tagGroup SexOne Night in a Bar Ch. 01

One Night in a Bar Ch. 01


It's evening, and I've got to the bar where I am meeting you early. I've chosen a spot well away from the door, but still visible. When you come in I want to make you walk right across the room so as many people as possible can see you.

Eventually you walk in. You stop as you walk through the door and look around the room, when you see me you break into a big smile and start to walk over. Almost as if you have read my mind you take your time about it. Walking slowly, swinging your hips, bouncing your boobs. Knowing full well that every male eye in the room is watching you and loving every second of it. I gaze at you, amazed at how stunning you look tonight, then I look around the room. There are so many men watching you its just not true. And so many of the girls are looking jealously at you. All the time you keep smiling at me and I smile back at you. When you reach me, you kiss me full on the lips. I put my hands on your hips and pull you close. As we pull apart, I can just see the look on the faces of the men in the bar. "Sick as a parrot" springs to mind.

I've already got you a drink, and we stand there drinking. I lean over and whisper in your ear about how many men are watching you, and how I bet they all want to fuck you. You smile, the dirty little smile that goes with your dirty little laugh. You lean over, making sure I can right down your blouse, and tell me that its only me that gets to do that tonight.

The view down your blouse is amazing. Your tits are squeezed hard together, forming a little straight line where they touch. Surely some masterpiece of corsetry is responsible for this, but I can't see any sign of it. You are wearing a cashmere cardigan, pale blue, with a ribbon tie at the side and crossing over at the front. On a normal girl it would be a V-neck, and quite covering. But you are no normal girl. Its having a hard time covering even half of your breasts, and I'm glad of it. Its short, and there is a think pink band of skin showing around your waist. Just enough to show off your tummy button, which you know will drive me wild. Below that a skirt, slashed up one side, with barely enough material to hold it together. The effect when you walk is amazing, and it's the reason that every eye is on you. Heels finish your sexy look and bring you almost up to my height.

We finish our drinks and head for the door. Like a magnet all eyes are drawn to you once more. I walk behind you, and, like every other man, watch your hips sway from side to side. As we leave the door, the sighs of the women are clearly audible, and conversation returns to the bar.

There is a nightclub a few doors down the road, and that's where we are heading. Its packed when we make it inside. I take the lead and walk you to a dark corner. We stand behind a pillar, slightly out of sight of most of the club, and I squeeze you up against the pillar. Its hard pressing into your back, and as I get closer you can feel the hardness of my cock pressing against you also. I lean forward further, and start to kiss you. Slowly at first, my tongue lapping against yours as we kiss. My hands are at your sides, caressing your hips, then I slide them under your cardigan and start to caress your back with them. My fingernails start to scratch at your spine, running my hands up and down the small of your back. Scraping down to the top of your arse. Your back arches and you push closer to me.

I reach down with my hand and slip my hand into the slash of your skirt. Caressing your thighs I work my way up to your thong. Reaching the string waistband I work my way around to the front. I can hardly find it its so small, and when I do find it I feel that its soaking. I slide my finger beneath it and brush against your clit. You shudder, so I do it again. You grab my head and pull it close "Fuck me now you tease" you scream in my ear over the music.

Pulling your thong to one side I slide a finger into your soaking pussy. It glides easily in and you lean back against the pillar, taking the weight off your legs before they buckle. I slowly pull the finger out, pressing it against your clit and it slides out, and then leaving a wet line on your skin. I loosen the zip on my jeans and pull out my cock. I then draw your skirt like a curtain and nuzzle the tip of my cock against you. Your hand reaches behind me and pulls me closer, and I feel the tip of my cock enter your wet and warm pussy. It glides in so softly and feels like heaven.

I start to slide my cock in and out, kissing you hard on the mouth, my tongue probing your mouth as deeply as my cock probes your pussy. As you look over my shoulder you see that we are being watched. You stop kissing long enough to whisper that fact in my ear, but tell me to keep fucking whatever happens. Behind my back you beckon the two guys to come over.

I pull at the tie to your cardigan, and fold it back to reveal your bra. I slide the straps off your shoulders and then kiss down the straps to your breasts. I ease the nipples out one at time and suck on them, making sure they are nice and hard. "Take one each guys, but the rest is all mine"

Eagerly they start to suck on you. You moan immediately and throw your head back. I thrust in you harder than before. The guys start to bite you and I grab hard on your hips, thrusting hard, screwing you literally to the wall. I slide a finger down, and start to rub your clit. Then I pull out my cock and leave you empty for a second, before driving it back in deep. Pushing hard against you I tease your clit with my finger, rubbing over and over the head to drive you wild. And drive you wild it does. With a scream you start to cum, I can feel your pussy clench around my cock and your head is thrown back. Feeling you shudder against me I start to fuck you furiously. Driving faster and faster inside your tight wet pussy. The guys now have both hands on your tits and are sucking hard at your nipples. Finally with a grunt I feel my cum pump into you and I push one last time.

I hold your for a moment. I'm just about to kiss you again when you push me away. Going down on your knees, you push the guys away and take my cock into your mouth. Holding it firmly at the root you take it in and out repeatedly. Sucking every last drop of cum from it. The you neatly tuck it away and zip me up. By this time they both have their cocks in hand, wanking furiously and hopefully looking at you.

You turn to me, and look questioningly at me, I raise my eyebrows letting you know its your choice. Either take them both on, or take me home and fuck me some more.

Which do you choose?

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