Oaksong Ch. 06: Nourishment


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In a rush, Shalendris grabbed the closest furs she could to try and cover herself, sitting up.

"Uh, yes?" she asked, the wooden door opening before she'd even given the visitor permission to enter.

Tau'kale now stood at the room's entrance, looking down at Shalendris. Still a bit flustered from what she'd been doing moments prior, the Kaldorei soon realized that the man's gaze was not on her face but on the two colossal tits that were only half-covered by the thick furs she'd grabbed.

"Is now not a good time...?" asked the Tauren, struggling to tear his eyes away from those massive tits, areolae partially exposed.

He struggled, too, with keeping his lust in check. That loincloth he wore seemed to do very little to cover the growing arousal between his legs.

"Ah, well, you see... I was doing some meditating..." Shalendris replied distractedly, silvery gaze laser-focused on his great swelling bulge. "Though perhaps you'd like to join me?" the woman carried on, managing to pull her eyes from the man's loincloth to look up at him.

The enormous bull-man brought one hand to his rising manhood then, exhibiting shyness beyond what Shalendris thought she'd ever see in a powerful warrior such as he. "I... I have never been with a woman," Tau'kale suddenly declared, turning his gaze from the woman before him. "But that is not the reason I come to you now," he continued.

Shalendris raised an eyebrow.

"The council is meeting, the elders have been summoned to the Greatseer's tent to decide the next course of action," continued the black-furred male, struggling slightly against the growing mast he was attempting to conceal. "And they wish for you to join them once they have finished discussing the initial details."

"Well, now, I didn't think they'd be interested in speaking with me... I'm not certain of how I could be of much help..." Shalendris said, pulling the furs up somewhat to attempt to cover herself up a little more. "How long will these discussions take?"

Thoughtful, Tau'kale frowned for a moment. "They rarely last more than thirty minutes," he estimated.

"Then that should give me plenty of time to allow you to 'be with a woman' for the first time!" Shalendris said, tossing the furs away to reveal her nude form to the embarrassed Tauren.

The bull's eyes widened considerably at the sight of Shalendris's nude form. Tauren were not a people who shied away from nudity, but to have a lover bare themselves for them would still have the desired effect. Having no reason to hide his virility any longer, Tau'kale pulled his hand from his prick, letting the hefty piece of meat bounce freely before him.

Though probably over a foot long, it seemed almost comically small on the form of a twelve-foot-tall mountain of muscle such as Tau'kale.

"I know... It's minuscule compared to the other males..." he said, noting the small amount of shock in Shalendris's eyes but accidentally looking past the deep hunger and rapidly growing desire in that same silvery gaze.

Shalendris chuckled slightly. She had seen bigger cocks, definitely, and she had sucked this man off the previous night. When she'd done so, there was no light to see his size and he was not standing before her such as he was now. "No, it's fine. You're fine, far bigger than most Night Elves, that's for sure!" she exclaimed with a chuckle.

"The females who have seen my nakedness have said that I am the least endowed of my tribe..." the saddened male revealed, sitting down next to Shalendris. "It is why I am still a virgin," he continued.

"Nonsense! I told you that you are more than adequate!" she shouted at him, looking him in the eyes. "Tonight, I will make a man out of you!" the determined Kaldorei continued before placing a gentle kiss on one of his arms (he was far too tall for her to kiss him any higher with both of them sitting!)

With those words out of the way, Shalendris proceeded to grab his throbbing prick, the hefty piece of meat pulsating vigorously in response to her delicate touch. That eager heat pulsating against her palm sent Shalendris into a near frenzy and she leaned over to gobble up as much of the veiny Tauren cock as possible, lips dragging along its girth.

In such a position, Shalendris's heavy elven tits were pressed against the Tauren's thigh, some of that abundant flesh even spilling down to bump against his cum-laden nutsack.

Tau'kale whimpered slightly as his sensitive cockhead was assaulted by the Night Elf's expert tongue, the tip of that slick, agile muscle dancing along the ridge of his mighty cockhead. "Please, Shalendris... Please..." he begged.

His pleading caught the woman's attention, causing her to pull her gaze upwards to his. "Mmm?" came the inquisitive response, her lips still locked tightly around the head of his huge bullcock.

Pulling away from the Night Elf, Tau'kale grinned a little, showing more confidence than he had moments ago but still visibly unsure about himself. He had seen other Tauren mating before, so he had some understanding of the process, but he obviously required some guidance from the long-lived and visibly quite experienced woman.

"Don't worry, dear," she said, giving him dick a few loving strokes. "I'll make sure to guide you along the way," she continued, gently pushing him backwards onto the furs, his dick standing proudly in the air. "You'll remember this night for the rest of your life," came her soft voice, caressing the Tauren's ears as he watched her entrance.

The Night Elf rose so that she was squatting above him, slick cunt kissing the man's violently throbbing spear. That thick invader, wanting nothing more than to plunge deep into the elf's waiting folds. She looked down at him for a few long moments, her gigantic tits, so round and so full, hanging low enough that they nearly obscured his view of that moment.

And what a moment it was as she finally lowered herself onto him, his courage allowing him to fondle and grope her massive breasts as her warm walls enveloped his length. Mouth slightly agape, Shalendris let forth a pleasured sigh as his fat cock plunged deeper and deeper into her, rubbing against her inner walls, stretching her and filling her up.

