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Oh Mrs Dillon



After working for Becker Law since graduating from Law School, Andy Clough (29) signed up at Anderson-Dillon Law in an attempt to advance in his career.

He'd tired of death and injury law and appearing in court to represent mostly born criminals who believed their own lies and he'd contacted Barney Anderson, a friend of his father's, about a position.

"Yes young Andy. We have an opening in Family Law we can't fill.

"Christ Barney, that's the roosting place for female attorneys. You would have turned your nose up at that offer in my situation at my age."

"I guess you are right. Let me talk this over with Des Dillon.

Barney called Andy next afternoon.

"The only other gaps we have right now are Taxation Law and a position in Business Law specializing in assisting small outfits to set up business. Do well and you could be placed in mainstream business law. You state in your CV you have an interest in Business Law and worked in that field during breaks when you were at Law School."

"Yes that would be fine."

"We'll lift your present salary by ten grand on presentation of present salary details."

"Barney thanks. You are responsible for putting me back on course with my career aspirations."

"All I ask is that you do well for us. I won't tell your dad you screwed my arm for a position with us. You may lie and say you applied formerly for a position and I'll confirm that.

Jason is a city of 87,500 people and Becker Law at Number 1 in terms of size and billings, was a couple of spots ahead Anderson-Dillon in the pecking order. Like most women think, Andy wasn't too concerned about size. He was pleased to have secured a foothold in Business Law.

Andy had found on the Anderson-Dillon website that Des Dillon's wife Tayler Dillon, who judging by her picture was much too young for Des, was the partner in charge of Business Law and in fact she managed the department. She was forty and the site stated she and Des had two children, a son Gavin aged thirty in the military and daughter Gail aged twenty-six who worked in hospital admin.

Andy thought a mother, aged only ten years older that her son and fourteen years older than her daughter? Des had obviously married a second time so why attempt to gloss over that on the website?

He was about to find the step-mom was no pussy cat.

"Well Andy, you have been dumped on me. I want you to be aware of that."

"I hear you loud and clear ma'am."

"Tayler is quite acceptable thank you and that's Tayler with an 'e'.

"Is that 'e' immediately after the 't' or the 'l'?"

"Are you intent on getting us off to a difficult start Andy?"

He had a quick rethink. "That was a stupid joke Tayler."

"Well I recognized it as stupid. My concern was you might not be as astute."

Jesus, how could such a sexy looking woman be such a jerk? He decided to say nothing and thought the word jerk was asexual wasn't it?

"I'm looking forward to pulling my weight in your department and perhaps easing some of the pressure on you."

"Those are mere words Andy. If you are so keen to work in business law, why weren't you working in it at Becker Law?"

"Too many of us were seeking to transfer to that department."

"Is that true?"

"Until proven otherwise, yes."

"Spoken like an attorney," she smiled.

Jesus she smiled.

"Well go down to HR on Level 1 and present your credentials and get on our payroll. Barney Anderson will have given them the basics. I'll place a file on your desk for when you return. Please action it, effectively."

Andy went down to HR thinking he'd like to screw Mrs Dillon, screw her fucking neck the acid-tongued bitch.

He smiled, feeling a lot better having mentally dealt with Mrs Dillon and thought it really was a little early to request a transfer to another department.

The mousy woman in HR was polite and efficient and gave Andy an interesting chart she printed out showing the company structure.

Barney Anderson and Des Dillon (God what a loopy name) headed the list of names and were called principal partners. Then there were eight partners below them and then a line was ruled across and the twelve departments, some of which provided a number of specialist services were set out below that with the name of each HoD (head of department) colored in red. Andy was impressed that his name already showed alphabetically as an associate on the list under Tayler Dillon's name in Business Law.

He counted the names. There were forty-one attorneys including partners and twenty-two support staff.

Andy returned to the cubicle that placed him, he was sure, where Tayler could come out of her office and eye him. A young woman came over and said she was Chelsea and he shared her with two other attorneys and she did nothing more than flinch when Andy said, "A groupie, wow."

"Um please excuse me out-of-control humor Chelsea, it's lovely to meet you and being the new guy I really will appreciate your support. I've come to really appreciate the value of secretarial support."

