tagRomanceOpened and (Dis)Played Ch. 02

Opened and (Dis)Played Ch. 02


This chapter is for SimonSays1 with my thanks for his patient encouragement...


Although I had gone to bed feeling happy and relaxed after kissing Carlos good-bye, the nightmare came back that night. What is supposed to be a happy occasion for every girl, the wedding night, had indeed been an ordeal for me and it often came back to haunt my sleep. The dreams were always so realistic, such exact replicas of the real thing, that I regularly woke up bathed in sweat with tears of pain and humiliation running down my cheeks.

Apart from a bit of hasty and reluctant groping that I had endured from the two "boyfriends" my own age that I had had before I married Kevin I was totally clueless about sex. Kevin was thirty-one and ecstatic to get a virgin of twenty in return for a promise to my dying mother that he would always take care of me. He was a smooth talker, charming when he wanted to be, and very persuasive. Because I could never leave my mother's side for longer than an hour or two at a time until she died, Kevin and I had never had a chance to have sex before we got married in a sad little ceremony at the registrar's.

Then there were the inevitable drinks with Kevin's pals, before we went home. I was tingling with anticipation and scared of what was to come at the same time. As I had been a loner both at school and at work, I really did not know what to expect, the other girls had never shared their experiences with me. Oh, sure, I knew the basics and the technicalities, but no more.

Kevin slammed the door of the flat behind us and grabbed me roughly around my waist with one arm, his other hand settling on the collar of my blouse and ripping downward, scattering buttons in every direction.

"Let's see what I got myself here," he said, pulling the sides of the garment apart.

"Wait, please, Kevin..." I stuttered, confused and frightened by his behaviour.

"I've had enough of fucking waiting, now it's time for some fucking screwing." He laughed at his own crude joke, a spine-chilling sound, as he took hold of the front of my bra cups and wrenched them down, tearing the lace and the shoulder straps, leaving painful welts on my delicate skin. One of his fingernails had scratched my breast, the line that wept ruby beads of blood stood out starkly against my paleness.

"Kevin, please, you're hurting me." I cried.

He did not even bother to reply and continued to stare at my breasts. "Well, a bit more meat on you would be nice, but that can't be helped now." He said, kneading me hard and pinching my nipples roughly. I tried to back away from the pain but he shoved me against the wall, holding me there with the weight of his body. "You could at least pretend to like it after all I've done for your mum. Now it's your turn to reciprocate and thank me." Kevin went on, twisting my nipples brutally in case he did not already have my full attention. That was the moment when I began to hate him and resolved not to beg him. I had made a huge, disastrous mistake by marrying him but I was not going to allow him to break me.

Moments later, my skirt was up around my waist and Kevin shoved my panties to the side between my legs. Cutting pain lanced through me as he speared two fingers inside me hard. I gasped but would not allow him the satisfaction of crying out. He withdrew his fingers and shoved them in again and again.

"Come on, loosen up, for fuck's sake!" Kevin snarled, as I clenched my teeth against the pain. But I could not prevent a tear from spilling down my cheek and this seemed to infuriate him even more. Kevin ripped the crotch of my panties apart, leaving the tattered remains around my waist, then he pulled me away from the wall and dragged me into the living room. Pushing me face-down over the back of the sofa, he knelt on the seat, opened his fly and shoved his dick into my mouth.

"Get it nice and wet, slobber on it, there's a good girl. It's in your own interest." He mocked. I gagged and fought nausea at his rank smell, at the fear of having to take this massive cock inside me when his mere fingers had already hurt me so, but he pulled out again before I was in serious trouble. Then he was behind me, trying to shove his dick into me. I struggled, but he was too strong, so I stuffed the knuckles of one hand into my mouth to stop myself from screaming. Finally, he managed to impale me on his cock, making me groan in spite of my resolve as he ripped my hymen, and began to thrust hard and fast. What had hurt me so turned out to be a blessing of sorts because finally my blood eased Kevin's passage and the searing pain dulled as he continued to fuck me. When he reached around me to maul my breasts and twist my nipples, I let the tears flow freely, but I did not cry out. At last he came, pinching my nipples even harder while the spasms shook him. A moment later, he pulled out and left me there without a word. He took me again that night, in our bed, but it did not hurt so badly because I was still slick with his semen and because the missionary position seemed to make it easier for me to take him in.

