tagIllustratedOlder Woman Excites Senior Students

Older Woman Excites Senior Students


Emily Brigstock rose from the wooden seat on the railway station and boarded her morning train. She took her usual seat for the 20 minute ride to her place of work, and then took out the Daily Mail newspaper and lost herself in the stories of the day. She knew that fellow commuters were ogling her legs and her fine breasts because they did so every day.....and Emily never disappointed.

She had turned 50 but her body was as fit as women half her age, and she dressed to please....not only for herself and her husband, but all the males (and probably some females) that she knew enjoyed the sight of an attractive woman in the prime of her life.

Emily led a hectic life, with a full time job as head of Admin at a private senior college.....a premium college that charged expensive fees.......as well as leading an active social life. She was a member, with her husband, of the local squash club, and enjoyed dining out and visiting the local village pub occasionally.

It was the start of spring, not warm enough to go without her customary stockings and suspenders, and Emily knew that the regular men on the train would be secretly trying to enjoy a glimpse of her stocking tops and a milky white thigh as she twisted and turned as the train rattled along the line.

She had followed the normal pattern of the week, leaving her smart country home in the quiet lanes of the Cotswolds, parking her BMW in the station car park, and then jumping on the train. She did this 5 days a week and sometimes on a Saturday morning, and Emily had been doing this for over 5 years now.

Her position at the college was one of importance, and she received a good salary for her efforts. She was well thought of, very capable and there was nothing in the running of the college that Emily was not aware of, and in control of. She was also in control of herself, and always took trouble to look good, as well as professional. She loved buying smart but tantalising clothes, and the most exciting thing for Emily was the fact that by looking smart, she was forever being thrilled by the looks she received.

Whether it be commuters on the train, passers by in the street when she went shopping or, if she was being honest, by a lot of the senior students and members of the male staff at the college. Emily enjoyed the attention and it excited her to know that she could still turn heads.....and perhaps arouse a few virile cocks along the way.

And she had good reason to be proud! She loved to wear clothes that would accentuate her shapely figure, and knew that they attracted lingering, lustful looks from all that she happened to encounter.

Her breasts were a wholesome 36DD, and the shirts and tight jumpers fitted snugly round her chest, and she often noticed men drilling their eyes into her breasts, trying to imagine being lost in the stunning mounds of enticing flesh.

Her fine legs, always in high heels, led up to a superb ass that wiggled and swayed when she walked, and Emily knew that if she accidentally 'flashed' the tops of her stockings above the hems of the tight dresses and skirts she wore, mouths of men would gape open as they imagined the treasures beyond. Her red hair was often tinted and she wore it brushed to her shoulders or, sometimes for a change, tied up on her head.

Yet Emily was not a loose woman, and would never dream of straying from the marital bed. She had been married to the same man for over 30 years, and was more than happy with her sexual experiences at home. She loved the feeling of her husband taking control of her body in the bedroom, and was prepared to give herself completely for her husband's enjoyment.

If anything, Emily's appetite for sexual fun had increased as she had got older, and she loved to be fucked in any way that hubby wanted. She would take his cock deep into her throat and give wonderful head until he was ready to plunge his cock into her willing body, and if he wanted to fuck her all night long, Emily was more than capable of matching him, stroke for stroke! But outside of the marital bed, Emily was a different woman!

What happened inside the four walls of her home was private. She was true to her husband, loved the sexual activity they enjoyed, and had never dreamt of giving her body to another man. She was a professional woman, with a responsible job in the educational world, an active and popular member of the squash club, and Emily would never wish to do anything that might harm her reputation in the community. If anything, some people may have regarded her as prim and proper, and perhaps a bit of a snob.

Yet, she always enjoyed the feelings that emanated in her body if she caught another man admiring her figure, perhaps looking at her stunning tits trying to escape from her tight blouse as she walked along. Perhaps they were admiring her legs in the tight skirts, or catching a glimpse of her little panties as she was caught in a compromising position. Emily enjoyed this form of teasing, knew it was harmless, and was even proud that her body could still attract lustful and sexual looks from the opposite sex.

But that's as far as it went.....they could look, lust and imagine, but they couldn't touch! Perhaps some would use the phrase 'prick teaser' for Emily, or even 'Mother I'd love to Fuck,' but there was no doubt that she knew she had the body that could entice men with consummate ease, and she wasn't afraid to wear the clothes that showed off her curves to full advantage.

Emily walked the short distance from the station to the imposing grounds of the college, her high heels clipping on the pavement, and she knew that she would be one of the first to arrive. She liked to get into her office early, sort out anything that needed dealing with, and then be there when the Headmaster and the rest of the staff arrived.

Only one man seemed to be always there when she arrived.....and that was Jack Honey, the caretaker. He lived next door to the college, and worked from a big workshop that Emily had to pass as she went round the pathway at the edge of the college to her office.

She knew that Honey would watch her from his workshop as she clip-clopped her way round the path, and often he would pop his head round the door as she passed.

