tagRomanceOpened and (Dis)Played Ch. 01

Opened and (Dis)Played Ch. 01


When I met Carlos, I was fed up with men and scared of having sex. You see, I was very inexperienced when I got married, my husband took my virginity on our wedding night. How was I to know that I was supposed to be wet with my own desire when he entered me, instead of dry and frightened? And so I spent the two years of my miserable married life thinking it was normal that men spat on their cocks to lubricate them before sticking them in their wives without so much as a by-your-leave. Or worse, demanded that their wives sucked them until they were wet enough to make penetration comfortable for their men. Fortunately, he was a busy man and on the road a lot, thus I did not have to suffer his attentions much.

It was almost a relief to open the door to two police officers one night and accept their news without flinching. He was dead. After getting drugged up and drunk with a whore in a hotel room, her pimp mugged and killed him.

After taking care of the seemingly endless paperwork and formalities, I decided to go on a prolonged holiday in order to relax and find out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was only twenty-two and had a lot of time to start over. Without a man to hurt me by shoving his dick inside me every time he felt like it.

Because I was not looking for company, I avoided all the usual package holiday destinations and picked a small village on the Atlantic coast of Spain. I was not planning to bathe or tan much, I just wanted endless hours of walking the beach alone with my thoughts.

Arriving at the village on the back of a pickup truck, the driver of which had kindly consented to give me a lift, I felt a little dishevelled and kept on swiping my blonde, shoulder-length hair to stop it from flopping into my face all the time. I knew better than to go into the bar looking for information, but soon found a little corner shop. In reply to my enquiry about available accommodation, the old lady behind the counter shouted for her son to come to the front of the shop because I had trouble understanding her rapid Spanish.

Dark curls damp from perspiration and deep brown eyes flashing with mischief, Carlos appeared from out of the storeroom. He explained that his mother had a small house in the next side street that she rented out to visitors and offered to show it to me. His hand was callused and hot when he shook mine in greeting. Like a gentleman, he helped me out of the straps of my backpack and carried my luggage. I did notice his glance at my blouse that gaped a little over my modest cleavage when I shrugged out of the backpack. That look was very interested and I resolved to be careful around him.

The little house was ideal for my purposes, well equipped with a complete kitchen on the ground floor, a cool bedroom with wooden shutters and bathroom on the first floor above that a rooftop veranda with a waist-high wall around it. Quickly, I concluded the deal with Carlos and he left me with a lingering gaze that seemed to touch my body everywhere, that I could almost feel as it brushed my lips, swept over my breasts, took in my slim waist, narrow hips and long, slender legs. I was not used to such attention, my figure was normally far too boyish to interest the men. Especially the good-looking ones with the flashing white smiles, the strong shoulders and the lean hips like Carlos.

Within minutes I forgot about Carlos and luxuriated under the hot stream of water from the shower, rolling my shoulders and relaxing them after carrying the backpack for over an hour before the pickup came along. I wanted to go out and explore the beach but the sun was baking hot, so I decided on an afternoon nap instead.

It felt to me as if I had slept only a few minutes when a loud knocking on the front door woke me. I wrapped a large beach towel around my naked body and went to investigate. It was my landlady who wanted to see whether I was all right and invite me to the village festival on the beach that night. There was to be fresh fish grilled over charcoal fires, lots of red wine and music. She explained patiently that Carlos could not accompany her because he would be coming back late from an errand he had to run to Algeciras and would probably stay the night there with a cousin.

What could I do? I picked my landlady, Maria, up at 9 PM and we went down to the beach. I had procrastinated over what to wear and finally decided on a pair of jeans and a top with spaghetti straps with a light jacket over it in case it got colder.

Everybody at the party seemed to be related to Maria and she introduced all the cousins, nephews, nieces and assorted siblings to me until my head swam and I was unable to take any more in. The food was delicious, redolent with garlic and spices, the sweet taste of really ripe tomatoes along with the tangy wine was heavenly. Soon, I was pleasantly light-headed from the wine and the music of rumbling guitars. I danced with all the uncles and nephews and brothers, most of them had friendly, wrinkly smiles and few teeth.

Out of breath, I went away from the fires and the noise a little and sat down to rest on the soft, cooling sand. Here, the music of the waves reached my ears and I could see the stars twinkling, the moon rising blood red, leaving a rippling path on the smooth water.

I was so absorbed with the beauty of the scenery that I did not notice Carlos until he sat down beside me, uncomfortably close, but at the same time not close enough. With a deep breath disguised as a sigh, I inhaled the intoxicating male scent of his body while he looked at me with an intensity that made me fight an impulse to squirm. My brain told me to run away but my body wanted him to touch me. I did not know what to do and while the wine slowed my reflexes and my thinking, Carlos kept on caressing me with his gaze.

"Why are you afraid of me, Alex?" He asked.

I only just managed to stop myself from replying "I'm not," although the retort was on the tip of my tongue. There was no need to look stupid as well as appearing a coward to him.

"I came here to be alone. It's nothing personal to do with you." I replied instead.

"Do you want me to go away?" Carlos said softly, the mesmerising gaze of his dark brown eyes searching mine for the truth.

