tagNonHumanOctopus Jones: The Couch Monster

Octopus Jones: The Couch Monster


Octopus Jones: Case of The Couch Monster

It was 9 am when the action-packed man with the tentacled hands Octopus Jones entered the building of the PIE. No I'm not talking about apple pies or cherry pies. I'm talking about PIE, meaning Paranormal Investigation Enterprise, the largest paranormal investigation office in the world. Stopping by the receptionist's desk, Octopus Jones dazzled the attractive redhead behind the counter with his usual charm and a smile that says "I like you".

"Hey Judy. How's it going?"

"Oh hi, Octo! The Chief wants to see you right away!" chirped the pretty receptionist.

"Okay, I guess I better get going. See you later, babe!"

The tentacled adventurer went straight to the elevator, leaving Judy gazing back at him with a longing sigh and her hands touching herself in soft sensuous strokes.

Sitting behind his desk was David Flynn, the Chief Executive of PIE. Chief David was a tough man who grew up in the streets. At the age of 30, he started working as a highly-paid mercenary until he retired when he got into New Age. Due to a spiritual awakening, he witnessed "crazy shit out there" and so he swore to protect the world from the dark side. For this purpose, he created the Paranormal Investigation Enterprise. Each day, PIE receives missions that get weirder and weirder by the minute. This is one of these days.

"Jones! What's up?" Chief David greeted Octo-J with a fist pound and the trenchcoated mutant reciprocated.

"I had a good time, Chief David. Just got lucky with a brunette with big tits last night."

"You dawg! I've always known those mighty tentacles of yours will get you the ladies!"

"Yeah yeah. You're not so bad with the ladies yourself either."

"That's right and I attribute my mojo to a daily practice of chi-kung. It's kinda like Chinese yoga and it does wonders for my health and my libido. After work, I would do some chi-kung and then I would get so energetic and randy. I would grab my wife and then rip her clothes off and fuck her sweet ass and..." Chief David rambled on and on with his hands groping his desk. "Uh, Chief? The assignment?"

"Oh yeah. We got a request from a college student in California. Girls have been disappearing and word has it that some kind of unidentified creature was responsible. I want you to look into it and investigate what happened. If the monster shows up and messes with you, just kill the motherfucker."

"Understood. I'll guess I get going."

"Hold on, Jones. I got new partners for you."

"How many times do I have to tell you? I don't need partners!"

"Shut up, fool! Whether you like it or not, you're getting partners! Come in Lee and Marsh!"

Entering the room was a short bespectacled Asian man in a blue jacket and a sexy young woman with strawberry-blonde hair in a white blouse and slacks. Chief David began the introductions.

"Jones, this is Bobby Lee. A psychic from South Korea."

"Oooh a psychic! What can you do?" asked Octo-J to the small Korean man. Bobby blushed and said "Well... I can do a little telekinesis..."

"Bobby Lee possesses the power of mammokinesis, the ability to telekinetically manipulate breasts." explained Chief David.

"That's it?"

"Hey! Hey! That power could be a great help one day! Besides, Bobby Lee is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat and small fire-arms."

"Hey, that's not so bad. What about the woman?"

"Lucy Marsh here is from London. She lacks any combat or technical skills but she has a very unique ability. She can sexually attract paranormal entities within a 50 mile radius. In other words, she's monster bait. The origin of her power is unknown but she has shown her worth to PIE has been proven many times before especially in the recent Loch Ness case."

"It's true and my bum is still sore from it thanks to that aquatic bastard." muttered Lucy Marsh in a surly manner while rubbing one of her butt-cheeks.

"... Right. To California we go!"

Inside a dormitory, a nervous young man patiently waited. It's been been a day since the lanky youth contacted PIE. The seemingly endless waiting ceased when the doorbell rang. The young man opened the door and met Octopus Jones, Bobby Lee and Lucy Marsh near his doorstep. Octo-J began to speak.

