tagInterracial LoveOnce You Go Black...

Once You Go Black...

byNo Panty Girl©

"I'm not doing another gangbang, it's just an excuse for your deadbeat friends to get a cheap lay!" I told my husband Rick.

Ever since I had agreed to fuck some of his friends at a poker party in our place a few weeks ago he had been bugging me for an encore performance.

I had way too much to drink when I agreed to do a strip for the guys and ended up fucking all seven of them. It ended up with Rick video recording seven hard cocks penetrating my every opening time and time again. I do mean every opening, I took more cum that night then most women do in a lifetime! The following day I had the mother of all hangovers.

"I'm no spring chicken you know, I'm forty-two and gangbanging is a young chick's game." I protested.

"Go on, the guys love fucking you and you like it too!" Rick answered.

It was true, I had more orgasms than I could count that night and some were better than I had with Rick.

"There's a black guy wants in." Rick added.

Damn him! He knew black cocks were my weakness, "Is he hung?"

"All black guys are hung!" my husband replied.

He was right, I had experienced five black cocks in my life and they were all about nine or ten inches of thick meat. A woman does not turn down that kind of cock easily.

"O.K. but I say when I've had enough." I agreed.

"Yea, sure." Rick condescends.

I was certainly not opposed to fucking other guys, I just didn't want to get a reputation for being a slut that would fuck anybody or that Rick didn't give a shit about who fucked me.

Over the years Rick and I had done our share of swinging, I had fucked many of his workmates with their wives and often shared our bed with my younger sister who was always between lovers. Nikki and I had enjoyed each other since we were teenagers and Rick loved it when one of us sat on his cock and the other on his face.

My impromptu gangbang had consisted of an assortment of guys, they ranged from their twenties to one guy in his sixties. The youngest guy was Spence Lefties who was still living with his parents. Spence had a propensity for putting his cock in my mouth and delighted in me drinking his cum. At the other end of the scale was Charlie Beasley. Beasley was a retire neighbor from down the street with a bitch for a wife. Beasley is an ass-bandit and gave my rectum a real good work out.

This is the group I was going to do round two with plus the addition of the promised black cock.

I had an advantage over most women. Many women do not particularly like men's sperm, I love cum! I have drunk cum from a glass and drank it from my sister's pussy. The me being the reason for the production of so much cum is a turn on in itself.

Seven or eight guys cumming over and over and I was in heaven. I was definitely looking forward to my cum bath.

The situation was somewhat different this time; we all knew I was going to be fucked by everyone in attendance. The guys arrived in good spirit looking forward to pumping their sperm into me. I was waiting for them wearing no more than my housecoat.

The chatter was jovial as the guys drank their beers waiting for the evening to begin. I did a quick head count, seven guys, but it was still early and my promised black bull had not shown up yet.

The guys were getting restless and I knew I was going to have to start taking their cocks soon.

"Where's my black bull?" I asked Rick.

"He'll be here, he said he might be a bit late. He has to take his wife shopping first." Rick assured me.

"O.K. I might as well get started. I said slipping off my housecoat.

Seeing me naked triggered the stampede.

My first cock for the evening was Ken Stansell. Stansell was the ideal warm-up fuck. He was married to a cold fish of a wife and spent most of his day in his little used piano shop amusing himself. Ken had an average size cock and he came very quickly with a woman who moved while he was fucking here. I was on my back on the ping-pong table, which Rich had covered with a quilt for me. Legs spread wide-open Stansell slid smoothly into my warm damp cavern. I wrapped him in my legs and began to fuck.

As Stansell relived himself in my cunt some of the more impatient partakers begin offering their cocks to my mouth at the other end of the table. I looked up at the three guys towering over me, their erections inches from my mouth; boldly I reached up and grasped the fattest one.

I opened my mouth wide and guided my handful of cock into my gob. It felt good as I lay it on my tongue and sealed my lips around its plump girth. I had chosen a beautiful specimen to be the first I sucked.

Stansell's pace quickened in my pussy as I begin playing a rhapsody on the skin flute in my mouth. I contracted my pelvic muscles gripping the piano player's cock and swiveling my hips I begin cranking his cock like I was trying to start a Model "T". I knew by Stansell's moaning he was about to empty his balls into me.

