tagIncest/TabooOne Strange Night

One Strange Night


I had just gotten home from work, when the phone rang. It was my sister Jennifer, she wanted to come over for a bit, so I said sure why not. Jennifer at 5'5", was good-looking old blonde. She was 20 years old, two years younger than I was. I guess you would call her sexy, but being my sister I never really thought of her that way. She always had a boyfriend, and when she broke up with one there was always several more chasing her. We had a pretty normal relationship, it wasn't totally uncommon for her to invite herself over. We would sit around, watch TV and talk for a while before she went back to her place for the night.

20 minutes later Jennifer arrived, she let herself in like she usually does. Steve, her current boyfriend was with her. I wasn't expecting Steve to come along, but I invited them in the living room, then grabbed some beers from the kitchen. We made some small talk while watching TV. We had a couple more beers each, when Jennifer asked me about my current situation. I had broken up with my girlfriend only a couple of weeks ago, and since then hadn't had a date.

She asked, "So you haven't been with anyone in that time?"

I thought that was a weird question, especially in front of her boyfriend.

"No I haven't," I answered.

"Do you have any interest in guys?" she continued.

That caught me totally by surprised. "What? No! Why would you ask that?"

"Well Steve is curious, and wonder what it would feel like to suck another man's cock. We figured you hadn't had any action in a while, and maybe would be up for a blowjob. Nothing more."

I have never even considered doing anything with another guy. I thought this is crazy, no way would I do something like this. But then my cock twitched a bit. No I thought, I can't do this.

Jennifer continued, "He's not gay, he just wants to experience it once. He wants to do it tonight, then we'll get outa here. What do you say?"

"No fucking way, you think I'm gay? I won't have anything to do with that shit." My cock twitched again. What the hell was going on here, I'm not getting turned on by this, am I?

"This doesn't mean your gay. Besides whats the difference who sucks your dick, a guy or a girl? Your dick is in a mouth, you enjoy it, you blow your load, relieving all that pressure that's been building up these past couple of weeks. You go to bed happy."

Maybe it was the beers, maybe it was the pent up frustration, but for some reason I said, "Maybe a blowjob isn't a bad idea, after all I won't touch him, so I'm not gay."

Steve smiled a bit, looked a bit nervous.

"Alright," I said. "We'll go in the bedroom for my blowjob, Jen you wait here."

"Oh no, do it right here."

"No way, not in front of my own sister."

"Yes right here so I'll be able to instruct if Steve runs into a problem," she said. "Besides I want to see my man give his first blowjob."

I must have been out of my mind cause I agreed.

"You sit here," she said, motioning me to the center of the couch. "Now take off your pants."

I hesitated, I've hadn't been naked in front of my sister since we were little kids.

"Don't worry, its just another cock, I've seen plenty," She said. She then moved over to me, undid my jeans.

"Stand up," she said, and I did. She pulled my jeans and underwear down quickly, and I stepped out of them. There I was standing naked from the waist down in front of my sister and her boyfriend.

"Lets get this off too, so you can get real comfortable." And she pulled my T-shirt over my head. Now totally naked she looked down at my limp cock, then pushed me back onto the couch.

"Sit back, relax and enjoy this." She reached down and gave my cock a quick squeeze before she sat down on the chair across from the couch.

"Go get him Steve," she said.

Steve came over, but not too quickly. He kneeled down between my legs, looking at my cock, probably the first time he's seen a cock up close. He looked at me, I just smiled, closed my eyes and leaned my head back on the couch. I was gonna imagine it was Lisa, the sexy babe at work with a great body. He tentatively took my limp cock into his hand, give it a little squeeze. My cock twitched a bit as he cupped my balls with his other hand. He started jerking me slowly, and my cock started to respond. After a little bit I was hard as a rock. Then I felt his tongue on it. He slowly licked the tip, circling it. Then he licked down the shaft to my balls then back up. Oh man this was pretty good I thought. He took my cock into his mouth, just a bit at first, then slowly taking in more and more, until he had most of my 7 inches. He bobbed back and forth, grabbing the lower part of my shaft with his hand. I could feel his tongue running over my head as he continued to bob up and down. With my eyes closed I was fantasizing about Lisa, wearing one of her short mini skirts, blowing me. As this image was running thru my mind I felt my orgasm building. He kept sucking and I blew my load in his mouth. He choked a bit, but did swallow most of it.

Jennifer got up from her seat, leaned over and kissed Steve right on the lips. "mmmm," she moaned. "That was so hot, seeing you suck another cock. And I can taste his jizz on your tongue." She kissed him again.

"Now its Steve's turn." She said looking at me.

Jennifer pulled Steve to his feet, undid his pants, pulled them down. She then yanked down his boxers, and pulled off his shirt. She then pushed him down on the couch next to me. I expect her to go down on him, but she pulled me up and pushed me towards him.

"No no," I said.

