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One Pump Chump


Desiree was stunningly beautiful. The several strip clubs she owned, and occasionally performed in, were wildly successful and major generators of cash to her ever growing bank accounts. Owning such a profitable venture, and running it with the efficiency of the sharpest mind on wall street had made her incredibly comfortable very early in life.

Having grown up poor, she made a decision early to OWN her own club rather than just perform in one. Gifted with not only a body that made men weep but the brain of a business tycoon her incredibly successful venture ensured that she would never have to worry about finances again. Gorgeous, rich and brilliant at the young age of 27, she already had all of the money she would ever need and with her shrewd investments she made with the profits, she ran her operation now primarily as a way to give back to poor beautiful girls like herself who needed some place to earn a living and not have to worry about being screwed over (both literally and figuratively).

Although no longer needing to perform herself to make money, being a millionaire many times only, she still occasionally graced the stage with her presence more out of genuine love of her art than for any need for cash. Her specialty, and the specialty of her clubs in general, were their lap dances and the many YELP reviews they collected ensured a constant stream of horny and very satisfied clients. Lusted after by men and admired by her girls, she was truly the Queen of her domain.

Desiree and her girls prided themselves on their ability to get any guy almost instantly hard if they paid full price for a lap dance and their talents were well rewarded and definitely not overstated. As you would expect, she had many many repeat clients but being in the adult entertainment business, she also had many unfortunate, but sadly necessary, ties with the mob. She needed protection and they provided it, for a price.

Al on the other hand was a loser. A lovable loser, but still a loser. A frequent visitor to the club he was well known by all of the other dancers as well as by Desiree herself. Although many of the girls looked down on most of the pathetic guys who came to their club, they all still liked Al. Although he had no money, and no prospects; his athletic body, boyish good looks and frankly impressive dick (which many of the girls had felt through his jeans) made him a popular client with Desiree and all of her girls.

Al loved coming to the club although he could scarcely afford it. Although he usually had no problem getting a girlfriend, his constant money problems made him less than an ideal prospect and currently he was in between girlfriends.

When he came to Desire's club however, and paid for a lap-dance, for at least a few hours he could fantasize that he was a winner for a change, with all of these hot women crawling all over him.

Desiree also liked it when Al came to the club, and often would give him her own special lap-dance, just out of affection for the poor boy.

In addition to some odd maternal feelings she had for Al, what really drove Desiree more than anything was the charge she got when a guy got all hot and bothered by her actions, completely turned on, throbbing and desperate and then sent him home hanging. She would often masturbate to the thought of all that cum backing up in all those balls, boiling for release, release from her, release she would not grant.

Not a total sadist, she was however a complete and total cocktease, and regardless of the fact that she did not need the money, she loved teasing young hot guys to insanity (especially cute guys like Al) whenever the opportunity arose.

One night when Al came in, one of her Mob friends, knowing of her affection for Al, told her that she should probably take one last look at his pretty face since it was going to be seriously fucked up and rearranged that night by some thugs.

When Desiree asked why, Franco said that Al owed the Mob about 15,000 dollars and since they knew he had no way to pay it was his unfortunate job to make an example of him.

Desiree could feel herself getting wet when she heard this news, as she now saw a perfect opportunity to not only help out Al, but also provide herself (and the other girls at the club) a big opportunity for their own personal entertainment as well as some spectacular lap-dance practice.

Desiree asked Franco if she could pay Al's debt off, but on her terms with Al. Franco nodded in agreement, as he had no desire to break up the boy's face, but really just wanted to get the money.

Desiree motioned to her doorman and asked him to bring Al over, which he eagerly did. When she told him how she knew about his debts to the Mob, and how she had paid them off for him, Al dropped to his knees and kissed her feet, almost crying in gratitude.

She did say however, that the debt now was owed to her and he should hear her terms before he thanked her.

Al looked up with a quizzical look on his face, and asked her what her payment terms were, now worried as he knew he could not pay her back anymore than he could the Mob. Desiree said she didn't necessarily want cash, as she had plenty of money, but what he could offer, simple money could not buy.

Al looked puzzled but continued to listen. She explained that what she wanted to do was to play a game. If Al won, not only would his debt be cleared, but she and the girls would give him a night to remember in their own "champagne room".

Al salivated at the thought of having sex with not only the beautiful Desiree, but all of the other hot girls at the club and had jacked off so many times thinking about their firm bodies, full breasts and hot asses, the idea of actually REALLY having sex got him instantly hard.

Looking down at his obvious erection, Desiree giggled.

"I see you like the idea so far!"

Nodding as if in a fog Al said nothing as Desiree continued.

"So here is the bet I am going to make with you. For the next month, you will live here at the club, 24/7. I know you don't have a job or a girlfriend, so this should not be a problem for you. You will act as our practice client for 30 days. Every afternoon you will be teased and taunted, licked, kissed and stroked until you are absolutely wild with lust."

Al grinned thinking this was the best bet he had ever heard about.

