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Off The Wall


Ben's birthday was coming up and Sarah wanted to do something special for him this year. And she knew just the thing. He'd been talking about a deal he'd seen for a photo shoot where they provide the outfits, the setting and they would print and bind the photo book and send it in the mail within two days time. She had acted like she wasn't too thrilled with the idea when Ben had pointed it out to her. But then the next day, when he was gone to work, Sarah, found the deal online, and bought a voucher. Then she showered, dressed, and hopped in the car.

As Sarah drove the 45 minutes to her destination, she got increasingly nervous. What should she expect? Will the photographer be a male or a female? Will she be safe? These and many more questions filled her mind as she pulled onto a dank, side street in the city. It was raining and there was a slight nip in the air. But Sarah was sweating. She spotted the sign OFF THE WALL PHOTOGRAPHY and pulled up in front. Her nerves were going crazy. Deep breath, Sarah. She stepped out of her car and walked up to the glass door.


Sarah stepped into what felt like a museum of beautiful photographs. The decor was rustic, but felt regal. She recognized a few of the well-known landmarks from the area. There was a man that looked to be in his early 30s at the counter doing some paperwork. He was wearing a black button up shirt with a white tie and jeans. Both ears were pierced and she noticed a tattoo peaking up from under his shirt stretching up his neck. He looked up as she walked in and just stared at her. She felt self-conscious. "Can I help you with anything?" he finally managed to ask. Sarah looked around. "Um, I'm sorry. I must have the wrong place." She turned to leave, but he walked around the counter toward her and said, "What were you looking for? I may be able to help you. We are more than what you see here."

Sarah looked at him a little hesitantly. Maybe this was the right place, after all. She pulled out her phone and pulled up the voucher she had purchased that morning. "I'm looking to redeem this." And she held the phone up to the good-looking man. He looked at it briefly, then looked at her with a slight grin and said, "Come with me."

Sarah breathed deeply as she followed the man to the back of the store and through a heavy black curtain. On the other side was a large room sub-divided into smaller rooms. There were racks of what looked like ballroom gowns and boas and lingerie lining both sides of the hallway. There was a beautifying area for hair and make-up with marquee lighting on large mirrors at each station and every kind of make-up paraphernalia you could ever need.

"Wait here."

Sarah walked over to the racks of clothes. She picked up a hanger with some thread on it. People wear this?

"Hello. My name is Celia."

Sarah whipped around, startled by the voice behind her. "Hi, I'm Sarah." She went to shake hands with the lovely woman, but realized she was still holding onto the hanger, so she turned and hung it back up instead.

"You are here for the Boudoir Photo-shoot. Is that right?" Celia's voice was as lovely as she was beautiful. She was foreign. Possibly from Spain. With long, dark hair and soft skin, and a killer body, Celia seemed damn near perfect. She was wearing a form-fitting red dress that ended above her knees and accentuated her perky D-cup breasts. Sarah was enamored by her.

"Yes, that's right. I bought a deal online and I'd like to redeem it for my husband. It's a gift."

"And a fine one, it is, too. You'd be surprised how many wives come in to make a photo book for their husbands. Some are quite old, in fact. Age doesn't seem to make much of a difference in the eyes of a lover. Tell me, what does your husband like?"

Sarah described some of her ideas that she thought Ben might like in a photo-shoot. Celia led Sarah to the wardrobe area and pulled out a kinky corset with thigh-highs, a garter belt and high heels. Sarah looked at it uncertainly as Celia held it up for her.

"Come on. You will look lovely in it. And Ben will go wild. You described him to me, and I think this is something he will like. Go on, now. Try it on in this changing room. Just call me when you're ready. I'll be right over there."

Celia instilled such confidence in Sarah that she took it from her new friend and went into the changing room. When she managed to get it on correctly, Sarah looked at herself in the mirror and thought, I'm either really crazy, really stupid or really in love with my husband. With that thought, she stepped out of the changing. Celia and the man whom she'd met in the front of the store were off to the side talking quietly, when the man looked up, stopping mid-sentence. He was staring at Sarah with wide-eyes that seemed to be devouring her. Celia turned around. A smile stretched across her face as she walked back to Sarah with open arms. "Sarah, you are simply lovely. And might I add, smoking hot! Come. Let's do your hair and make-up and get you off to the show. Izaak will have fun today!"

* * * * * * *

Sarah was completely in awe with her new mentor. Celia was beautiful. She was smart. And that accent just made her more beautiful and smarter. She was confident and had the amazing ability to calm Sarah's nerves and instill a quiet sexy confidence in her that Sarah wasn't familiar with outside the doors of her home. As Celia led her to the photo room, Sarah started to get excited about what was to come. She was going to do this for her husband and have fun in the process. She was determined.