"Thank you."

Chelsea then sat and explained the department's office systems and displayed the irritating habit of running a hand down her stocking and the top of the leg cross-over and Andy felt himself turning almost cross-eyed attempting to look anywhere but at that wandering hand and to avoid looking down her dress top because she sat leaning forward.

No way did he wish Chelsea to trumpet to the support staff the new guy was an absolute lecher.

"Are you okay?" she finally asked. "You are twitching and your head is jerking."

"Um new environment and Mrs Dillon didn't make me feel welcome."

"Oh her," Chelsea said, lowering her voice. "This is confidential. She's married to one of the principal partners, his second wife, and he's the worst lecher in the office. During the end-of-week drinks last Friday she went into the women's bathroom and found her husband fisting Mrs Monks the office manager. There was a huge scene and Mrs Monks fled the room and wrote out her resignation and we understand Mr Dillon is at present living in a hotel. So Mrs Dillon is in a lousy mood and you probably caught it in the neck."

Phew, Andy sighed. Perhaps Mrs Dillon might not be a vindictive witch.

"Unfortunately I'm newly married so I cannot play around if you are that way inclined. But if you are try Mrs Benny, one of the paralegals available for you to use."

Chelsea left the room and left Andy regretting she was newly married. But perhaps he was skilled enough to persuade her to change her mind.

He opened the folder. In essence, the brief stated Julie and Charles Long, brother and sister, required legal advice about setting up a small bicycle sales and servicing center in their neighborhood. They had no business experience and capital was limited.

Andy sighed and wondered if Mrs Dillon had dug into the 'too hard' basket to set him up to fail with this one. He called the number and Julie Long replied. She sounded pleasant enough.

"Do you know Tayler Dillon?"

"No why?"

"She has handed me your request for legal advice to set up a cycle sales and service business. Julie you and Charles can come and see me but you'll have to pay for the legal advice. If you want free advice try the Chamber of Commerce and you might refer you to someone.

"When can we come and see you?"

"I can see you any time I'm free during office hours."

"We are an hour away from the city after visiting our uncle's attorney. Uncle Jack has left me brother and I $150,000 each. We didn't even know he'd died."

They met a little over an hour later and left thirty minutes later. They were very happy with Andy's advice to buy a half share of an existing bicycle business on the understanding both could work in the business so they could learn the ropes. They could then attempt to acquire full ownership. Andy said they should consult a business broker over the value and viability of the business they targeted and when they decided to proceed, he'd draw up a partnership contract for them or could assess the contract the cycle business owner came up with.

Andy went in to ask Tayler for more work.

"What do you want?"


"The cycle brother and sister have departed happily and I have a 30-minute billing from that with more to come."

"Oh god, you have pushed them into proceeding. Andy they are business babes in the woods."

"Yeah right. I've convinced them to attempt to buy into an existing profitable business to learn the ropes and then to try to buy out of owner or look elsewhere."

"Thank god for that. Good for you."

"I'd like more work."

"There are a bunch of files on that table. Take as many of them as you wish."

Andy grabbed an armful.

Tayler saw that and smiled.

As he neared the door she said, "Oh Andy, I am booked to attend at law conference this coming weekend but for reasons best-known to himself, my husband will not be accompanying me. I need a partner for the social events so would you consider accompanying me?"

"Yes certainly."

"Thank you. I'll get the suite changed to a double suite if I can or you may have to stay at a different hotel if all the rooms are gone."

"No problem."

"Don't you wish to know details?"

"You can brief me on the way. Any Business Law Conference will be a good conference for me."

Tayler thanked him and said she liked his attitude. She said the venue was 225 miles away and so they'd drive, leaving at noon Friday.

Andy walked off thinking he was an idiot sucking up to Tayler like that. Once a bitch always a bitch, he thought despondently. She might be a terrible driver and would drink two wines and fall on her back and he'd have to drag her to her room.


"Hi Andy. I'm Carla Benny, Mrs. I'm one of the paralegals available to you. What do you want from me?"

The woman, who looked like a bar-room floozy, jutted her big breasts forward and looked expectedly.

"You can take these files away and log them under my name with concise details."

"May I work in your office at the interview table?"