My hips bucked up to meet Stansell's deluge of cum when I felt his body stiffen in a spasm of orgasm. Hot jism freely flowed into my cunt.

Stansell allowed his cock to remain in me as it dispensed the final spurts of its creamy sperm. As I savored the mellowness of the moment the cock in my mouth begin spitting its salty liquid over my tongue. Undaunted I swallowed taking both loads of cum into my body. Now I was ready for my black lover.

Satisfied Stansell yielded my pussy to the next fucker. Randy McDonald's cock slid into my cum slick hole with no effort. Randy was the young gas jockey from the neighborhood Sunoco station who pumped my gasoline for me. Now he was about to pump some of his high-octane sperm into my tank. Two more cocks competed for my vacant mouth.

It was an uncircumcised cock I choose next. I do not know to whom it belong but it was thick and had a dark hue, huge veins run up the shaft carrying ample blood supply to the smooth helmet.

I was taken by my first orgasm as McDonald's cock piston in and out of my ever-widening fuck hole. A mouth filled with solid cock meat prevented me from crying out my ecstasy. My back arched as I cum with two cocks fucking me.

I was kept occupied by a steady parade of hard cocks wanting to vent into my body. The air began to get the stench of man juice as one after the other they dumped their salty sperm into my hungry orifices.

Rick was occasionally interrupted by the late arrival of more participants. It was impossible for me to determine how many men was there but all I could see were naked men waiting to use me stroking their hard cocks in the hands.

Then I caught a glimpse of some of the late arrivals. Not one but three black bulls! They looked like the front line of the Greenbay Packers, all over two hundred and fifty pounds and built like shit brickhouses. The evening was starting to look better.

I had taken about a dozen hard cocks in my twat before the first black snake entered me. I was well loosened up and my fuck hole was dripping with cum soup. Even so they black monster stretched my cervix as it slid about 10" inside of me.

"Oh my God!" I moaned knowing how a turkey must feel getting stuffed at Thanksgiving.

"The Hulk" was a powerful muscular man and his cock was unyielding. As he filled me my cunt had to adjust to his enormous size.

"You like that Mamma?" he grinned as his balls kissed my labia.

I just moaned in disbelief.

He fucked me in long, powerful strokes; it felt as if a horse was fucking me! His big hands gripped my shoulders and forced me down onto his big intruder.

"Uuurgh!" I grunted trying to adjust myself around the biggest cock I had ever experienced.

I had already climaxed half a dozen times or so with the wimpy white guys but I knew this bull was going to take me somewhere special.

My dark fantasy got better, the multitude of pale cocks disappeared and a huge ebony log slapped across my mouth. With a he black cock reaming out my pussy another black beauty was being offered to my mouth. My jaws ached as I opened my mouth to take in the black cockmeat.

The white guys having spent their cum in me circled me watching while two big black cocks filled me lubricated by their cum.

I could not get my hand completely around the circumference of the huge shaft in my mouth as I milked it into my throat. The cock in my cunt was now sliding quite freely, my cervix stretched and conditioned to accept the gigantic cock. I was experiencing my dream, 25" of hard black cock in me.

The bull in my pussy rolled over onto his back taking me with him. I was now on top riding his huge cock, the other cock followed us and filled my mouth again. The black guy fucking me was kneading my naked breasts like pizza dough while both cocks slid in and out of my body in an ever-quickening pace. I felt someone approach me from behind.

Looking back over my shoulder I saw the third black guy positioning himself to take me in the ass. My ass had been well fucked already and could have taken a 747 in it. I felt the huge black member deliberately sliding into my poop-chute.

I was in heaven, the rest of the guys ceased to exist. Three black cocks fully in me! I had a 36" of prime Alabama blacksnake writhing inside of me. My body trembled as they used me.

My only regret is blacking out, no pun intended, as my orgasm took control of me. I was hurled into a dark bliss as the three cocks erupted filling me with their creamy sperm.

Rick and I lay in bed after our guests had left.

"You were fantastic Babe!" my husband congratulated me.

"I did it just for you." I cooed, "How about just the black guys next weekend?"

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