"Sarah, this is Izaak, our photographer. Izaak, Sarah."

Izaak held out his hand to her and said, "The pleasure is all mine." He had loosened his tie and unbuttoned his top two buttons so that Sarah could see a little chest hair. She held her hand out and Izaak kissed it. She was oddly turned on by it.

Izaak took her over to a large bay window with a single white chaise in front of it. The room was large and rustic with wide-planked hardwood floors and unpainted barn paneling on all the walls. Besides the chaise, the only piece of furniture in the room was a large four-poster bed. There was a piece of artwork on the wall, but that was where the setting ended. Everything else in the room was lights and screens for capturing the right mood for each shot.

"Alright, Sarah. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how amazing you look..." Izaak took in a sharp breath. "Okay. Let's start off with you sitting modestly on the chaise with your legs crossed. Look like you know I want you, but you're acting coy."

Sarah did as she was told. Izaak kept throwing out commands and Sarah obeyed, obviously making Izaak very happy. "Now lean back on one elbow against the back of the chaise. Open your legs... Look a little pouty in this one." Celia watched from the background, smiling. She was obviously pleased with Sarah's performance. Sarah was warming up, she could tell. She noticed Sarah was getting the hang of it and even adding some of her own touches -- like her placement of her hands on her upper thigh, or how she would curve her back, the look in her eyes that seemed to say, "I know you want me. Come and ravage me." Her husband is one lucky guy, Celia thought to herself. At one point, Sarah touched the top of her corset under which her perfect breast came spilling out over the top. Sarah looked at Celia with her big brown eyes and Celia could feel her own nipples hardening at the exchange.

Izaak lowered the camera and looked at the last photo on the display. "She can change now. I'm thinking a ballroom gown for this one, Cee?"

"Yes, of course. I know just the one. Come, Sarah. Let's get you hydrated and turn you into a goddess."

When they returned, Izaak stood gaping again. Sarah stood in the doorway with a long green satin dress that dragged on the floor behind her. The straps sat on the edges of her shoulders and it cut down between her modest breasts. The back scooped low in the small of her back and showed off her taught fit backside well. Damn. Izaak, get a grip. Sarah's long hair was up in a messy chignon with tendrils that framed her face. He couldn't remember the last time he'd done a photo shoot for one so gorgeous nor so obviously comfortable with herself as this one. This is why I love my job, he thought.

Izaak pointed to the windows and tried to tell her that they will start there, but his voice was dry. So he just pointed and mumbled something. Sarah got the idea and walked over to the window. She started by putting her hand along the windowpane looking out but turned her body in such a way that showed off her back. She knew she had a killer backside. All her working out has paid off. She was tight and had soft, smooth skin. Her ass was perky and round. She could hear the click click of the camera and knew that Izaak wasn't wasting a movement. She turned her head to look over her shoulder and looked right into the camera with desire in her eyes. Izaak went crazy with the camera. "Gorgeous, Babe. Great look. Keep them coming. Now look like you're happy to see me." Sarah smiled and her eyes fell on Celia who was standing behind Izaak watching intently. The look they exchanged was a knowing attraction but Sarah wasn't familiar with this sort of attraction. Her smile faded. And the look she gave was more of a hesitant desire. Sarah could feel her body tense and weaken at the same time. The sensation was overwhelming.

"Yes!" Izaak was getting excited. "Turn your body towards me." Sarah kept her eyes on Celia as Izaak clicked away. Her eyes never left Celia's face as Celia walked over to her, Izaak and the camera forgotten.

Celia came and stood directly in front of Sarah. Celia looked at Sarah's lips, then back to her eyes. She looked down at her breast as reached up and laid her right hand on Sarah's left breast. Sarah couldn't breathe. Celia turned her hand and using the back of her fingers stroked up Sarah's breast onto her collarbone, along her jawline and towards the back of her neck. Her hand found a resting place there and as Celia gently pulled Sarah towards herself, Sarah obeyed with her whole body. The girls kissed. Lightly at first. Then with passion. Celia opened her mouth first and Sarah followed suit. Their hot tongues twisted around each other. Their soft lips caressed and pressed hard into the other's. Celia lunged her tongue deep into Sarah's mouth then pulled back sucking Sarah's deeply into her own mouth. Sarah moaned and without realizing what she was doing moved her hands to Celia's breasts. She could feel the softness beneath her fingertips and as the kisses grew more passionate she hands wandered and grabbed and caressed. Celia felt amazing through her tight red dress. She wondered what she felt like under it...