"Yes of course. That sounds very efficient. I would appreciate once you have entered them all that you organize them from the easiest/quickest to deal with down to the ball-breakers."

"Are you permitted to use a term like that with me Andy?"

"Of course," he grinned and she simpered she already liked Andy Clough very much.

Andy decided he wouldn't attempt to screw Carla, that he'd wait for her to screw him.

* * *

On Friday Tayler called and said it was time to go, that he should meet her in the basement parking area, space 1-56 on the A level of the basement.

He grabbed his weekend travel bag and headed to the elevator, aware Tayler would hang back so they would not be seen leaving together.

He waited at the rear of the current model mid-sized Mercedes coupe and she popped open the trunk as she approached. He placed his bag alongside her three matching bags and she said, "You drive Andy. That's one thing most males are good at doing."

She didn't quite say that contemptuously but he accepted she would be hurting after having seen her husband fisting the vagina of another woman, er presumably the vagina.

They reached the conference hotel in a little over four hours including a coffee stop.

"Well driven Andy, thank you."

He smiled and thought she'd become less tense the longer they'd driven from their home city.

The double suite was rather small but Andy thought it was better than him sleeping elsewhere.

"Just feel relaxed with me in this confined space. Treat me as you would your mother."

"Or older sister."

She smiled and he looked at her breasts much longer than a glance and although she noticed she didn't react. He could have kicked himself for doing that.

"I'm going shopping. Do you wish to accompany me?"

"I'd prefer to have a shower and relax if you don't mind?"

"That's okay. I was only being polite. Please take my bags into the room on the left please when they arrive."


"I have a change of clothes in this hand bag and will freshen up now."

"Good idea. Is it okay if I grab a beer?"

"Of course. Treat this as your home."

He asked could he make her coffee but she said no it would cut into her shopping time.

The bags arrived and Andy took his into his room and carried Tayler's bags to her room. She'd obviously showed before changing clothes. Her clothes were on the floor between the bed and the en suite and a wet towel lay beside them.

Andy hung the towel in the bathroom and when bending over to pick up her clothes pulled the panties up and smelt them.

He felt aroused and lay back on her bed with her panties over his face and pulled out his cock and started jerking. When about to come he groaned "Oh Mrs Dillon, oh Mrs Dillon."

He heard her shriek, "Andy what are you doing!"

God he must have fallen asleep and awoken and resumed jerking.

His semen shot up high towards his feet but Tayler must have thought it would hit her. She dropped her shopping bags and lurched sideways.

"Jesus Andy. You have my panties and are on my bed. You are a depraved son-of-a-bitch."

Andy croaked he'd been cleaning up after her and had felt compelled to sniff her panties.

He said lamely,

"And then you took over."

"Me? You asshole. You can't blame me."

"Your scent aroused me."

She looked nonplussed and at that he realized the enormity of his indiscretion.

"I'm sorry. This has been terrible for you. I'll leave. I resign."

"Andy, stop it."

He looked at her, red-faced and ashamed.

"Andy you were aroused. Don't you think I know what it's like being aroused?"

He felt like saying no but remained mute.

"Well I do. I caught my husband with his hand up a woman just recently and I was devastated at him choosing to do that in such a public place and I felt belittled but I also felt aroused. But enough of that and enough of this. Put that thing away and go and shower and get ready to take me out."

"Are you forgiving me?"

"I've already forgiven you. Off you go and not another word about this you very bad boy. God I've never heard myself being called Mrs Dillon like you were crying out my name from your heart. I think the bad boy is also a sweet boy."

In the shower Andy soaped his dick and it grew in his hand. He was aghast but managed a weak grin. It was difficult to keep the wily guy down at times.

They went to the cocktail party at 7:00 and to his delight he found two females who were at law school with him. Jenny, having seen him with the older woman, asked was he screwing her.

"God no, she's the senior partner's wife and my boss. He couldn't come, er be here."

The two females laughed and went on to talk about practicing law.

When Andy returned to Tayler's side and told her he'd been at law school with those two women, Tayler said she didn't mind if he wished to go off with them.

"No tonight you are my date."

"Oooh," Tayler said, taking another sparkling wine from the waiter. She whispered to Andy, "This stuff goes down me and out me and leaves me feeling sexy."

