Open doors


All I can think about is his huge fat cock sliding inside my pussy- slowly, as if he had all the time in the world.

I was horrified, not because of the fact that a stranger's cock is slowly fucking me, but because he's moving so slow. I want more! Please! Please fuck me faster. I want you to fuck my pussy hard. I want to say so badly but there's still this small part in my head that says this is all wrong. That I shouldn't be getting wet from this and that I shouldn't want more. But then he starts to pick up the pace and his cock head roughly slams into my pussy and "Fuck!" I cry out in surprise from the pleasure.

I see him watching me and he smirks when my self-control slips and my face contorts into pleasure. Oh my god! I shake my head to try and get myself back together but he's watching me closely. He takes his left hand from holding my things open and starts massaging my left tit. I groan. At this point I know just from the fact that I keep my thighs open even when he's not forcing them open anymore that this is a battle I'd gladly lose.

Then he starts rolling and pinching my nipples hard and I arch my back. "Oh fucckk!" His twisting and pinching of my sensitive nipples hurt so good! Then he suddenly bends and takes my right nipple in his hot mouth- biting and sucking it. "Yyeeesssss!" I start rocking my hips to feel more of his hard cock inside my pussy. I want to be fucked so bad. I feel like such a slut I just can't control myself anymore. Everything feels so good- my pussy, my tits.

But he doesn't relent and stays at that excruciating speed where I'm just at the edge of cumming. I can't hold myself back anymore and I whimper "Please! Oh my god, please I'm begging you." He doesn't say anything but his eyes full of carnal lust narrow and his lips are turned up slightly at the edges as if winning a victory and he wants to bask in it for a little while longer. But I just can't wait for that little while, I want to be fucked hard now!

I push myself up with my elbows. He doesn't even show a hint of surprise but he does look mildly amused. His eyes stay on me as I force him on his back and I roll on top of him while keeping his hard cock inside my dripping wet pussy. My legs are at the sides of his hips and I position my hands on his broad chest then I start moving. Up, down, up, down on his steel-like cock. "Mmmm, oh yyeeessssss" I sigh in pleasure and my thighs burn but my mind is only focused on my goal to cum. I can feel his hands on my hips and my tits bouncing roughly as I quickly ride his cock but this just turns me on even more. The whole bed is shaking and I wonder briefly if anyone outside the room can hear my slutty moans and heavy breathing and the slapping sound my things make when it hits his hips as I suddenly drop down on his cock. But fuck that, I'm so close to cumming .

"Oh god! Your cock feels so fucking good!"

"Nngghhhh, I'm so close. Oh my god! I'm gona cum!"

I'm surprised when he suddenly pulls my chest to his and my tits are squashed between our bodies. And then he really starts moving. He's pumping his cock inside my pussy so hard and fast that my eyes are bugging out of their sockets and my mouth is open in a silent gasp. This all happened in a split second and the next thing I know I'm screaming in ecstasy, throwing my head back and clutching the headboard for my dear life.

"Oh god! Oh yes! Fuck me, fuck my pussy!"

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum! I'm gona fucking cum! Ffuuuccckkkkkk!" And fuck do I cum so hard that my eyes roll back and I'm twitching - convulsing even from the pleasure. While I'm cumming, he doesn't stop or even slow down his assault on my twitching pussy so the pleasure is drawn out even longer. But even after my episode, he's still vigorously pumping his cock and fucking my now super sensitive pussy and I'm surprised to realize that I feel another orgasm quickly building up.

He gives me a reprieve when he takes his cock out and quickly flips us with me on my back. My eyes are so wide. His cock is HUGE! It's easily as thick as my wrist and probably about 9" in length. How I have not even noticed this before, I have no idea.

All thoughts are erased though when he aligns the head to my asshole. And before I could even react he pushes it in and all I can do now is try to relax so that the pain doesn't hurt as much. Once he notices I've relaxed more, he starts pushing his cock inch by inch. I'm so grateful that my slopping wet pussy juice has dripped to my asshole and helped lubricate his intrusion.

Finally, his cock is all the way in deep inside my ass and his balls are on my ass. It feels so strange and full but I'm surprised to find that it doesn't hurt as much anymore. He pulls out until only the head is inside and slams back in balls deep. I gasp. I don't know if it feels good or not. He repeats the process but this time he gains speed and I can hear his balls slap my ass every time he roughly slams his cock in my ass.

After the initial horror of having a huge cock forced in my ass, I find that the idea and the taboo has made me so turned on and I can feel my pussy dripping juice all over his huge cock. Oh no! it's starting to feel so good. I can't believe I'm liking being raped in the ass by a huge fat cock!

By now, all my juice has lubricated his cock and has made his cock slide more easily. He's started to gain speed and is now roughly slamming his cock in my asshole. From his groans and heavy breathing and fast fucking, I've realized that I'm not the only one enjoying anal sex and I can tell he's close to cumming.

"Oh yes. Fuck my ass. Fuck it real good."

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm getting fucked in the ass."

At this point he starts thrusting impossibly faster nearing his orgasm. I suddenly feel three fingers inserted into my pussy while rubbing and Oh my god! Having his fingers fuck my pussy while his huge cock is fucking my ass balls deep feels so fucking good. Why have I only done this now?

"Fucccckkkkk! So good, oh my god it feels so good!"

"Don't stop! Yes, fuck my holes! Make me your fuck slut!"

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Your fat cock is gona make me cum!" And I cum again hard for the second time during my force fuck and I absolutely love it. During my mid-orgasm, his rough fucking suddenly halts and I feel the pressure of his cock on my lips and I gladly take him into my mouth. Not even a second later he spurts out hot white cum onto my lips and tongue.


I awoke feeling strangely satisfied and with a small smile. I blush remembering the hot dream I was having again last night. I've been really frustrated lately and the dreams were definitely effects of that. Although I'm definitely surprised by how carnal they are compared to my past preference- romantic and slow love-making. Not to mention the words and slutty phrases I was spewing! Although I must admit, the dirty talking definitely turns me on. Even right now, just thinking about it is making my pussy wet. Plus, having the mysterious guy next door in my wet dreams again, compared to the nice, shy guys I usually go for is definitely strange. But hot! so I'm not complaining.

Anyways, I'm burning daylight. I get up and as I pass my mirror I appreciate my full, round boobs with pink sensitive nipples, my flat stomach, small waistt tapering to luscious wide hips and toned legs. I notice the door to the balcony open and reprimand myself for forgetting to close it again. I've been forgetting to close it lately. I really shouldn't forget, especially now that I have a hot new neighbor.

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the whole story was hot. am not sure about sucking dick after its been in ass tho. turned me off.

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