The next day, I overheard Kevin talking to one of his pals on the phone. "...she's a frigid bitch," he said, and her tits are not what the Wonderbra promised either, but she'll serve until I find something better." That final humiliation was always the moment when I woke from my nightmares, unable to sleep again all night.

But there was something different about this night. When I woke up, I got out of bed and climbed the short, steep stairs onto the roof-balcony, shivering a little in my sweat-dampened T-shirt and panties. A tiny line of red tinged the Western horizon where the sun would rise in a short while. I took a deep breath of the balmy air and rested my hips against the wall in order to watch the colours change in the sky. My thoughts returned to the previous night, to the way Carlos had made me feel, to the sizzling, melting delight he had spread through my body. My hands slid up to stroke my own breasts while I remembered how he had touched me. With a burning blush, I realised that I was out in the open on the balcony and quite visible from the street, so I dropped my hands and just watched the sunrise.

As we had agreed, Carlos came to pick me up at 1 PM for a walk on the beach. He had three hours of siesta time off from the shop and I was flattered that he wanted to spend the time with me. Carlos stepped from the glaring sunshine of the street into the cool dimness of the shuttered house, slipping his arms around me and lowering his lips to mine for a languid kiss. His mouth tasted delicious, the skin of his bare arms was hot under my hands and he smelled like the shop, of soap and spices. As Carlos let his tongue slide deeper into my mouth, I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his back, explored the ridges and muscles there. He did the same for me, his hands skimming over the thin fabric of the halter-top dress I was wearing with my bikini-top underneath. As he was drawing me closer to him, kissing me hard, I never realised that Carlos had undone the clasps at the back and the neck-strap of my bikini top before he tugged it out from under my dress.

"You won't need that." He murmured, his voice a little rough. "We're not going sunbathing."

"But what will people say, I mean..." I protested weakly but the mere idea of going out through the village and down to the beach without a bra on under my dress felt deliciously naughty.

"Trust me." Carlos coaxed, then he knelt on one knee and reached under the skirt of my dress, sliding his hot hands up the outsides of my thighs until he touched the fabric of my bikini pants. Gently, he took hold of the flimsy garment and drew it down, stroking my legs down to my ankles. "Step out of them, we won't be needing them either." He said.

"But, why?" I inquired, feeling very agitated now.

"You'll see." Carlos replied, "trust me."

I hesitated, the hem of my dress reached only to mid-thigh and the wind here on the Atlantic coast could get wicked. The last thing I wanted was to flash everybody in the village. But on the other hand I could not resist the look in Carlos's dark eyes. He really wanted me to trust him.

By the time we reached the beach, all but deserted by holiday makers at this hour of the day, I was a nervous wreck, but as soon as we were more or less out of sight of the village and the few tourists, I began to relax. Carlos had his arm draped across my shoulders, mine was wrapped around his waist. We talked about a wide range of subjects, but mostly Carlos told me about his family and his mother's struggle to survive with her little shop against the competition of the supermarkets that were popping up like mushrooms in the adjacent towns. As we strolled further and further away from the village, along the wet sand, with the waves lapping over our bare feet, a feeling of contentment came over me, that I had not had for many years. And besides that, I was feeling deliciously alive and full of energy. I had to admit that part of this feeling was due to Carlos's persuading me to defy propriety and go without underwear, feeling the breeze touch me in very unusual places.

Just as Carlos began to lead me away from the water to a high sand dune where he suggested we take a little rest, a helicopter clattered noisily along the beach from the direction of the village. As I turned my head to look at it, the draft from the rotors lifted the skirt of my dress and whipped it up around my waist, giving the crew a good look at my bare butt. To my amazement, a loud, appreciative wolf-whistle emanated from the aircraft. Trying desperately to hold my dress down, I stared after the helicopter in shock. When I turned my eyes back to Carlos, he looked sheepish but I could see that he was struggling hard not to grin.