"But you owe him one." She insisted. And pushed me again. I resisted, after all I wasn't gay. But suddenly I had this desire to suck Steve's cock. I dropped to my knees in front of Steve, his cock already standing at attention.. I've never done this before, I had no idea what to do. I grabbed it with one hand brought it towards my mouth. Then I licked it just like he did earlier. I licked around the head, then on the hole, then down his shaft to his balls. I sucked his hairy balls into my mouth, while slowly wanking his shaft. He moaned. I ran my tongue around his balls, tasting them, feeling all that hair. Oh God what was I doing, but at the same time I was enjoying this. I worked my tongue back up his cock, swirled it around the tip, and then sucked it into my mouth. I worked the lower part of his shaft with my hands while I continued to suck his cock. There was another moan, I looked over and there was my sister, leaning back in the chair, her skirt was up around her waist, her hand buried in her panties, obviously working her clit. She was getting off watching me blow her boyfriend. My cock started to return to life, I was so horny. I turned my attentions back to the rock hard cock in my mouth. I could feel his orgasm beginning. His cock got even harder, then exploded. I tried to swallow all his hot sticky cum, but some escaped out the corner of my mouth.

"Oh God that was so hot, it got me so horny I could fuck anyone right now," Jennifer said. She looked hot, her hand still in her panties. My cock was hard again and ready to go. So I turned towards my sister, grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her to the floor. She lands flat on her back. I put one hand on her shoulder to pin her down.

"What are you doing?" she asked as I pulled her panties down, then ripped them right off of her. Her shaven pussy is now fully exposed. I positioned myself between her legs, she struggled to get free but I had her pinned down pretty good.

"You just said you could fuck anyone right now, I'm anyone," I said.

"Stop it, stop it!" she yelled as my cock brushed up against her slit.

"You're my bother, oh my God no." I rubbed my cock back and forth over her wet slit a couple of times and then buried it deep inside her in one thrust. Her eye's opened wide. Her pussy was so hot and wet. I kissed her on the lips, some of Steve's fresh cum drained into her mouth.

"I just sucked off your boyfriend cause you wanted to see it, so now I'm fucking you!" As I thrusted in and out of her she seemed to relax. Before long she was moaning with pleasure. I ripped her blouse open, sending all the buttons flying. I pushed her white lacy bra up exposing her breasts. She had nice C cups, little nips that were sticking out as hard as my cock. Playing with her nipples I continued to pound her. She spread her legs a little more and brought her knees up, allowing me to go deeper.

"Oh my God, oh my God," she was moaning. "Yeah fuck me, fuck me hard, oh yeah." This got me going even more. I exploded deep inside her. I collapsed on top of her. Then I remember Steve was here, I turned and looked, he sat on the couch staring at us wide eyed like he's never seen this before. Well he's probably never seen siblings fuck each other. He was stroking his cock which started to come back to life.

"I haven't cum yet, I need to cum," my sister moaned out. I pulled my shrinking cock out of her, then worked my way down to her clean shaven pussy. On my hands and knees I rubbed my nose on her clit, then tongued it. She shivered a bit. Then I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy, tasting both of our love juices mixed together. I lapped up my cum leaking from her pussy. Second time tonight I've tasted a man's cum. I continued to work her pussy and clit, she was shaking and moaning. Slipping one, then two fingers in her, I scooped out more of my cum, then popped those fingers in my mouth. Then I felt Steve behind me. He spit in his hand and rubber it on his cock. He spit again, this time on my asshole. I felt his hard cock head against my asshole. Slowly he pushed it in me. At first it didn't want to go, but he pushed again and the head was in. I stopped working Jennifer's cunt so I could concentrate on getting Steve's cock in me. He pushed forward, I rocked backwards, and his cock was in. It hurt a bit so I remained still for a minute. The pain subsides and I rocked forward to let Steve know I was ready to go. With his hands on my hips he starts thrusting in and out of me, slowly at first but then picks up his pace. I return my mouth to my sister's pussy, tonguing her clit again. Suddenly she starts quivering, and she explodes, her juices flowing all over, soaking my face. I suck up all her juices that I can. Steve is still pounding my ass, his balls slapping against my ass. I can't believe how great this feels. My cock in coming back to life again, even though I've already cum twice already.

"Hold on Steve," I said.

"What? You don't like this?" he asks.

"Man I love it, I just want to fuck my sister again while you're fucking me."

With that Jennifer scoots her butt down until her pussy and my cock are lined up again.

"Yes fuck me brother. Fuck me now," She says. She reaches down, grabs my cock, and guides it back into her freshly eaten pussy. It hotter and wetter than it was before.

"Alright lets go," I say. As I push into Jennifer, Steve pulls back. When I pull back from Jennifer Steve buries his cock deep in my ass. At first it's awkward, but the three of us finally get a good steady rhythm going. This goes on for a while. Steve pounding my ass, my cock pounding my sister.

"You like my boyfriends cock in your ass don't you? Take it all you slut you," she moans to me. I feel Steve's cock swell a bit, then he unloads his wad into my ass. I can feel his hot cum in my ass. He pulls out and falls against the couch. I continue to slam into my sister, she keeps moaning, "Fuck me fuck me big brother, fuck me with the big cock of yours, yeah." I can feel my orgasm building. Just then Jennifer explodes with her own orgasm. Her pussy grips my cock even tighter, and that's all I need. I explode in her again. "Yeah cum in me brother, fill me with your cum." I pound into her a few more time, then I slip out, and roll off onto the floor next to her.

"That was intense." I said.

They both agreed.

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