Celia caressed Sarah's bare back. She slowly ran her fingers along the inside of her dress eventually reaching the shoulder strap and pulled it down Sarah's arm. Sarah instinctively pulled her arm out. Sarah pulled away from Celia's kiss. They looked at each other. Then Celia gently pulled Sarah's other strap down causing the dress to fall to Sarah's waist. Sarah didn't flinch. She just stood there looking at Celia. Then she took Celia's hand and placed it on her own breast. Celia started kneading and caressing Sarah's breasts. Sarah let her head fall back as she enjoyed the caresses. Celia moved closer and kissed Sarah's neck. She kissed all over her neck before moving down her collarbone and onto her breasts. Celia put one hand behind Sarah and guided her to the four-poster bed. Sarah sat on the bed absent-mindedly as Celia continued to caress and kiss her breasts moving to her nipples. Celia's tongue circled around Sarah's nipple and her soft plump lips pulled and caressed and kissed. Sarah moaned and pulled Celia's head in closer as she increased in pressure and speed. Sarah continued to moan. Her body was taking over. Sarah let loose and screamed, "Yes! Don't stop! Harder! Aaaahhhh!!"

Sarah pulled Celia's head up to her own for deep kiss. Celia pulled the dress off of Sarah completely leaving it in a heap on the hardwood floor next to the bed. All Sarah was wearing was black lacy panties. Celia crawled on top of Sarah kissing her as they moved further onto the bed. Sarah's hands found the hem of Celia's dress and she managed to pull it off of her revealing Celia's red lacy undergarments. Sarah was in awe of Celia's breasts. Celia wasn't exceptionally thin, but she was toned and had beautiful olive toned skin. And her breasts, as full as they were, they were perky. Sarah put her hands on her upper thighs as Celia sat on top of Sarah. Celia started to move her hips forward and back, rubbing Sarah's clitoris against her own. Sarah's hands moved upwards along Celia's body finding their destination on Celia's breasts. She reached back and freed them. Her hands found pleasure caressing and playing with her breasts. Sarah had never felt another woman's breasts, although she'd secretly always wanted to. She never thought it would feel this amazing. Celia's rhythm was building in intensity. Both girls were moaning and grinding against each other as if they couldn't get enough. Sarah's hands went to Celia's waist as they moved their bodies closer and harder. Celia's smooth flawless rhythm brought them both to climax at the same time. "Keep going! Don't stop! Harder! Yesss!! Yesss!!! ...YEEEEESSSSS!!"

Celia fell into a heap beside Sarah. They lay like that for a minute. Then Celia, propped up on one elbow with her other arm still across Sarah's breasts, leaned over to kiss her. Sarah welcomed the kiss and returned it with a slow, warm passion.

Izaak, beside himself with what he'd just witnessed, stood there in utter shock and awe. Celia and Sarah, still lying naked on the bed, Celia half draped over top of Sarah, looked over at him and smiled. "Well, did you get anything good?" Celia asked him. Izaak shifted his weight from one leg to the other in nervousness, let out a kind of nervous chuckle and said, "Well, um... yeah... Hell. I got some of the best shots I've ever gotten with that, what do you call that? Tongue twister? Lady smashing? Or Smashing Ladies?" The girls laughed as they got up to get dressed.


Ben walked in the door. "Sarah, I'm home. We've got mail." Sarah came out of the kitchen and walked over to her husband. "Happy Birthday, Sweetie. How was your day?"

Sarah saw the package on the table that Ben had just brought in. She picked it up. "I'll be right back."

In their room, Sarah ripped open the brown packaging. Inside were two books. Both books were bound in black fabric hardcovers. On each of them, were the words OFF THE WALL PHOTOGRAPHY in tiny gold lettering on the bottom right hand of the covers. In the center of one was gold lettering in all caps that simply said, "Birthday Boudoir." The second book was blank. Sarah opened it and in the front of the book was a letter. Sarah quickly opened it and saw in beautiful handwriting,


Gracias por la nueva experiencia.

Lo atesoraré para siempre.



Sarah folded up the letter and opened the book. Izaak had captured her experience perfectly. She would never forget. She wondered if she should tell Ben. Yes, but not yet. She hid the blank book under the mattress and took the other book downstairs to her husband. She would give this to him now and give him his other present tonight.

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The seduction came too quickly for a woman who was so reluctant even to be photographed. It needed more of a build up as to how she could yield to celia.

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by Anonymous01/25/18

Needs a 4.5

I was always curious when a lady called and asked if I took "those" photographs. Sometimes I had to take a real deep breath when they came out of the dressing room. It appears this fellow had a good reputation.more...

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