"Trust me, right?" I said with a sarcastic note to my voice, but even I could not hold the stern expression for long and we both burst out laughing. "How could the helicopter whistle at me anyway?"

"It's the coast guard." Carlos chuckled. "They have a loudspeaker on the outside of the aircraft with a microphone in the cockpit. Obviously, the pilot liked what he saw."

With occasional fits of giggles slowing our progress, we scaled the dune and settled into the soft white sand in a small hollow at the top. Carlos dropped my bag and I hauled a large beach towel out of it, then a bottle of wine, one of mineral water and some sandwiches I had prepared. While we ate and sipped the wine, I enjoyed the heat of the sun that caressed my skin now that we were out of the wind and that seeped through my clothing to touch me and relax me.

The wine, the beauty of our surroundings, Carlos's presence so close to me, all this conspired to arouse me until I felt my own wetness slicking my inner thighs. I had to find an excuse to call an end to the afternoon, or else I would embarrass myself terribly. Just then, Carlos placed his empty glass back into the bag and moved, once again seating himself behind me and wrapping me in his arms. Unable to resist, I leaned back into his embrace and we relaxed into each other's warmth. Just the same as the previous evening, I became aware of a subtle shift in the mood, and again, I traced it back to myself, my own longing to feel more of Carlos, to feel his hands on my body, on my skin. My heartbeat quickened, my nipples tightened with longing, very obvious through the flimsy material of my dress and even more fluid leaked out of me. I was at once ashamed of my body's reactions and too weak with my own need to make myself leave.

Carlos nuzzled the back of my neck and began to place gentle, damp kisses there, sending shivers down my spine. I sighed and, unable to stop myself, took one of his hands from where they both rested on my stomach, and placed it on my breast, covering it with mine and moaning softly at the wonderful heat that spread from his touch.

"Alex, you're amazing." Carlos whispered in my ear, now caressing both my breasts with his strong hands, while he continued to nibble at my shoulders. I felt a tug at the back of my neck and the halter top of my dress slid down my body, exposing my upper body to the sun, to the breeze, to Carlos's gaze. I felt his eyes on me, like a touch and I both revelled in it and fought an impulse to cover myself. Instead I turned my head to him in search of his lips and kissed him, giving him my hunger and drinking his while our tongues tangled together, wet, slippery, exciting. Carlos's hands covered my bare breasts, caressing lightly, raising goose-bumps on my skin in spite of the heat and making my nipples contract almost painfully. As I had last night, I arched into his touch, but with abandon this time. I raised one arm to wrap it around his neck, my fingers sinking into his thick curls, with my other hand, I reached back to touch him, sliding into the warmth between our bodies and stroking his abdomen. He took my breasts in his hands, then, kneading, tugging and pinching my nipples until I cried out with pleasure, giving him the sound of my need to swallow.

His chest heaved against my back, his breath flowed over my face as I drank his gasp when my hand drifted down his hard stomach to explore lower, finding the hard ridge of his erection. Carlos's hands tightened on me, his caresses became rougher, more urgent, even more arousing. My heart beat like a drum inside my chest and my body wanted more, wanted him to pinch and tug even harder at my sensitive crests. I stroked his shaft through his clothing and got my wish. Carlos moaned into my mouth and his deft fingers took me to the edge where pleasure meets pain, drawing an answering moan from me.

Both of us were heaving for breath and Carlos tore his mouth from mine. "Raise your skirt for me." He said, "Please. I need to see you."

I wanted to do as he asked, I wanted his gaze to touch me all over. But there was all that shameful wetness all over my thighs and groin that my skirt covered.

"Alex?" Carlos coaxed and I dropped the hand from around his neck to my thigh, beginning to draw the light fabric up. It was worse than I thought, I realised when my skirt was bunched up around my waist. My inner thighs glistened with moisture in the blazing sunlight.