'Morning, Mrs Brigstock. Fine day again, isn't it......and you're looking fine again, as well,' he would tease. He was in his late 30s, a tall handsome man who was muscular and fit from his manual activities at the college, and it always brought a smile to Emily's face knowing that he had been watching her, admiring whatever outfit she happened to be wearing. 'Fancy a cup of tea?' he asked.

Emily smiled but turned down the offer of tea.

'No time, Mr Honey. Lots to do, but thankyou.'

'How about a wiggle of that sexy bum, then?' he called out. Emily couldn't resist the temptation and put on a stunning wiggle of her shapely ass as she walked past the workshop, accentuating her curvy body and giving the caretaker the best thrill of his day. He was always trying to waylay her with some excuse or the offer of a cup of tea but, as yet, Emily had resisted all temptation.

She was soon in her smart office, dealing with Emails, and sorting her diary for the day. She had about half an hour before the teachers and students began to arrive and this gave her a chance to have a coffee and get ready for the day's events.

The Headmaster, a man in his early 60s and close to retirement, appreciated Emily's efficiency and he also appreciated, she thought, the smart outfits and feminine charms she displayed. Although he never commented, she often caught him taking a lingering look at her body in the tight clothes, but this only brought a smile to her face, knowing that she was keeping her boss and the head of the college happy.

It was the senior students that Emily had to give more thought to. The college had 2 senior forms, for students aged between 18 and 20, mainly those who had to re-take their 'A' level exams through previous failures, and those who were arriving from other colleges to enjoy excellent teaching standards, and extending their education because 'Mummy and Daddy' wanted them to. Whether the students were interested in learning was up for debate, but if 'Mummy and Daddy' were paying, who cared?

Yes, it was these senior students that Emily was entirely aware of. Some of them, and she had gained suspicions about at least half a dozen of them over the previous 3 or 4 months, would blatantly follow her around the building, trying to see up her skirt, or engage her in conversation so that they could smell her perfume or watch her magnificent tits strain against the thin material of her jumpers or blouses.

They were young men, virile and fit, full of youthful exuberance and rampant bodies, and if there was an attractive woman on the staff, then they were more than interested. Even better if she was an older woman, because young men the world over spent many an enjoyable hour or two yearning to explore and learn from the body of an experienced, sexy woman with a superb body. And Emily certainly came into this category!

The fact that Mrs Brigstock seemed completely unattainable was all the more challenging for the senior students, and it didn't take long for Emily to work out exactly what was happening around her.

She felt a flash go off one afternoon as she was walking up some stairs in the college, and when she turned around, sure enough, two of the said students were no more than 4 steps behind her. They looked perfectly innocent, with only their college books in their hands, and all Emily could do was give them a scornful look. What were they playing at? What could she do? Nothing.

This wasn't the first time this type of thing had happened, with flashes going off, but Emily was never able to catch anyone in the act, and really had no idea what all this was about.

Then another of them, a 19 year old named George Grimaldi, dark, muscular and handsome, walked into Mrs Brigstock's office one day, without knocking. The fact that her door was usually wide open, as it was on this occasion, was irrelevant. She was turned to the window, adjusting her stocking tops, and she was unaware of Grimaldi for at least 2 minutes.

Then she turned and he was just standing there, smiling and enjoying the view of this mature woman with her skirt hitched up to reveal her shapely, seductive legs. Emily tried to stay calm and in control but there was no doubt that Grimaldi had caught her out.

'You really should knock before you come in,' she smiled. 'You never know what you might find...and it's bad manners anyway!'

'I'm so sorry Mrs Brigstock,' replied the young man, but his smile told her that he wasn't sorry at all. 'Perhaps on another occasion, I might be able to see more....perhaps the colour of your little panties. Would that be possible, Mrs Brigstock?'

'You cheeky young monkey,' laughed Emily, shocked but a little excited at the way this handsome young man had admitted to enjoying the sight of her body. 'You'd better get back to your classroom before you say something that will really get you into trouble.' It didn't seem to faze the teenager at all, and he just let his eyes wander up and down the feminine figure standing before him, his dark eyes almost undressing her mentally, and then Grimaldi slowly turned and left the office.

Emily quickly closed the door and slumped into the seat at her desk. The episode had taken her aback, but in a warm, exciting, sexual way. A teenage college boy had enjoyed the sight of her stocking tops and soft, white thighs, and had even had the cheek to tell her that he would love to see the colour of her panties. Emily ran her hand up the inside of her thigh, touching her soft skin and.....she couldn't help it.....her fingers felt the strip of panty between her legs.

She was damp. More than damp! Emily was wet between the legs. She had been turned on, but she daren't admit it. She was management. She was a mature member of the staff and happily married. God, she felt so guilty at having these feelings, but she did it again. She ran her fingers over her panties again, remembering the exact words that Grimaldi had said, and the way he had run his eyes all over the mature curves of her body.

Christ, thought Emily, pull yourself together and get a grip. Forget it, forget it, it was just a college student having the hots over a flash of leg.

But could she forget episodes like these? Students following her up the stairs, trying to see up her dress, students glaring at her big tits, the caretaker trying to entice her into his workshop. Emily tried to control herself and made herself a coffee to try and calm down.