"Um I'll go and get another beer."

"Don't you like me talking to you intimately Andy?"

"I feel sure I will, after I get used to you Mrs Dillon."

"Oooh I expect I can get you feeling very used to you Andy. Oh here are the O'Neill's coming to talk to me."

Tayler and Andy went to dinner with the O'Neill's and two other couples and they had a great time.

"I'm walking on air darling," Tayler said to Andy as they walked from the cab and into their hotel. You may go to the bar Andy but I'll come with you. I'm not letting you out of my sight. Oooh I'm talking to you so possessively."

"It's okay. I think I should put you to bed."

"Oooh yes please Andy."

Andy hovered, ready to catch her, because excess alcohol had put staggers into her walk rhythm. But she managed the walk unassisted.

Inside their suite he said, "Well goodnight. We had a really excellent evening."

She pouted and whined, "I need you to put me to bed. I have over-indulged in alcohol."

"You'll manage."

"I'll fall over and hurt myself and if injured the medical report will reveal you and I had sneaked away for the weekend and were staying at a hotel in the same suite."

God, the sneaky bitch. Excessive alcohol was affecting her equilibrium a little but apparently not her brain.

"Your schedule on our website stated you would be away at this law conference."

"Yes honey but no mention has been made anywhere and to anyone that you would accompany me. What would the reaction to be that from people, particularly my lousy over-sexed husband?"

"Very well," Andy said, taking her arm under an elbow and he heard her sigh.

They entered her bedroom and she said brightly, "Oh this is where I found you jerking off."

He cringed.

"Not that I will mention that," she said, smiling and looking rather pie-eyed.

Andy almost laughed at how comical she appeared, having consumed beer and wine rather expansively himself. He warned himself not to succumb if she tried it on because she probably would only be playing with him to enjoy firing him up and then rejecting him.

Mrs Dillon, Tayler with an 'e', stood quietly and cooperatively as he stood behind her and removed her short-sleeved Bolero jacket made of thick bridal satin and embellished with faux pearls.

"Kick off your shoes," he commanded, and she obeyed and he held her over her hips to steady her. Shoe removal lowered her to the level of his nose and he automatically leaned forward and kissed her nape before removing the floral thingy she'd pinned above her right ear.

He couldn't believe he'd just done that, he was seriously a stupid jerk. Andy held his breath and she made no comment or turned to be kissed, much to his relief.

"Um how do I get your out of this very tight dress?"

"It's a sheath and is smaller at the bottom. Find the zip under my right armpit then turn me around and pull it off facing me, as I can make it easier for you."

Andy wondered how drunk was she? She was speaking coherently with no inexplicable gaps in her speech and no slurring. Was she seducing him?

"Um you are wearing a bra I presume?"

She said no while he wondered should that have been assume rather than presume.

"I-I'll see your breasts."

"Oh haven't you ever seen breasts?"

He dithered and she said she would feel privileged if he saw her breasts.

He pulled the zip down and she turned without waiting and held up her arms. The effect of that was to press her breast mass outwards.

Andy looked at the two bulges.

She looked at Andy and then looked down at her boobs and said, "They now have some sag. It happens to women as they get older and lose muscular elasticity."

"You're not old."

"Oooh darling."

He got on with it and removed her dress without ripping it or overly stretching it.

He looked at her boobs with the nipples indicating arousal.

Tayler studied his face and smiled when she saw the top lip being licked.

He stammered, "I b-better go."

"Yes perhaps you should. Oh darling please place me on to the toilet seat safely. I don't wish to fall and must go wee-wees."

Wee-wees? Andy wondered what she would call fucking?

They combined to get her seated safely and Andy managed to snatch a handful of tit and squeeze and was damn sure she could have walked into that bathroom singing and seat herself with ease.

"I-I must go."

"Yes you should."

He hesitated and she pounced.

"I'd like you to watch darling," she said lifting. She'd already pulled down her panties.

Probably as she'd anticipated, Andy stood paralyzed.

She remained lifted and he saw the stream of processed fluid. When she bent down to wipe and her tits drooped significantly, swaying, Andy was hooked. He had to get his mouth around one of those stiff little nipples.

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