tagRomanceOnly Red Ch. 02

Only Red Ch. 02

byEgmont Grigor©

The suddenness of being invited to move in with Arnie Guy, an apparent multi-millionaire, had taken Jazz (Jasmine) Pennyfeather by surprise, throwing her off balance so she backed off. It was a fact they had slept together -- by accident -- and been sexually intimate but, to her mind, that was with the abandonment of values and whatever of anyone having a one-night stand.

Moving in to live with Arnie, even without a time frame, was a deep commitment. At the thought of that her humor and teasing and light-handedness had deserted her, leaving her with the feeling she was heading into entrapment. That was stupid -- there was no reason to suspect she'd not be free to leave the moment she decided to quit. Nevertheless Jazz had learned to trust her instinct and thus had indicated to Arnie she'd preferred to back off a bit and give them time to know each other in the wider sense before sharing the same address.

Arnie's mouth had taken a set, indicating he was not happy with Jazz's sudden change. It probably had appeared to him everything was set to go. At the same time he was kind enough to avoid making an issue of it. That made Jazz wonder, not unkindly, had he ever been rebuffed on anything in recent years as he piled in the money on his mind-blowing joint-venture housing development.

"I'll drop you off at your home and then call you from my home when I've had time to filtrate some thoughts."

"Filtrate some thoughts? What a good idea. I have been guilty of rushing you, haven't I?"

"A little, but I'm not complaining and will deal with it successfully."

Jazz felt safe in the familiarity of her own home. That was stupid but one cannot really help what they feel. She had an idea and called Cilla Roberts.

"Hi Cilla, it's Jazz."

"Oh, I'm pleased to hear from you; have you had a naughty weekend with him?"


"Well that's honest of you. That wasn't your car you drove home in."

"Yes, it's my new car."

"It looks very sexy but not practical. You try getting out of that in a corset."

"It's quite practical, a bit too close to the ground. But Cilla, he asked me to shift in with him and I balked."

"Are you sure you want to tell me this?"

Jazz said yes, she had to ask Cilla something. "It's the same question I asked earlier -- if you were my age, unattached, and he asked you to move in with him what would you have said?"

"Oooh, this is difficult. Well, I suppose it's best to give you the truth. I would have said, 'Seduce me as many times as we take manage but I'm not moving in until I know you better and that should be your answer as well, young man."

"Oh Cilla, you are wonderful. That's what I told him and his chin almost hit his shoes. Come over for a drink."

"Oh, it's becoming late and I have the meat on."

"Bring the meat over and I'll do vegetables and make apple turnovers. I need to talk. Please Cilla."

"Very well, I'd like the company -- you make life sound exciting. I'll come over in ten minutes."

Jazz called Arnie and was pleased to receive a warm greeting.

"I must be sure before I act Arnie."

"Yes, a perfectly sound decision. After you went I began...er...filtering my thoughts and came to exactly the same conclusion as you. That is, I should be certain of my commitment before asking you to share my house and life and should know you better before making such an offer. I was guilty of thinking only about non-stop sex."

"Non-stop? That sounds fascinating."

"But it just doesn't happen like that, does it," Arnie answered sensibly. "We also have to think about our compatibility to fill in the big spaces between the bouts of sex."

"Exactly, and I think we won't have a problem but let's be sure."

Arnie said he totally agreed and what was the program.

"Er, when will your car be ready?"

"Tuesday lunchtime."

"Then I'll come to your house and fetch you at noon and take you to lunch and then show you my properties and then drive you to City Motors."

"When do we have sex?"

Jazz swallowed. "When would you like sex?"

"Tuesday night -- you come here after work that evening."

"Excellent, and then on Thursday night we do to a movie and have late dinner."

"Sex?" he enquired.

"I would imagine it would be unavoidable."

"Excellent, then on Saturday you come here for lunch and if the conditions are okay I'll take you on the lake sailing. You stay the night and we go to Gloria's for lunch. You'll have to stay Sunday night here as well but that's unavoidable because you won't be able to drive because you will have been drinking -- a lot."

"Well, if it's unavoidable we really don't have any say in the matter, do we? It sounds as if we're back on track Arnie."

"It does indeed. In the meantime if you need post-coital tension relief, please give me a call."

"That's cute, Arnie. Good night."