My mouth was about to lie, to say, "Yes, leave me to my thoughts," but before I could speak, I was shaking my head.

With a pleased smile, he settled more comfortably into the soft sand and we talked for a while, about everything under the sun. After a while, Carlos noticed that I rolled my shoulders every now and then, the muscles were still a bit sore from the backpack.

I tensed when he got up and moved closer to me, sitting behind me and drawing my back against his chest. But his hands felt so warm and gentle on the skin of my shoulders that I began to relax in spite of the warnings my brain tried to send me. First he kneaded and stroked the muscles in my neck, until my head lolled on my chest like that of a rag doll, it felt so good to have the tension stroked and coaxed out of them by his hot, insistent hands. Then he drew my head back against him and slid his strong hands down to my shoulders, his fingers finding the bunched-up fibres and making them let go with gentle persuasion. I did not even flinch when he drew the straps of my top and bra off my shoulders, letting them slip down my arms.

It was not long before I was ready to fall asleep, feeling his warmth against me, his chest shifting as he breathed, his heart beating against my back. But then something changed, subtly, drawing me out of my relaxed stupor. The change was not in him, it was in me. I wanted him to touch more of me, wanted to feel his arms around me, wanted what I had never in my life wanted so badly before, his hands on my breasts, on my skin. It was definitely time for me to go home, I had obviously had more wine than was good for me. But if only he would slide his hands down to cup my breasts, just to let me feel the heat of his skin there. I had to get away from there. As I imagined what his hands could do to me, my nipples rose and hardened, showing through my bra and top and I felt as weak as a kitten. I had to pull myself together and leave before I made a fool of myself.

"Thanks a lot." I said, embarrassed that my voice was shaky and rough, hoping he would take the hint and stop making me melt.

Carlos slid his hands down my arms and I felt both relief and anguish at the thought that he was going to raise the straps of my clothing back to my shoulders. And it was with both relief and trepidation that I sensed his heat as he hesitated for a second before covering my breasts with his hands. I could not stop myself from arching into his touch, very slightly, but he felt the movement and exhaled sharply as if he had been holding his breath. He began to stroke me lightly, over my clothing, rubbing his thumbs over my nipples so softly that I barely felt it and longed for him to touch me more firmly.

The breath I had been unconsciously holding hissed through my teeth and I realised that lack of oxygen was making me dizzy. I took a deep breath that made my chest heave and it encouraged Carlos to cup and knead my breasts, gently pinching my nipples between his fingers. I had never felt so good in my life, both the sensations Carlos was evoking in my body and the wine that coursed through my veins spread heat and longing all over me. Once more I arched into his hands and sighed, then gasped as he jerked both my top and bra down, exposing me to the cool night. I had never been bare out in the open and the feeling was both scary and exciting. Listening to the noise from the party I feared that somebody could come across us at any moment and tensed.

But Carlos whispered in my ear, "You're beautiful Alex. Look at yourself, silvered by moonlight." Then he turned my face to him and kissed me, softly at first, then sliding his tongue into my mouth. We both tasted of wine as our tongues caressed and danced. Carlos's hands were back on my breasts, this time, at last, on my bare skin, hot and callused, exciting, arousing me until I moaned into his mouth. Nothing mattered any more except Carlos, kissing him, tasting him, feeling his hands on my breasts ignite a fever in me that I had never known before.

"Turn around, Alex." He said, guiding me to straddle his lap, my hands on his shoulders, my groin tight against his. One of his arms held me tight at the small of my back, his other hand took my breast again, pinching and tugging my nipple now, flooding me with fire. He bent me back a little and lowered his mouth to me, just a teasing lick over my taut nipple at first, then the touch of his soft lips contrasting with the much rougher treatment from his fingers. When he drew my nipple into his mouth and sucked hard, I groaned and shuddered with a climax that boiled through my body for what seemed like forever as Carlos continued to please my breasts.

I gasped for breath as Carlos drew me into his arms and held me tight, kissing my neck and shoulder, stroking my back with soothing gentleness as I heaved for breath.

"Thank you." Carlos whispered.

I raised my head from his shoulder to look at him. "I should thank you. That was... I mean, I've never felt like that... not with a man, not at all." I stammered.

"Thank you for trusting me." He said. "And if a man has never made you come like that, then the men you've been with are dickless losers. It's a pity one only ever finds out such things when it's too late, right?" His smile was irresistible, I had to smile back. "Let's get you dressed and back home." Carlos went on. "May I see you tomorrow?"

I must have looked at him as if he had lost his mind. "Aren't you... Don't you... want to...?" I was stuttering again.

Once more, Carlos gave me his charming smile and interrupted me by taking my hand and placing it on his groin. He pushed against my hand softly, making me feel him, thick and rock hard under his pants, making me feel the moisture that we had both left to seep into the material. "Just because you have given me the hard-on of the millennium, it doesn't mean I have to use it right now." He said. " I want you very much and I'll take you when we're ready. When we've had time to discover each other. When I've made you come many times." His voice was rough and full of hunger, it made me tingle all over and my nipples were tight again, longing for Carlos's fingers, for his mouth.

We held hands as he walked me home in silence.

To be continued...

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