"Don't grin too much Al, this is not going to be the pussy free-for-all you think it is. I hadn't finished what the terms were. During your lap-dance you will be handcuffed and start naked. You will not get off, but will be teased until your cock is weeping precum. The rest of the time in the club you will remain in a chastity belt, and forced to do odd errands (doing odd jobs, cleaning the bathrooms, painting the girls toenails, anything we say). By the end of the month you are going to be crawling the walls for release, and that is when the bet comes to a head (so to speak). After the month of teasing, locked in chastity, and surrounded by beautiful naked women, you will be given a hand-job by me personally. If you can last more than 1 stroke, you will be released from your handcuffs, the chastity belt will be thrown away, and for 2 days all of the girls (all 20 of them) and me will service every perverted fantasy and desire you could ever want. You will be able to fuck us, lick us, do anything you want at all, and we will gladly comply. Your debt to me will be cleared and you can leave here the happiest man on earth with a sexual fantasy fulfilled you will remember for the rest of your life."

So far the grin on Al's face almost broke his jaw. If this were her terms, this was the best bet ever. Lost in a lusty fog, his smile disappeared when she continued.

"If you shoot in one pump however, well, your servitude will continue for an entire year. For the entire year you will remain my personal naked servant. Teased to insanity each day by my girls, handcuffed, naked and begging for relief that will never come. Each night you will return to my house and serve as my naked, chastity belt clad personal slave."

Grinning as her eyes wandered up and down his chest and then coming to rest on his now fully tented jeans she continued. "I have all the money I could ever want or need, but my own slave is something I can not buy at any price, but now, I may be able to buy it after all." (As Desiree continued to tell of the terms of the bet to Al, she could feel her juices flowing out of her, imaging the desperation on his face as he ate her out every night with his cock struggling in a cage and the cum boiling in his balls).

Al thought about it and agreed. Surely he could last more than one pump and besides, the potential payoff was just too great. How could he NOT take the bet and as he imagined being surrounded by all that delicious female flesh little Al did the thinking now.

Besides, what choice did he really have. Desiree owned his debt and with her ties to the Mob, he knew she had him by the short hairs. Holding out his hand, Desiree took it and the shook on it.

For the next month, Al was in both heaven and hell. Every afternoon, before the club opened, the girls stripped him down and handcuffed him to a chair on stage before removing his chastity belt. Not opening until 6, they had the whole afternoon and they really worked him over, rubbing their erect nipples over his greedy lips, grinding their wet pussies over to head of aching cock.

They nibbled on his nipples before slowly kissing their way down his chest and blowing hot breath onto his throbbing cock. He thought he would go mad he was so horny, and his hopeless begging only spurred them on more. Watching from her office which had a window that overlooked the stage, Desiree could not help but stroke the hot wet silky crotch of her panties as she saw her performers drive the poor boy insane.

The girls loved their afternoons with Al as they all agreed he was SUPER hot, and being chained down and helpless while they worked him over made him even hotter. They even had a contest out of seeing how much pre-cum they could bring out of his balls (without actually touching his cock) and not only was this driving Al completely insane, but the skills they were honing made them the hottest lap-dancers in the country. Having a naked subject to practice on, they were able to study every male reaction to any new routine or activity and this knowledge was put to great use. When word quickly spread about their newly enhanced skills Desiree easily remade the amount she had paid for Al after only 2 weeks.

Even when not being teased in his handcuffed state, being naked except for a chastity belt around so many beautiful women made him constantly horny. The tightness of the cock cage over his struggling dick made him wince constantly and kept him weeping drool out of his dick in a slow constant drip. The girls for their part loved Al and began to think of him as the club mascot and teased him out of affection not revenge.

One of the favorite tasks they would assign him was to paint their toes as it took all of two minutes for them to discover what a huge foot lover he was. They loved it because not only was it nice to have someone else do it for them, the fact that his hands trembled as he shook in such denied torment made all of them shockingly wet. For the girls the month seemed to speed by, but for Al it seemed like a decade had passed.

Finally the day of reckoning came, and he was prepared for the final test. For 6 hours Al was constantly teased and tormented by teams of girls, 2,3 and sometimes 4 at a time, making sure he got absolutely NO break in his pussy fog. His cock, glad to be free of its prison, visibly throbbed and bobbed desperate to shoot its load as the girls licked and writhed all over him.

All of the dancers gathered around and took their seats in the audience as Desiree decided to perform the last lap-dance herself before she gave Al his high stakes hand-job.

In his glassy horny state, he shook as he looked up at Desiree approaching, her full incredibly delicious tits swinging wildly as she walked over to him chained in the chair. She was absolutely stunning, and when she ran her toes around Al's balls, his whole body shook and trembled. Winking out to the audience, she sat down beside him they passionately kissed before she asked if he was ready.

Too aroused and horny to speak he just nodded gently.

"OK, ready girls? Let's start."

Two seconds later it was all over and the girls were all laughing hysterically. As Desiree had predicted, so much teasing and stimulation for a whole month, without any release, had made it impossible for Al to win. As soon as she ran her palm up his shaft in one long firm pump Al shot rope after rope of his hot boiling seed up into the air like a geyser and all over his chest and stomach. With every girl open mouthed in awe, including Desiree, the sheer massive volume of spooge had shocked everyone watching, and all agreed later they had never seen so much cum at once.

Bowing his head in defeat and still shuddering from his release, he twitched when he felt Desiree kiss him again and whisper in his ear.

"I wonder how much you will shoot after 12 months?"

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