* * *

It was a great week. Jazz was in such a high state of excitement every day that her older female staff decided she was pregnant. Tom who did the cleaning, packing, unloading of new stock and handling the trash thought she had 'a fellow'. When Tom made that comment in the lunchroom all the women looked at each other and then looked at Tom with new respect.

* * *

As per the program, Jazz and Arnie went out on Tuesday and Thursday and topped the occasions off with sex, but only okay sex. Both worried silently: had the fire gone out?

When he was not with Jazz Arnie was grumpy and washed and polished and washed and polished his three vehicles. On Wednesday Gloria dropped in on the chance of being offered lunch. She became motherly at finding just how glum Arnie was and offered him unconditional sex to cheer him up -- but he declined.

"What?" she cried in disbelief. "This woman has you by the nuts."

Arnie told her everything from the time they'd first met until the time he virtually scared her off. He looked at Gloria like a tired and hungry hound and she rose to the occasion.

She pulled Arnie against her breast and clucked when he failed to act normally to worm his way in to lick and suck. Gloria was worried.

"You've found your woman, Arnie, but she hasn't found you -- at least not yet."

"I know," he sighed. Gloria took that as acceptance so unbuttoned the front of her dress but Arnie lay against her like a corpse.

Gloria pushed aside her own needs and said firmly, "Arnie, sit up and listen. I don't know this woman but accepting being called Jazz means she's upfront and passionate. You said her divorce has just come through -- just imagine what that has done to her confidence and you acted like a primate Arnie, offering her a permanent place in your bed. Whether she thought it or not her whole dented ego would have shrieked, "I'm not being put through that crap again; I'm doing nothing until I find a man I can trust."


"Yes really."

Arnie perked up and asked Gloria to tell him more.

"It's simple, Arnie. You have to prove your worth."


"You sit around her all day Arnie or driving around in those toy cars of yours. Turn that time into productive thinking time."

Arnie thank her for her advice and kissed her, but that was not enough for Gloria.

"That's not enough, Arnie; I want a real reward," Gloria said, removing her dress.

* * *

During lunch on Saturday Arnie, with Jazz's welcome kiss lipstick applied over his mouth crookedly, sat Jazz down on the terrace and removed his top. She took the hint and removed her top and smiled sweetly as he darted around to undo and remove her bra.

She said "Good boy" and held up a breast to be kissed but it received the full treatment, not that she seemed to mind.

Arnie returned from the kitchen with a tray of cold seafood including lobster, two flutes and a bottle of French champagne.

Jazz said "This looks exquisite" and Arnie beamed. "We'll be thrashing around in the yacht so it pays not to over-eat beforehand. My rule is if you eat and drink sparingly then go for quality."

"What an admirable rule. You look as if you are itching to tell me something."

"I have an idea, possibly a brilliant idea. I was really impressed by your store and the way in which it operate; very classy."

"Thank you Arnie."

"Your adjoining property purchase impressed me -- the start of a little empire, I would think."

"Two two-level buildings with one store vacant a very little empire?" she giggled, looking over her flute at him.

"I need to invest in something and thought why not retailing. So I want to rent that store next to yours."

"It's vacant because the rental I've set is considered too high; I made a mistake by paying too much for the building but because the apartment above it is beautifully appointed I had no trouble leasing that."

"I want to lease the store for five years at the asking rental please Jazz."

"But Arnie, you are inexperienced in retailing; experienced retailers consider the rental for the size of the premises is out of proportion to the ratio of expected turnover. It appears I'll have to drop my price or what I have been thinking of doing is to knock through the wall and expand my own premises."

"Jazz, give me the chance to prove my theory. I want those premises at the current asking price and I'll pay up the five-year lease in full at the time of signing."

"Very well, but six-monthly payment of rental in advance is all I require -- that's what anyone else would face. I'm willing to give you a twenty-five percent discount."

"No thank you -- that is very generous but no thank you. I want to prove my theory that fashion retailing hinges on product of course, but equally important is novelty in marketing to hit the right spot in the consumer. I do ask this -- will you open an account for me and have your buyers liaise with me and buy for me? Would a deposit of $200,000 in that account be acceptable -- I'll top up as required?"

"Have you any idea of fashion Arnie?"

"Not really -- but I expect your buyers will have."

Jazz leaned over and looked at him seriously, taking his hand. "Arnie, I hate curbing your excitement but I must warn you -- you could drop a bundle over this."

