tagRomanceOne Blissful Night

One Blissful Night


Anxiously I await our arrival at your place, sitting there in the driver's seat, my hands shaking and my heart fluttering in anticipation at what is to come. I am so nervous and so happy that I can barely see the road ahead of me, but fate is on my side and, at last, I pull into your driveway, park the car and get out.

Watching you as I step over to you, I am already in awe of how handsome you look tonight. Your hands grasp my arms gently and you softly whisper, "How are you?" I can barely mumble my reply, "Fine...you?" You don't answer but instead a sly grin crosses your lips and you release me and lead me into your apartment.

Once in your bedroom, you tell me that you are going to go shower. I would love to join you but tonight I can see that the anticipation will make it even more worthwhile, so I ask you to set out a clean towel for me when you are finished, and you disappear into the bathroom.

I sit quietly in your room, waiting for you to come back to me, and decide we should start this part of the evening with a movie. I flip through your vast selection choose a fairly new one that I have not yet seen: one with just the right mix of comedy, drama, and not to be ignored, a steamy sex scene. I put the movie in and hit pause, waiting for your return.

You do, walking into the room purposefully, and you grab me, lean me back, and kiss me. I lightly touch your hair and skin, and it is all wet and soft and clean. I want you so badly already but now it is my turn to shower and I promptly turn and head toward the door, leaving you behind and pretending to ignore the look of desire on your face that is equal to the way I feel inside.

Inside the shower, I quickly wash my face and then my hair, breathing in deeply to enjoy the slightly manly fragrance of your shampoo. I lather myself down with soap and revel in the feel of the frothy bubbles gradually creeping into every crevice of my body. I slowly move my hand to follow the soap bubbles, and pretend it is yours that is caressing me in such a way. The water pours down on me, enveloping me in its warmth and replenishing my body. A slight moan escapes my lips as I delight in the way this is making me feel. Despite my best efforts to wash it away, I can already feel my pussy soaking wet at the thought of you and what is surely to come. I step out of the shower and softly pat my body dry, paying special attention to my breasts and pussy, getting them ready for your hands, your tongue, your mouth, your cock.

Upon my reentrance into your room, I see your eyes light up. We both know what is destined to happen tonight, and although it weighs heavy on both of our minds, we know that we must play it cool and pretend, at least for a minute, that we are going to casually watch a movie and call it a night. You press play on the DVD player and lay beside me, and only your foot touches mine, so lightly if I close my eyes I cannot even feel it, yet I know it is there.

We lie there quite placidly for about ten minutes, and then you speak up and mention that if I want to rub your back, that would be no problem. I laugh your suggestion off, then change my mind and compromise with you, telling you that I will if you return the favor. You consent, and all at once your shirt is off and you have flipped onto your stomach, watching the movie and awaiting my hands. At first it is all I can do not to stare at you forever; you look so beautiful just lying there, completely trusting me, innocent yet not without a hint of mischief.

I begin to lightly brush my hand over your back, and I can feel you shudder at my delicate touch. You sigh as I continue to massage you, softly at first and then harder, working out all of the kinks in your muscles and then caressing you tenderly again, wanting so badly to heal all of your pain. My hand slips quickly over your butt, as if by accident, and you lightly chuckle, enjoying the sensations that I am sending you but denying it.

When I am done with your massage I flip over and peel the shirt you lent me off of my body, carefully hiding most of my front so as to achieve the maximum teasing effect by not revealing too much. Despite my efforts to conceal myself you get a glimpse of me and softly sigh your approval of what you see. You begin to slowly, carefully, touch my back. I can feel your fingers spreading over me, searching for something to hold on to and finding nothing, until you let them creep to my side and around me, reaching for my breasts, squeezing and grasping various parts of me, looking to elicit from me the very reactions which I am trying so hard not to let you have the satisfaction of seeing. After about 10 minutes of gently assaulting my body, you announce that you are done, and I raise my head so I can better see the movie. I have not caught too much of it yet, but that's okay, since if things go as planned I will not be watching the ending anyway.

Now we are lying on our stomachs, side by side, staring straight ahead at the screen, each of us trying not to let the other know we are secretly watching them. I can sense your eyes on me so I prop myself up on my elbows a little, using the excuse that I can't see the movie to give you a better view of what you would otherwise be missing.