"Hi, I'm looking for Baxter Storkman. I'm Octopus Jones and this is Bobby Lee and Lucy Marsh. We're from the Paranormal Investigation Enterprise."

"Oh thank God you're here! This is really urgent." exclaimed the young man.

"Tell us what happened."

"Several girls have been disappearing in this dormitory during these past few weeks, including my girlfriend Chiquita Rodriguez. One day, I went upstairs to dress up. I went down, she was gone. People told me that the Couch Monster got her."

"Pardon me for asking but what is the Couch Monster?" asked Bobby.

"The Couch Monster was an urban legend among students of Linderman University. Every night after 8 pm, it creeps out from any couch and grabs someone. Some say its favorite targets are women. The women get raped before being eaten by the Couch Monster. I never believed in the stories until now."

"What makes you think the so-called Couch Monster got her?" asked Lucy.

"When I came downstairs, I saw this by the couch..." Baxter handed Octo-J a piece of pink fabric.

"This is a piece of my girlfriend's tube top."

"Lead us to the couch." Octopus Jones and company were lead by Baxter to the old couch in the living room where Chiquita disappeared. The PIE trio inspected the couch and did some readings with a electromagnetic field reading device and an infrared thermal imaging camera. The results were disappointing.

"This seems to be just an ordinary couch." said a disappointed and skeptical Octo-J.

"My friends say it only comes out after 8 pm." said Baxter.

The PIE trio decided to stay for the night. As the bait, Lucy sat on the couch alone while the three men waited. Octo-J sat in an armchair, Baxter waited nervously and Bobby Lee killed time by reading his Field Guide To The Paranormal book. It has been past five minutes after 8 pm. Octopus Jones was about to call it quits until a rumbling noise was emitted from the couch. The couch shook violently and began to go through a bizarre metamorphosis. Wires, springs and chunks of cushion suddenly opened up from the couch as if they came to life! The wires and springs grabbed a screaming Lucy and lifted her to the air. While Lucy was being suspended in mid-air, the wires began to shred her clothing, revealing her bouncy jugs and semi-shaved pussy. Swiftly, Octo-J lashed out his tentacles and attempted to pull back Lucy while removing the wires from her. Bobby fired his Beretta pistol at the couch but the bullets didn't even faze the monster. A spring coiled together, forming into the shape of a large penile tip, rose up and began to penetrate Lucy's vagina. The busty Briton screamed even louder as the spring pumped in and out of her sex. Her massive tits wildly bounced during the brutal spring-fuck.

"LUCY!" yelled Bobby.

"Ugh! Don't worry ugh Bobby! I'm fine!" answered a very nude Lucy.

"Oh my God... this is so unreal!" exclaimed Baxter.

"Now I'm a believer! How exactly does this thing attack!?" asked an adrenaline-pumped Octopus Jones.

"I heard it rapes and then milks the victim. After the victim gets milked, she gets sucked into the couch!"

As he tried to pull away the wires, Octopus Jones cleared his mind. Suddenly, he had a flash of intuition!

"Bobby, I need you make Lucy lactate! Can you do that!?" asked Octo-J.

"Yeah, give me a minute to concentrate!" Bobby focused his mind on Lucy's huge boobs and concentrated on her breastmilk. Within seconds, Lucy's breasts began to ache and swell. Two wires were attracted to her swollen tits and began to encircle and squeeze them hard like a surreal milking machine.

"Here comes the milking... man that is so hot." murmured Baxter as he ogled at Lucy's ordeal. The British woman moaned loudly with pain and ecstasy as she gets brutally fucked and milked at the same time. Suddenly, milk came squirted out of her erect nipples in large amounts. It was like a pair of hoses spraying the living room with white creamy fluids. Aroused by the bizarre scene, Baxter pulled down his pants and began to rub his cock while catching droplets of Lucy's titty fluids in his mouth. Bobby merely drooled, with an erection strained against his pants, at the sight of Lucy's milking. Octopus Jones was already drenched in Lucy's breastmilk but that that didn't stop him from pulling Lucy away from the couch. As if it gained a sudden dosage of superstrength, the couch dragged and swallowed Lucy and Octopus Jones in one gulp.