"So what -- it's only money Jazz and what price excitement and the joy that will come if I succeed?"

"Well, so-called experts have lost bundles of money in attempting to buck trends. I guess for a gentleman who doesn't have to work only play money will be involved."

"Yes," Arnie grinned. "But that could change if I decide to founder a chain of Arnie's Stores."

"Oh God, don't call them that?"

Arnie grinned and said he wouldn't think of it. "I'm doing this to bring us closer together," he said softly.

Jazz turned a beautiful shade of pink.

Arnie cleared away while Jazz went off to dress for sailing, re-appearing in a striped bikini.

"Oh how I wish, little darling," he grinned, "but not for sailing. Dress in a polo shirt, baggy shorts and sneakers with no socks and a hat that will stay on under stress."

"Baggy shorts -- I don't have any nor a hat."

"Well find them downstairs. Gloria often goes racing with me so there's some of her clothing downstairs."

I bet, thought Jazz.

"Bring your bikini and towel and I'll put them in a waterproof bag along with knickers and make-up. Haven't you been sailing before?"

"No, I've never been on a boat."

Arnie's mouth fell. "Er, this is not a picnic day -- we're entered in two races."

"But I'll be useless."

"So are most of the females out there -- but not all. Our current champ is Shelia Wild, an Aussie girl. Don't worry if we come last; it's only fun."

Jazz attempted to speak like a yachtswoman. "Is our craft the fastest and has more than one sail?"

"No, they are all one class Club 420s -- the only boat allowed on the lake apart from the club's rescue rubber ducky."

"Rubber ducky?"

It's an inflatable rigid keel rubber boat with a 90 horse-power motor. It was donated by Gloria who named it Condom. There was controversy over the name but since she is a woman as well as the donor the name was accepted by the Yacht Club Committee."

"You have a yacht club?"

"Yes, with six hundred plus members and forty-two yachts but not all yachts are raced every weekend and the membership is high because the clubhouse serves as our Country Club.

They went to the basement. The door was already up, with a short concrete strip leading to the water.

"Grab the other side of the dolly and we'll launch."

"Where is the dolly?"

"Oh, sorry. The steel support under the yacht that sits on rollers is the dolly. We lift the handles under the bow and pull the boat down to the water."

"Aye, aye skipper."

They had an hour for Jazz to learn how to stay aboard, to move across smoothly to the other side of the yacht when Arnie called 'Going about', sitting back with him when they were running with the breeze and working the 'sheet' to release and re-set the jib. Arnie then taught her how to maintain a straight course with the tiller while he set the spinnaker and then how she had to haul that sail aboard when he called.

They finished fourth to last in the first race and Arnie took the roasting from other sailors when they sailed back to the start for the second race.

"I'm sorry," Jazz said. "It must be so embarrassing for you. Let me put the harness on -- I've been watching what other for'ard hands do."

"Are you sure?"

"Yet, let's knock the crap out of these people teasing you. I noticed that pretty girl with the young boy as crew didn't call out but she waved at us in a friendly fashion."

"That's that Aussie woman I was telling you about - Shelia Wild, and that's her 11-year-old son Timmy."

"She appears to be very nice; I though Australians were brash."

"She's a real lady and probably thinks Americans are brash."

Arnie spent the ten minutes available coaching Jazz about going out on the trapeze and coming back aboard smoothly. She only made one goof, not hauling in the spinnaker fast enough and it dragged in the water for quite sometime before she hauled the last of it aboard, very red-faced from exertion.

"Good girl, forget it -- let's race."

In the final beat to the finish they came in at a better angle and went past three other yachts to capture fourth place.

"Mighty," hooted Arnie, kissing his crew and they headed for the clubhouse. "There's a women's changing room on the right as you enter. Most of the younger women wear bikinis and no sweater but wear a sweater if you wish."

"I'll do what Mrs Wild does."

"Oh, she's one of the older women who wears only a bikini -- and who wouldn't with a body like that. If she drinks too much sometimes the top comes off."

"I thought you said she was a lady."

"So she is -- a fun-loving lady."