She wouldn't mention things like this to her husband when she got home, but what she did do was, later in bed, get him to fuck her aching body, just to satisfy the way her juices had been stirred by the events of the previous few days. Then Mrs Brigstock tried to put the thoughts to the back of her mind.

Were these feelings relevant to the fact that Emily's sexual appetite had increased as she had got older? Although she saw herself as a happily married woman, a professional administrator, she loved dressing to perfection, she loved being admired, and her body was usually aching for physical enjoyment.

It was lucky that her husband was a fit, strong man, because Emily regularly put him in a position where there was no doubt that she needed satisfying, she needed to be pushed to the limits of physical enjoyment, where her body needed fucking until she wanted no more....for that particular day, anyway.

It was when Emily arrived for work on a Tuesday morning, tripping her high heels round the college path as usual, that she got a call from Jack Honey as she was passing his workshop. She gave him one of her friendly smiles as he called out his usual banter.

'Morning Mrs Brigstock. You're looking good again, as usual.' A gust of wind had managed to blow the spotted dress apart to reveal an enticing look at Emily's stocking tops, and Jack Honey was taking full advantage. 'Why don't you pop in the workshop for a cup of coffee? You might want to have a look at what's just popped up,' he laughed. Emily tried to fend off his invitation again.

'I don't think so, Mr Honey. I can just imagine what's popped up, and I might never get out alive, you old devil.' But his face turned a little more serious.

'Joking aside, Mrs B, I think you ought to have a look at this Email that plopped onto my computer last night. I promise, nothing else, and I'll keep my hands to myself. I'll make you a coffee while you have a look at the screen.' Emily could see he was being serious and gingerly stepped over the threshold of the workshop.

As the kettle boiled, Honey brought up the email and Emily sat down to read. Her face began to take on a blushing red colour as she took in the words and then looked at the attachment. The EMail was addressed from 'The Emily Appreciation Club' and was signed by 'Your greatest admirers,' and the address was obviously a sub account that could never be traced, even if Emily wanted to.

As she read the erotic, and sometimes crude and sexual, words, her face was turning redder and redder and her heart beat was getting faster and faster. This was no pathetic fan mail from immature little college students, this mail was totally eloquent and straight to the point, making it quite clear what their intentions were and telling Emily how she should react. She read the words first, before she opened the attachment, and even the words brought a pang of panic and anger to the administrator's fuddled brain.

'Hello, Mrs Brigstock.

I expect you are surprised to receive an email from your fan club...did you know you had a fan club at the college? Well, you have quite a large appreciation club and we all think you are a really sexy, hot woman. We could use words that are far more expressive, but I think at the moment all we have to say is that you have lots of admirers.

You don't know who we are, but most of us are all members of the senior forms at the college, and we admire your lovely body and the way you dress every time we come across you during college time. We'd love to meet up with you, Mrs Brigstock, and so we have arranged a little get together at a private house for this coming Saturday afternoon. Don't be surprised or shocked, because we would hate you to turn down our invitation.

All we ask is that you come along dressed in the items that we ask for.......we really love you looking sexy and we would love to see more of you, Mrs Brigstock.

Now, we know that your instant reaction will be to refuse our invitation and ignore our wishes to enjoy your company. We know that you are a married lady who is not known for flirting with other men, but your sexy body and the way you dress is something that we just cannot go on ignoring. We want to see you in privacy, Mrs Brigstock......complete privacy! You will obviously consider telling the Headmaster about this cheeky and insolent mail, and you may want us to receive punishment for daring to talk to you in this way, but we think you ought to reconsider those options, Mrs Brigstock.

Attached to this mail are some photos of you that we have managed to collect over the past few months....aren't they wonderful, and so revealing? Before you consider refusing our request and telling the authorities about our little agreement, you will wish to know that.........

This mail cannot be traced, and our identities will remain a secret until such time that we meet privately.

Furthermore, if you do not agree to our request, we have to tell you that the file of pictures may well be forwarded to the Headmaster and other male members of the staff, as well as your husband and the chairman of the college Governors.

We are sorry to be so blunt and unkind, Mrs Brigstock, but we have admired you from afar for so long now, and we are all so frantic with desire to 'enjoy' your company and feast our eyes on that stunning figure, that the time has now come for drastic measures to ensure our wishes come true.

If we do not receive a reply from you by Friday evening, we will assume your response is negative and the pictures will be forwarded to the relevant parties on Saturday morning. If, however, your response is favourable (and we do so hope you see things from our point of view, Mrs Brigstock), another mail will be sent to Mr Honey's computer on Friday afternoon, telling you what clothes we would like you to wear on our 'date.' Another mail on Saturday morning will give you the address to attend at 1pm on Saturday.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Mrs Brigstock......and you really are our favourite MILF.

Your greatest admirers.

Emily sat stunned in the chair, staring at the screen before her. Then, she gingerly opened up the attachment. Her mind was whizzing and shaking with disbelief at what was being suggested by these unknown admirers. Initially, she just thought of them as dirty little college students who were playing a prank on an unsuspecting woman. But it had been done with great cunning, and Emily realised all too quickly that it was perfectly serious. These young men weren't playing.......they obviously meant every word, and her heart started to beat even more quickly.

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