Carlos moaned softly in my ear and whispered, "You're gorgeous, so aroused, so beautifully wet."

I swallowed and the breath I had been holding since I started raising my skirt hissed out of my lungs through clenched teeth. I had been sure he would be revolted by the sight of me, but he was very much aroused instead. I felt him harden even more and twitch under my hand where I caressed him. One of his hands left my breast, leaving me feeling deprived, and softly touched my inner thigh, making me open my legs for him. That was the moment when the helicopter returned, we had been far too distracted to hear its approach. This time, the sound of enthusiastic applause boomed from the loudspeaker. Carlos's hands were back on my breasts, twisting my nipples hard as I climaxed with a loud moan, shuddering against his strong body as he held me close.

When my breathing had calmed a little, Carlos murmured, "Turn around for me."

Like last night, I turned to straddle his lap, though this time it felt far more arousing as my naked, open crotch rested directly on the material of his pants over his erection. Once again, our lips touched and our tongues tangled. I longed to feel more of Carlos so I let my hands skim down his sides and under his T-shirt to feel his skin. He gasped into my mouth and then shivered against me when I drew the garment up and off over his head. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, eager to feel his smooth skin against mine. It felt far better than I could have imagined, hot and silky with firm muscles shifting underneath it as he moved against me. I revelled in the sensations of his hard abdomen against my softness, his hot chest against my breasts, his tongue deep in my mouth, thrusting as he moaned his pleasure.

Carlos slid hands one of his hands around from my back to my breast, kneading me roughly, before closing his lips over my nipple and sucking hard. With his other hand he stroked my thigh, gently at first, then gripping tightly when I groaned in pleasure. I shifted back a little to give myself space between our bodies and Carlos took the opportunity to draw my other nipple into his mouth. As his hand stroked further up my thigh, I undid the button on his pants and slid the zipper down with trembling hands. Never had I wanted anything as badly as to feel him, to pleasure him. When I reached inside his clothing to touch him, Carlos froze for a moment, then his lips and teeth tugged even harder on my nipple while one of his hands slid up my thigh to rest on my hip, the fingers of the other dug into the softness of my breast. I freed him from the confines of his clothing and began to stroke him gently with both hands, moaning at the soft, silky texture of his skin, the steely hardness underneath, the wetness that slicked my fingers. Suckling even more roughly at my willing breast, Carlos pushed himself against my hands, telling me he needed more and I stroked harder, faster, sometimes curling the fingers of one hand around his balls and caressing them. When his whole body seemed to tighten, when I felt him fight for control, I squirmed out of his embrace and leaned down, to let him slide deep into my mouth. Mere seconds later, I was moaning as I drank his seed, sucking and licking him in my mouth, loving his taste.

When Carlos's shudders ceased, he took hold of my shoulders and pulled me up his body, into his embrace. His lips crushed mine in a bruising kiss and his tongue pushed into my mouth, tasting me, tasting himself. Once more, his hands took my breasts, but soon, one of them stroked down my belly, the fingers raking through the hair of my mound as his mouth settled over the breast his hand had abandoned. When his teeth raked over my nipple and his hand cupped my groin, the first shudders of a new climax shook me and I groaned out my pleasure. Just then, Carlos slid a finger deep inside me, pushing me higher, making me scream. Another shudder shook me when he withdrew from me, leaving me aching for him. And another spasm sent waves of heat through me when Carlos slipped the finger that had been in me into his mouth to taste me as I had tasted him. It was my turn to kiss him hard, seeking my own flavour on his tongue.

We took some time to recover in each other's arms but then it was time for Carlos to get back to work. We walked back to the village in silence, both preoccupied with our thoughts. I was shaken with the intensity of the sensations that Carlos had awakened in me, with the wantonness that he had unleashed. My nipples still throbbed showing, peaked and hard through my top, my thighs were still slick with my need for him.

Before I knew it, we were at the door of my house and Carlos stepped inside, closing the door to kiss me in private. "I'll be back tonight," he said, "at about nine, after we close."

I could barely wait, I wanted him so badly.

To be continued...

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