Arnie changed into a dry polo and baggies and was waiting for Jazz when she came out with Shelia Wild. Shelia kissed Arnie for a little too long, in Jazz's opinion but she pulled her eyebrow down before either of them saw it was raised. As they entered the club lounge upstairs Gloria, seated with a much older couple, came rushing over looking gorgeous in a cocktail dress, her hair streaming behind her and her unsupported boobs very mobile as she attempted running on very high heels.

Watch it Arnie, you're about to be smothered, Jazz thought. But to her astonishment Gloria was all over her and kissed her on both cheeks and the mouth and burbling about how athletic Jazz had looked on the trapeze with the back of her hair trailing the water. Still holding Jazz around the waist Gloria then kissed Shelia and Arnie and

"Thank you Commodore," Shelia said, dropping almost into a curtsy.

Gloria laughed and said to Jazz, "Come and meet my parents. Don't mind my mom if she appears to be a little frigid -- she wants me to marry Arnie but Arnie is not interested. You have a tremendous chance with him if you want it."


"Oh come on Jazz, he's been going round like a headless chicken since you've come on to the scene."

"But Gloria, I was a passing moment for him; I have no wish to come between you and Arnie."

Gloria squeezed Jazz's hand and sighed -- I tried and tried but I'm just not the woman for him. Too predicable, too fussy and authoritative I feel. Our relationship has been just a friendship with the occasional your know what when both of us are between dates; I know now not to expect anything more. I'm only five years older that he is but I feel he regards me almost as a mother. Unflattering but at least I'm a bosom pal. He's no match of the century dear but take him, faults and all -- I feel he's your kind of man; you are everything I'd like to be."

"You can't mean that -- you have everything Gloria. "Looks, style, warmness, charm and oh, the list could go on."

"If you say so dear. Mother, may I introduce you to a new friend and lovely lady, Miss Jasmine Pennyfeather."

"Oh I say, are you English?"

"My father was Mrs McGinty."

"Oh, how simply marvelous. Come sit beside me dear, Gloria tells my you call yourself Jazz -- how modern and what a fine body of young woman you are. Very competitive against Gloria I am sure. Beside me half asleep and very bored is my husband William. Say hello William."


"Sounds like a trained puppet, doesn't he. Now he's no longer interested in the flesh, all that remains is perusing managers about keeping well-stocked shelves and calling for what he calls 'bottom line reports'."

"Jazz owns and operates Body Enhancing Fashions mom."

"Oh do you child -- I often shop there."

"Not often enough mother otherwise you would have seen Jazz before this."

Jazz opened her handbag and took out two cards and handed them to both women. "Not many of these cards are in circulation -- I'll write your names on them. They declare you as being my preferential client and entitle you to twenty-five discount on any purchase or purchases made simultaneous at any time that exceeds $1000. You would be surprised to know how many of my customers exceed that figure every time they shop with us."

"Jazz, that's very generous of you," Gloria said. "I suppose it could be said neither mother nor I are exactly in need of discounts but it's the spirit of the offer than counts. Thank you."

"Yes indeed -- we are on out way to early dinner," said Mrs McGinty. "Would you care to join us, with Arnie of course?"

"Well, that's a lovely offer but first..."

"Don't ask him dear, just tell him; give men the opportunity and they assume control."

"We'd love to join you Mrs McGinty."

"Lovely but please call my Grace. Gloria will take you two home to change. Our boat is at home so you can leave your boat in our locker."

"Your boat, Grace?"

"Oh yes, I often sail it with Gloria as crew. Other times she sails it with her man of the moment as crew. I'd hoped that Gloria would snag Arnie as permanent crew but the reality is they sail different boats. I feel already Arnie has at last found his permanent crew."

Jazz turned away embarrassed to catch the surprised look on Gloria's face and Gloria gave her a lovely smile and winked. Jazz was left with the impression she was in the throes of making a really great friend although Gloria was ten years her senior.

"William, champagne please," Grace said with authority. "Let's toast to Gloria's lovely new friend. Are you thinking of a honeymoon in England dear?"

Jazz loved the dinner conversation; Grace turned out to be very charming and erudite in conversation and skillfully drew the two men back into group discussion whenever William moved to buttonhole Arnie to talk sport or business.

Sex that night for Jazz and Arnie was passable and in the morning was okay. Gloria's party was a bit of a bore because most people there were not particularly interesting so Jazz wondered how they found her -- boring. When Gloria snatched ten minutes to be with her she was relieved to find someone was lively and she reciprocated.

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