Soon I know that I will not be able to take this teasing much longer, and sure enough, almost against my will, my hands begin caressing your back once more, coaxing you to turn and face me. You are still trying to be either a gentleman or a tease, and are ignoring me, but suddenly and without warning you flip onto your side, pull me to you, and I am lost in your kiss. As my lips touch yours, I can almost taste your lust for me. Your tongue is warm, wet, gentle and rough, all at the same time. You begin to let your hands wander to parts of me that you have not visited in such a long time, all the while making me remember clearly why I find you so intriguing in bed.

Your hands move to my pussy and you find it already wet and waiting for you, as it has been for hours now. At the insistence of my fingers your cock gets harder and harder, until finally it has reached it's maximum length. It is perfect, beautiful, and I cannot help but touch it and want to please you. You pull me on top of you and I look down into your eyes, noticing again the way they seem to look straight into me, as if they were searching for something there.

I inch down your body, being careful not to hurt you but instead wanting only to see that look of lust and satisfaction on your face that tells me silently not to stop. Eventually my lips rest near your cock and I can feel you trembling in anticipation, waiting to see what I will do to you. I take your manhood into my mouth and let the taste of you seep into every pore of me.

Just having you in this position turns me on even more and I am motivated to do a good job on you. I suck you hard and then soft, taking in every inch of you again and again, only to release all of you and gently nibble on the head. I stroke your balls, kneading them gently between my fingers, enjoying the sensation of them in my hand. I can feel them getting tighter, but I do not want you to come yet, not like this, so I let you go and you sit up to kiss me, deep and hard. I am somewhat surprised by this passion, but it is so wonderful that I cannot find it within me to protest. You lick your index finger and plunge it into my wet cunt, and I moan in delight. You add another finger, much more slowly this time, and leisurely fuck me with your fingers, taking your time with me and making me want you more and more. We have long since forgotten about the movie by now, and I am lost in your eyes.

You lay me back onto the soft pillows and, watching me constantly, move to put your tongue on me where mine has just been on you. As I watch you go down on me, I am mesmerized by the meticulousness you employ while pleasuring me in such a way. Your tongue is even softer than I imagine it being each time I fantasize about you. You pay close attention to every detail, being sure not to be too hard or too gentle on my clit, continuing to use your fingers, and licking me in such an exquisite way that I feel myself begin to tremble, and I lose all sight of what is happening.

You, too, seem to be lost in a dream world as we concentrate on only each other. You sit up quickly, reaching under your pillow for the condom that I know you have planted there in case the occasion should arise. You tear it open and in one smooth motion roll it onto your cock, and you are posed over me almost before I even know what is happening. You graze yourself over me in a seductive manner, and I thrust back against you, wanting so badly what is now so close; yet you will not let me have the pleasure of feeling it quite yet. You rub against me, look deep into my eyes, and ask, "Do you want my cock inside of you?" It is all I can do not to come right then and there; you are so genuine and so lustful. I nod my head quickly and all at once feel you penetrate and enter my most private region.

I exhale as I feel your weight on top of me, and we are both thrusting against each other, lost in the oblivion of how this feels. We change positions and I am sitting on top of you and our bodies are joined, one. In this position you find it much easier to attend to my breasts, and attend you do so well. You pinch them lightly and then heal them with your sweet caress. Your hands are magic to them and my nipples immediately turn hard at your not-so-subtle request.

I feel you getting closer as your heart rate and breath increases, and I long to feel you come for me. I long to know that I have seduced you so well that you cannot help but release yourself in one long breathtaking moment of ecstasy. I am getting close as well and know that it will not be long now for either of us. Gently you nibble at my ear and I laugh at the sensations you are providing to my body.

As I near the point of no return, you begin to talk dirty to me, and it is so naughty yet done so well that it sends me over the edge and I am lost in your embrace. Feeling me tremble against you has gotten you more excited than you had anticipated, and you too can no longer hold back. I feel you tense up and slowly release, coming for me and because of what I did to you, and our bodies are in perfect unity for one beautiful instant.

Afterwards, I slide off you and lie in your warm arms, resting my head on your chest. I want to commit all that has just happened to memory forever, but as always, I am too tired to think. Despite my exhaustion, I cannot help but think that this night has been one of the best ever, and a smile crosses my lips as I slip off to sleep.

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