"SHIIIIIIIT!!!" cursed Bobby.

Octopus Jones woke up and slowly opened his eyes. He found himself in a strange hallway filled with pink glowing lights on the walls. From beyond the hall, the mutant paranormal investigator heard sounds of women moaning softly. He cautiously walked further and further into the hallway. At last, he entered a strange flesh-like chamber that looked like a stomach of a giant creature. Around Octopus Jones were Lucy and the missing college girls in a most distressing form. All of them were naked, covered in cum and bound by pink gelatinous matter to the walls. In their inhuman bondage, their orifices were being fucked by pink fleshy tentacles and their breasts were being sucked by what appeared to be tendrils with mouths. The extended suckers fed upon breastmilk fresh from their young, shapely bosoms. Octopus Jones attempted to free the girls until a booming monstrous voice filled the chamber.


"Who are you!? What are you!? What is your business here!?" demanded Octopus Jones.


"A class-B demon huh? My gut-feeling was right about the couch under possession. I'm Octopus Jones of the PIE and I'm taking the girls with me!"


"Yeah and I double-dare it too, you big piece of pink shit!" mocked Octopus Jones.

"THENNNN DIEEEEEE!!!" Pink tentacles from every direction lashed out at Octopus Jones. His eight tentacles weren't no match for the hundreds of tentacles. Fortunately, Gurzak got the shock of his life when the mutant stabbed him. Octo-J hardened the tips of his tentacles. Once hardened, they're as lethal as metal spikes! Swiftly, Octopus Jones stabbed his demonic foe numerous times in an instant!


"Who's da man huh!? Who's the man!? OCTOPUS JOOOOONES, THAT'S WHO!!!" yelled the cocky yet heroic mutant as he repeatedly impaled the belly of the beast. With its last dying breath, Gurzak rumbled loudly.

"... should we call 911?" asked Baxter.

"Sure and we can tell them a monster couch swallowed some women and a tentacled paranormal investigator. I'm sure they'll believe that." sarcastically answered Bobby Lee as he rolled his eyes. The two were surprised when the couch shook violently and vomited out Octopus Jones, Lucy Marsh and the missing college girls all covered in pink goo and demon semen. Octopus Jones pulled out a grenade and stuffed it inside the couch. A muffled sound of explosion was heard and with that, the couch was "exorcised". Baxter Storkman recognized a busty and petit exotic-looking girl among the slimed women.

"Chi-Chi? Is that you?"

"Wha- Storky!?"

Baxter rushed to his beloved side and embraced her. He cried hard upon hugging his lover. "I thought you were dead!"

"Oh Storky... you're so sweet! You know that no matter what happens, I'll always be with you..." The reunited young lovers kissed each other.

"Awwww..." Octo-J, Bobby, Lucy and the other missing girls reacted, touched by the couple's reunion. The couple began to make grunting animal sounds and Baxter ripped his clothes off. Sitting on the armchair, he let the sultry Chi-Chi fuck him while sitting on his cock. As Chi-Chi faced his boyfriend face to face, Baxter sucked her luscious Latina boobs so hard slurping noises can be heard across the room. The lovely exotic girl moaned like an over-acting pornstar. During their coitus, they're smeared each other with pink slime semen and saliva. Both lovers began to fart loudly in sheer sexual excitement.

"Ewwww..." reacted Octo-J, Bobby, Lucy and the other missing girls, disgusted by the couple's dirty flatulent sex.

"Well, mission accomplished." said Octopus Jones. "We make a great team after all."

"Yeah, I never knew my mammokinetic powers can so useful!" exclaimed Bobby.

"Uh guys? You owe me new clothes and a bath." said a very naked Lucy Marsh.

Thus ends a tale of Octopus Jones.

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