"Hrrmf..." came Tau'kale's rumbling response to that moan, resisting the urge to thrust his hips upwards and impale the busty elf entirely. Though he knew he was smaller than his kin, watching the smaller Kaldorei take his cock made him feel like the largest male of his tribe.

As she started moving up and down his manhood, allowing herself moan after delightful moan, Shalendris suddenly felt it. That same feeling that had once allowed her to transfer some of her chest's size to Talena. But this time, it was different. Instead of some sort of clarity or understanding of the other's form and composition, she could now reach into their life essence, their fertility, their ability to breed and the associated characteristics.

Her thoughts raced to Tau'kale's naked form beneath her, imagining him with the greatest cock of his tribe, the fattest and most potent nuts in all of the tribes. His lineage would reach further than any other of his contemporaries, and he would be the one to grow his tribe strong.

Tau'kale felt it as well. Felt himself growing stronger and more virile by the moment. He could feel some form of magic transferring itself from she elf above him and into him. Or, more precisely, into his cock.

As he looked down, he noted the visible growth in his prick each time Shalendris lifted herself from the growing beast. "Arrrhgg... What are you doing?" he groaned, his fingers gripping her fat udders even harder, flesh overflowing from between his fingers as he played with those huge tits.

Tugging on her nipples for a moment, his eyes went wide as small jets of warm milk blasted his upper body, splashing his face and soon shooting into his mouth. The woman seemed not to notice or care as she kept on bouncing on the growing cock, her stomach distending somewhat from the sheer size of Tau'kale's expanding manhood.

Shalendris kept on transferring as much of that life energy into Tau'kale, not truly understanding how she was doing it but knowing what she was doing. She was operating on instinct alone and now, so was Tau'kale. He had dismissed any thoughts of embarrassment or inadequacy as he groped, fondled and milked the Night Elf's vast bouncing knockers.

With vigor seemingly enhanced by the elf's magic, the Tauren started thrusting upwards, moving his hips slowly at first as he noted just how heavy his balls had become, though unable to truly appreciate their new bulk from his current angle. Their sheer size, however, allowed him to fully feel those fat nuts bouncing and rubbing against his thighs.

He had to cum. He thought his bloated nuts would explode as he started slamming his cock upwards repeatedly into Shalendris, her entire body bouncing up and down with the sheer force of his thrusts. Her eyes wide open, mouth agape as she screamed in ecstasy, Shalendris suddenly and almost violently achieved climax, her muscles tensing, cunt clenching around Tau'kale's expanded cock.

She leaned forward as that orgasm tore through every fiber of her being, through every nerve and every inch of her body. And she moaned and screamed and grunted as the walls of her pussy clamped down on the Tauren's cock, both in an attempt to keep him inside and push him out. "Annnhhh... By Elune!" she cried out, attempting to regain control of her form.

Tau'kale was not done as he continued fucking her, pounding her elven cunt with such force as to nearly cause the horny she-elf to shut down, to black out. Both the Tauren's hands wrapped themselves around Shalendris's waist as his manhood came up repeatedly, crotch slamming against her flesh, balls swinging upwards to meet her ass repeatedly.

Attempting to keep her balance, the lavender-skinned woman placed both her hands onto the Tauren's pectorals, almost mirroring their previous position with his hands on her chest. And as her orgasm subsided, she realized that her fingers were wet, not with sweat but with milk. She was... lactating?

That thought could not linger long as Tau'kale hilted himself within her, stomach bulging from the sheer size of his newly grown cock, so deep inside Shalendris that such a penetration would never have been possible without the aid of the elf's enchantments.

With his spear so deep within the elf's wet, pink cunt, Tau'kale climaxed for the first time within a woman, shooting rope after rope of cum deep inside her, painting her insides with his potent seed. Oh, how he came. The pleasure nearly melted his mind as he kept on blasting his cum deep into the moaning Kaldorei whose tits now rested against his chest, still leaking milk into his fur.

So much cum was being pumped into the sweaty Night Elf that her stomach had started to bulge somewhat, semen filling her womb and stretching it out. If Tau'kale's orgasm had produced a lot of cum the night before, his current orgasm completely eclipsed that. His cock kept on flexing inside her with every salvo, some of that abundant spunk leaking out from Shalendris and rolling down the Tauren's balls to finally stain the furs beneath them.

Soon, Shalendris found that her stomach had grown further than the previous night and in a matter of moments, she appeared to be pregnant with twins, so full was her womb with Tau'kale's nearly endless cum. "Mmmffuck... There's so much!" she moaned, placing a hand on her stomach.

Fearful that she might pop from so much cum, Tau'kale finally allowed Shalendris's squeezing folds to force him out, the enormous cock falling down heavily onto the furs below. And like a stopper being pulled from a bottle, it allowed a river of cum to flow from the woman's stretched out folds.

Rolling over to the side, a panting Shalendris looked down at Tau'kale's enhanced meat, wondering just how large she'd gotten him.

Her heart nearly stopped at the sight before her. Arching somewhat with its continued deflation, Tau'kale's cock seemed twice the size of the Dreadlord she'd previously encountered. In its half-erect state, he nearly sported an entire yard of cock.

Truly, her visions of him would come to pass.

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