fat tits pressed hard against his crotch.

Her orgasm left her nearly breathless. Panting, she rolled off the man and into the grass next to him so that they lay next to one another in the long grass, staring up at the stars and moon. Shalendris' forehead moon slowly faded as the pair remained there for long minutes, just silently enjoying each other's company, their fingers intertwined lovingly.

"I wanted to tell you... I have been reassigned to the Eternal Palace. I won't be gone for weeks on end anymore," Othros half-whispered to her, turning his head sideways to look into her eyes.

"That is great news, my love. Do you know why they need more guards at the Palace? Why they need soldiers?" asked the half-naked Kaldorei, never having bothered to dress herself after those passionate moments.

Othros shrugged slightly before turning his gaze once more towards the beautiful night sky. "Might be Elune's doing," he said somewhat jokingly. Kaldorei did have a habit of pinning various things on their goddess, he knew.

No more words came from either of them as they slowly drifted into peaceful sleep, the soft wind of that cliff gently caressing their naked forms.

"Wake up, my love. Wake up!"

The soft, yet masculine voice spoke with urgency as she slowly opened her eyes, knuckling the sleep from them. Her hair was a mess and she realized that she had been covered by a blanket during the night. Othros' doing, without a doubt.

Shalendris blinked a few times as her vision's blurriness slowly faded. "Muuuhhh?"

The fighter had his bow in hand and a handful of arrows on the ground next to him. He had tied his long white hair into its usual ponytail. As she looked him over for a few moments, she wondered just how he managed to be so alert, visibly ready to take on the day at such an ungodly hour. He had his armor on and had apparently taken the time to comb his hair. He was always so... neat, with no facial hair whatsoever, keeping his jawline visible.

She, on the other hand, seemed the complete opposite, spending most of her time wandering around the forests. Her small feet were often messy, dirty and her hands covered in dirt from her digging up various plants to bring back to her parents' shop. Othros had commented on that a few times, saying she would soon become like "that strange Stormrage fellow". She could only laugh at that and had not taken it as an insult.

She was not meant to do great things, she knew. She was the daughter of commoners and even if she married Othros someday, she would never be truly accepted within Highborne society.

While Kaldorei society considered golden eyes to be a sign of greatness to come, hers were the silver common to most of her kind. And she did not mind. She would be content with a quiet life.

"Take it," came her love's voice as he gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, waking her from her reverie. Slowly, the half-awake woman took a hold of the weapon, waiting for an explanation as her fingers wrapped around the short bow.